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  • Rhön
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  • Autumn fog viewed from Pferdskopf
    Autumn fog viewed from Pferdskopf
    by weed6886
  • Wasserkuppe, highest mountain in Rhön
    Wasserkuppe, highest mountain in Rhön
    by weed6886

Rhön Things to Do

  • Burgwallbach Rhoen Lake

    Really loved that beautiful lake just 2 min away from burgwallbach. is in the middle of trees and a lot of people are going there at weekends. Burgwallbach is in the middle of germany. it is easy to get there by plane and then going by train. There are a lot of tourists all year and in the winter month it is possible to go skiing in the rhoen. for...

  • The Peace Trail

    The Peace Trail(Friedensweg) is a 40km hiking and biking trail along the border between Bavaria and Thueringen. The trail begins in the village of Birx and ends by the Golden Brige, on the former B19 border crossing by Henneberg/Eussenhausen. The trail is meant to be an edcational trip; it follows the trace of the old German/German border, passing...

  • Aschach Castle

    The idyllic castle is located on top of a steep cliff of the Saale River right on the southeast corner of the Aschach Shire. It’s not only worth visiting because it’s picturesque and well-preserved, but it also has three museums in it. There is plenty of parking nearby, which is only a few meters from the main entrance.There are 3 museums in the...

  • The Black Moor

    The Black Moor is around 60 hectares in size and is nearly 6.5 m deep with quagmire (peat) in the middle. Fortunately, it was never used as a harvesting pit. Peat moss is excellent for gardens, and you can even use it a fuel for making a fire. It was declared a national park on January 6, 1939. The only disturbance in the moor is the planked...

  • Sandstone and water, the...

    The Kaskadenschlucht is a small valley of sandstone fillled with beech trees and has a small creek running through it. There is a hiking trail in the valley which leads directly to the Rote Moor. The sides of the valley are heavily eroded in places, filling the creek with fallen trees. The fallen trees and rocks in the creek make for a wonderful...

  • Strange Rhön Pyramid--Pferdskopf...

    The Pferdskopf(Horse Head) is a rather strange mountain located approx. 2km west of the Wasserkuppe. The mountain doesn't resemble a horse's head as the name implies, it looks more like a pyramid on the side of the Wasserkuppe. It's covered with unusual rock formations, giving away it's volcanic past, and the west side has a wonderful view of the...

  • Ellenbogen mountain

    At 814m, the Ellenbogen is one of the highest mountains in the Thüringer Rhön. It is the northernmost mountain of the High Rhön plateau. From the top, there is a great view north into the Ulster valley and the Thüringer forest. There are two places to eat on the Ellenbogen, the Rhönhaus and the Eisenacher Haus. The Rhönhaus is a small, quiet place...

  • Geology trail on Bauersberg Mountain

    The Bauersberg trail is less known hiking trail on the southern edge of the High Rhön plateau. The trail which is approx. 10km long, passes through several different types of normal Rhön landscapes. It starts of near an abandoned brown coal shaft, of which 20 meters are open to walk through. From there it goes above an active quarry and through...

  • The Schwarze Moor

    The Schwarze moor is probably one of the most well known sights in the Rhön. It's the largest of the four remaining high-altitude moors in the Rhön. Suprisingly, the moor was declared a nature preserve in 1939, so peat was never harvested here, sparing it the damage the other Rhön moors suffered. The only way to see the moor is to walk along the...


Rhön Restaurants

  • The Monks Brew the Strongest Beer in...

    The Kreuzberg Monastery Brewery is also in the Rhön, but naturally in the Bavarian part of the Rhön, on the 928 m high Kreuzberg (Cross Mountain). Atop this mountain you have a very good view of the Rhön and of Franconia (Upper Bavaria), and of the Thurgia Forest, and of the Spessart Mountains.This monastery was built from 1681 - 1692 by the...

  • dont miss the beer

    Germany. ... Kreuzberg Monastery: it is said that the Monks Brew the best beer in the world, I have lived in Germany for about 6 years and it is one of the top 3 beers maybe the best beer I have every had in this country as well as all of Europe.

  • Alternative to the monastery's...

    Located on the southeast side of the Kreuzberg in the forest, the Neustadter Haus is overshadowed by the well-known monastery on top of the mountain. The food is typical German, and the prices are average for the area. If you are hiking in the area, the Neustadter Haus is a better alternative to eating at the monastery. The monastery is usually...

  • Hunter's Castle in the High Rhön

    The Jagdschloss is a restaurant and hotel located in the Bavarian Rhön. The main courses served here are hunted daily in a local game preserve, ensuring fresh, local meat. The secluded location of the castle and the fact that there are no electric lights in the dining room make for a nice, relaxing experience. Because of it's location near several...

  • The Restaurant near the Castle Ruins

    I tried this restaurant, when we invited my Mother-in-law out to have a Mother's Day dinner - reservations only, of course. This restaurant, like Gasthof Zur Krone, is in the list of Restaurants entitled "Rhöner Charme" or 5 star dinners for 2 star prices. The personnel in this restaurant is typically old-fashioned German. The waitresses are...

  • Eating like the Locals

    In Tann/Rhoen, one of the more popular restaurants is the Gasthof zur Krone. The locals all call it 'beim Mihm' because it belongs to the leading butcher, Nobert Mihm. His butchershop is right next to the restaurant. The restaurant also has hotel rooms available, too. Gasthof zur Krone enjoys excellent quality, because Norbert Mihm still supervises...


Rhön Nightlife

  • Weissdorn's Profile Photo

    by Weissdorn Written Dec 19, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    "You're not really going to, are you?" This is what my husband said when I told him that the Mausefalle was going into internet.
    "You're not serious, are you?" "Doch!" I said, "We've gotta to keep Tanner Traditions up."
    Dive. Hole-in-the-wall. Dump. Kaschem. These would be euphanisms for the Mausefalle. The Mausefalle is Gustav's shed. It has a pipe-oven-stove, a toilet (unisex), an automatic dart machine, a ghetto blaster from 1972, where only one speaker works.
    Sometime during the 70's when Gustav had lots of friends over, he always bought a few cases of extra beer and soft drinks. But one day, Gustav had to leave town. That didn't stop the neighbors from coming over. They just drank Gustav's beer and put the money in a cup.
    The cup is still there. Beer costs 0.90 €, soft drinks 0.70€. The prices are etched in black ink on a paper plate, stuck with a thumbtack in the wall. The walls are plastered with pictures of mice and nude women calenders.
    Strange, but after all these years, nobody has ever jipped Gustav. Your welcome to come over any day of the week and shot the breeze with the neighbours. To tell you the truth, I think they would fall over in a dead faint if you actually did.

    Dress Code: DO NOT Dress up. The wrong thing to do would be to put on a tie, this would make everybody leave in a big hurry.

    DO bring a picture, photo or sticker of a mouse. You could mark your little nitch in history here.

    (l-r) Fritz, Boffy the Backer and Hagen

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Rhön Local Customs

  • Rhön Music

    Try this link for Rhön Music, to hear some of the local bands. The other link below will give you more info about regional music!

  • Hiking In The Wildflecken Training Area

    The Wildflecken Training Area covers a large portion of the southern Rhön. For hikers, this interesting part of the Rhön, with it's high peaks and great views is off limits for most of the year. The German Army has continued with the tradition started by the U.S. Army of opening the training area one weekend every year for hiking. This event...

  • Annual Bed Pushing Race in...

    Scheduled for July 4- 6, 2003 Race Day is July 6, 2003 Not exactly the Formula 1 Race in the Rhoen, but interesting and a lot of fun - the Annual Bed Pushing Race in Friedrichsroda. This is folks festival that lets groups set up their own teams (pre-registered) to push a bed through a water pit. The team has to furnish their own "vehicle" &...


Rhön Warnings and Dangers

  • Bear Claw - An Extremely Dangerous Plant

    As mentioned above, the Rhoen is a natural sanctuary. Not everything here is completely harmless. Pictured is a plant known as Caucasian Bear Claw ( heracleum sphondylium ). This plant generates a photoactive contact poison. If you have to touch this plant with your bare skin, it could cause second degree burns. Children are extremely suseptible to...

  • Ticks Carry the FSME Virus in the Rhoen

    Ticks are an under-estimated danger. You might want to take a precaution and get vaccinated against the FSME virus before you do a mountain bike tour through the Bavarian Rhoen, just as a precaution. Scientists used to believe that ticks fall on people from treetops, but they recently discovered that they crawl un-detected on their host when they...

  • Rare and Poisonous!

    A brief warning for all hiking enthusiasts: There are rare and poisonous snakes in this region. The biosphere Rhön is one of the last refuges for the rare snake, that the Germans call the Kreuzotter (Black Adder) or Vipera berus Linnaeus . The snake resembles a rattle snake but has no rattle. It is on the list of endangered European species. The...


Rhön What to Pack

  • Mountainbiking Trip Packing List

    Backpack and/or panniers - with approx. 30-35 l (60-60 lbs) volume and rain protection A handlebar saddlebag - for carrying your gear with rain protection Helmet - best life insurance policy for mountain bikers 3 pair of functional underwear - Lycra or Microfiber. 100% cotton is not recommended. 2 pair of biker shorts with pad lining2...

  • Exploring the Rhön on your own Two Feet

    Day backpack or rucksack Comfortable clothes, preferably sportswear designed for hiking, such as the German knee pants in the picture below. Sturdy, broken-in shoes are important. Don't try out new hiking boots in Germany or you'll hobble from one town to the next. Dress in layers to offer yourself a form of "air conditioning" and to suit the...

  • Rhön Hotels

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Rhön Off The Beaten Path

  • Eisgraben waterfall

    The Schwarze moor's runoff water goes down a small creek called the Eisgraben. Along the Eisgraben, just a few meters away from the Höchrhonstrasse, is a small but picturesque waterfall. The creek heads down into a forested canyon, and continues out to the village of Hausen. The falls and the canyon are a nice hike all year long, but if you want to...

  • The ruins of Mauerschaedel

    The Mauerschaedel is the ruin of a church fortress. In the middle ages, it was the center of the town of Bischof. The town of Bischof was already reported in the year 1383 as "abandoned", nobody is sure why. The stories vary from economic depression, the plague, and the Hun hordes as possible causes of the town's downfall. Visible today are the...

  • The Butterfly Trail in Hartwald

    From the around 170 different kinds of butterflies that can found in Bavaria, about two thirds of them are in the Rhön. More than 130 different species of butterflies can be found in the Rhön, which makes it unique place in Europe, especially for butterfly enthusaists, or Lepidopterologists.The Natural Rhön Park authorities and the "Gesellschaft...


Rhön Sports & Outdoors

  • The Rhoen - Made for Cross-Country...

    Skiing in the Rhoen? But I thought that the ski areas are all in the Alps! Sure, the Alps are great downhill and snowboarding. However, for the budget-wise traveller, and cross-country skiing enthusiasts, the Rhoen is a secret tip. It's one of the best cross-country skiing places in Germany, because of its the long range of hills, where you can ski...

  • Paddling a Canoe on the Werra River

    This free time activity has been winning on popularity for years. To paddle a canoe, you don't need a boating license, but you should be able to swim. Canoe trips are possible during all kinds of weather. To protect yourself against the rain, a bicycle pancho is suggested. Luggage or backpacks you might bring with you, should be put in plastic...

  • Dangerous Plants and Animals

    As mentioned above, the Rhoen is a natural sanctuary. Not everything here is completely harmless. Pictured is a plant known as Caucasian Bear Claw ( heracleum sphondylium ), also known as the Cow Slip. This plant generates a photoactive contact poison. If you have to touch this plant with your bare skin, it could cause 2nd degree burns. Pay...


Rhön Favorites

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  • The Lost Village of the Schwarze Moor

    There is a rather interesting tale a few locals tell about the Schwarze Moor. Once, there was a large village here. The people of the village lived a life of lawlessness and sin. One day, the earth opened up, and a large black sea appeared, into which the village sank. Over time, the peat layer grew over the sea, leaving just a few open spaces with...

  • The Heidelstein

    Because of it's location on the High Rhön plateau, the Heidelstein is a rather inconspicuous mountain. It's elevation of 926m actually makes it one of the higher mountains in the Rhön. The Heidelstein is a great place for an easy walk to get a great view of the entire Rhön. On the east end of the mountain, is a memorial to the founding father of...

  • Go Where no Relative has dared to...

    I know it's hard to resist, but go somewhere in Germany that all of your friends and relatives have never seen before. It really makes me a little sad, that everytime I get visitors over from the States, they all have ants in their pants to see Ludwig II's Castle Neu Schwanstein. Most of the North Americans go to Munich, Fuessen, Heidelberg, and...


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