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Epidaurus Things to Do

  • The Late 4BC Theater Has Perfect...

    The Theater of Epidaurus was initially built in the 4C BC with 34 rows of seats. During the Roman period the number of row was increased by another 21 rows. It originally had a back wall as well as a proskenion. Nowadays there is a summer festival of ancient theater.

  • The Old Ruins

    My main page covered some of the site, but I wanted to show more as there is lots to see here.The whole site is within a fenced area, and you must pay a small fee to enter, with that, you can visit the theatre, and the ruins with the small museum.People in classical times would come here to be healed of illnesses. They would stay for a night and...

  • The theatre...

    Epidávros theatre is among the best in the world for its acoustics, already known in the ancient times. It was built by Polykléitos the younger in the 4th century BC. It has 55 rows of terraces and can host up to 14,000 spectators.This theatre became very famous also thanks to the great soprano Maria Callas, who performed there. Today people can...

  • The theater

    The theater was built Polyclete the Young in the middle of the 4th century BC and is exceptionally well kept. It is famous both for the perfection of its proportions and for the quality of its acoustic. From the top row, you can hear even the faintest murmur uttered on the scene. During summer, it is used every night for ancient Greece’s theater...

  • Ancient Theatre

    The Theater at Epidaurus is the largest and most impressive of ancient Greek and is in excellent state of preservation. It was built in the 4th century B.C. by the architect Polyclitus the Younger and was unrivalled for its acoustics. The prosperity brought by the Asklepieion enabled Epidauros to construct civic monuments too: the huge theater that...

  • Sanctuary of Asclepios

    The cult of Asclepius became increasingly popular in ancient Greece. In fact the ancient Greeks did just that in order to pay tribute to their spiritual entities in the face of Asclepios, and to ask the gods for remedies for their physical ailments. It was a healing center as well as a cultural center in ancient times. Pilgrims flocked to...

  • Ancient Stadium

    The ancient Greeks approached health from a holistic point of view, and the Sanctuary included a theater, gymnasium, and stadium as well as traditional medical treatments. The ruins sanctuary of Asclepius is an extended archaeological site with many interesting buildings and a newly excavated stadium. The most interesting building is by far the...

  • Archaeological Museum

    The museum houses the most important finds of the ongoing excavations.The museum of Epidaurus was built in 1902-1909 by the excavator of the sanctuary, P. Kavvadias, in order to house the partial reconstructions of the most important monuments of the Asklepieion, as well as the most significant excavation finds.Full admission: € 6 (For both the...

  • Asklepios

    I think it's time to say something more about Asklepios whose sanctuary we visit in Epidaurus.According to mythology he was the son of Apollo and Koronis - a princess of Tesalia. Unfortunately, she was unfaithful to her her god-lover and met her sad destiny. Goddess Artemis shot her with arrows and then changed her body into a burning stake. Little...

  • Museum

    On the way from the theatre to the sanctuary we pass a small building that houses a museum. Visitors can see here ancient medical instruments, inscriptions about the miraculous cures and votive sculptures ( many of which have been replaced by plaster casts, whereas originals are in the Archeological Museum in Athens). In the picture you can see a...

  • Theatre (2)

    The three main components of a Greek theatre were the theatron, orchestra and skene. The theatron was the curved seating area for audience. The orchestra was the performance area for the chorus and actors. In its centre there usually was a stone altar to Dionysus. The skene was a stage building, whose wall served as a kind of background for...

  • Theatre

    The theatre in Epidaurus is an excellent example of perfect harmony between nature and architecture. It blends into lush green hills around and constitutes the whole with them. The trees at the top offer welcome shade, so it's no wonder that tourists, though exhausted, climb up to the 55th row of seats where they can find some rest from the...

  • The sanctuary of Asklepios

    Although it is the theatre which nowadays attracts the visitors to Epidaurus, we must remember that in the first place it was the sanctuary of Asklepios. People suffering from various ailments came here to seek help and advice. It used to be the best known healing centre of ancient world. Today we can see here ruins of hotels, houses for...

  • Ancient Artifacts Portraits of Healing

    "I never knew the meaning of peace until I arrived at Epidavros," wrote Henry Miller. A sanctuary to Asclepios, the god of healing, was established in the 6th century BC and reached international prestige by the 4th century BC. Historians believe that Asclepios was a king blessed with a talent for healing that eventually became deified for his...

  • Ancient Artifacts Portraits of Healing

    "I never knew the meaning of peace until I arrived at Epidavros," wrote Henry Miller. A sanctuary to Asclepios, the god of healing, was established in the 6th century BC and reached international prestige by the 4th century BC. Historians believe that Asclepios was a king blessed with a talent for healing that eventually became deified for his...


Epidaurus Restaurants

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    by travelmad478 Written Jun 7, 2007

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    If you happen to find yourself in Ancient Epidavros (as opposed to New Epidavros), and if you have a vehicle, I highly recommend a visit to a small restaurant located about 2 km south of the port, on the road to the Yialasi beach.

    The place is a small family affair, and appears to be pretty unpublicized, but the food was absolutely delicious. The menu is well above and beyond the standard souvlaki/fried calamari/moussaka-type stuff that populates most of the more touristy places' offerings. There is an English translation of the menu, which should be read creatively (for instance, "ginger salad" turned out to be a yogurt spread containing pureed ginger, garlic, and cayenne). Nonetheless, be adventurous, and you will not be disappointed.

    Favorite Dish: As starters, we had the aforementioned ginger salad--an explosion of ginger, a Greek salad (the usual tomatoes/cucumbers/feta/oregano, but man, are those tomatoes to die for), and spicy cheese salad, which was also a dip. For entrees, we had a roasted lamb with herb rice that was meltingly tender, another lamb dish with avgolemono sauce and zucchini (a really interesting preparation, and tasty), and fish soup. The fish soup was vaguely creamy, with nice chunks of white fish and no shellfish, and very delicate. All in all we were thrilled with our meal, which came to EUR 56 for the three of us, including a liter of house red wine.

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Epidaurus Transportation

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    Epidaurus is situated on the eastern coast of the Argolida peninsulas on the northeast of the Peloponnese. The sanctuary is located 10 kilometers south to the town and 30 kilometers east from Nafplion.

    We got to the Sanctuary on our way from Athens through Corinth by bus.
    The road was very picturesque.

    You may reach Epidarus by bus from Athens (2 times a day– 2,5 hours, 8 euro) or from Nafplio via Ligorio (4 times a day – 40 min, 2 euro).

    My map At Epidaurus souvenir shop by bus
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Epidaurus Shopping

  • Souvenir shop

    A nice souvenir shop situated on the distance of 2 kilometers from the Sanctuary. Our bus has made there a half-hour stop. While other tourists went shopping I used this time to admire gift goods which almost all in some extent connected with ancient and mythological Greece.If I had a giant suitcase and a huge house with a plenty of rooms,...

  • Pottery manufacture

    The visit to the shop has begun with small cognitive excursion. A local master has shown us manufacturing techniques of a clay vase. Our guide Konstantin has very fascinatingly told us how these vases had been painted and pictured, what figures and form of a vase or a cup mean. Some tourists tried to work with a potter's wheel and produced a vase...

  • Epidaurus Hotels

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Epidaurus Local Customs

  • Road side chapel

    Small chapels along the road are a common sight in Greece. They are of very different type. Some are basic, others are more elaborate. I found that this one, that tried to look like a church was worth a closer look.If you enlarge the second photo, you will sea that inside, besides the lamp with its flame burning, there is a painting of Jesus framed...

  • Singing

    If you're lucky enough you'll be able to hear someone singing to show the theatre's accoustics. Look at this young German who sang Ave Maria... We were all astonished...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Epidaurus Tourist Traps

  • Copies instead of originals?

    The sculptures which were found during excavations had been transferred to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. They were replaced by plaster casts in the Museum. But don’t you know that the most of artifacts in Museums are replaced by their copies (if these artifacts ever existed)? That is another theme which I’m planning to discuss with...

  • Plaster Cast Museum

    The sculptures (or the most significant finds) that had been transferred to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens were replaced by plaster casts. It's free so you can go take a quick visit of the museum. If your itinary is short on time, skip it!!!

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Epidaurus Off The Beaten Path

  • Selonda Bay in Saronic Gulf

    On a way from the Corinthian isthmus to Epidaurus we made a stop at a picturesque bay of the Saronic Gulf. Our guide allowed us to admire a remarkable sea and mountain landscape. Selonda is one of the pioneers of Mediterranean aquaculture and currently produces 60 million juveniles of Mediterranean species and 5000 tons of final high quality...

  • Church in Ligourio

    The big village of Ligourio is situated at the distance of 5 kilometers from the Sanctuary of Asklepios. It is possible to see there several Byzantian churches in which walls parts of the disassembled constructions of the Sanctuary were built in.

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Epidaurus Favorites

  • Canal of Corinth

    The canal of Corinth is not worth a visit on its own but when you visit Epidaure, you should not miss to have a look at this great technical achievement of the end of the 19th century. However, beware that around the canal are a great many tourist traps, may be the highest concentration of tourist traps in the whole country! Look at the canal and...

  • View on the Saronic gulf

    I cannot tell exactly from where was taken these photos but this was not far from Epidaure, further south. Though the weather was not bright, the landscape on the Saronic gulf was stunning and we stayed there, along the little road for a while to admire how the colors of the landscape evolved every minute as the light changed.

  • Asklepius and Panacea

    An asclepieion was a healing temple in ancient Greece. A temple was sacred to the Apollo's son Asklepius. He was the demigod of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology. He had a daughter named Panacea (literally, "all-healing"). Snakes were often used in healing rituals in honor of Asclepios.I’ve taken the first photo of the statue of...


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