Land Schleswig-Holstein Things to Do

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Land Schleswig-Holstein Things to Do

  • Kieler Woche

    Kiel Things to Do

    Between the 17th & 25th June every year is the Kieler Woche, the highlght of the local calender. Its a gathering of Tall ships, and has resulted in Kiel becoming a cultural melting pot during that week, with thousands of tourists coming to see the live music, sporting events, and markets that take place. Oh, and not to mention the ships... Check...

  • Westerhever Lighthouse

    It's really as picturesque as on all the photos, pictures, drawings or souvenirs that you can find of Westerhever lighthouse - and therefore a must-see if you are in the area. Far off the main roads, Westerhever lighthouse is still a popular tourist destination. This is due to its iconic image: two small houses next to a big lighthouse, somewhere...

  • Nordstrand

    Nordstrand is a peninsula near Husum. Connected with the mainland by a dike since 1907, Nordstrand makes for a nice outing. There is not exactly a lot to see, but there are a few nice villages, a lot of so-called Haubargs (large manor houses) and the ferry connection to Pellworm, a "real" island - all of these spread out under an endless sky....

  • Welt

    Welt is the German word for "world" - and a minuscule village near Tönning. While the name apparently derives from an old word for a lake which was created after the bursting of a dike and has nothing to do with the world as such, we still chose to visit Welt. There's not exactly anything to see, but we took a few fun photos of us and the...

  • Tönning

    Tönning was once one of Northern Germany's most important ports. An incredible 3,000,000 pounds of cheese were traded annually in Tönning at the beginning of the 17th century. Nowadays, it's hard to believe how busy the small town once must have been. It's still an attractive town and a good place to while away an hour or two. Most tourists head to...

  • Friedrichstadt

    Friedrichstadt is a small town of some 2,500 people near Husum. Famous for its almost complete Dutch-looking townscape (a national heritage site), the town is worth a visit at any time of the year. We chose Friedrichstadt as our base to explore this area of Schleswig-Holstein and were not disappointed.Most of the town's charme comes from its...

  • The best place to relax on a cold day

    Those cold and strong North Sea winds may be nice to refresh your senses, but they do make you feel cold, don't they? So in case you're looking for a place to warm up and relax for the rest of the day, take a trip to St. Peter-Ording on the Eiderstedt peninsula. Your destination there should be the "Dünentherme" ("The Dunes Thermal Spa"). It's both...

  • Nationalpark Schleswig-Holstein...

    Walkin' on water has never been so fun!If you're looking for a fun, educational tour with a twist, I suggest Nationalpark Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer, in Dagebüll, Schleswig-Holstein. Because of the tidal variation in the Wadden Sea, you can take a guided walking tour across the muddy tidal flats at low tide to the barrier island (hallig) of...

  • Schloss Gottorf (Gottorf Castle),...

    Walk the same halls and staircases, and roam the same grounds as the Dukes of yesteryear!Gottorf Castle, in the town of Schleswig, has a neat collection of art, including portraits of many of the castle's previous residents. It includes a museum, grand interior architecture, and a chapel (within the building). There is also a filmstrip and, of...

  • Lübeck

    The first settlement is dated back to the year 819. This settlements was burned down by Slavs in 1138. Today's Lübeck was founded in 1143 as a merchant settlement on the Trave River. In 13th century Lübeck became a big merchant town and the centre of Baltic Sea Trade.Today, it has still an important harbour and is with its 215.000 inhabitants the...

  • Kiel-Holtenau

    Kiel-Holtenau is the name of the lock at the east-end of the Kielcanal / Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. This lock is 330 meters long and 45 meters wide.Unfortunately there is no really perfect place for the tourists to watch the ships, while they are in the docks. the best place is from the large bridge in a distace of 800 meters, but taking pics from there is...

  • Rendsburg

    Rendsburg is a large town almost in the middle of Kiel-Canal with many great houses and an interesting townhall, dating back to the 16th century and modernized in 1901. Nowadays only a few details date back to the beginning like the wooden door dating back to the year 1609 and showing the coat of arms of Rendsburg.between 10.00a.m. and 08.00p.m....

  • Glueckstadt

    Glueckstadt is an interesting town in the west of Hamburg. The main sights are the townsquare and the protestant church with great paintings and lots of lovely halftimbered houses in the citycentre. There is an artificial waterway running through the village - see it on my 4th picture - that way the goods could be transported from the river Elbe...

  • Brunsbuettel

    In Brunsbuettel you will find the giant locks of Kiel-Canal right in the middle of the village and there is also a special platform, where you can watch the cruiseships from quite a short distance, while they are passing through the locks. When coming from Hamburg you first have to get across the canal, park your car at the locks and walk about 5...

  • Schulau: The Willkomm-Hoeft for all...

    Schulau is a small village in the west of Hamburg and plenty of years ago a restaurant had started a service to greet all of the ships, when arriving at or leaving from the port of Hamburg.Willkomm-Hoeft is a great restaurant with an excellent view on all of the ships passing by and at its ship-station it will show the flags and play the national...

  • Molfsee - a museum of old farmhouses

    Molfsee is a small village west of Kiel and there you will see a really interesting museum of old farmhouses, that were taken from many different villages in northern Germany and totally rebuilt again in that museum.Haubarg is one of the typical buildings, you will find them mainly on the Hallig islands, it is a type of building with a high roof,...

  • Kiel-Canal / Nord-Ostsee-Kanal

    Kiel-Canal is called Nord-Ostsee-Kanal or Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal in Germany and it is an artificial waterway between Kiel at the Baltic Sea and Brunsbuettel at the Atlantic Ocean (or rather the river Elbe, that will flow into the Atlantic a few miles downstream of Brunsbuettel). The Canal is 98 km long and it combines some rivers and lakes by...

  • Friedrichstadt - dutch houses in...

    Friedrichstadt is an interesting village in the north-west of Germany and when you get there you will have the feeling to be in the Netherlands. In the 17th century the Count of this district had the idea to let refugees from the Netherlands settle here and build some sort of a "Dutch Colony" including artificial canals and houses in dutch...

  • Visit the town of Husum

    Husum is the major city in North Fresiland and was described by its best know and favorite son, author Theodor Storm, as the "the gray town by the sea". This place has a very charming harbor and the way most people get to the beautiful and popular North Frisian Islands. This place was part of Denmark until around last Tuesday so much of its history...

  • North Frisian Institute (Nordfriisk...

    Now this is a really great place to start exploring North Friesland it has real experts on the subject that work here and are really helpful. North Frisian Institute, was started in the mid 1960's in Bredstedt as a place to study Frisian culture, people and language. The have lots of cool stuff including about 20,000 books. They often have lectures...

  • Nordfriesisches Museum Nissenhaus

    One place to learn more about the Frisian people their language and culture is at the Nissenhaus, this also happens to be one of the biggest museum in this part of Germany. Nissenhaus is really a most see of you want to see the Art and culture of Northwestern Germany. I loved the North Frisian coastal landscape and the culture of its inhabitants...

  • Kiel Canal - Rendsburg

    Around half-way to the finish the canal splits this town in two halfs. It's really the place where we find more beautiful houses at the margins of the canal

  • Kiel Canal - Ships Welcome Point

    At a certain point there we can find this place where people salutes de ships raising the ship's nation flag and playing the ship's national anthem... Really awesome!!

  • Kiel Canal - Ships

    Everyday a huge number of ships cross the canal, so while crossing all sorts of ships can be admired in this peaceful scenary

  • Kiel Canal

    The Kiel canal is one of the world`s most busiest artificial waterways. It has almost 100Km long from Brunsbüttel to Kiel-Holtenau and links the North Sea with the Baltic, and thus avoiding 250 nautical miles around Denmark.I crossed the Kiel canal for three times and everytime I get amazed by the scenery... especially if it is a sunny day like it...

  • Sealife on Timmendorfer Strand

    Sealife is a small aquarium located on Timmendorfer Strand. Its a nice place to visit open year round. Fish and sealife species from the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic are featured. My favorite part is the ray tank, but I have a soft spot for rays. I was a bit disappointed coming from Florida that one couldnt touch and feed the rays...

  • Butterflies Galore

    Interested in a walk in a park? Do you like butterflies? Visit Friedrichsruh and the Schmetterling Garten a small town easily accessable from Hamburg . They have varieties of butterflies from Germany and Europe as well as more exotic varieties from Asia and South America. In the butterfly house be careful not to step on the quail family that runs...

  • Schloss Ahrenburg

    Schloss generally means palace in German and while the house is quite lovely it is no where near the scale of other palaces in Gemmany such as Charlottenburg, in Berlin or San Souci in Potsdam. Built in the late 1500s it was the home to the nobel family of Rantzau. During this period Ahrensburg was part of Denmark. The house has changed hands many...

  • Neumuenster

    Neumuenster is a small town in the centre of Schleswig-Holstein. It does not attract with beautiful architecture but it is a good base for travels. Hamburg is only 80 km away and even Kiel lies only 50 km north of Nuemuenster.I spent two nights in Neumuenster. There is no nightlife in town. But you can take the train to Kiel or Hamburg. A one-way...

  • Brunsbuettel

    Brunsbuettel is a town 50km downstream the Elbe. Here the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (channel that connects North Sea and Baltic Sea) flows into the Elbe River. Because of the tide a huge sluice regulate the water level. Here you can see huge ships passing the small sluice. Quite fascinatig.

  • Friedrichskoog

    80 km northwest of Hamburg is the little town of Friedrichskoog. This seaside resort is famous for its sandy beaches and for the "Heulerstation" (Seal Station). Here you can see seals growing up and a museum of them.

  • Holm

    Holm is a neat small village near Schleswig. It is centered around a small church, which is surrounded by a circular cemetery, which is surrounded by a circular street. The other streets radiate out from this plaza, giving the impression that life and activity in this small town is all centered on the church.It is possible, and pretty interesting,...

  • Take a muddy hike . . . .

    Take a guided hike across the tidal flats from Dagebüll to Oland, an island (hallig) in the Wadden Sea. It's a fun, educational, and interesting journey!(In the photo, Oland is on the horizon.)

  • Interior of Dom St. Peter--Schleswig,...

    The interior of the Dom is absolutely breathtaking, and provided a comfortable resting place on a hot July day.

  • Dom St. Peter--Schleswig, S-H

    You can't miss this beautiful brick structure--it is visible from almost everywhere in Schleswig, and quite possibly many parts of the surrounding area. It is definitely the tallest structure in Schleswig (112 meters). Construction began around 1134.One word of advice--when walking up to the church, don't fall! I was so intrigued with the...

  • Schloß Gottorf, Schleswig, S-H--Castle...

    Part of the park surrounding the Schloß Gottorf was under construction when I was there, but you can still roam the shaded, lush green grounds behind the castle itself.From what I saw of the part that was being reconstructed, it's going to be quite neat! Can't wait to go back and see!

  • Oland, Schleswig-Holstein--Nationalpark...

    This VERY small town is enclosed on a small barrier island and you can get to by foot in the Nationalpark Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer. During my visit (July 2003) it had 30 residents, and the school population had increased 50% over the previous year--from two to three.There is a church, a small bed and breakfast, houses (of course) and a...

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