Olympia Travel Guide

  • The tunnel leading out to the arena.
    The tunnel leading out to the arena.
    by tropicrd
  • The entrance onto the main arena.
    The entrance onto the main arena.
    by tropicrd
  • Olympia
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Olympia Things to Do

  • Coubertin Memorial

    Location: outside the modern town of Olympia, near Kronion Hill. Memorial obelisk for Baron de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games. The baron's heart is buried here. Nearby Jennie had a friendly chat with a young shepherd.

  • Olympia Museum

    Visit the Olympia Museum and combine with a visit to the site of ancient Olympia. Either order is OK in my opinion, e.g. you can visit the site first and the museum later on, or the other way round. We tried to go for an early visit to the site, but arrived almost at the same time as the first buses (despite our headstart, we already slept at...

  • Archaeological Museum of Olympia

    The visit to Ancient Olympia wont be complete if you visit the archaeological site only, it’s actually the only way to have a better picture of the long history of the ancient sanctuary. My suggestion is to begin with the museum first and then do the ruins (short walk from the museum). The Archaeological Museum of Olympia houses many artifacts that...

  • Archaeological site of Ancient Olympia

    After visiting the archaeological museum I walked toward the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia. I know many people get dissapointed with the ruins but that happens only if you don’t really know where you stand and the great importance of the sanctuary of Zeus in ancient Greece. A bit of reading before your visit will help of course but in any...

  • Kronion Thermae

    When you enter the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia you have the Gymnasium on your right and the Thermes of Kronion on your left. There’s not much to see but the info board has some schetches of how the building was, a bird view photo and basic information in 3 languages (greek, english, german) as in most attractions so you fantasize a bit...

  • Filippeion and Prytaneion

    Just after Thermes of Kronion lies Prytaneion of Eleans, on site are just a few ancient stones now but this was the administrative center of the sanctuary, originally built in late 6th century BC which means one of the oldest building in Ancient Olympia that housed the sacred fire that burned non stop.A few meters away is the Philippeion (pic)...


Olympia Hotels

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  • Best Western Europa Hotel

    Drouva 1, Olympia, Peloponnese, 270 65, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Olympion Asty

    The Olympion Asty is more like an upscale resort. The rooms are spread among several buildings, and...

  • Hotel Kronio

    This family-run hotel has tastefully decorated rooms totally renovated in 2008 with modern comforts,...


Olympia Restaurants

  • Mythos

    After a pleasant day in the seaside village of Katakolon, we returned to Olympia and had dinner in a somewhat hidden part of town. At the restaurant 'Mythos' we ordered a Greek specialty dish, moussaka, and drank fanta orange. Bill amounted to 22 euro.

  • Polygeysto

    One evening we visited Polygeysto, a typical local greek grill/souvlaki tavern, not big in size but with friendly staff.From appetizers we had tzitziki (2,5e), fries (2,5e) a roka salad(5e) and some pita bread (0,30e per piece), We also had a pork steak (5e) which was good and some kalamaki souvlaki, the pork one (1,3e) was just ok but I liked the...

  • Ambrosia restaurant

    This is a restaurant that attracts many customers for sure as it’s located right before the archeological museum of Olympia, so all the tour buses that come here for the ancient site (that is side by side with the museum) have some minutes to spend even for something light. We didn’t have lunch here and the reason was that we thought it would be...

  • Rodo Cafe

    Rodo (rose) is a small café at the road near the entrance of the archeological site. We had just arrived in Olympia and decided to drink something before visiting the archeological site, the truth is that we hoped that light rain may even stop in a hour but that actually never happened.So we got inside and had a table with view outside, nothing...

  • Greak Snacks

    This is a nice outdoor cafe that is less formal with a slightly more limited menu than Aiyaio next door. The service is also faster, so this is a great option if you're in a hurry. Both the pizzas and sandwiches were great. The outdoor tables make this a nice spot for a Mythos as well!

  • Great option!

    We were happy to find this restaurant open during the middle of the afternoon. Our group split between Aiyaio and Top's next door. The pizza at Aiyaio was amazing, but we hung in there for the souvlaki. One warning is that it takes a bit to grill the meet. Make sure that you have time to enjoy the outdoor tables and the atmosphere. The souvlaki...


Olympia Nightlife

  • Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo

    Orthodox Church nearby: Ghost in Olympia?

    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Written Apr 14, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While walking around night Olympia and taking a film about a place I suddenly saw a giant figure at the wall of the Church.

    Who was he? May be poor Oenomaos, King of Pissa and father of Hippodamia who pursued thirteen suitors of Hippodamia and killed them all after beating them in a chariot race and died during the race against Pelops?

    Or may be he was Pelops himself who deceived Oenomaos, married Hippodamia and killed Myrtilus who helped him removing the linchpins attaching the wheels to the chariot of Oenomaos? Don’t know.

    Or may be it was my own shadow? Decide for yourself!

    You may watch my 1 min 16 sec VIDEO-Clip Greece Olympia Evening walk out of my YouTube channel with pleasant Greel popular music.

    Ghost in Olympia? Ghost in Olympia? Ghost in Olympia?
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Olympia Transportation

  • how to go there

    Olympia is located 265km west of Athens in Elia prefecture, 17km from Pyrgos (capital of the prefecture) and 30km from Katakolo (the port where cruise ship arrive)By carWe drove from Athens towards Corinth, turned left with direction to Tripolis and then checked for signed to head right into Highway 74 (Tripoli-Pyrgos) that passes just north of...

  • how to move around

    The town is very small anyway, we just parked and walked around. We surprised to see a bicycle station in front of the Old Railway station so this is a good alternative if you want to tour a bit around.There are some taxis that can transfer you to near by attraction of course.The archaeological site lies behind the Old Railway Station, there’s a...

  • No more trips by train

    All the suggestions about visiting Olympia by train are outdated. Since January 2011, there is no train operating from Athens to Pyrgos. The only way to visit Olympia is by inercity bus, taxi or the tours organised by the travel agents in Athens.


Olympia Shopping

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    Off season shopping a challange

    by XKuger Written Mar 10, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are a number of wonderful shops right in town not far from the Olympic park where you can fine some very unique items as well as bargains.

    I bought a very authentic icon from one of the shops for a faily reasonable price with a certificate of authenticity. This was a lot less than Athens for the similar product.

    If you are visiting during off season please do not that even though the shops have a regular posted time on the doors, they are seldom honor those times or schedules. Life in this town is very slow and seems to largely depend on the arrival of cruise ships at the port of Peterus (I may not be spelling it right).

    When the cruise ships arrive the buses bring the shore excursion guest to Olympia and the town is all open, once the buses leave the town begin to shut down. I had this problem because I wanted to purchase some trinket on the last day and all shops were closed.

    What to buy: Many little shops that sell wonderful art items as well as jewellery for a reasonable price can be found. Also one can bargain depending on the amount of visitors in town.

    What to pay: About average and most definitly less than Athens.

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Olympia Warnings and Dangers

  • Fires in Olympia

    The area is hilly and mountainous; most of the area within Olympia is forested.In the end of August 2007 Forest fires raging across southern Greece were threatening the ancient ruins of Olympia.High temperatures and strong winds were attributed to the spread of more than 220 blazes across the country since August 24, 2007. Record temperature as...

  • HANDS OFF!!!

    Don't touch ANYTHING or wander off and start climbing something you shouldn't. 1st of all, this stuff is ancient and is there for you to look at only.2nd of all, the guards walking through the site will be on you like white on rice, yelling and screaming until you back away from the precious item you just touched. After that, they will watch you...

  • Heat

    When walking through the ancient site of Olympia, especially in the summer, it can get extremely hot. You will do lots of walking - it is not a small site. There is barely any shade, and it is necessary to bring plenty of water with you.


Olympia What to Pack

  • What to bring...

    by grkboiler Written Dec 8, 2004

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a hat because it will get hot and there isn't much shade at the ruins.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: You will want to bring plenty of water when walking around the ancient ruins. There is lots of space to cover and it gets HOT!

    Photo Equipment: Bring plenty of film!

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Sunscreen may be a good idea.

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Olympia Off The Beaten Path

  • Olympia in Moscow

    The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts has one of the most representative collections in Russia of foreign art dated from ancient times to modern days. You may see there wonderful masterpieces of Olympian Art: Statuettes of idols (clay), Head of Griffin, Fragments of feet of Tripod Vessel, Ring Handle of a Cauldron, Proteome of a Griffin, Statuette...

  • Bassae

    Bassae (or Bassai, Vassai or Vassés) does not exist in VT locations data base. It is only 30 km away from Olympia, as the crow flies, a little more by the road (understatement, LOL). Anyhow, I feel the Temple of Apollo Epicurius in Bassae is much more interesting to visit that Olympia. I will tell more about Bassae on my Figalia page (the nearest...

  • Hlemoutsi castle

    At the western end of the Kyllini peninsula, between Loutra Killinis and Hlemoutsi stands on top of the Helonatas hill a huge Kastro (fortress). It is a Frank fortress that was built by a crusader, Geoffroy II de Villehardouin from 1220 o 1224 under the name of Château de Clermont. The Hlemoutsi fort is considered as the best kept of the many Frank...


Olympia Sports & Outdoors

  • Race on the original track

    In the Stadium at ancient Olympia, you have to enjoy the experience and take advantage of the moment - line up on the track that was used by some of the greatest athletes of the ancient world and race someone. Many athletes in the ancient games competed naked, but please don't get too into the spirit. Keep the clothes ON. If you want to go...

  • Olympic Frenzy???

    Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympics! It's everything a sports fan can ask!!! A good pair of shoes to try the Stadium track!!!

  • Olympia Hotels

    21 Hotels in Olympia

Olympia Favorites

  • Modern Olympia

    Modern town of Olympia is well suited to cater to the visitors with some very nice hotels, a lot of restaurants and tourist shops, and some nice beaches within a half hour drive. The straggling modern village of Olympia is bisected by its one main street, Leoforos Kondili. The town has the usual assortment of tourist shops selling jewelry,...

  • “Ancient” Olympia

    Historically, the Olympic Games began in 776 BC. From then on, the Olympic Games quickly became much more important throughout ancient Greece, reaching their zenith in the 6th and 5th centuries BC. The Olympics were of fundamental religious importance, contests alternating with sacrifices and ceremonies. Every four years, athletic contests were...

  • Historical Olympia

    The site of the ancient sanctuary, long forgotten under landslips and flood siltation, was identified in 1766. The exact site was re-discovered by the English antiquarian Richard Chandler. The first excavation of the sanctuary at Olympia was not carried out until 1829, by the French "Expedition Scientifique de Moree". The expedition spent six...


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