Crete Island Local Customs

  • Patrogas, Siteia's Pelican
    Patrogas, Siteia's Pelican
    by MikeBird
  • Appetisers: Corn, Fava, snails, olives  & bread
    Appetisers: Corn, Fava, snails, olives ...
    by MikeBird
  • Local Customs
    by Fam.Rauca

Most Viewed Local Customs in Crete Island

  • 1. Food and Drink

    This tip is not about any one particular restaurant but a comment on our experience of several restaurants in the eastern end of Crete ( all in the Prefecture of Lasithi). All of these eating places...

  • 2. People

    The evil eye is big in Crete, where I lived for four years, and possibly elsewhere in Greece. If you go into someone's home, don't look too enviously at their things and don't pass too many...

  • 3. Religion

    Crete became part of modern day Greece less than a hundred years ago, maintaining to a degree its cultural variety. There used to be a sizeable Muslim but Greek speaking minority in the island, now...

  • 4. Strange Things

    The story goes that the iron bars sticking out from the roof of many Greek houses are exemptions from taxpaying, as long as the house isn't yet finished but in fact they are exclusively there for the...

  • 5. Little Shrines on the Road

    The miniature churches or shrines next to the roads are memorials for people killed in a car accident, at the same spot where the accident happened. The family of the deceased construct and maintain...

  • 6. Raki (tsikoudia)

    This is the famous local drink of Crete. It is produced in late October or early November and it is distilled from grape skins. It is transparent, very strong and in the summer it is served cold. Raki...

  • 7. Traditional Products

    A major draw to the Lasithi for the many buses of day trippers is to see the 'thousands of whiteclothed-sailed windmills' which irrigate the high plain ringed by mnountains. But there are apparently...

  • 8. Flora and Fauna

    Platanos or Plane Tree, a tree that grows close to water. You can find it usually close to a river in gorges or in the central square of villages of Crete. It looks similar to the maple tree and it...

  • 9. Music

    Lyra, Cretan traditional musical instrument. The one of the photo is totally a hand made one by Giorgos Tzagarakis; one of the best Lyra's artisan of Greece. Kissou Kampos Village. Prefecture of...

  • 10. Children

    The Greek people love children, if you travel there with children, especially an angelic looking one who`s parents gave her a Greek name, little old ladies will stop you in the street to admire, kiss...

  • 11. Pelicans in Harbours

    It seems that many Greek towns, including those on the island of Crete, have their tame White Pelican often to be found on the harbour front. We found Siteia's...

  • 12. Baklava

    BaklavaBaklava is a honey-nut pastry, very sweet and delicate.The ingredients of baklava are: puff pastry, honey, thick sugar and nuts. You can find this...

  • 13. Greek salad in diverse preparation assortments

    The Greek Salad is a very popular food in Greece.It is very fine and delicate.The elements of the salad are: Tomatoes Cucumbers Onion Paprika Sheep cheese...

  • 14. Time in Greece

    In Greece, people live by the GMT- time, which stands for "Greek Maybe Time". The Greek people have a very different attitude to time. They don't live by the...

  • 15. be patient

    Be patient and don't be angry with Cretan people. If you get angry, you 'll get the opposite of what you are looking for. And especially they feel insulted...

  • 16. Fire Water!

    A meal at a restaurant in Crete is often rounded off with a small glass of Raki or Tsikoudia. A colourless spirit made from grapes and similar to the Italian...

  • 17. Greek dance

    Greeks are haveing many traditional dances and the most beautiful music in the whole world (to me). If you can see what is going on on this picture I will tell...

  • 18. Take the Raki...

    Raki is an alcoholic drink which borders on battery acid. It is quite potent. Many bootleg versions are made but it all tastes pretty much the same. It is made...

  • 19. A Cretan trait

    I’ve already told you about the proud and independent character of Cretans. They introduce themselves as Cretans first, and then as Greeks. Cretans are also...

  • 20. Crete has been a part of many...

    Crete has been a part of many empires. It was ruled by Phonicians, Romans, Venetians, Turks, Germans and of course Greeks, but has always had an independent...

  • 21. Waffles with vanilla ice and chocolate sauce

    This is a very delicate pastry with a wonderful savour.I have eaten this desert in a very elegant café house in Heraklion, on the shore of the sea.I was...

  • 22. Toilet Paper.

    Crete sewerage pipes are smaller than the rest of Europe, so you will see notices telling you not to put toilet paper down the toilet pan, put in the bin...

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