Land Rheinland-Pfalz Transportation

  • Local train to Karlsruhe pulls in
    Local train to Karlsruhe pulls in
    by Kathrin_E
  • Transportation
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  • Railway museum
    Railway museum
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Land Rheinland-Pfalz Transportation

  • Getting There...

    Koblenz Transportation

    We arrived by boat from Rudesheim which was a fantastic experience. On the boat we had commentary about all the castle's and little villages on the banks of the river Rhine and cost us 13 euro each to get to Koblenz. We boarded at 09h05 and arrived in Koblenz at 13h00

  • trains

    Mainz Transportation

    Mainz is well connected with Wiesbaden and Frankfurt through the S8 suburban railway line. Trains run every half an hour with a night break lasting only from around 1 am to 4 am. The trains coming from Frankfurt also stop at Frankfurt Airport (usually track 3). Single tickets are 7,80 EUR from/to Frankfurt Hbf (central train station), 4,35 EUR...

  • Riding the Trains

    Koblenz Transportation

    There is an InterCity train once an hour from Mainz to Koblenz. Half of these are direct trains from Frankfurt am Main. These trains take the scenic route through the Rhine Valley, passing by such places as the Loreley, where the legendary Rhine maidens used their lovely singing to lure love-stricken barge captains to their doom, much as the...

  • cruise lines&ferries

    Mainz Transportation

    Do note that Cruise line do not run in Winter or are limited to boring tea time cruise. Do check if the cruise are running if you are planning for a Rhine Cruise to visit the Rhine River castle and sights in Winters

  • Frankfurt-Hahn to Koblenz

    Koblenz Transportation

    Despite the fact that there is a perfectly good airport located between Koblenz and Cologne, which has a direct rail link to the city most visitors will come to Koblenz via the airport at Frankfurt Hahn. There is a simple reasons for this : it is bloody cheap. Transport to and from the airport across perfect tank-driving country is provided by an...

  • freeways

    Mainz Transportation

    Mainz is about 30 minutes by car from the Main-Rhein airport in Frankfurt. Hire a car at the airport or use the train in order to get to Mainz. Most sights are in walking distance and you don't even need to use public transportations to get around.

  • Rheinland-Pfalz Ticket, saves money!

    Thank you again to our VT member @abalada for having told me about the Rheinland-Pfalz Ticket, one of the German Ländertickets, which is a fantastic option to explore the whole state of Rheinland-Pfalz. It is available for any day of the week and is valid one day:Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. (of next day) and Saturday & Sunday from...

  • (KD) Boat trip through Rhein valley :-)

    A boat tour on Rhein river, especially in the section between Bingen and Koblenz (Coblenz), is something highly recommended and a truly unforgettable trip! Even during rain and cold weather! I just came back from such a tour with friends from Australia and they had a fantastic time. Well, that’s the to-do part and I have covered this already in the...

  • Ferries: Crossing Father Rhine in style

    Most of the (Rheinland-) Pfalz’s eastern border is formed by Rhein river. So it is quite logical that crossing states into or out of Palatine is not always easy. It often means detours to the next bridge or ferry. Now I have counted the Rhine crossing options of whole Rheinland-Pfalz: 18 ferries, 6 motorways and 14 streets (4 of them alone only for...

  • driving your own car along the river...

    When driving your own car or motorhome through the Mosel-valley you have to choose carefully the best side of the river.You may drive almost the whole river on both banks on a road very close to the Mosel / Moselle, but only a few bridges and some carferrys will force you to decide in advance, which road to take.When driving from Koblenz to...

  • The Mosel-Wein-Express in Cochem

    In Cochem it is certainly a good idea to take the tour by the small street-train, that is shown on my picture: The Mosel-Wein-ExpressThe tours will start on a regular basis on the big square in the very centre of Cochem, next to the Mosel-bridge .The train-ride takes 25 minutes and is 4 Euros and that price includes also a coupon for a small glass...

  • take a cruise

    it is easy going to and around Rheinland-Pfalz. take the train and go up and down the River, from Mainz to Duesseldorf, beautiful journey. take the car and do the same, on the Autobahn, one of the nicer ones or along the River.....and a cruise on the River would round it all up, enjoy with theKoel-Duesseldorfer Rheinschifffahrts Gesellschaft ...I...

  • Going through the locks

    On the first night of our cruise we passed through three locks, but other than being aware of a period of quiet relief from the engine noise I didn’t realise what was happening. I was disappointed that I hadn’t had the chance to see our passage through the locks, and disappointed again when I learned that our return though them would also be during...

  • Some facts about La Bohème

    We were given a leaflet with various facts about our ship, La Bohème, and the cruise:Built in 1995Length: 110 metres ~o~ Width: 10.14 metres3 motors, each with 550 horsepowerCapacity: 80 cabins for 164 passengersNumber of crew: 26Our route:Strasbourg – Rüdesheim – Koblenz – Rüdesheim – Mannheim – StrasbourgTotal navigation approximately 700...

  • Car ferries and timetable

    While doing a search for our family trip in the area I finally found the timetable for car ferries and prices for a ride across the Rhine from many towns here: Unfortunately it's in German but it's not too hard to guess the basic info.

  • Rail Service

    The region offers a number of main and regional rail lines that offer access to most of the attractions. The German rail service's web page enables one online reservations and detailed information about connection times. Just visit the link below. The web page is also available in English.

  • Frankfurt Hahn Airport

    124 km away from Frankfurt Main - the principal airport of Germany it is Hahn airport. Even though it is no where near Frankfurt it still carries the name. Several budget airlines fly to this airport including Ryanair. The airport is situated in the heart of of the province and bus services connect the airport with all major cities in Rhineland...

  • chairlift from Warsberg to Saarburg

    Holidaypark Warsberg is situated on top of a mountain. It is connected to the nearest village Saarburg by road and by chairlift. Tokens for the chairlift are available on either side, but are cheapest at the reception of Warsberg. Bicycles are also transported by chairlift. Last ride is around 19:00 p.m., so if you want to go up the mountain after...

  • Biking

    There are lots of excellent possibilities for biking. You can make day tours (lots of hotels and bed and breakfast welcome bikers) or smaller tours. Just go to a local book store and buy a map. We made a part of the Radweg: Vom Rheim zum Wein (from Rhine to wine), but we did it the other ways, hahahaha

  • GPS-The Deus Ex Machina

    In my advanced age I have lived long enough to experience the greatest of travel miracles! Now available to the independent car traveller for business or pleasure is the Global Positioning System (GPS). Nolonger do you have to pore over the finest amps of countries and towns. No longer does the driver need one or two experienced navigators with...

  • Stumpfwaldbahn

    There is a traditional little train with steam in the forest near Ramsen- called Stumpfwaldbahn. With the train you drive to a smal lake called Eiswoog. It is just beautiful! Check their wensite to verify if the train drives. Usually it is running on sunday, nut not in wintertime.

  • Biking along the river Mosel / Moselle

    Biking along the banks of the river Mosel / Moselle is easy and also quite flat at most places. In general the car-trafic is quite low, at least on the right bank of the river and at many places you will even find a seperate biking-track for safe riding.Here you may click on 2 links regarding biking in the Mosel-valley :Maare-Mosel-Radwegwhere to...

  • Small ferries for passengers and cars at...

    There are several places along the river, where small ferryboat will take you and your car across the Mosel and mostly these ferry-boats are just big enough for 2-4 small cars and a few bikes.These ferries are operated mainly in summertime and only during daylight. Unfortunately I could not find any timetable. There is quite some cruise- and...

  • Arrive in Frankfurt/Hahn by Ryanair &...

    Frankfurt / Hahn is pretty close to Bernkastel-Kues, maybe 30km off the river Mosel ( BUT 150 Km off the well known airport of Frankfurt am Main)That way the whole Mosel-valley even has it's own airport with cheap airlines like Ryanair landing. The whole region around Hahn seems to live on that airport with small hotels and restaurants around it....

  • take the old Mercedes to the castle...

    Take the old Mercedes to drive you up to castle Landshut, high above the village of Bernkastel. Every hour on the hour this lovely vintage-4x4-bus will leave at the ship-station and take you within 35 minutes to the castle. And of course you may drive up, spend some time in the castle and drive down with a later bus.5 Euros is the tour up and down...

  • By chairlift to Pinnerkreuz in Cochem

    Pinnerkreuz is the name of a mountain opposite of the scenic castle of Cochem and from that mountain you may enjoy the very best view of the castle with the Mosel-valley and its surroundings.On top of the mountain you may take several hiking-paths or spend some time in the restaurant with a perfect view on the castle.The tickets for the chairlift...

  • day-cruising in the Mosel-valley

    day-cruises on the river Mosel will start on a regular basis from Koblenz, Cochem and from Bernkastel-Kues. These cruises will mostly take the whole day and not always you will find a ship, where you may stop-over in smaller places like Beilstein and go on by the next ship the same day. Therefore you eighter have to take a cruise without getting...

  • Trains in the Mosel-valley

    There is a good train-line running along the river Mosel / Moselle and it covers mainly the left bank of the river . In addition to the trains you will have busses running at the other side of the river, and you may change from train to Bus at theese villages with bridges across the river :Bernkastel-Kues, Cochem, Trier, Koblenz,...

  • Ferry across the Rhine river

    Since the two bridges across the Rhine river are fairly jammed at times, it might be a good alternative to use the ferry between Leimersheim (Rheinland-Pfalz) and Leopoldshafen (Baden-Württemberg). It only takes 5 minutes and is not all that expensive - and it sure saves time!

  • ferry boats

    When travelling in the Rhine valley, you need a good map to tell you where you can go on the other side of the Rhine. There are not so many bridges, so you have to take the ferry (Faehre). Here the ferry boat from Ingelheim to Oestrich-Winkel.


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