Prefecture of Evia Restaurants

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Prefecture of Evia Restaurants

  • Genuine Simplicity, Good Value for...

    DINING: The dining experience we had at the Seafood Ouzeri -Mezedopolio “Gia Psaraki” of the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel was superb. In Greek the name means ‘For small fish’ and we did try some of the most popular dishes from the expert hands of the executive Chef Manos Grammatikoyiannis who is a very charismatic and talented young man. He...

  • Favourite Greek Staple....

    Just loved this place! I had pined for gyros souvlakia all holiday and it wasn't until we stayed in Aghios Georgios Lichada that we finally found them!!Asking the owner of our accommodation if we would be able to get gyros souvlakia he told us of course! When we sat down at H Gonia we laughed as it belonged to the same family and we were served by...

  • Wonderfully Interesting, Most Helpful...

    Vangelis was our host at this traditional looking mezedopoleon/cafe/taverna. he appeared to be covering every angle with the title of the place!We chose this establishment a. because we had looked at his rooms to rent and b. because it looked traditional. it turned out to be a good choice as Vangelis was an extremely well educated and intelligent...

  • Local, Fast Food

    Our last night on the island of Evia and we chose to eat at a fast food place (which are nothing like fast food places in England.)Nicely situated to the left (facing the sea) of the harbour, this appeared to be the hub of the village.The menu contained the usual souvlakias, salads, chips etc. with a weekend specials. This had the infamous...

  • Small family Grill Place

    Second night out and we really weren't hungry as we had had a large lunch in the afternoon. We found ourselves a small, all Greek place that spoke no English. We loved the place and our hosts who proceeded to spend much of the evening forcing food down four year old Spyros, their grandson.. So amusing. We were the only customers so we felt rather...

  • Good Food

    This was the first night of our holiday and we had in mind squid!We wandered along the waterfront of Aghios Apostoloi, looking at all possibilities and opted for the place that appeared to have the most tables occuppied(which was about one!) We were in early May and no-one was about, so as per usual, the menu was pretty limited. Grills, salads or...

  • Tasty, Just What We Needed!

    Having failed to find a baker's for cheese pies, we found ourselves a nice taverna for some lunch. We were warmly welcomed and immediately given a small dish of complimentary bean salad as a taster.This was quite delicious! We were then told they had some excellent keftededes cooked in fresh tomato sauce, which sounded just the job. We ordered...

  • Dafni Ouzerie

    This was literally the only place to eat in the tiny village of Dafni, in early May. We did notice another taverna but it was well and truly closed, probably opening as the summer progressed.The Ouzerie is, we were told,. a fairly new establishment and proved to be a life saver for us!Our first visit to this place, we were a little concerned as it...

  • Highly Recommended -Seafood Ouzeri

    The restaurant “Amfitrion” is a traditional Greek seafood restaurant ‘ouzeri’ that locals urged me to visit. I was lucky that we came here because by the time we left we had the feeling that we have made a new friend.Mrs. Dina the lady who owes this ouzeri, is an excellent cook, a cheerful lady and we felt so close that we even asked her to join us...

  • Fresh ingredients, Impeccable Service,...

    We are here for a week in Edipsos and in an attempt to find a good restaurant for lunch the first day we arrived, the owner of the 9 Queens Spa Hotel we are staying recommended this one.“PLATANIA” is a corner restaurant nicely decorated with style and character and very near where we are staying these days. The area is also called Platania. So, we...

  • Fresh Tasty Seafood -You Ought to Try...

    Noufara is a Seafood tavern located on the main seafront Avenue of Edipsos.I found about it through locals. It is very close to where we are staying –the Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel and since we had lunch at the hotel earlier, we came here to combine a nice evening outing with some fresh Seafood and Ouzo. We had a stroll fist along the beach...

  • just greek!

    This restaurant was in a side street and I suppose I was attracted by the rather traditional facade, I was not disappointed the food here was very good. The waiter was very pleasant and coped admirably with all the tables by himself and we did not have a long wait and he was very pleasant too. Also some customers came only to drink and were served...

  • Everything is fresh..try the Pikilia and...

    Batis at Nea Lampsakos is an old Seafood tavern very popular and worth visiting. It is found at Nea Lampsakos, the first village to the south of Chalkida. Everything is fresh here and the seashells are alive, move when some drops of lemon is poured on them.It is popular not only to locals and people from the round area but also from people coming...

  • The Chicken Kebab is Unbeatable here!

    The many lights hanging all over the “PARALIA” Taverna attracts the attention of every passer. The taverna is located at 10 Voudouri street on the promenade waterfront pedestrian road next to the Lucy Hotel in Chalkida. Tel: 22210 87932.Prices vary depending on what one gets.The cheapest are the kebabs which are delicious. Try the chicken stick...

  • WATCH OUT! I cannot recommend it

    The restaurant is located on the most popular pedestrian street of Chalkida’s waterfront promenade among a number of other popular restaurants. It offers an open area on the pavement and a covered roof to protect from wind or rain. The interior is nice and cosy and the cuisine is Italian. We thought to try this restaurant which is just a few metres...

  • Impressive and Popular!

    The stylish Xenia café-bar Restaurant is impressive even in winter. Situated in the most idyllic location on the top of the hill just below the Castle of Karababa attracts many visitors even from Athens and it is encouraging how people in Greece check the Restaurants lately through the net, even café-bars that they are planning to visit. The...

  • The 3rd generation of Professionals!

    Paradisi is a very small village on the opposite side of the main highwaygoing to Marmari. We had lunch at the restaurant called ‘Platanos’ and I highly recommend it for its fresh and good quality food offered here.However, it is good to ask for the legal receipt after you pay because we were not given a receipt at first and we had to demand it. It...

  • A Kebab and Gyro Restaurant I recommend!

    We wanted to treat ourselves to some kebab and we had dinner at this restaurant in Karystos.The portions are plentiful and tasty. I had 2 sticks of kebabs with potatoes for 4 euro,Tzatziki costs 3 euro, and a beer 1.50 euro.Gyro (very tasty) costs 2.60 euro.The service was fast, and I noticed that it is a popular little restaurant in Karystos...

  • Local cuisine, and fish meze!

    We had lunch at this Fish restaurant the first day we reached Marmari. We loved the idea of sitting under the shade of trees next to the coast but the afternoon was rainy and when the first drops began to fall we had to move to the entrance of the little restaurant which protected us from getting wet. It was a disappointment at first, but after we...

  • Exceptional Location, Tasty Local...

    I highly recommend this Traditional Local restaurant not only for its nice location on the beach of Fygias in Marmari, but also for its local cuisine. It serves the local and traditional cuisine, ouzo meze and fresh fish, plus many different other local dishes like tyropitari, saganaki, tiganopsomo, octopus and many more. He had dinner here last...

  • Ideal for big gatherings -Wedding...

    Three weeks ago I visited this huge restaurant in Eretria as a guest at a friend’s wedding party. I was amazed with the surround area, the bride coming to the restaurant by boat, the beautiful premises and the passion of the owners. It is a family business and so they care for the best. The food was tasty and the quality just fine.The premises are...

  • Great Location, Excellent Fresh Seafood,...

    We visited the restaurant “Yialos” which is by the small port near the fishing boats of Amarynthos in Euboea. It is on the coast next to the seafront.The atmosphere was magic under the full August moon. I asked for one portion of seafood (pikilia) which means a plate with a variety of dishes which included fresh fried squid, crab salad, one huge...

  • An All Day Summer Club and Not only...

    The Xenia café-bar is an All Day Summer Club and it is open from dawn to dusk. It is a very popular spot throughout Khalkis on the hill of Karababa just opposite the Venetian Castle overlooking the idyllic city.Besides the café-bar there is the Grand Hall, which is a very Stylish huge room with a beautiful bar where there are all sorts of spirits...

  • Sea Food and not only!

    We were surprised while there were not so many people at this restaurant while the one next door was full. I was so curious that I went to ask while sitting on the other restaurant.The answer I got was that locals know the restaurant because they arrange wedding receptions or big gatherings and celebrations. To locals this restaurant is popular and...

  • Rude Manners from the owner

    It impressed us because we saw many people sitting at this beach restaurant when we came, so we decided to sit here.We did not want to eat much so we thought to order just one or two things.I ordered a small bottle of Ouzo and some sea shells -kidonia in Greek, and my husband (gavro) a very cheap fish. We paid 20.70 euro.But what I really did not...

  • A nice beach cafe restaurant in Karavos...

    Loft is a coffee shop and snack bar in the day, and works as a night club in the evenings.I am not sure if you can find a proper meal here during the day, but surely you will get a snack and drink your coffee or ouzo next to the beach. It is opposite the harbour authority offices next to the coast. I have only seen friends to ask for snacks from...

  • Don't miss the Traditional Yoghurt with...

    You cannot miss this spot on your way to North Evia.It is a stop we usually have for Home-made Yoghurt with honey, and Loukoumades.It is a coffee shop and very popular to Greeks. It is in lush vegetation and you will appreciate the stop here believe me! Because I love Loukoumades (honeyballs) although fattening, I went into the kitchen and had the...

  • The Best Baklavas and Galaktoboureko!

    This confectionery in the seafront of Kymi sells the tastiest Baklavas and Galaktoboureko I have ever tasted!Mr. Tsimbidas, a man of strong personality, insisted that I taste his baklava.I went to the shop just to take photos, but I am not very fond of sweets.However in the evening after dinner because we were in a nearby restaurant I went and...

  • Boasting for No Reason! Expensive!

    This restaurant is situated by the port area. What attracted me here was the big octopus hanging outside the restaurant so I went to get a photo. The owner welcomed me inside to see the interior decoration and told me about the fresh sea food the restaurant is boasting about.I was dreaming of "pikilia" and some ouzo but when we came here in the...

  • FISH Pikilia or (meze) in Chalkida

    Try the fish meze or ask for a "Pikilia" with your ouzo at any costal restaurant situated on the coast infront of the promenade where the old bridge of Chalkida is.People use to walk up and down in the late afternoons and evening especially in summer. You will be brought a grilled octopus tress, tzatziki, olives, gavro (small fish) tomato, cheese,...

  • Restaurant with a view in North Evia

    Of course the menu of our self cooking restaurant was not very varied : sausages or pork cutlets grilled on a gas stove and sprinkled with freshly collected oregano served with tomatoes and pasta with a drop of olive oil.

  • Perfect food, perfect view

    Perfect Greek plates, and very friendly people. It's right above the beach and the view is spectacular. And the music is perfect too. What better to do than drink a beer and relax with some good greek music of rebetika? Unfortunately, i don't remember the name of the tavern, but you can't miss it! It's just a small place, Korasida!

  • Steni's Tavernas

    The village of Steni is full with greek Tavernas. During weekends the air is filled with bbq smell. All the tavernas have local meat grilled in the bbq and very good local wine. Try lamb chops with tzatziki and Xoriatiki salad. Also give a try to the local sausages. It definetely worths it.

  • Belgian/Greek.......!!

    We had a few nice evenings here, run by a Belgian couple who had a Greek family. It was peculiar to be talking a mixture of French and Greek as no-one spoke English. Philip was fascinated with George (the owner) 's sisters baby and spent all evening sitting near him, watching his every move.We were usually the only customers so spent time getting...

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Prefecture of Evia Hotels

  • Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel

    THE MOST RECENT! A hotel that justly deserves its awards! According to the “Conde Nast Traveller”...

  • Hara Hotel

    21 L. Karoni, Central and North Greece, Khalkis, 34100, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Negroponte Resort Eretria

    17th km Nat Rd Chalkida - Kymi, Eretria, 340 08, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Mandravelos

    The Mandravelos Hotel apartments are very new and recently I booked one for some relatives for one...

  • Ilia Mare Hotel

    LATEST UPDATE: I visted the hotel August 2014. I found the place extremely noisy. Lots of kids and...

  • Altamar Hotel

    I travel a lot and for years now I have experienced long and short stays in 5 or 6 star hotels, but...

  • Lihas Studios

    Agios Georgios , 34300

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Best Western Lucy Hotel

    10 V Oudouri Street, Chalkis, Central Greece, GR-34100, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Miramare Hotel

    , Eretria, Euboea, 34008, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

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Prefecture of Evia Restaurants

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