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  • Minoan Vase
    Minoan Vase
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    Under excavation
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    Pillar Crypt
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Malia Things to Do

  • Palace of Malia

    To the East of the resort is the Minoan Palace of Malia.This is the third largest Minoan Palace in Crete,built in a wonderful setting by the sea,on the road linking eastern and central Crete.This Palace-the seat,according to myth,of Minos'brother Sarpedon-was first constructed circa 1900 B.C.the already large settlement,some parts of which are...

  • Palace of Malia

    The Palace of Malia is situated to the east of the resort, it is the third largest of the Minoan palaces in Crete. The Minoan name for the Palace is not known and it takes its name from the local town. This palace - the seat, according to myth, of Minos’ brother Sarpedon - was first constructed around 1900 BC. This palace was destroyed around 1700...

  • Malia Beach

    The beach of is long with fine white sand and crystal-clear waters and is considered as one of Crete’s finest beaches. Now that Malia is so popular if you want some peace you may need to walk along the shore until you see a stretch with less people so that you can lay down your towel and go into the sea.June 1998

  • Quad bikes

    Quad bikes are a fun, and one of the only, ways to see the amazing sites of malia. We went out on ours at least three times a day, whether it was to find some quiet, to pick up food and drink, or just to explore. There are, however a few problems with these motors. They do not always give you helmets with the quad bikes, and if you are caught not...

  • Jeep Adventure

    Probably the most exciting day of your holiday!! Where you are guaranteed to have a day full of "Dirty Fun"!!. Explore the Cretan mountains, visit the caves, experience local life with Land Rover Jeeps. Professional Drivers.We follow the trails of historical Crete, where no ordinary vehicle can reach. We experience the true life of Crete,...

  • ~ Try a Cocktail through a Funnel ~

    There were a few groups of guys and a few groups of girls when we were out in Malia for special occasions such as birthdays, hen nights, stag nights etc....Some of the bars/clubs have a funnel for these special occasions in which they pour a whole pint of a coctail through the funnel and one person will drink as much as they can from it. Here is a...


Malia Hotels

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Malia Restaurants

  • ~ Authentic Curry House in Malia ~

    The restaurant was quite busy and the surroundings of it looked inviting, we checked out the menu from outside and the prices seemed really good, they had lots of offers on set menus and also drinks.There was also a sign which said "the only authentic indian cuisine restaurant in Crete" which was also good so we knew we would get a real Curry. We...

  • For great service head to stalis

    If you want to have a nice memorable meal you should try heading out of malia and head to the resort of stalis, this is connected to malia and you could walk, get the bus or a taxi for around 5 euros. As it is centred more towards the family there are much nicer restaurants here and the main strip goes right along the beach with some of the...

  • The highest quality food & customer...

    If you are staying in Malia, I would highly recommend Toto Lotto. It's absolutely outstanding. No questions asked.It's situated in Old Malia, which is a whole lot more picturesque than some of the busy, loud streets of New Malia, and for that you get a much more peaceful time spent, food that's been prepared by people who are passionate about the...


Malia Nightlife

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  • ~ Nice Nightclub ~

    Apollo club is one of the most popular clubs in Malia. It plays mostly R & B music, garage and abit of dance.I liked this club the best out of the ones we went to, it was clean inside, pretty cheap booze and it was nice music.They have got a huge bar in the middle of the club along with two platform stages with poles on them, many people got up and...

  • Drinking to get DRUNK

    Fish bowls are all you need to get absolutely smashed and set you on your way for the rest of the night. We actually stopped drinking in our apartments before heading out at about 1am because these things are lethal. We're all pretty decent drinkers, and one small bowl was doing the trick between 4 of us. Obviously as the fortnight goes on and...

  • Free films, cheap beer and food, and pub...

    This became our regular haunt, with a regular mix of free feature films showing on a large screen followed by a pub quiz (which we managed to win both nights we competed, winning free food tokens and loads of free beer). There was also a pool table, and a side room with a second TV screen for kids cartoons or alternative sports coverage. Staff were...


Malia Transportation

  • Quads

    Quads are easy to hire, and a reasonable price.. Although if anything goes wrong, new tyres are €50 and any other slight scratches can be charged to you at stupid amounts!! DO NOT RIDE DOWN THE STRIP AT NIGHT.. YOU WILL HAVE RANDOM DRUNK PEOPLE HANGING ON THE BACK AND TRYING TO PICK YOUR BIKE UP!!

  • ~ Quad Bikes for Hire ~

    Quad bikes are available to hire allover Malia. It is one of the best ways to travel around the streets, we saw lots of people hiring them out. They are very cheap and there are hundreds of places to hire them out.Do shop around to get the best deal. Normally the prices are per day.If you plan to rent a vehicle once you are on Crete shop around:...

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Malia Shopping

  • Heavens-Mirror's Profile Photo

    by Heavens-Mirror Written Nov 26, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This shop is located on the main strip on Beach Road. It is quite a big shop and sells almost anything you can think of.

    It has some great little bargains that can be gifts for family and friends and sovenirs to take home.

    What to buy: They sell things from photo frames, picture holders, candles, tealights, sarongs, beach balls, jewellery, toys, games, sunglasses, tea towels, playing cards and lots of other sovernirs.

    We got some nice candles with "Crete" on them with little shells inside the candles. We also bought some nice photo holders too.

    What to pay: Everything is 1.50 Euro or under.

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Malia Warnings and Dangers

  • Women and children after anything you...

    You have to be careful here, the "cute" little kids dance and laugh with you but as soon as your guard is down you will loose your belongings! My bag was under the table in a restuarant and next thing it was being carried up the strip but one of the kids. Police knew what boy "worked the street" i was in but could do nothing about it so i found my...

  • Quad Bikes/ Motor Bikes

    You cant miss the quads and bikes flying up the road (Along with the buses that take the whole road up!) Anyway apart from the obvious- dont get knocked down or fall off- these are a bit of a con as one little scratch or crack and you'll get charged HUGE prices to compensate for the damage- even if the crack etc is there when you get it! Just be...

  • Women on the hunt

    After darkness you will find the main road/ fork absolutely crawling with these women and children selling things and trying to get money off you. Be firm and dont fall for the cute wee kids. Big Warning- If you or any of your pals are really really drunk do not let them walk off themselves as the women catch on and they are an easy target- they...


Malia Off The Beaten Path

  • Knossos Palace (Ruins)

    Knossos was undeniably the capital of Minoan Crete. It is grander, more complex, and more flamboyant than any of the other palaces known to us, and it is located about twenty minutes south of the modern port town of Iraklio.Knossos was inhabited for several thousand years, beginning with a neolithic settlement sometime in the seventh millennium BC,...

  • The Palace Of Malia (Ruins)

    The palace found at Malia is the third largest palace of Minoan Crete after Knossos and Phaistos. It occupies 7500 square meters at the edge of a fertile valley near Hersonissos in Northern Crete. The palace's proximity to the sea was obviously important in the development of the site into a cultural hub for its ancient inhabitants. It was first...

  • Dikteon Andron - Dikti Caves

    Found above the village of Psichro on the Lassithi Plateau, these are a famous tourist attraction in Crete.According to local myth, the god Zeus was brought here by his mother to escape his father Cronos.The climb to the caves is quite hard work and decent shoes are recommended (there are donkeys to help for 10 Euros, but I'd have felt guilty, as...


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