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Nafplio Things to Do

  • The public library

    The library was founded in 1951. Some of its many books date from 1551. O Palamidis is situated in the 1887 building which used to be a girl school. There are historical paintings on the walls.

  • Mosques

    There are 2 mosques in Nafplio, a reminder of the period of time when the place was under the Turks. Trianon used to be a school, whereas Vouleftikon was the seat of the first Greek Parliament. The former was built in the 1500s and was named after a cinema that once worked here. Today, plays are given here. The latter was built in 1730 and isn't...

  • The Bourtzi Castle

    Completed in 1473 by the Venetians, the fort protected the city from the invaders for years. Later on, it was the home of the executioners of the Palamidi castle convicts. It served as a hotel for some time in the 20th century. Now, the Summer Music Festival is held here.

  • The Church of St Nicholas

    Since St Nicholas is a patron saint of sailors, the chuch with his name in Nafplio, had to be located close to the sea. That is why the original church, built in 1713 within the city walls, was later moved to where it is now. It was rebuilt and restored in 1836.

  • Constitution Square

    Surrounded by beautiful historic buildings, mostly cafés, the marble-floored square is perfect for a hang out with friends. There's also the Archaeological Museum here, a bank and two mosques, 1 of which was the home of the first Greek parliament and another served as school. Now, plays are given here.

  • Archaeological Museum

    The museum, located on the top floor of the Venetian arsenal built in 1713, houses a large collection of exhibits from different periods of history, everything found in Argolis, the region of Greece where Nafplio is situated. Opening times: 8-15 (Monday and holidays closed)Entrance fee!

  • The Palamidi Castle

    The impressive castle was built in the 18th century by the Venetians. Believe it or not, it took them only 3 years! it was soon captured by the Turks and then the Greeks. The castle consists of 8 bastions surrounded by walls. It's interesting that each of the bastions has a different name, which changed during the course of history. First, they...

  • Palamidi Castle

    Palamidi castle/fortress is built in the top of a 216 meter high hill inside Nafplion town around 1714 by the Venetians,one should climb the 875 steps(approx.i really didn't counted it!) to reach the top though,it can be reach by a car too.The castle/fortress is named after Palamidis (a son of Nafplius)who have invented the currency,weight &...

  • Walking about the town

    Nafplion offers a great opportunity to walk around the small area at the harbor and you will find many photo ops. The piazza are cleaned daily, and the shops are tidy. If you look up on the hill you will see the old castle, worth attending later on for sure.


Nafplio Hotels

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  • Aetoma Traditional Hotel

    2 Saint Spyridon Square, Nauplion, Peloponnese, 21100, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Amfitriti Pension

    24 Kapodistriou str, Nauplion, Peloponnese, 211 00, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Amphitryon Hotel

    I stayed at the Amphitryon Hotel which was a wonderful Luxuary hotel. The hotel had a fantastic view...


Nafplio Restaurants

  • Fish tavern

    This is 1 of many, side by side, taverns in Bouboulinas Street, but they say it serves the best fresh fish. The fish I had there was really tasty and the dish with vegetables you see in the photo was simply delicious.

  • A fresh beer in a hot day

    We met these people, from the ex-URSS, in the islet where is located the castel. When we returned back to Nauplio, we found this bar near the port. It was a very hot day!At the end, this lovely family invited us to have a drink at its house. We accepted with much pleasure and we spent an unforgettable evening with them. Thanks a lot for inviting...

  • Harbor View while dining

    There are several tavernas along the harbor. In the summer the weather is so pleasant and you don't want to be in a hurry. Sit and become a people watcher as the sun sets behind the old prison on the island. Boats come and go and life seems to slow down.All of the tavernas along the harbor have great seating with big chairs and cushions, not the...

  • This was a terrible experinece

    The restaurant itself is right on the square with a nice outside patio in the town's main square. We chose a table for two on the patio. A gentleman approached and asked where we were from. When we said Toronto he asked if we knew the restaurant Parthenon as it was owned by a friend or an uncle. We confirmed and he then introduced himself as the...

  • Street with seafood tavernas

    This street was just close to our hotel where we stayed in Nafplio. We were starving to get a fresh fish as we reached the sea. the street is consisted of one taverna following by another. We were not amazed by the food there. It was not exactly fresh-fresh...and looked like a touristic trap...may be we were unlucky and didn't chose the right one...


    I have never tried a gelato better than the one made by smiling Marcelo at this lovely ice-cream shop. I was blown away and kept coming back every day during my 4-days stay in Nafplio.Prices are quite high, but it is well worth it:3 scoops = 4.50 euro.2 scoops = 3.50 euro. Chocolate gelato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nafplio Nightlife

  • Omilos

    It is the hottest cafe-bar of Nafplio. Amazing sea view. It is adorable to drink your coffe or drink, to listen cool music from experienced Djs and to enjoy the sunset. An experience you shouldn’t miss.

  • Looking for a wild nightlife?

    If you are looking for a wild nightlife, Nafplio is not the place. Small picturesque coffeehouses on the port, traditional taverns at the alleys, small (literally) bars and few clubs with dance music, are what constitute the nightlife of Nafplio. Everything

  • nafplio

    ok the provincial greek night life, or rather what they understand under night life is the following: first you go to one of the cafes along the portside. all the people and the tables are facing the cafe itself, and not the harbour and what should be the more interesting view, main thing is just sit sip coffee, and watch the people pass by. it...


Nafplio Transportation

  • From Nafplio to Mycenae by bus

    There are buses departing Nafplio for Mycenae few times a day. In May 2008 we took a 10am bus and came back on a 12pm one I think.The journey takes about 1 hour. Bus brings you directly to the site - its the last stop.You do not need to buy tickets in advance, just purchase it on the bus. On way ticket costs 2.60 euro.Entrance tickets for museum...

  • From Meteora to Nafplio via Athens by...

    As of May, 2008 there were no direct buses from Meteora to Nafplio, so we had to take a train to Athens first (at 6.30am for the price of 20.30 euro each). Arrived in Athens at 11.30am, took a taxi (5 euro) which brought us to the bus terminal A. Bought our tickets at the window (looked for the sign - Nafplio - cause each window sells tickets to...

  • From Nafplio to Epidaurus by bus

    There are buses departing Nafplio for Epidaurus few times a day.In May 2008 their schedule was: 10.15am, 12pm, 2.30pm.From Epidaurus to Nafplio: 12pm, 1pm, 3.45pm, 6pm.The journey takes about 45 minutes.You do not need to buy tickets in advance, just purchase it on the bus. On way ticket costs 2.60 euro.We took a 10.15am bus and came back on the...


Nafplio Shopping

  • Souvenirs

    The shop close to Syntagma Square is packed with all sorts of souvenirs, magnets, key rings, clocks, chains of beads (kombolóyia), you name it.

  • Local Made Crafts Available

    In the photos you will see the kinds of local craft items one finds in a shop. It is impossible to show all types of things here, but you can at least see some of it.We enjoy shopping and looking at this kind of thing as where we live near Venice, most of the tourist items are made in China and made to look Italian.Hats off to the Greeks who still...


    In Nafplio's historic centre, there is a special place with a great variety of handmade goods of exceptional quality. MITOS offers handmade carpets, both modern and antique, from Persia and from other countries in Central Asia. All goods are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.Open Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 22:00


Nafplio Local Customs

  • viddra's Profile Photo

    by viddra Written Aug 4, 2014

    People consider Nafplio the proposal capital of Greece, since a lot of men make a proposal to their girlfriends here.

    Vas. Olga's Street
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Nafplio Warnings and Dangers

  • nickandchris's Profile Photo

    by nickandchris Written Jun 17, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are driving in Nafplion, be warned. You cannot avoid the worst junction we have ever come across.
    At some point in the town, the south west end, about four roads all converge, two of them dual carriageways and no-one in particular having right of way. There are no traffic lights or give way signs nor is there a roundabout. It's every man for himself and it's a most terrifying experience, especially when you are in a hire car. I must admit, most drivers treat this junction with respect and gingerly edge their way across. We were wondering if any of the drivers would actually stop and give way but when we met opposing traffic, we were let through with no problems. There doesn't seem to be a good time to cross this junction!!! although siesta is obviously quieter.
    The worst thing for me was once we knew about it, knowing we were going to encounter it again.....

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Nafplio Off The Beaten Path

  • Thrickets of Opuntia

    I’ve never seen in my life so many cactuses as there were at Akronauplia Hill. Opuntia is a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae. I’ve read in wikipedia that currently, only prickly pears are included in this genus of about 200 species. Opuntia maintain frosts up to minus 10 °C!

  • Agios Spiridon

    Agios Spiridon was built in 1702. It’s located in Agiou Spiridona Square. Kapodistrias (the first governor of independent Greece and the former minister of Russian foreign affairs) was assassinated outside this church in 1831. They say that the bullet is shown in a glass case on the wall.I'm very interested in Kapodistrias as a legendary Greek from...

  • Epidaurus

    You can take a half hour drive from Nafplio to Epidaurus where you can visit one of the well preserved and functional amphitheaters in Greece, if not the most famous. In July (when I was there), the amphitheater was the venue of the Epidaurus music festival. Epidaurus is built on the slope of a mountain and seats 15,000 people. Speakers or...


Nafplio Favorites

  • Beach around Nafplio

    After exhausting trip under the hot sun to Mycenae we were so happy to deep into the sea at the beach close to Nafplio. The beach is very good with all amenities (WC, showers, bars). In the evening becoming overcrowded with young local people coming after work for the beach parties.

  • Practical Information #1

    Calling from Greece to US (using Greek public phone): 001 xxx xxx xxxxCalling from Greece to US (using mobile phone): +1 xxx xxx xxxxCalling from US to Nafplion: 011 -30- 0752 0 - xxxxxUSEFUL PHONE NUMBERS:Emercency - 100Town Hall - 27520 23766Tourist Information Office - 27520 24444Police Headquarters - 27520 21536Tourist Police - 27520 28131Fire...

  • Nauplius and Palamedes in Greek...

    Nauplius was the son of the god Poseidon. This Nauplius founded Nauplia (Nafplio). In Greek mythology, Palamedes was the son of Nauplius. More famous Nauplius was a great-great-grandson of his namesake, the founder of Nauplia. Like Nauplius I, Nauplius II also ruled over Nauplia (although other accounts say he ruled in Euboea).Agamemnon sent...


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