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  • Oropos beach
    Oropos beach
    by mindcrime
  • Things to Do
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  • Things to Do
    by mindcrime

Skala Oropou Things to Do

  • statues and monuments

    Ok you have the beach, you have the taverns, café and clubs but sometimes you want to see something. Unfortunatelly there’s not much to see in Oropos except some churches. Along the main road you may see some monunents (pics 1-2), statues etc Pic 3 is a bust of the major general Nikolaos Parousis (1972-1998). I didn’t know anything about him as the...

  • swim all day!

    (Except those who come here to take the ferry to Eretria) most of the visitors take the bus or their car to relax at the beach of Oropos. The pebble beach gets crowded at weekends, especially at the organized part where you can find the usual facilities, umbrellas, water sports, café with loud music etc The cafes around will give you the...

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Skala Oropou Restaurants

  • Ippokampos café

    Ippokampos (seahorse ) is a small café at the main road along the sea that hopefully has some tables at the other side of the road too so you can be near the sea. In reality it's just side by side with Coco Pan we visited the previous evening.We had a frappe (3e), coca cola (2,5e) and a glass of ouzo (2,5e) that came with ice (fail, you serve the...

  • OROPOS grill & bbq

    As expected there are many souvlaki eateries in Oropos but recently a new comer arrived and changed the scenery with perfect souvlaki and good prices. OROPOS grill & bbq is located a few meters away from the port, the road in front is always busy so not the most romantic place but we went there for the souvlaki and didn’t regret it. The place has a...

  • Dodoni icecream

    Dodoni is a nice place to try some ice cream, we know their quality from other spots they have all over Greece. They have some chairs on the large pavement over the main road (pic 2) but we liked the tables on the other side near the sea (pic 1), it’s relaxing to be a meter away from the sea so we choosed a table there no matter we had ice cream...


Skala Oropou Transportation

  • how to go there

    by busThere is a regional bus from Athens (70’ ride). KTEL ATTIKI operates at the beginning of Alexandras Avenue at the intersection with Patision. There are about 16 buses from Athens to Skala Oropou and it terminates near the ferry to Eretria in the heart of Scala Oropou. The first one is at 6:00 and the last one at 21:30. In summer it may get...

  • how to move around

    It’s a small town so you probably have to walk only to the beach or to the tavern and back. Unfortunately there’s not a pavement near the sea all the way from the port to the beach and in some parts you’ll have to watch out for the cars (pic 1) but in some smaller parts you can have the pedestrian only zones for lazy strolls around. Some kids use...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Skala Oropou Shopping

  • kiosk (periptero)

    As expected there are many kiosks (periptero in greek) in Oropos as everywhere all over Greece. This one is located at the intersection of the main street and Korytsas and was the one I visited daily because traditionally I like to read newspapers at the beach as I tend to get bored after a while... so bored that I even wrote this tip about it! :)...

  • shopping at the beach

    If you stay at the beach for long time you will notice that sooner or later people pass by selling various things, hopefully they're not pushy and and a simple no will send them away (until the next one)...Some of the items for sell are pareo, hats, cheap bracelets, pendats and rings, sunglasses but also something to eat (pic 4), usually koulouri...

  • petshop KIVOTOS

    Kivotos (means ark in greek) is a typical pet shop where most people go for to buy food for their pets but also fishing equipment (hooks, fishing rods, reels, baits, spears and whatother item may be useful for fishing). But the place is also popular for the average summer visitor because he provides typical beach equipement for youngs and adults...


Skala Oropou Off The Beaten Path

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    by mindcrime Updated Aug 11, 2008

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    I put this under OFF THE BEATEN PATH tips for 2 reasons. First because the Sanctuary is located at Kalamos village which is 10' away from Skala Oropos by car. The other reason is that most of the people prefer to swim all day and dance all night at Oropos and they dont care about old ruins so much :) I went there one sunny morning from Skala Oropos and I really enjoyed it.

    The Sanctuary of Amphiarion is Attica’s ancient healing center, the only one of Attica! You can see the ruins of Amphiarion hidden among the pine forest that covers the area before the village of Kalamos. There in a small valley you can see the place that was the Oracle dedicated to Ampiaros, the king of Argos that could interpret dreams.

    You can see the ruins of many buildings and monuments like:
    -the Temple of Amphiaraos
    -the Theatre (pic 1)
    -the Statue Bases(pic 2), with some interesting text written on them
    -the Klepsydra(pic 4), the most interesting item, a hydraulic clock!
    -the Stoa(pic 5), that the patients were sleeping waiting for the God to heal them
    -the Bath-Houses,
    -the Sacred Spring,

    You can spend about 30 minutes among the ruins but I suggest you to buy the small guide at the entrance so to know what you look. There is a small map inside the place with some written notes in case you don’t know anything about the place.
    You can visit the Amphiarion daily (except Mondays) 8:30-15:00 and the entrance fee is only 2euro.

    Drive toward Markopulo or Kalamos which is 15’ away by car. After Markopulo turn left to Kalamos. On your way you will see a monastery on your right, after some minutes you will see the Sanctuary of Amphiareos on your left.

    Theatre of Amphiarion statue bases of Sanctuary of Amphiarion Sanctuary of Amphiarion Klepsydra of Sanctuary of Amphiarion
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