Nightclubs and bars in Athens

  • ouzo and Mavros Gatos
    ouzo and Mavros Gatos
    by mindcrime
  • the bar of Intrepid Fox
    the bar of Intrepid Fox
    by mindcrime
  • Intrepid Fox
    Intrepid Fox
    by mindcrime

Most Viewed Nightlife in Athens

  • Chakra oriental café

    by cristiana04 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Chakra oriental café
    It is very nice and exotic place to drink, to dance and why not to watch people! Full of people (most of them young), the place is a blend of West and East! Music and beautiful people until the sunrise!!!

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  • kraist's Profile Photo

    Mo Better: Rock Clubing with attitude

    by kraist Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Ok , not all of us here in Athens like to listen music of some attitude. There are a lot of people that want rock to be the namew of the music and dance till the morning with that. The best in my opinion place for that way of clubing is M'Better.A nightclub that people are friendly enough to danxe with you even if they dont know u. Where u can buy a beer for 6E and not 8 or 10 as in other greek clubs.Music is

    Dress Code: Free Dress Code as far as i know!!! NO TIES unless in the wright attitude.,:0

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  • penny_g's Profile Photo

    Nightlife in general

    by penny_g Written Nov 26, 2010

    Athens visitors enjoy rich and various nightlife churches. May it be an outdoor restaurant in summer or latino night club in winter, you won't get bored in Athens. A favourite place of mine are Psiri and Plaka areas, close to Monastiraki. Not only does it offer lots of souvenirs stands but it has also lots of pubs, restaurants and taverns in the typical Greek style. They have preserved the old Athenian athmosphere.

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    by abertileon Updated Jul 5, 2010




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  • Durfun's Profile Photo

    Dybbuk: Cool clubbing

    by Durfun Updated May 9, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The trendy youths of Athens will single out this club as the place to be!

    The action really kicks off after 0300 hours, so keep that in mind.

    Best to have a late dinner, hit a bar or two, and then arrive here just as it's getting filled out :)

    The security outside are really laid back and friendly, and more than happy to talk to you and tell you about the atmosphere, when it's advisable to head in, etc.

    Dress Code: Smart.

    Dybbuk from outside...
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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    Rock, Gothic and Heavy Metal clubs: rock the night!

    by mindcrime Updated Apr 21, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    UNDERGROUND CAFE. A.Metaksa 19(tel: 210 3822019). Café/pub. It is located 30m from Eksarcheia square. Usually the music is too loud and you cant easily listen anyone but the place looks nice after the renovation and the prices are very low!
    REVENGE OF ROCK: Alexandras Avenue 34, Athens, tel:2108830695 club music:heavy metal. loud music, we usually cant hear anything here, the video wall plays classic videos, always good vibes here (except the loud music)
    EXCALIBER. Orminiou 4, Ilisia. Club, music:hard rock/metal, nice atmosphere on Saturday night
    SIN CITY:live club music:hard rock/metal/gothic/electro
    DADA. Orygou 11, Psirri, tell:2103319846 club, music:gothic
    OUTLAW. Ilia Iliou 28 & Vuliagmenis, Neos Kosmos. Bar music:hard rock/metal
    BRAFF. Doukisis Plakentias 122, Panormou, tel:2106981032. club. music:heavy metal
    BAT CITY. Alexandras Avenue 11, tel:2106401666, cafe bar, music:metal, alternative
    DARK SUN. Thivon 42, Peristeri. Club, music:gothic
    DECADENCE. Voulgaroktonou 69, Eksarcheia. Club, music:gothic, alternative
    DR.FEELGOOD:Sp.Trikoupi 1, Eksarcheia tel:2103303425 cafe bar, music:hard rock
    PLOUGHMAN. Aridanou 26 & Dragoumi, Ilisia tel:2107242002 bar music:rock r&b, small with good DJs some nights
    EASY LIVING:Str.Kokola 18, Papagou, tel:2106533994 bar, music:hard rock, great for cafe during the day and for many beers till late. Away from the center though, you need a taxi
    HARD ROCK CAFE. Filellinon 18, Syntagma. Tel:2103252758 cafe/restaurant music:hard rock for tourists only :)
    JASMIN. Mihalakopoulou 150& Sinopis 27, Ampelokipoi. Bar. Music:rock/hard rock metal nights every wednesday. I was addicted to the old one though, especially near the fireplace
    MO BETTER. Themistokleous & Koleti 32, Eksarcheia. Tel:2103812981 club music:alternative pop/rock
    ON STAGE. Iera Odos 321, Aigaleo. Tel:2105914000 club music:heavy metal
    UNDERWORLD. Ippokratus 56, Eksarcheia club:metal/gothic
    WIZARD:Kifisias 119, Marousi, tel:2106141877 club:hard rock
    ALLEY CAT:Konstantinupoleos 50, Gazi, tel:2103454406 club with heavy metal music every day
    KENTRI:Kassou 10, Petrupoli square, tel:6977379204 metal club, away from the center with some small live some days
    CAMELOT live-cafe: Gkyzi Avenue & Ragkavi 61, take bus 021 from Kaniggos square

    EXCALIBER rock club
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  • Durfun's Profile Photo

    Doors: Hit a cool Bar

    by Durfun Written Mar 30, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located in the heart of Kolonaki, this is a very popular place.

    If you ask any young Athenian to suggest a good bar, this is the one they will mention.

    The surroundings are quiet, the door staff is polite & friendly without any airs and graces.

    Inside, this place is lovely & welcoming.

    Go there!

    Dress Code: Smart.

    Read the sign? It's part of a large high-rise! In Lemos International Center!
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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo


    by mindcrime Updated Feb 1, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hopefully for you in Greece you can watch all the movies in its original language. So, you can go to any cinema choose a Hollywood movie (or maybe a European film?) and enjoy it. The last years many cinemas had improved the interior, the seats, the sound fx etc The ticket most of the times is around 7 euros.

    There are also some multiplex cinemas with many different movies to choose but I never go there. Especially, in summer I prefer the open air cinemas (very typical in Greece). The quality of sound/image isn’t so good but the atmosphere is more relaxing and I like to enjoy the movie while I have my cold beer in my hand and the sky above me… You will stroll around Plaka for sure so here’s a small list of this kind of cinemas around Thisio/Plaka district:
    THISION CINEMA. Apostolu Pavlu 7, Tel:2103420864 Entrance fee 7euros.
    CINE PSIRI, Sarri 40-44, Psiri (5’ from Thisio station) tel:2103212476 entrance fee:7,5euro
    CINE PARIS REFRESH, at Kidathineon street
    ZEFYROS NEW STAR. Troon 36, Thisio, tel:2103462677
    At Kolonaki district there is DEKSAMENI, a nice open air cinema at Deksameni square, tel:2103623942

    If you walk up and down the basic parallel avenues in the centre(Akadimias/Panepistimiu/Stadiu) you will find many cinemas:
    Elli (Akadimias 64), Odeon Opera (Akadimias 27), Asty(Korai 4), Indeal(Panepistimiu 46),Apollon Cinemax and Attikon Cinemax(Stadiou 19)

    And some multiplex if you want to be together with hundreds of teenagers screaming for the new blockbusters:
    STER CINEMA: Aharnon 373 tel:2102371100 subway:Agios Eleytherios
    AELO: Patision 140, tel:2108259975 subway:Victoria
    VILLAGE CINEMAS:At the Mall, Andrea Papandreu, subway:Neratziotisa

    open air cinema in Athens open air cinema LAURA at Pagrati

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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    hundred of theatres!

    by mindcrime Updated Jan 27, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are hundreds of theatres in Athens! Its looks like a theatre paradise with so many choices... but!... but!... only a few people go to theatres! Anyway, in case you speak greek there will be a dozen of good choices for you especially in winter period.

    But probably you dont speak greek so choose some places like:
    -CORONET, where they have alternative perfomances like Prague Black Light Thetare. address:Frinis 11, Pagrati
    -BADMINTON, a modern theater for musicals and concerts. In 2009 I saw Tiger Lillies live and Edward Scissorhands(pic 2) check here for upcoming shows: It is located 10' walk from Katehaki metro station.
    -LYRIKI SKINI, for opera. address:Akadimias 59, 2' walk from Panepistimio metro station

    the National Theatre of Athens Edward Scissorhands
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  • starstudio's Profile Photo

    Bar hopping in and around Gazi

    by starstudio Written Oct 23, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gazi is a quiet neighbourhood during the day, but as the
    evening approaches, groups of people and couples emerge from the tube
    station to disappear in nearby mezedopolia and bars for an early drink. At
    midnight, the streets fill with people who run to grab a table at the bars. Walk inside
    the narrow Sofroniou Street and find oddly-spelled A Lier Man at number two. Jazzy
    music and its Mediterranean style décor -and food- make it a popular hangout spot. When
    you feel like moving again, head back into the main square and walk into Hoxton bar (42
    Voutadon, 210 3413395), named after its namesake in London’s Old Street. The backdrop
    is industrial, with leather couches and cement walls. It houses alternating artwork, gigs
    and parties. If it gets too crowded, head to Micraasia (70 Konstantinoupoleos) with its
    theatrical set up housed in an old-style building. After a dizzying climb up the red metallic
    staircase you’re on a beautifully decorated rooftop with a view. For the gay crowd there is
    only one place to be: At S-Cape ( Iera Odos & Megalou Alexandrou str) you will party all
    night with excellent mainstream clubbing sounds, and for chill out, you can hop next
    door at S-Cape into Rages Station (82, Konstantinoupoleos str, 210 3452 751). While in the
    area, taste the absolutely fabulous crepes at mele meli (12, Iakhou str), they are considered
    the best in town!

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  • Guzel: The most luxurious club in athens

    by nicktheo Updated Sep 2, 2008

    Guzel is probably the best night club in athens, but for sure the one with the stricter face control.
    It can be a bit hard to get in , so better be dressed as good as possible. During the autumn and winter , the club is situated in kiffisias str at xalandri, but the in the summer months it can be found on vouliagmenis street. RnB parties are its specialty

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  • drvanessa's Profile Photo

    GAZI: Athens by night

    by drvanessa Written Aug 28, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just a small tip that we the natives do!Whenever we end up at PLAKA (the old city) and we love to go there A LOT, we always end up for the best SOUVLAKI-KEBAB at "THANASSIS", right on MONASTIRAKI square.You won't miss it, it's the best in town!!!
    Additionally, if you want to hang out for a dring or coffee or even food stroll around the region of PSIRRI, with its multiple shops!It's the olden part of the city, right down the MOnastiraki square, where you can enjoy and feel the atmosphere of the passed centuries. It's one of the hottest parts in Athens, don't miss it!
    If you feel the need for something modernm, then take the metro and get off on KERAMEIKOS stop. There, it's the neighborhood of GAZI.Extremely modern and filled with young people BUT you have to be there after 21:00, where the big party beggins!It's like an island in Athens!My favorite bar is "TAPAS BAR" where you can enjoy latin cocktails and groovy latin music, from the top floor of "GAZARTE" you can enjoy your drink and have the entire Athens "in your legs" and you can finish your night with the best crepes (sweet and salty) in town, at "MELI-GALA".All of them are in GAZI place!!
    Enjoy your visit!!

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  • siso010's Profile Photo

    Omonia ٍSquare

    by siso010 Updated Jul 5, 2008

    Omonia is a square at the left side of Syntagma.
    Omonia is known a shopping place for clothing and also for electronics.
    the night walking in Omonia is great,where you are walking and looking at the shops,eating some fries,drinking Pepsi.

    Omonia itself is very quite place at the night but at the morning its little bit crowded.

    You can go there by walking,just get out Syntagma,look at the right side of Syntagma,you will find a sign written on it To Omonia.

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  • INSULARIUS's Profile Photo

    Various: "The Best REBETIKA & BOUZOUKI Places"

    by INSULARIUS Written May 25, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hi again!

    After a miticulous investigation, I can provide you with a list of the best "rebetika" or "bouzouki" places:

    Patission 294 & Kontou, Ag. Loukas, Patissia
    Tel: 0030-210-20 10 160

    Leoforos Posseidonos 26-28, Tzitzifies
    Tel: 0030-210-940 9221-3

    Odemissiou 9, Kessariani
    Tel: 0030-210-721 4934

    Lissikratous 19, Plaka
    Tel: 0030-210-323 5517

    Skopeftirio Kessarianis
    Tel: 0030-210-766 9742

    Sofokleous 19
    Tel: 0030-210-321 4362 or 321 0342

    All above mentioned places are within Athens, but in different neighbourhoods.

    The choice is yours!

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  • INSULARIUS's Profile Photo

    4 Clubs included: Clubs with Latin Music

    by INSULARIUS Written Apr 15, 2008


    Buna seara!

    Here is a list-non exhaustive-with some "Latin clubs" in Athens:

    1)ENZZO DE CUBA, Aghias Paraskevis 70, Bournazi, Tel: 210-57 82 610-11
    2)FUEGO, Omirou 69, Nea Smyrni, Tel: 210-93 19 075
    3)LATIN HOUSE, Vassilissis Sofias 20, Maroussi, Tel: 210-80 60 155
    4)PALENQUE, Farandaton 41, Goudi, Tel: 210-77 52 360
    5)RITMOS DEL MUNDO, Agissilaou 88, Keramikos, Tel: 210-34 20 007

    Va rog, check them and have fun!


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