Hydra Island Travel Guide

  • Hydra street scene.
    Hydra street scene.
    by cachaseiro
  • Fishing boat from Hydra.
    Fishing boat from Hydra.
    by cachaseiro
  • Another cat from Hydra.
    Another cat from Hydra.
    by cachaseiro

Hydra Island Things to Do

  • Donkey Riding

    For a donkey ride it cost us Euro 5 each for 15 minutes riding up and own the many steps behind the village

  • Kaminia harbour

    Take a leisure walk to nearby small port of KaminiaIt is picturesque, hosts a nice taverna, and you can enjoy sunset away from the crowds of the main port

  • Mandraki

    Mandraki bay is the last cove before Hydra’s port. It used to be the old military port but today is just an organized beach with a hotel etcYou cant really find many sand beaches on Hydra so many people like it here because of this. I’ve been there about 20 years before and I remember that we were taking a small boat to visit the port but you can...

  • Kamini

    This is an easy doable walking trail, just take the coastal path on the far right end of the port and you’ll be at Kamini in no more than 20’. There are some nice houses and mansions, it seems that it is a very peaceful area with a small pebble beach (pic 2) and a lot of picturesque fishing vessels and other small boats (pic 3). It was very quiet...

  • Vlichos

    After visiting the upper town of Hydra we took the road that brought us to Vlichos.We first saw a small stone bridge (pic 1) and in 2’ we were at the village. It is full of life during the summer months, there are some small hotels and restaurants but it was off season when we got there so the beach was isolated (pics 2-3). Noone comes to Hydra for...

  • old farmacy

    If you visit the Kountouriotis mansion don’t miss this farmacy at the square before you start to climb up the steps to the mansion.This traditional neoclassical structure houses the oldest farmacy of the island that operates here since the end of 19th century (1890 according to the sign sign on pic 3).Opposite the farmacy we also noticed the...


Hydra Island Hotels

Hydra Island Restaurants

  • Avoid At All Costs

    Was "hooked" into the restaurant by mouthy waiter promising "best food on Hydra", my starter arrived 10 minutes before my wife's. Despite questioning this, no apology offered."Fish of the Day" was a skinny little thing, mainly bones, not fresh and cost € 20.This place ought to be avoided at all costs !I even told them that the food was not up to...

  • Wonderful Sunset Views

    Fantastic location...perfect for watching sunset. There is no menu..the waiters take you to the kitchen and show you the fresh fish they have caught that day plus other dishes prepared. Outstanding !

  • Clifftop romance

    The Sunset would be a typical Greek resort restaurant, were it not for its position perched on the cliffs next to Hydra Town. Food is good, but avoid the fish - VERY overpriced. Go for the view, and the next night find a back-street taverna for cheaper wonderful fish.When we were there, a dolphin and her baby swam past, cutting a pattern in the...

  • It's very good, I should know!

    There are undoubtedly many very good restaurants on Hydra, they wouldn't survive otherwise. We happened upon this place, purely by chance, whilst looking for a coffee one morning. As is the local custom apparently (my ex-girlfriend was Greek) she just wandered into the kitchen to see what was on offer that night, and decided that was where we were...

  • Porto Fino

    Porto Fino is the third café we tried in front of the port, actually it’s the first one you see as you exit the hydrofoil. I guess this is the reason they charge 4 euro for a chocolate or a beer. The service was bad/rude and definitely they had the most expensive prices in the row of cafes with nothing special to offer.

  • Café Sinialo

    Café Sinialo is another café like Gonia that faces the port, I can just copy what the other café offers with only different prices and (a bit slower service)By the way the nescafe costs here 2.8euro and the chocolate 3 euros We just went there because Gonia café was full but we didn’t really care, we played back gammon anyway :)


Hydra Island Nightlife

  • Sunsets, good music and friendly staff

    The Hydronetta, just underneath the Sunset Restaurant, is perfectly placed to catch the dying rays of the Greek sun. Grab a little table on the terrace at the edge of the cliff, order a beer, and relax as the music accompanies the sun on its journey below the mountains of the Pelopponese. Holiday casual.

  • Great music, even better people watching

    In the centre of Hydra, a minute from the port, the bar itself is converted from an old merchants house, and the tables and chairs spill out down the pathway. The music is excellent - great selection of jazz CDs and apparently they have live music from time to time, probably just in high season though. Drinks are quite expensive (7 euro for a...

  • Oupppa!

    Want to emerge yourself in the real Greek culture? You must begin by listening only to Greek music while you sip on a cold ouzo or a warm Metaxa. Or maybe just a cool glass of Mythos.Saronicos and Nautilus are the place to be Greek. Casual


Hydra Island Transportation

  • Flying Cat 1

    We caught the Flying CATt 1 from Athens to Hydra IslandA two hour sailing and the hydrafoil stops at Poros Island on the way

  • how to move around

    In case you don’t know there are no cars in Hydra island! And no bikes, not even bicycle rentals :) You can only see some the garbage tracks but the only way for you to move around is to use your feet :) Hydra town is not very big but you have to climb up a lot of steps. Of course, there are some “alternatives”:1)ride a donkey (there are many of...

  • how to go there

    Hydra is located 45miles south of Pireaus.1)Some years before we used the regular ferries from Piraeus to go there because they were very cheap. Unfortunately there don’t operate to Hydra anymore.2)so you have to use the hydrofoils, they are faster (the trip lasts 90’) but they cost the double (about 25 euros one way). You can easily book your...


Hydra Island Shopping

  • jewelry

    There are many gift shops with the usual crap, magnets and other souvenirs but you can skip them and buy a painting that shows a corner of the island but that will be more expensive. In some monasteries you can find handcrafts made my the nuns.Of course you can even spend more if you decide to buy something from the jewelry stores, the stores are...

  • Try the retsina.

    there are several small supermarkets in the town, but we found this one to be particularly good. As you can see, the selection of fruit and veg was excellent, and inside was jsut about any foodstuffs you would need. Also, they have a concession for a very good retsina which is ridiculously cheap at less than 3 euros for a large bottle. Fruit, veg...

  • Hydra Island Hotels

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Hydra Island Local Customs

  • Why Hydra?

    Hydra enchants its visitors with its traditional architecture and imposing mansions, its blooming gardens and scenic coblestones, and its pleathora of churches and monasteries. the blue of the sea fuses with the white and gray tones of the island, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.Hydra has been a place of inspiration for many artists and...

  • Easter in Hydra

    Greek Orthodox Easter in Hydra is a unique experience, from the majestic Orthodox services held outdoors in candlelight on Good Friday and Good Saturday, to local customs like immersing the Epitaph in the sea, on Good Friday evening, in Kamini beach.

  • International Festival of Puppet Show

    Every July takes place in Hydra the International Festival of puppet show. It's a non-profit festivaland it is done with the Kind cooperation of Sweden. The actors don't get paid and the audience, who come to see the marvelous plays, do not pay for a ticket. It is a very interesting and beautiful festival which has got many supporters,


Hydra Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Tap water not drinkable

    Like other islands Hydra is short of water supplies. Therefore unlike Athens where tap water is safely drinkable, tap water here is almost useless. Though not dangerous for causing diarrhea, it tastes salty and it is a constant cause of damage for electrical equipment using water like washing machines. The water is transfered to the island from the...

  • If you plan to visit Hydra in Miaoulia...

    If you plan to visit Hydra during the Miaoulia festival (the weekend around 21-24 June) be warned:- You are well advised to book accommodation in advance as this is the busiest time of the summer for Hydra. The island gets packed. You realise that in the evening when everyone is out!!- Similarly you should book your transportation tickets. A lot of...


    Hydra is best enjoyed in the morning and in the evening. During the day, it belongs to daytrippers out of Athens. Go swimming!


Hydra Island Tourist Traps

  • planxty's Profile Photo

    by planxty Written May 29, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The only reason I've included this lace in the tourist trap section is the price. It's Kodylenia's Taverna in Kaminia. Basically, if you're walking out of Hydra on the main path, Kaminia is the first small settlement you come to, about twenty minutes walk. To be honest, it's more like a "suburb" of the main town. We stopped there for a drink, and whilst it has a beautiful setting (see second photo), we paid about twice what the going rate was in the main town itself. Seemed rather overpriced to me.

    Unique Suggestions: Don't eat a meal - it would be prohibitively expensive.

    Fun Alternatives: There are other places around to go.

    Kodylenia's Tavern, Hydra island, Greece view from Kodylenia's Taverna, Kaminia, Hydra.
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Hydra Island Off The Beaten Path

  • Iacovos Tombazis Mansion

    The best examples of Hydra’s architecture are the Koundouriotis mansion, the Voulgaris and the Tombazis mansions which are located on the western waterfront.This massive four storied building on the west side of Hydra Harbour, today houses the annex of the School of Fine Arts of Athens. Iacovos Tombazi was the First Admiral of the fleet of Hydra...

  • Russian Spirit

    In 1770 when Russia and Turkey were at war, the Russian Navy flotilla visited the Aegean under the leadership of Aleksey Orlov.In the house where count Orlov lived during Russian expedition to the Aegian Sea now there is a hotel "Casa Orloff ". The mistress confirms that in the house there are some subjects from furniture of the Orlov's...

  • Hydra Windmills

    Beautiful stone windmills with coloured roofs as well as wonderful churches and chapels complete the architecture of the island. If you will have enough forces to reach the most western extremity of the quay, you will see two remarkable windmills. Basically, you already saw them when your boat or cruise ship entered into the bay of Hydra. They are...


Hydra Island Favorites

  • Hydra is the islands of cats.

    Because Hydra has no cars there is a huge number of cats and they seem to sleep on every staircase and walk around every restaurant table.I totally adore cats and the huge number og cats is one of the reasons why i keep coming back to Hydra.

  • donkeys

    It’s no surprise that Hydra island is picturesque because there are no cars and motorcycles around. While other greek islands are full of bikers here you see only the lazy donkeys! These friendly creatures carry around the people to their homes but also all the supplies which means not only the luggage of tourists but also supplies for the markets...

  • Swimming on Hydra.

    Swimming on Hydra is mainly from the rocks as there are few beaches and they are not with fine sand.The swimming there is good though as there are many big flat rocks to lie on and you have latters going down in to the ocean, so you can get back ashore very easily.The sea around Hydra is crystal clear and swimming there is pure joy.


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