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    by german_eagle
  • Things to Do
    by german_eagle
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Kamenz Things to Do

  • Cistercian Abbey St. Marienstern

    Only a few km from Kamenz, and historically linked to the town, is the Cistercian Abbey St. Marienstern in the village Panschwitz-Kuckau. Next to St. Marienthal (an hour away, between Görlitz and Zittau) it is the oldest nun abbey of the Cistercian order in Germany, being founded in 1248 by Bernhard von Kamenz.St. Marienstern still is the religious...

  • Herrental monument

    The valley right below St. Mary's church, called "Herrental", is a lovely place. The former industrial area was recultivated, is now green, with benches for a rest, the creek winding through a peaceful landscape ...Hard to imagine that it was once the site of an outpost of the concentration camp Groß-Rosen. In December 1944 112 French prisoners...

  • Andreas fountain

    Right on the Market square is a fountain in Renaissance style that was erected in 1570. It was a donation of mayor Andreas Günther, hence the name of the fountain. Three tuscan style columns carry the roof, on top a statue depicting Justitia (Justice) with sword and scales. Furthermore you see coats-of-arms of the town, the Kingdom Bohemia and the...

  • Westlausitz Museum

    Kamenz has an awarded regional museum. It covers all aspects of the region West Lausitz in two separate sections: The so called "Elementarium" in the Baroque Patrician house (pic 1, right) has exhibits on zoology, geology, botany, archeology and cultural history of the region, the old malt house across the street, accessible over a passageway from...

  • Volkspark

    This is another park, just across the street (Poststraße) from Wilhelm-Weiße-Garden, which was originally on the grounds of the tree nursery. Since 1954 it is a public park. Specialty are the non-endemic trees, like cypress, gingko, other conifers in particular.In addition it has lots of rhododendren, azaleas, blooming shrubs ... At the southern...

  • Wilhelm-Weiße-Garden

    Wilhelm Weiße, born 25 August 1846 in Kamenz, established a garden business in town, soon famous for its conifers which he grew and tested in his own gardens and at the Hutberg hill. The quite small garden that is named after him was originally the garden attached to his private house (nowadays a hotel). It has a very romantic, intimate ambience,...

  • Hutberg

    This hill is the favourite recreation area of the locals. It is located only a few minutes walk from the old town in western direction. With an elevation of only 297 m it doesn't sound particularly exciting, but it is well worth a visit.For one, there is a viewing tower (built 1868) on top. Cost is 1 Euro, daily open. The views are fantastic (pic...

  • St. Just church

    This small church goes back to the early 13th century - some details of late Romanesque style are preserved - and was reconstructed in 1377. Quite simple looking from outside, it surprises with beautiful fresco/secco paintings inside, evidence of Bohemian influence in Saxony. These medieval gems (1380) in the choir were uncovered 1935-37.At the...

  • St Anne's Monastery Church

    The Gothic monastery church St. Annen is nowadays a museum on sacred treasures - eight beautiful Late Gothic wood-carved altars from the early 16th century, liturgical items - and of course the church as a building itself!The monastery buildings were erected in the early 16th century, but it didn't have a long life. 1565 it was turned into a...

  • Lessing Museum

    Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729 - 1781), one of the greatest German writers and pioneer in developing a German National Theatre, was born in Kamenz 22 January 1729 and spent his childhood to the age of 12 in this town. His father was parish priest. The house where Gotthold Ephraim was born burned down in the big fire 1842, but the locals decided to...

  • Town Hall

    The town hall is another landmark of Kamenz. The old one was destroyed in a big fire in 1842, the present building was erected according to plans of Carl August Schramm from Zittau (see the town hall there), a student of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, in the years 1847/48. With the tall tower, turrets and red facades, decorated with rhomb and quadrat...

  • Katechismuskirche

    This small church is also located on the Marienkirche churchyard - it was part of the fortification system (the upper part has crenels), was built right on the edge of the plateau. It seems to 'hang' over the deep valley.You enter the church and walk down some steps to get to the floor that is 2.70 m below the churchyard level. The church was...


Kamenz Restaurants

  • Bakery Garten

    Right on the Markt square, almost next door to the town hall (see pic 5), is this small, family run bakery. It is actually just one of their shops with one table inside and another ouside (weather permitting), they have their home in Gersdorf, about 7 km southwest of Kamenz.Open Mon 8 - 13 h, Tue - Fri 7 - 18 h, Sat 7 - 11 h I had a...

  • Ratskeller

    The restaurant Ratskeller is located in the four-star hotel "Goldner Hirsch", right on the Market square and vis-a-vis of the town hall. The hotel looks back on a history of 450 years (first mentioned 1550), and it is the only building at the Market square that survived the big fire in 1842.You sit under huge medieval vaults (pic 2), very...

  • Hotel restaurant "Goldner Hirsch"

    On the day of the big Forstfest parade I was lucky enough to get a seat on the terrace of Hotel Goldner Hirsch's restaurant, right on the Markt square with best view of the parade. On top of that the food there is also yummy. There is also a dining room right inside with some tables providing view of the square, interior/decoration in historic...

  • Cafe and Bakery Kahre

    A recent discovery is this very nice bakery and cafe. It is located slightly outside the immediate old town, thus tourists do not exactly happen to stumble upon it.They call themselves a "show bakery", which means you can basically peek into the rooms in the back where they bake the goodies. Nothing special. However, upon appointment in advance...

  • Hutberg restaurant

    Of course there has to be a restaurant at the top of Hutberg hill. The building was erected in 1865 in typical "Swiss" style of that time. The restaurant was thoroughly restored recently and has rustic, cosy ambience. The beergarden is lovely - (partially) under big trees, with view of the blooming rhododendren (in May/June). You can drive up, but...

  • Café-Bar Emilia

    This is another favourite cafe of mine. It is located right behind the town hall in the old butcher's stalls, on the street that leads to St. Mary's church. It is a typical Italian cafe-bar, modern (but not too 'cool') interior, the coffee is delicious, ice-cream and cakes are house-made. Service is quick, friendly and attentive. I had ice-cream...


Kamenz Transportation

  • Bus

    Since Kamenz is easily accessible by train from Dresden you'll hardly arrive there by bus. And the bus is not needed for getting to the city centre - it's a mere (pleasant) five minutes walk from the train station.However, if you want to go to/from Kamenz from/to other directions, say Bautzen or Hoyerswerda, you need to take a bus. Same if you want...

  • Train

    Kamenz is final stop of the railway line from Dresden. The trains start in Dresden Hauptbahnhof at the full hour and take about 50 minutes to Kamenz. Hourly service on weekdays, bi-hourly on weekends and holidays (2013). Other stops along the line are e.g. Dresden-Neustadt, Radeberg and Pulsnitz.Kamenz is - like Dresden - in the VVO public...

  • Kamenz Hotels

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Kamenz Local Customs

  • Forstfest

    Every year in August the so called "Forstfest" takes place in Kamenz. Literally translated it is a "Forest Festival", but in reality it is the School- and Home(town) Festival. The tradition goes back to the 14th century, since about 130 years the schedule is basically the same: Opening on a Friday mid August, closing with a parade the Thursday...

  • Georg-Baselitz-Trail in Deutschbaselitz

    Lessing aside, there is another famous man who has ties to Kamenz: Georg Baselitz, one of the much acclaimed contemporary artists. He was born as Hans-Georg Kern on 23 January 1938 in Deutschbaselitz, a small village which is part of the municipality Kamenz. In 1949 the family moved to Kamenz. 1956 he started his studies in East Berlin, after...

  • Lessing Festival

    Of course Kamenz *must* have a festival to honour the greatest son of the town, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. The festival is named "Lessingtage" and takes place every year since 1962 in the weeks around his birthday (22 January) and his day of death (15 February). Since 2003 opening ceremony is the award of the Lessing prize of the State Saxony.During...


Kamenz Off The Beaten Path

  • The Monk relief

    At the facade of the townhouse in the southeastern corner of Markt square is this remarkable relief fixed - a grave slab for Hans Wagner, who died in 1504. I have no idea when or why this was done, sorry, and nobody I asked knew anything, either. It is said that the grave slab is probably from St. Anne's monastery church.The grave slab is commonly...

  • Gersdorf

    About 7 km southwest of Kamenz is the village Gersdorf. It is pleasant, quaint, tucked away in a wide open valley surrounded by lovely rolling hills that you can hardly call mountains. In the centre is a picturesque complex of old buildings with church, parsonage and - most interesting - the Karoline-Rietzschel-house.This house is named after the...

  • Deutschbaselitz

    This small village (pop. 500) is only about 5 km from Kamenz away. What puts it on the map is that Georg Baselitz was born there (see Local Custom tip), but also the beautiful landscape with the many ponds and small lakes with fish breeding. Lots of walking paths and cycling trails lead to the lakes, through woods, over farmland and through the...


Kamenz Sports & Outdoors

  • german_eagle's Profile Photo

    Hiking: Gersdorf - Kamenz

    by german_eagle Written May 24, 2015

    If you have the time and want to get a better feel for the region, do the hike from Gersdorf to Kamenz. It is really easy, takes about 1.30 hrs (without stops) and the elevation difference is minimal - about 100 m after the start of the hike in Gersdorf (pic 1) by the former windmill. Once you reach the saddle between Gersdorf and the next village, Hennersbach, it's all downhill. Hey, you can already catch a glimpse of Kamenz and the tower of the main church St. Mary from there (pic 4)!

    The trail is well marked (red circle signs). There are also signposts along the way, giving directions and distances. In Hennersdorf you have the option to take the bus, too, if the hike is really too long for you (which I doubt).

    Equipment: Comfortable shoes recommended, hiking boots not required. Bring some food/drinking water, as there is no restaurant/grocery along the way.

    Start in Gersdorf view back at Gersdorf and Keulenberg the saddle between Gersdorf and Hennersbach the saddle between Gersdorf and Hennersbach Soon in Kamenz!
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Kamenz Favorites

  • A special viewpoint

    One special feature of St. Mary church is that it has two separate roofs above the naves. Each of the roofs covers two naves. The problem is that you cannot see these two roofs easily - as they are in west-east direction (of course) you just see one from either the southern or northern side. The western facade has the steeple in front, so no luck...

  • Garden Trail

    Kamenz has surprisingly many - and beautiful - public gardens. This goes back to the horticulturist Wilhelm Weiße (1846- 1916). He opened a gardening/horticulture business at Poststraße 17 in 1873. His house is nowadays a nice little hotel, the grounds where he cultivated the plants were turned into public gardens - see separate tips on Wilhelm...

  • Monuments

    I thought it was amazing how many monuments Kamenz has. You stumble upon one at every other corner. There is one near the train station that apparently is from the communist era (pic 2), but I cannot tell exactly what it is about. The Lessing monument(s) in the garden of the Lessing museum aside, there is another monument nearby that commemorates...


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