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Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Athens

  • 1. Taxis

    Around 1 pm, June 26, we hailed a yellow taxi, late model Mercedes C200 CDI, license number TAB 6180. We had just arrived in Piraeus about an hour late due to a delayed ferry. As I hailed the cab, I...

  • 2. Plaka

    This is a scam that I foud multiple times on Athens. If you are eating at a restaurant, the waiter will open a large bottle of water and put it on your table. Then will charge you for it, even if you...

  • 3. Overpriced restaurants

    Many restaurants pretend that they have made a mistake and they over charge your bill. They do it purposely because usually people don't check and pay what they have been asked. If you see that you...

  • 4. Acropolis

    Actually I would not consider all acropolis as a tourist trap, just northern slope and Parthenon. I arrived to visit it at 10 am, not so early but also not so late and it was not a public holiday. No...

  • 5. Hotels to avoid

    The 'Students and Travellers Inn'!! Expensive (14000 a double room, no WC), shared bathrooms were dirty, and people working there were not friendly at all. Walk 50 meters and you'll find the Phaedra...

  • 6. Beware the "sweet woman" selling linen

    While walking around Hadrians Library a sweet woman was walking to each woman saying 'madam, please, only 5 euro'. She showed each of us a beautifyl tablecloth...

  • 7. Tickets for metro,bus and tram

    You can buy the bus Tickets (esitirio in Greek) from Kiosk cost 0, 40 cent (kiosk=periptero in Greek) not from the bus Driver, and regarding the metro ticket...

  • 8. Visit Acropolis first.

    The trap about the entrance tickets to the museums and places of interest in Athens city. The ticket for Acropolis is charged at 12 Euros and includes pass to...

  • 9. Be Alert in Trains or Buses Pickpockets work !

    Note on Metro Safety: Pickpockets work the metro and the train to and from the airport. Keep your wallet and passport in your front pocket with your hand in it...

  • 10. Beggers

    Watch out for the beggers in Athens. This was our first run in with a begger and being the gullable tourist we got sucked in and then followed by one.What ever...

  • 11. Bairaktaris

    This restaurant is quite popular to the visitors. Maybe because it is located in one of the most touristic areas....on Monastiraki square, just in front of the...

  • 12. Bairaktaris

    Restaurant Name: BairaktarisThis restaurant is quite popular to the visitors. Maybe because it is located in one of the most touristic areas....on Monastiraki...

  • 13. Salesmen at Monasteraki Square

    Don't buy from the salesman at Monasteraki Square. They offer you perfume at low prices. they admit it's stolen; but the stuff is all fake. Simply avoid them by...

  • 14. Negotiate the Price

    WHen you are buying something in the famous shopping areas of Athens like Plaka or Monastiraki, you will be overcharged. The second the store owner hears you...

  • 15. For men

    There are still a couple of nasty old guys lurking in Syndagma square who will come up to male tourists, ask for the time, start a conversation and then invite...

  • 16. one day three island tour

    Beware of the one day three island tours offered from athens, these go to Aegina, Poros and Hydra. They are offered by "key tours" but other compaines sell them...

  • 17. The bargain in the Plaka

    Just about shop in the Plaka has the shopkeeper standing outside, trying to sell you every kind of bargain, deal and once-in-a-lifetime treasure... When you...

  • 18. Street Preformers

    Many interesting street preformances in Athens, som eof the best I have seen actually in the world...but the scam and caution lays in that these preformers dont...

  • 19. Shops closing very early.!

    Well I've met this twice,I went to go out for some night life and shopping at 11 PM but unfortunly I found everything closed except in Monstriki area it was...

  • 20. Olympic prices

    Last time I was in Athens I (early august 2004) found the prices of most touristic things (drinks, food, hotels) much much higher than 2 years before. I don't...

  • 21. Taking a picture next to the guards!!!

    When I was waiting for the changing of the guards ceremony to start, I saw a line-up of tourists (I won't say of what country) just hanging around the guards...

  • 22. The Changing of the Gards

    Okay...Okay, I know I did put it in a must see activity but to me the changing of the gards can be the both. First of all, it's full of tourists. Second, you...

  • 23. in the traps of photographers and pigeons

    Pigeons will not fly to you for free. But dodgy photographers are keen to help you: they will pour a handful of corns on your head and will take a photo with...

  • 24. National Museum of Archeology

    The museum itself is NOT a trap. But it's important to know that it's *closed* until right before the Olympic Games, which can save a lot of time in walking...

  • 25. I think this is a major tourist trap....

    It was after Christmas and still there were Santas (many of them) on the street waiting for tourist to take pictures with their donkeys or setting.It was...

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