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Dippoldiswalde Things to Do

  • Steam Train ride

    Dippoldiswalde is a station on the route of the steam train Freital - Kipsdorf, also called "Weisseritztalbahn" because it runs in the valley of the Weisseritz river. Only few visitors use this steam train for getting to Dippolidswalde (or departing), but it would be a shame to miss a ride on this train.The steam train has a narrow gauge of 750 mm....

  • Town Hall

    The town hall is the dominating building at the Markt square. It is a quite impressive structure with a beautiful Renaissance gable from 1560/70 as showpiece, facing the square. The two portals are typical Saxon Renaissance style from 1534 and 1543. At the corners toward to the Markt square are two sandstone figures, Maria and Laurentius, high...

  • Nicolai church

    Another church worth seeing is Nicolai church, built in late Romanesque style in the 13th century. It is located at Altenberger Strasse, close to the steam train station and the Lohgerber museum.The basilica-type church with three naves is picturesque, especially with the gravestones of the surrounding cemetery. Have a closer look at the blind...

  • Lohgerber-, Stadt- und Kreismuseum

    This unwieldy name means it's a museum on the local/regional history, which is nothing extraordinary, but also a museum on tanning, and since it is in an originally preserved tannery it is of outstanding importance. You can hardly somewhere else in Europe visit a former tannery complex built in 1750, with Baroque house where the family lived and...

  • Schloss

    The Schloss, nowadays local courthouse, was built from 1530 on using the basements of a previous castle. The facade to the courtyard, facing the main parish church, is the most beautiful one with original decoration from the 16th century (pics 1 + 2). There is not much in regards of decoration preserved inside except for some paintings in the...

  • Church St. Marien and Laurentius

    The sight you should definitely NOT miss when visiting Dippoldiswalde is the town's main parish church. It is right in the centre of the old town. The present building is the third at this place: A Romanesque basilica-type church from the 13th century was destroyed in the Hussite wars (1429), the Gothic hall-type church from the years after 1500...

  • Dippoldiswalde Schloss

    The Castle was built by the Lord of Meissen in the 12th century but burned down along with the rest of the city in 1429. The current structure dates back to the 1500's and is in the Renaissance style. It houses art exhibitions and the only public restrooms in town.

  • Rathhaus

    Dippoldiswalde is one of the oldest cities in Saxony and though founded in the 12th century, it changed hands between Saxony and Bohemia numerous times. Destroyed by fire and war on a number of occassions, this pretty city is often overlooked by all but the most local tourists. This can be a good thing though as the charming old town is devoid of...

  • Stadkirche Dippoldiswalde

    The church pictured was the first thing I saw when Doreen brought me into town over a year ago and remains my favorite building there. It was first built in the Romantic style in the 13th century but was destroyed by fire in 1429, when it was rebuilt in the Gothic style. This was short-lived however as it burned down again in 1634 and rebuilt with...


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Dippoldiswalde Restaurants

  • Cafe Achat

    Not exactly on the Markt square, but in one of the busiest side streets is the bakery with cafe Achat, run by the Lehmann family. It seems to be the locals' favourite cafe, was very busy when I was there.Service is friendly and quick, the ambience is modern but not 'cool'-ish, instead with some old-world charm. I had a piece of berry fruit cake...

  • Breakfast

    D taught me how to make her favorite breakfast of a fried egg over fried schinken (ham) and now she admits that I make it better than she does. Hmm, maybe she just likes me to make it for her. So does sister Susie. Fresh eggs from their very own chickens and thinly sliced dark ham, similar though much nicer than American bacon. It's more like a...

  • Christmas Dinner

    Though I may like my home version of the Christmas Eve meal better I have to admit that D's family has mine beat all the way on Christmas Day. Turkey is one boring bird compared to goose and as much as I love stuffing, I love dumplings even more. Oh, and dunkles bier is not exactly something I do not like. ;)


Dippoldiswalde Nightlife

  • After Christmas Eve Dinner

    After a big Christmas Eve feast, the family retires into the living room, the candles are lit on the tree and everywhere else and the presents are opened. Yes, they don't wait till the next day, they'd rather get it over and sleep in the next morning. I would have liked to wait until midnight myself but the Dittrich Family is not so patient....

  • Local Pubs

    I admit I've never been out in Dipps. If we do go out it's generally in Dresden. We tend to have meals and beer at home with the family since our time with them is limited. But if you want to check out the local pubs they seem nice and there are some very nice local beers to try too. Rechenberger makes a great pils and dunkles beer and is very much...

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Dippoldiswalde Transportation

  • Steam Train

    Ok, only the biggest fans of trains will use the steam train to get to Dipps. The steam train departs in Freital, which is on the train route Nürnberg - Zwickau - Chemnitz - Freiberg - Dresden, but in Freital-Hainsberg, which is a minor stop on this train route which means only the slow regional trains (RB, S) stop there - not the faster RE or IRE...

  • Bus

    If you use public transportation you will most likely arrive/depart by bus. Dippoldiswalde has very good bus connections with Dresden, usually hourly buses leave from Dresden main railway station (via Tech University), in rush hour every half hour. The bus number is #360, route is Dresden - Altenberg (some buses run even farther to Teplice in the...

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Dippoldiswalde Local Customs

  • Mining

    All the towns in the Erzgebirge mountains have a history of mining. Dippoldiswalde has one of the earliest mining shafts as was recently discovered. When Obertorplatz (pic 3) was about to be reconstructed, the state's archeologists dug deep and uncovered evidence of mining that goes back to the 12th century, probably 1185.Another relic of (silver)...

  • Christmas Market

    Honestly, the Christmas Market in Dipps has not been particularly exciting in the past. The big markets in Dresden and the romantic ones in the Erzgebirge mountains were too close than Dipps could have competed. So the number of stalls went down year by year, just like the number of visitors.However, in 2012 it all changed. They asked the locals...

  • Weinachts Man?

    Okay, this was a bit hokey but it must be great as a kid when this German version of Santa Claus comes in and makes you get up and sing. If you don't he beats you with some wooden sticks. Yup, no messing around in Deutschland. Yes, I sang and no the angels did not have to. ;>


Dippoldiswalde Off The Beaten Path

  • richiecdisc's Profile Photo
    pastoral paradise

    by richiecdisc Written Aug 18, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One thing I love to do around Dipps is walk. The trails are just farm roads but the hills give you a great workout and the scenery is relaxing, unassuming but beautiful just the same. It changes so dramatically from one season to the next and this year we ran into some cows for the first time.

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Dippoldiswalde Favorites

  • Monuments etc.

    Every German town with some self respect has monuments and statues all over the historic centre. Dipps is no exception. Let's start with pic 1 - the Martin-Luther-Monument by the main parish church at Kirchplatz square. It was created 1903, is a donation of local W. Biedermann.Pics 2 + 3 show Christian wayside shrines, made of sandstone. The first...

  • Fountains

    A nice feature in the old town are the fountains. The most interesting one is probably the shoemaker fountain at the corner Herrengasse/Schuhgasse (pics 1+2). It was created in 1998 by Peter Fritzsche from nearby Freital. It reminds of the former shoemakers who had their workshops in the aptly named Schuhgasse (shoe alley).Another nice fountain is...

  • Old Town

    Dipps has a nice old town but cannot compete with nearby towns like Pirna, Freiberg, Meissen, not to mention Dresden. The latest fire in 1841 was particularly devastating, the reconstruction was done in the style preferred back then, not originally, which means rather simple facades. However, the structure of the old town remained intact, so it's...


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