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  • Lake of Oaks
    Lake of Oaks
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  • Old Castle
    Old Castle
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  • Hermann's Neisse
    Hermann's Neisse
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Bad Muskau Things to Do

  • Viaduct and other bridges

    There are quite a few bridges in the park and not all of them are over waters - some go over paths and ravines. They blend well with the greenery around and add much variety to the park. I was impressed with the Viaduct, which is the only construction in the park not planned by Puckler (built after he had sold Muskau). It is really huge and I...

  • Puckler's stone

    On a hill in the central part of the park we can see Puckler's stone. It was placed here about 1900 by the Arnims family to comemmorate the founder of the park. It seems as if still today Hermann von Puckler watched his beloved park from the height of the hill. And the view from here is really spectacular: the Neisse and the Double Bridge, the...

  • Muskauer park on the Polish side

    Although the difference between the German side and the Polish one is visible, it results from the original guidelines: the further from the residential zone (which is situated on the German side) the wilder the park should be. But also here the man's care can be noticed: well-kept paths, stone benches in places offering the best views, old...

  • Orangery

    The orangery was one of the last constructions built by Puckler in the park. It comes from 1844 and a year later, due to financial problems, Puckler had to sell Muskau. After WWII the orangery was converted to a youth club and hostel and now it houses the foundation "Furst Puckler Park Stiftung". So we had to make do with a stroll among flowerbeds...

  • Pleasureground

    Beyond the residential zone of the park there was so called pleasureground. It is a big area with an artificially formed river, called Hermann's Neisse, and an artificial lake. They were designed to give more variety to the landscape. I loved a little lake called the Lake of Oaksbecause it is surrounded by old oak-trees. It looks very picturesque...

  • The Old Castle

    The Old Castle used to be a part of a castle complex where judiciary tasks were performed and taxes collected. Today it houses a museum of Bad Muskau history and tourist information office. The staff are helpful and you can get here some information brochures and buy postcards, maps and souvenirs. Over the entrance we can see an interesting stone...


Bad Muskau Favorites

  • The man behind the success

    Count Hermann von Puckler-Muskau was a man of vision. He spent his life and money pursueing his ambition to create an English style park that could match the best parks in Europe.It all started in 1811 when Hermann inherited Muskau after his father's death. He spent next years in England where he fell in love with landscape parks and studied avidly...

  • Geography and architecture

    The park is situated in the valley of the river Neisse which crosses the geological formation of Muskau Arch - an enormous end morraine. It has resulted in a diversified terrain-relief. Hills, ravines, terraces and lakes make a walk through the park an unforgettable experience.Park buildings blend into the landscape background creating not an...

  • Muskauer Park - general info

    The Muskauer Park (Polish: Park Muzakowski) is a beautiful landscape park that is located on both sides of the Neisse river which forms a natural border between Poland and Germany. It covers almost six square km of land, two thirds of which are on the Polish side. In July 2004 the park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as an excellent...


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