Land Sachsen Local Customs

  • St. Nick at the Market near the Frauenkirche
    St. Nick at the Market near the...
    by Ekaterinburg
  • Stollen strall at the Hauptstrasse market
    Stollen strall at the Hauptstrasse...
    by Ekaterinburg
  • Stadtfest stage in front of Semperoper.
    Stadtfest stage in front of Semperoper.
    by Kakapo2

Land Sachsen Local Customs

  • OSTMOBIL - Trabbis and more, galore...

    "Ostmobil" is an excellent collection of old Trabbis and more in Dresden.This collection is shown in the 1st floor (USA:2nd floor) of a shoppinghall, called Neustädter Markthalle, that looks nice already by itself with a great architecture.BUT my best memory was the great collection of Trabbants - a part of them is shown on my picture-combination...

  • Verkehrsmuseum in Dresden

    The Verkehrsmuseum in Dresden is just a few steps from the famous Frauenkirche and inside you may see a big collection of old trains, trams, airplanes, motorbikes, cycles and cars, mainly produced in the former DDR or at least in Germany.Next to the entrance you may see about 20 cars and a few motorcycles, and finally , hidden a bit in other rooms...

  • Tag der Sachsen

    "Tag der Sachsen" (Day of the Saxons) is the biggest annual festival in Saxony. It takes place once a year in a middle-size town and attracts about 400,000 visitors from Saxony but also from adjacent states. Here you find live music on over 20 stages, local and regional specialities, beer en masse, games and of course a lot of fun.Highlight is the...

  • Post-Distanzsäulen / post-columns

    In Saxony you may still see this kind of Post-Distanzsäulen / post-columns in many places.August der Starke started to build these columns in 1722 at all places, where the post / mail-riders would get to.It shows the colorful coat of arms of Saxony and Poland on top and indicates the distances to the other big cities like Dresden, Meissen etc.The...

  • gluwein at Noosen Ruins

    D's sister and her boyfriend took us to Noosen as a surprise trip during our Christmas holidays there. As it turned out the complex was closed but we sneaked in and had it all to ourselves. This made heating up some gluwein much easier. It was a bitter cold day and the warm wine certainly made our contemplation a bit easier. ;)

  • Gläserne Manufaktur of VW in Dresden

    The so-called "Gläserne Manufaktur" of Volkswagen is a completely new concept of building new cars in the centre of Dresden, and everybody may watch the production from outside through giant windows.When you click on my picture you may see the bands of cars rolling through the fabrication halls on each fllor.You may click on the link below and get...

  • Der Grüne Pfeil - the best heritage of...

    You may often hear people say " Not everything was bad in the old DDR..." and I totally agree, especially when it comes to this special sign - Grüner Pfeil / (the green arrow)At Street-crossings where you see such a green arrow next to the traficlight, you may go on , when you intend to turn right, even when the traficlight shows red !!Of course...

  • a lovely Standesamt in Dresden

    Dresden is a great place to marry and it might have the most romantic Standesamt / wedding license bureau of all of Saxony.Just click on my picture and have a closer look for that great architecture and romantic fresco at the entrance-hall.Just a pity, this place is open during the week, BUT NEVER on a saturday and sunday !!I found it myself...

  • Ancient armouries in Zwinger

    In Zwinger in Dresden you may see a great museum with ancient iron armouries like they had been customary hundreds of years ago.There are plenty of iron armours, that were mostly not used for fighting in times of war, but rather for show-tournaments and competitions.My favorite was the one on my picture, showing also the armour of a horse.You maya...

  • Still dreaming of the good old times

    Some people in Saxony and the rest of the former DDR are still dreaming of the good old times of the Communist DDR and so I saw this nice man one day in the pedestrian zone in Dresden and had a talk with him.He knew a lot about history, including Austria and was quite charming, and not really wrong in every aspect......Still I think it is great the...

  • Erzgebirgs-Weihnachtspyramiden

    Erzgebirge is an area in south-west Saxony, where a typical kind of christmas-decorations has been produced since hundreds of years. These wooden sculptures - produced in all sizes - mostly showed simple people, like old men with working-tools, farmers with a skythe and ladies with traditional costumes. Most of the men have a pipe in their mouth...

  • Strietzelmarkt of Dresden

    Go to the Strietzelmarkt in Dresden .on Christmastime It´s very popular because of the big Christmas-Pyramide and a lot´s of little handmade figures from the Erzgebirge like angels, nussknacker etc.You will find it on the Altmarkt of Dresden but at the weekends its mostly very crowded by tourists.Near from the Strietzelmarkt you will find the...

  • Saxon farming....

    Many people in rural Saxony are farmers, as are Doreen's parents. It was an interesting and warm hearted place to spend my Christmas and also some time this spring. Part of this life is the raising of animals. Though done as a means of providing food for your family, it is a wonderful thing to see the very young ones as they learn to walk and feed...

  • Räuchermännchen and Nußknacker

    Due to the comedown of mining ore in the Erzgebirge in 17th and 18th century colliers had to find another way to get cash. As they were sourrounded by vast forests they started to build something for children. The tradition of making "Räuchermännchen" (smoking manikin) and "Nußknacker" (nutcracker) was born.

  • Schwibbogen

    Everywhere in Germany you see a "Schwibbogen" (Candle Arch) in the windows. The original was invented in Johanngeorgenstadt, a small town in the Erzgebirge around 1780.

  • Original Dresden Christstollen

    The tradition of baking Dresdner Stollen is an ancient custom and can be traced back approximately to the Year 1400. Originally without butter and milk, the Stollen (Striezel) was a rather dull pastry. Elector Ernst of Saxony and his brother Albrecht turned to the Pope to lift the 'butter ban'. The Holy Father gave in to their entreaties and...

  • preparing Christmas dinner....

    There's no turkey for Christmas dinner in Germany, they opt for either goose or duck. Doreen's parents have a farm and this means the slaughtering of some fowl for the holiday season. It's not something that people enjoy doing, but it's part of a tradition that's been going on for hundreds of years. These ducks were raised for this meal and it's...

  • Christmas traditions in Germany are...

    The Erzgebirge is famous throughout Germany for its wooden Christmas decorations like the nutcracker men and elaborate pyramids. The latter are little nativity scenes that rotate with the heat currents from candles below a propeller. These vary in size enormously and there is generally a super large one in the main square of the quaint towns that...


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