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    Hop on, hop off bus
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    Athens Metro
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Most Viewed Transportation in Athens

  • 1. Metro

    On 29/1/2000 Athenians met for the first day their metro system, a big project which was finally true after enough years of patience... The reconstructions brought to light parts of the city that had...

  • 2. Airport bus

    easy transportation from the airport to the bus stations(that goes to different parts of Greece),which is Liosion bus terminal(Liosion KTEL) for the buses going to Central Greece and Thessally, and...

  • 3. Long Distance Buses

    They always say that will build one new big bus station but for the moment there are two main bus stations serving different cities of Greece. So depending on your destination you can go...

  • 4. Buses

    If you are not considering to take the metro or a taxi to the city centre, then the bus can be is your choice. Line X95 Syntagma Line X96 Piraeus Line X93 Kifisou Avenue Line X97 Dafni

  • 5. El. Venizelos Airport

    Athens doesn't have services with local drivers such as Uber, Hailo or Lyft for the time being. However there is a service, Athens Welcome Pickups, that enables local Athenians to pick you up from the...

  • 6. Taxis

    You will find them everywhere, the yellow race as we call them (all the taxis in Athens are yellow) fill the streets as there are 15.000 taxis in Athens! I seriously think that they are responsible...

  • 7. The Tram

    The first tram operated in 1882, they were wagons drawn by 3 horses (!) while in 1908 the first electric trams came. There were 21 different lines but the state put then away in the name of evolution...

  • 8. Train

    Probably the second best option to reach the Airport (after an Airport Express Bus), provided you are lingering around the Larisis train station. The Metro looks like a "quicker" option, but it is not...

  • 9. Athens Sightseeing public bus, Line 400

    There used to be a bus line, bus No.400 which was the Athens Sightseeing public bus. I never used it but it seems not many visitors used it either because I guess they didnt want want to spend 90' in...

  • 10. Ports

    There are three ports that you can you for ferries/boats to the islands, Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrio For Piraeus which is the bigger port get subway (green line) to Piraeus and most of the boats will be...

  • 11. the happy train!

    There is a touristic small train that goes from Monastiraki to Syntagma and back and its called “Athens Happy Train”. In fact this isn’t a normal train but a an...

  • 12. how to move around

    Find a hotel in the center and walk! It’s the only way to feel a city, even a huge one like Athens, most attraction are in the center anyway. Then use public...

  • 13. Car hire in Greece

    AVOID, a UK-based international car rental company, as they are misleading customers. I believe they don't own a single vehicle, but use 2nd...

  • 14. Fly Air Berlin to Athens.

    On one of my visits to Athens i flew with Air Berlin from Munich.That is one of the best budget airlines i have ever flown and i highly recommend them.In a...

  • 15. Tickets for metro,bus and tram

    You can buy the bus Tickets (esitirio in Greek) from Kiosk cost 0, 40 cent (kiosk=periptero in Greek) not from the bus Driver, and regarding the metro ticket...

  • 16. Taxi

    I used taxi a couple of times, only when, out of a metro station could not understand where to go to reach the place I was looking for.Actually for short...

  • 17. Underground

    Actually this is the way I moved most around Athens. You can get the underground from airport to the centre and the ticket is 8 € (bus is more convenient and...

  • 18. Bus from airport

    From Airport to the city centre you can get bus number 95X which is just outside the exit of airport. Ticket office is in front of bus stop and the ticket costs...

  • 19. Traveling between Athens and Dubrovnik

    To get to Dubrovnik from Athens, you have two options. One is to take a bus or train from Athens to Thessaloniki. From there, take the 8:21 a.m. train to...

  • 20. The Suburban Rail

    It started to operate in the summer of 2004 and more extensions follow in the future. The trains are clean and fast, you need about 35' to arrive to the centre...

  • 21. Athens Airport: The Biggest in Greece !

    Most travellers arrive in Greece by air, the cheapest and quickest was to get there. Greece has got 16 Internationak airports but only Athens receive all the...

  • 22. Olympic Airways: The Greek National Airline

    Olympic airways is the Greek National Airline. It has got the best air route network in Greece. The service of the airline is okay. Its not too bad and not too...

  • 23. Athens: The Main hub of Airlines in Greece

    All the World's major airlines arrive in Athens first and then proceed further in Greece. Cornus Airline is the second best national Airline of Greece and its...

  • 24. Travelling from Athens to Greek Island

    Crete-based Aegean Airline is the sole surviver of the many new airlines that emerged to chanllenge National Greek Carrier, Olympic Airways, following the 1993...

  • 25. Ferry Frequent Schedules

    The thread below will help you pick the island you wish to visit.It has been helpful to me, so why not with you.Greek islands are beautiful, do some reading...

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Athens Transportation

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There’s a lot of traffic in Athens but you will hardly notice it as most attractions are located at the compact/walkable city center. So, no need for public transport in general but there is a...

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