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Navpaktos Things to Do

  • The harbour.

    The harbour of Navpaktos is one of the most scenic in Greece.It´s an old venetian harbour that is protected with walls around it and the harbour is the main reason why Navpaktos is such a pretty town.There are also many historical landmark around the harbour as it has been the site of many battles over the centuries because of the importance of the...

  • The Beach.

    There is a fairly nice beach at Navpaktos that is lined by a lot of cafes and restaurants.The sand might not be the finest but i liked it because it was well kept and had was big enough to move around cofortably unlike many other beaches in that region.The beach runs for quite a deistance outside town so you should also be able to find a quiet spot...

  • Historical centre

    Residential homes align with the Gulf of Corinth over a length of about 3 km and a width of about 1km. The port divides the beachfront in two parts. The Western part is called Psani, while the Eastern part Gribovo. Both beachfronts provide the backdrop for a nice promenade while a wide range of restaurants and cafes can also be found.The historical...

  • Venetian fort and castle

    The port with the Venetian fort and the Venetian castle situated at the hill provide the main attraction for the town. The port also includes monuments commemorating the Battle of Lepanto of which a statue of the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes can be found.A small water park just passed the western portion of the beach near Psani Navpaktos is...

  • Monastiraki and the old Port

    Two main focus of activitiy: the old Monastiraki area, with lots of bar along the beach (not so beautiful in itself, if compared to what Greec may offer) and the area around the old Port, with lots of trendy restaurants and pubs... maybe a bit too many.

  • Climb to the Citadel

    Above the city, there still remain the old walls of the Venetian castle. Good to climb the steep path in the late afternoon, where the light is better and the temperature not so hot.

  • The Fortress

    This fortress is dominating the town of Nafpaktos. It is here that the Battle of Lepanto occur in 1571. It's very difficult to park your car so the best way maybe to go by foot. I did take my picture by the glass of the car.

  • Twist

    The European loves their harbor & I find lots of charming ones just by looking at photos posted by members. Distinctly I remembered some quaint ones in Croatia, Spain & Greece. It's just an observation... probably a European culture. Did anyone notice this?

  • Real estate

    Overlooking the sea, with the mountain backdrop... in Hong Kong, this piece of land is a treasure (according to Feng Shui, ie. geomancy). I wonder what's it like in Greece?

  • Defences

    Men only need defences against themselves...Let me tell you a joke. It was said when men are bored, they waged war. When women are bored, they shop! Now, what's the morale of this joke? If a woman is the president of the country, no recession! Now, there's some truth to this, you know. We are not talking about recession in my country any more,...

  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    Those day were violent. 1571 - the year where western fleets dealt a crushing blow to the Turkish sea power. A reminder of then...

  • Lepanto

    The fortress was Venetian. Name of town was Lepanto. This is the site where the historic Battle of Lepanto was fought between the Venetians, Spanish & Genoese in which they defeated the Ottomans.

  • Peace ...

    ... in such a beautiful harbor is unexpected & a great find. May be I've been lucky :-)A charming sight, don't u think? The fortress, the boat, the turqouise sea, the sunny sky... what a great ensemble! A most marvelous day!!!

  • Essence of Time

    We spent what less than half an hour here in real & yet the lasting impression stretches to an eternity perhaps?! Yep, this is the moment in time. One real moment!Navpaktos is like that for me. It belongs... in my memory.

  • The Castle

    The view of up here is something else! The Korintian bay, the mountains of Peloponisos...More photo at travelogue.

  • Romantic view of Monastiraki...

    Monastiraki is 12 kms from Nafpaktos to the road to Delphoi.Its a coastal little town with a beautiful port and beach and some delicious restaurants!

  • Inside the port walls!

    Thats a close view inside the port's castle walls.The cannons are still there on the walls.These cannons defended the city from the Turks several of times...

  • Gribovo, Psani, arround the port!

    There are 2 beaches between the port of Nafpaktos.The first called Psani and the second Gribovo.Both of them, at summer time are closed for vehicles so they are good for walking across the sea.In these places you can find restaurants, cafes and hotels..


Navpaktos Hotels

  • Avra Hotel

    36 Eletherias Av., Navpaktos, 330 00, gr

Navpaktos Restaurants

  • Navpactos nearby

    We made a short stop at this restaurant on our way from Navpactos to Itea. Food was rather delicious. While it was preparing I walked around the restaurant and enjoyed the Kolpos Korinthou Gulf.

  • The Best Restaurant in Greece

    Maria manages this restaurant is such a charming way that no Greek could believe it! Imagine Greeks living out of the country... The food is amazing. The environment is super. She matches Greek wines with her dishes in a soberb way!Thanks Maria Loi for the amazing time!i just regret for never asking you the recipe of your panacota...

  • An inspired "new" Greek food

    A new way of cooking and interpreting traditional Greek food, making it out of a mixture of Italian and nouvelle cuisine.I've been to Nafpaktos twice for "official" reasons, and twice I've been conducted for dinner in this same place; as a matter of fact it has recently nominated among the top-10 Greek restaurants! I had - but this is almost...


Navpaktos Transportation

  • Cycling in Navpaktos.

    I was positively suprised to see that quite a few bikelanes have been constructed in Navpaktos in recent years and today it´s one of the more bike friendly towns i have seen in Greece.Thumbs up to the good people of Navpaktos for doing that.

  • Greek National Road 48 (E65)

    Greek National Road 48 is a highway in Western and Central Greece. It runs from 2 km south of Rio at GR-8/GR-9 (westbound), or at the beginning of the Patras By-Pass in the south up to near Levadia. It is now connected with a new bridge, the Rio-Antirio bridge and for 5 km is a joint with GR-5 and E55. From the Rio Interchange to junction of Delphi...

  • Navpaktos Hotels

    1 Hotels in Navpaktos

Navpaktos Favorites

  • Cervantes was here.

    I was a bit suprised to find out that one of the most celebrated figures in Navpaktos was the spanish writer Miguel Cervantes.He took part in a big naval battle at Navpaktos in 1571 where he ended up in prison in what is today Algeria and there he sat and wrote most of his famous book Don Quixote.Today there is a nice statue of him at the harbour...

  • Sea Battles of Lepanto

    The three battles called 'Battle of Lepanto' were fought in this gulf: that of 1499, that of 1500 and the proper one, that of 1571, destroying the Ottoman fleet. The Holy League's fleet consisted of 206 galleys and 6 galleasses, and was ably commanded by Don Juan of Austria, the illegitimate son of Emperor Charles V and half brother of King Philip...

  • Navpactus General Background

    Navpactus (in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese: Lepanto) situated on a bay on the north side of the straits of Lepanto. It’s built amphitheatrically on the side of a hill, which lies on the sea opposite to Peloponnese between Delphi and Messologi.The harbor is the best on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf. The origin of Naupactus comes from...


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