Crete Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Nearing the Iron Gates
    Nearing the Iron Gates
    by iandsmith
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by gkaralakis
  • Through the gardens with the old, old olive trees
    Through the gardens with the old, old...
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Crete Island

  • 1. Driving on Crete

    Driving in Greece, as any Aussie who has done it will tell you, is different. I thought I’d lay out a few basics of what to expect, mainly pertaining to Crete. How to park: Pull up, switch your engine...

  • 2. Walking in the Mountains

    There are some things you should be aware of BEFORE walking Samaria Gorge. 1. Wear sensible footwear - it is rocky the whole way (read uneven). 2.Take something to drink - if it's in summer there may...

  • 3. Etiquette

    There was a problem when we arrived with the wifi in our apartments(soon resolved), it was my granddaughters birthday and I was desperate to skype her. And so we ended up in a beach front cafe that...

  • 4. The Plumbing

    As in other areas of Greece please do not throw toilet tissue down the toilet, but put it in the bin provided as the plumbing system cannot and will not cope with it failure to do this could reasult...

  • 5. Weather

    I have encountered very strong winds in some parts of Crete. While high in the mountains I have stepped out of my car to take some photos and I was struck with very powerful unexpected winds. However...

  • 6. The Sun !

    The gorge is very beautiful but be careful when it's hot. When we walked the trail it was also hot and the day after our trip, they closed the gorge because it was too hot. A man died of a...

  • 7. Walking in Towns

    Be careful on the roads, especially while cross. Drivers just don't see pedestrians. Even if you stand on a pedestrian crossing it will pass several minutes when some car stops and allows you to...

  • 8. Small Boats

    We had a great cruise with Diogenes of the Zeus Casual Cruises. This is definitely not for people who get seasick, at least in the Cyclades and Dodecanese. We love the waves, but the ships have...

  • 9. Don't break a leg in Samaria 2014

    I've broken my leg there in 2003, but my husband has been there four more times. Now, June 2014, he says that the canyon is not kept safe. Many of the stones...

  • 10. bees!

    Selakano is a NATURA2000 area.. a very beautifull valey with the bigest forest in Crete!But if you come at Julay, August or September, it will be very dificult...

  • 11. Dog walking on the beach

    The one thing that spoilt our trip to beautiful Vai beach was a young girl walking her dog. As dogs are want to do it fouled on the sand and she just covered it...

  • 12. Crazy Drivers

    Be careful driving in Crete. Cretians drive like they are on the German Autobahn, even though they are likely on a windy mountain road. Drivers that are happy...

  • 13. Before You Rent A Car Or Moto Bike

    They don't ask nor do they tell you when you rent a car or motor bike that you need a international drivers license. If you get caught or in a accident you will...

  • 14. Don't Do This

    I hiked above the caves and can say that I shouldn't have as it can result in you getting hurt or your knocking a rock down the hill that would hurt someone...

  • 15. Rough Paths .

    Some of the towns of Crete, the footpaths are in a poor state of repair or none existant, this could be caused by the cars being parked on the footpath blocking...

  • 16. Boo hoo!!!

    There is really nothing to be afraid of when on Crete Island.The worst thing that can happen to you is the hangover, but I guess it is up to you.Driving on...

  • 17. Do not sunbathe topless at Star Beach

    If you do take your top off, you risk being filmed by the bartenders at Havanna (a pub in the barstreet) and they show it on a big display on a wall outside the...

  • 18. Thefts!

    Before we went to Crete we were told that there were so many break-ins and thefts on the island (especially in Hersonissos). We just ignored it because we...

  • 19. Crete - Samaria Gorge - You WiIl Ache

    Make sure you warm up before the walk and do factor into your over all holiday itinerary the strain the walk will put on your body , can have a knock on effect...

  • 20. Greek Men With Donkeys......

    On two occasions we have been "accosted" by old men leading donkeys. Once was on the way to the Diktean Cave when the old boy insisted I sat on his donkey....


    Do not use this car hire firm. After paying up front for two days hire and paying extra for special full insurance, so if anything happend we were covered, we...

  • 22. No Danger.!!

    for the first time I dont find something to write in warning and danger page.We just met one thing which converted into positive feedback.,we lost one of our...

  • 23. Delta's walking guide !!!

    We wanted to make a hike through the Kourtaliotiko gorge, via the venetian bridge, the old and new monasterium of Preveli and ending at the beach (see "off the...

  • 24. rent a car, motorbike, scooter

    When you want to rent a car, motorbike, scooter: no problem at all to find a place to rent it. BUT TAKE CARE ....... Some of the prices are very low and very...

  • 25. Fast Lane

    Take your time whenm crossing this road, it took us about 10 minutes to eventually cross and thats with stopping in the middle !They are loopy ! Its quite scary...

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  • Nov 13, 2014 at 6:16 AM

    You can try Imbros George and Samaria George.

    We did Samaria a few years back and we really enjoy it, especially the kids.
    I will suggest to book one night stay in Agia Roumeli for some rest and morning swim, also there is plenty of choice of water-sports near by.

    A friend of mine just came back from Crete, she did the Gorge in the autumn and she said that it was fabulous. However, my friend is a little bit of a adventurous type of person so she drove to Omalos early in the morning and after she walked down the George she had a short break and then walk all the way back!!!
    I would not recommend it unless you are really fit like her.

    Here are some of the photos that she took

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