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    Hop on, hop off bus
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    Athens Metro
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    Metro to the ferry port

    by Vija_v Written Aug 17, 2007

    The most easy and quick way to get to the ferry port is to go by subway!
    From the main center it takes just some 30 minutes to get there.

    You can get tickets inside the metro station and it costs 1.70 Euro one way.

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    How to get to Athens from Airport

    by Carmela71 Written Feb 12, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From airport to Athens:
    By bus: Ticket price: €3.20

    take the X95 airport express bus from Othonos in Syntagma, opposite the Parliament (1 hour) or bus X96 from Plateia Karaïskaki in Piraeus

    By metro: line 3 Direct from Syntagma
    6 euros or 10 return

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  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    From Dartmoor to Athens without flying.

    by johngayton Updated Jul 17, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are times when I enjoy the journey itself as much as the arrival and this was an excellent trip, 4 days by car, train. tube, eurostar, metro, 2 more trains, ferry, another 2 trains and a final short taxi journey: passing through London, Paris, Bologna, an overnight stay at Bari, and a quick beer at Patras before finally arriving in Athens. This will eventually be written up fully in a travelog here but just as a taster here's some brief details:

    The journey began about midnight with a mate of mine driving me from Chudleigh to St David's railway station in Exeter to catch the sleeper train to London, a journey I always enjoy. Then 1st class Eurostar to Paris, the only way! Metro across Paris to Gare du Bercy and then the overnight sleeper to Bologna. A morning in Bologna then another train down to Bari in the afternoon, the train line running down the coast, to catch the overnight ferry the following evening to Patras meeting the dawn as the ferry wound its way through the Islands. Then trains on to Athens, passing through some spectacular scenery and then the city itself and my introduction to the idiosyncracies of Greek taxi drivers. All-in-all an excellent journey and well worth taking the time to do if you were like me and trying to avoid having to go home and back to working for a living!

    Dawn over the Islands Ferry (not mine!) Arrival at Patras Train from Patras Athens!
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  • Transportation Strikes

    by WillAntoniou Written May 31, 2006

    Athens has every form os public transportation and then some. Taxi, Metro, 3 Bus Lines, and Tram.

    HOWEVER, many of these branches randomnly go on strike. So keep on eye out, maybe turn on the Greek news every now and then or something. Because you don't want to be stuck somewhere. It happens with little or no warning.

    There is a famous taxi driver here however, that works privately. He is known as "the best taxi driver in greece." here's his info: Tel: 210 963 7029 (within Greece)

    The famous George's Taxi

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  • Attiki Odos (Via Attica)

    by aakunz Written Sep 20, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Arriving visitors by air will have their first contact with one of Europe's state of the art highways. Athens Ring Road was completed in 2003. It is an 70 km long 8 lane highway which connects Athens International Airport with the entire Attica region and mainland Greece. Through its 20 interchanges you can have access to the main traffic arteries to Athens, as well as the two main highways (Athens-Lamia to Northern Greece and Athens-Corinth to Southern Greece).

    The ride from the start in Athens Airport to the end in Elefsina (interchange with Athens - Corinth highway) lasts less than 30 minutes, with average speed at 110 kph and feels like a breeze. The road is clearly signposted, both in English and Greek. Currently, the toll for the ride is 2,50 Euros and you can be sure that it's great value for the money and can save you from a great fuss. In case you have a problem with your car, you just dial 1866 and the Road Assistance will be there at no cost!

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  • Pieter11's Profile Photo

    The Parking Problem

    by Pieter11 Written Jul 1, 2005

    Parking in Athens is a drama! There simply are no parking places. Well, there are lots of them, but they are all taken. This is partly because of one rule:

    The government of Athens has decided that at the even days of the month the cars with an even numberplate are allowed to drive, and at the odd days, the cars with an odd numberplate.

    Problem is that most of the Athenians (*** the rules...) don´t pay attention and just drive their cars every day. But an even bigger problem is that lots of them simply have two cars: one even and one odd. That makes that lots of cars stand still half of the time an keep the parking places taken.

    To get a free parking place you have to search away from the city centre, or just be lucky.

    Parking in pedestrian area: another possibility
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  • Pieter11's Profile Photo

    Welcome to the jungle

    by Pieter11 Written Jul 1, 2005

    Athens is really a jungle if you want to get through it by car. The traffic is one big chaos. Speedlimits? Never heard about it. Red lights? I can see if it´s safe to cross the street myself! Indicating direction? They´ll automaticly see where I´m going to sooner or later. It´s really takes a while before you adapt to this way of driving.

    - There are no rules
    - Don´t be shocked when someone calls you names, that´s part of the culture.
    - Don´t drive too slow, that makes you more vulnerable.
    - If you don´t know what lane to take: take the middle one. You can always be rude to change lanes.
    - Don´t be afraid: see the humour of it all. Just go with the flow and enjoy the chaos!

    Good luck!

    Athenian traffic
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  • Olympic

    by grkboiler Written Dec 11, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Olympic is the national airline of Greece and flies to many major international cities and within Greece. If you fly within Greece, chances are you will be flying on Olympic. They have an excellent safety record.

    I have flown Olympic a few times and have had mixed results with them. Some flights have been great with no complaints, on others I have been treated like a passenger on the Saturday Night Live skit with the rude flight attendants (some of you should know what I am talking about ).

    Olympic 747

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  • amsterdam_vallon's Profile Photo

    The Funecular of Lycabettus (Likavittos)

    by amsterdam_vallon Updated Dec 29, 2003

    The best way to go on the Lycabettus (Likavittos) hill to have a fantastic view of athens, you can take the funecular (five minutes ride). It's starting every 30 minutes. The cost is 4 euro.

    The panorama from the top is priceless – all the way to Mount Parnes in the north, west to Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf, with the Acropolis siiting like a ruminative lion half way to the sea. There's also a cafe/restaurant up there.

    If you feel like hiking you can do it by foot!!!

    Location : follow the “telepherique” signs to the corner of Kleomenous and Ploutarchou Streets, between Kolonaki Square and the Athens Hilton.

    The Funecular of Lycabettus (Likavittos)

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  • PikaUA's Profile Photo

    "Daily ticket" for public transport

    by PikaUA Updated Jul 23, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As for moving in Athens by public transport - the first (and the last) thing you should worry about is the ticket. The most convenient way is to buy a special "Daily Ticket" (2.9 euro). It's valid for 24h and for any public transport: metro, buses and trolleys. Just check-in it once - and forget it. Until the next day :)
    Cost: 2.9 euro.
    Where to buy: in the kiosks at the metro station where clerks sell tickets. Just tell to the clerk "daily" - they know this english word.
    By The Way: there are air-conditioners in the city buses - very nice especially when it's +30C outside :))

    Piraeus metro station.
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  • SirRichard's Profile Photo

    The ferries

    by SirRichard Updated Jun 24, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ferries are THE WAY to move around Greece if you are planning to visit a few islands. In summer there are hundreds of them covering every possible destination.
    Most of them leave from the Piraeus port (you can get there by metro, line 1, end of the line). The tickets are sold at any travel agency. They all have fix price, so buy the ticket in any of them.
    There are schedules, but they are not 100% reliable. Of all the ferries I took, none of them left/arrived in time. Sometimes the delay can be more than 2 hours!!! So just improvise, ask and enjoy...
    Anyway, here you can get some schedules to give you an idea:

    A ferry in Easter
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  • SirRichard's Profile Photo

    Hydrofoil to Monemvassia

    by SirRichard Updated Jun 24, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Though the cheapest way to get to Monemvassia (a little byzantine village in Peloponessos) is by bus (5 hours), in summer there is also a hydrofoil service from Piraeus that takes you there in about 4 hours.
    For reservations, go to any of the many travel agencies you will find in Piraeus, as you go out of the Metro. They don't charge extra comission (usually), so go to any of them.
    30 euros one way.

    The hydrofoil in Monemvassia
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  • Androidius's Profile Photo

    Traffic jam

    by Androidius Written Mar 4, 2003

    This city has a major trafic problem, especially in the summer it really gets poluted and noisy.It's cool to see how the bike owners have adapted to this though. They just swerve and squeeze between cars and trucks.Really lot of motorbikes there..

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  • OrlandoBR's Profile Photo

    The subway

    by OrlandoBR Written Feb 25, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For touristic purposes, one seldom needs public transportation in Athens: everything can be reached by walking. Sometimes the subway will be useful, but you're not likely to be more than a couple of stations away from where you want to go. Taxis there are said to be the cheapest in Europe, and it only costs around 20Euros to get from the airport to the city, which is a very long ride.

    If you do take the subway, notice how different the stations are: the ones in central Athens are shiny, brand new, absolutely clean and always have good classical music playing in the background; the other stations have to be the ugliest I've seen in my life!

    Look out for the ancient articles on display at some stations: I believe they were found during the works of excavation for the subway system...

    Evangelismos metro station

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  • athenian80's Profile Photo

    The Attican metro

    by athenian80 Updated Feb 24, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The metro of Athens is clean,safe and also a sightseeing itself since in each station there are exhibits found during the metro's construction (and this was one of the main reasons why the metro delayed so much). Items of ancient Athenians' everyday life,frescos from the first Christian years,copies of the missing parthenon marbles (Acropolis station) and the layers of Athenian underground ( with tombs and the ancient city's water system with pipes made of clay-you'll see that in Syntagma station) and finally modern art are enough to make your visit to the metro a really pleasant surprise.

    The Attican metro's logo and some shots

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There’s a lot of traffic in Athens but you will hardly notice it as most attractions are located at the compact/walkable city center. So, no need for public transport in general but there is a...

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