Prefecture of Evia Things to Do

  • Archaeological ruins opposite Eretria's Museum
    Archaeological ruins opposite Eretria's...
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  • Aliveri streets
    Aliveri streets
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  • local cafe in Aliveri
    local cafe in Aliveri
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Prefecture of Evia Things to Do

  • Hotel Pelagos

    Chalkis Things to Do

    Hotel Pelagos is one of the so called “Jewels” of the past in the area of Agios Minas and still has so much to offer! This might be my 5th or 6th time of staying here and it is always fun to be back. We spent 3 amazing nights out here the previous week. The hotel is fully booked the year round, accommodating 120 students with their supervisors...

  • Kymi

    Kymi is a small port town on the east coast of Evia, 87km E of Chalkida (it is well connected by bus). Kymi was prospered after mid 19th century when they exported wine, olive oil and silk to France.The port area is pretty busy with numerous restaurants, café bars, a useful gas station, pastry shops etc but the main part of the village is 5km up...

  • Platana

    We were driving toward Kymi but 2km before the port of Kymi we passed by Platana. It’s a small seaside village that was developed in late 19th century because its beach was the place where lignite was loaded in 1875 but later lost its fame because of the bigger port of Kymi.The village lies amphitheatrically on a small bay of east Evia. As the road...

  • Oxilithos

    Oxilithos has about 1000 inhabitants and was named after the sharp edged hill (414m high) of volcanic origin that rises north of the village. The hill was created 11 million years ago and is probably the most prominent volcanic residue in central Aegean. The village spreads on the side of Oxilithos hill and has lots of olive trees around.We saw the...

  • Lichada Peninsula

    If you can make it to this isolated part of Evia, then please do so!Situated in the far north west, this area takes some getting to. Once you have left Loutra Edipsou, keep travelling along the coast. This shoreline is built up with bars and hotels for some way but bears no resemblance to the very western prong.As you appear to turn back on...

  • Nea Styra.

    Nea Styra is a very popular summer resort for local Greeks who hop on a ferry from Agia Marina just north of Athens. The ferries run fairly frequently in high season, less so out of peak times.In mid May, there wasn't much going on apart from when the ferry came in.The long, sandy beach is quite pleasant and is backed by a huge variety of cafes,...

  • Agios Nikolaos Ellinikon.

    This is a perfect soft, golden sand beach, although it is only narrow and I guess parking could be tricky in high season. There appear to be two or three separate parts and access roads but we simply followed signs and arrived at the village, parked and admired the view from the nearby taverna.There only appeared to be a couple of open places and...

  • Kria Vrisi Beach

    We first discovered this lovely beach in 1997 on an overland trip in our motorhome. We spent a few days camped on the beach and eating at a local taverna. On our return to Evia, in 2014, we could not miss visiting this place just to see if it had changed. We were delighted to find it the same as ever, not even any motorhomes, just a lovely beach...

  • Fragaki/ Achladi Beach

    Another of Evia's beautiful beaches. This looked as though it could be popular in summer but as usual, deserted on our visit.A coarse, sand beach, we had a couple of swims here and thought it a nice place. To the south end of the beach are some rocks and islands where we noticed a naked Greek Adonis enjoying life.There are a few rooms...

  • Paralia Politikon.

    We desperately needed a drink after leaving our previous accommodation and driving for some time , including navigating our way through the capital, Chalkida.I had ear-marked Paralia Politikon as a possible refreshment stop. This turned out to be a good move as after leaving here, we climbed away from the coast and up into the mountains.Paralia...

  • Agali Beach

    Another huge, curved expanse of sand and shingle, this is the beach for Agia Anna. It extends for miles, all the way to the next beach at Kria Vrissi. The first part is built up behind with a plethora of accommodation and posh bars and tavernas and a very popular campsite with excellent facilities.At the northern end is a small harbour, which I...

  • Pili Beach

    We followed the signposts for Pili beach and the road seemed to meander forever after leaving a good, wide road. We bumped our way over potholes through the strung out village of Pili and finally arrived at a large parking area behind the beach. The beach is broad and curved, with a harbour at the far end. Coarse sand and shingle make up the beach...

  • Koutsoubri

    Right on the northern coast of Evia, this appeared to be a little known beach. In early May, there was little shore showing and the sea was rough.The road ends abruptly at the beach with little room to turn a car. We did notice later that cars actually drove on the beach a short distance to park for the kantina we stopped at. This collection of...

  • Rovies

    We first encountered Rovies back in 1997 on our overland trip and our motorhome developed problems. We based ourselves here for a couple of days waiting for a garage to open. We thought it was a strange place, absolutely dead and all the buildings appeared to be in the American grid like streets.Practically nothing was open then and not a lot had...

  • Kanatadika

    Kanatadika is on the very north coast of Evia, between Orei and Pefki.It is a beautiful beach which extends forever with a coarse sand/shingle beach. The beach shelves quite steeply so it is easy to swim .There are changing cubicles on the beach and plenty of car parking as well as shade at the back of the beach.It is a tiny settlement, mainly...

  • Derveni Gorge and Kireas River.

    A most beautiful drive through this pretty gorge with plenty of scope to stop for a paddle.The most amazing part of our journey through here was the occurrence of a classical car rally, all owned by Belgians. There were loads of them and it certainly made Nick's day!The road along here is held back from rock falls by some serious iron grids but in...

  • Paralia Zarakon.

    Another of Evia's glorious beaches on the west coast.It's a relatively easy drive from the main road near Zarakes and you are well rewarded when you arrive at this gem. Being May, the place was deserted but I bet this is popular in summer. The wind was whipping the waves up, even in the part where a breakwater had been built to shelter the beach...

  • Dystos Area

    Probably best viewed from a distance, as you can then get some idea of the scale of this one time massive lake.It was heavily fished and many settlememnts formed around the productive lake until the 1950's, when a power company in Greece decided to build a steam power plant at close by Aliveri.Water was taken from the lake for the plant's cooling...

  • Agios Dimitrios

    The best thing about this place are the views as you drive down, looking way down to the blue sea and the teardrop islet.It is a very green area and has a long, sandy beach well shaded by trees that is a hugely popular summer camping area for Greeks and foreigners alike.We noticed it did actually have a no camping/caravans sign but these don't...

  • Loutra Gialtron

    We stopped off here on our way to Aghios Georgios; having had a long journey we were definitely more than ready for a cold beer.Loutra Gialtron is a delight, we fell in love with the place and returned for a longer visit a couple of days later. It is way off the beaten track, a long way from anywhere other than larger Aghios Georgios to the west...

  • Somewhere Just East of Pefki (Gouves??)

    Leaving Pefki, we took a road just prior to Gouves and headed off down to the coast there. Not an overly attractive bay,being fairly boulderous and pebbly but interesting in that it had a river here, where we heard lots of frogs. I later followed the river a little way back up the road to look for terrapins. After some time, I was rewarded and...

  • Pefki and North Coast

    Pefki, northern Evia, was somewhere we had considered staying as it was early May and more possibility of finding places open. In the end, we stayed elsewhere and just visited the place briefly.It is a very green location, with trees growing almost to the water's edge.The harbour and beach are very nice, as are the views to the Sporades but other...

  • NEOS PYRGOS - Northern Evia

    Neos Pyrgos is a coastal village just a couple of miles from Edipsos, and about 12 km from OREI. The coast on the way to the village is not ideal for swimming as you see in my photos, however there is a nice sandy beach called NISIOTISA unique for swimming and snorkeling. (We came here for a picnic). The palm trees by the coast make the bay...

  • EDIPSOS or (Aidipsos)

    It is known as the Spa city due to the many natural hot springs found here.It is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year, and each season brings with it a beautiful variety of new colours, aromas and scenery. It is easily accessible from all over Greece. From Athens, the distance is just 151 km crossing by ferry boat from Akitisa. From the...

  • PEFKI - Northern Evia (Summer)

    PEFKI is the seaport of Artemision located in the northern part of Evia.This place was known from the battle that took place during the Persian Wars in antiquity.The village has a pretty long mostly pebbled beach (4 km) with golden sands, several tavernas, café bars and restaurants along the coast. In other words it is a seaside resort with...

  • Kato Ilia

    A fellow member, greekcypriot, had mentioned we might like this place and she wasn't wrong.The only thing we didn't like about it was the very narrow waterfront road that had a drop straight onto the beach if you pulled over too far to let traffic pass! Also, we found parking tricky.Kato Ilia is the coastal village of Ilia, some ten kilometres...

  • Kimasi Beach

    Follow the road from Mandoudi, heading eastwards. You cross a substantial river where you have to stop and look for turtles and listen for frogs The road takes you to Mandoudi Bay and Kimasi beach.The countryside is beautiful, so very rural with fields of crops in every direction.We stopped for a picnic on the banks of a river by a bridge where I...

  • Drimona Waterfalls

    Somehow, we found ourselves on the road to the waterfalls at Drimonas (katarraktes being the word for waterfalls and what was on the road signs.)These are on the Sipias River and we had been told about them by our hostess and fully expected them to be dry but no, there was water. Coming from an area in England with many waterfalls, the small flow...

  • Agios Georgios Lichada

    Agios Georgios is the largest coastal settlement in the Lichada peninsula and caters for the tourist, slightly!The harbour is a picturesque place,just off the main road, with fishing boats of all sizes bobbing about in the azure water. Close by are a smattering of local tavernas, including a gyro souvlaki place.Further round the bay are more...

  • Setta a Picturesque Mountainous Village

    In an altitude of 800 metres Setta is a picturesque mountainous village in the district municipality of Amarinthos. (19 kms) from the coast.The area is ideal for exploring and indicated for mountain getaways. I found it too quiet though on my last visit, the first week of June.With the first snow the village gets crowded because of the snow. There...

  • Eretria

    Eretria is the second largest town of Evia only 20 kms from Chalkida. It used to be an important financial and cultural centre in ancient Greece and has an archaeological museum. When you come here, don't miss visiting the musiium. I found it extremely interesting but also pay a visit to the archaelogical ruins, of the houses, temples and the...

  • Almyropotamus

    We had stayed on the quay here, in our motorhome, way back in 1997 and remembered liking the place, so it was a "must do" on this latest trip.Still as sleepy as ever, in May, we wandered around, enquired about rooms for rent and had a leisurely lunch.We watched some folks gutting fish and throwing the waste to a nearby group of cats and ducks, who...

  • Psaropouli

    A great little beach and fishing village, way up on the north eastern coast.I had my eye on this village as a possible place to find a room. When we arrived here, we liked what we saw and looked at a couple of rooms before opting to stay here.In May, the place was very sleepy, we appeared to be the only tourists, although it did liven up at the...

  • Liani Amos Beach ( A. Apostoloi)

    Before you reach Agios Apostoloi, there is a wide junction, take the right fork and this leads you through a populated area along the coast south of Agios Apostoloi. it is quite residential but there are some good beaches along here. We unfortunately missed the turn to Klimaki but found Liani Amos, at the end of the road before it heads away from...

  • Stomio Beach

    We ended up here by mistake on our first day staying in Agios Apostoloi, thinking it was the road back out of the village onto the main arterial route! As we approached the beach, we thought, "Ah well, a pleasant mistake!"It's a lovely beach with plenty of shade from trees at the back of the beach and a few houses in the proximity. The beach is...

  • Cheromilos Beach

    A spectularly wild beach on our visit in early May. Absolutely deserted, the white stones/shingle glittered brightly in the sunlight and the waves crashed onto the beach, churning the stones up. Too wild and cool for swimming, we simply stopped and enjoyed nature, the sound and smell of the sea on a desrted beach.I believe in summer, this beach is...

  • Kakolimano Beach

    I knew there was a beach fairly close to Triantafilia Guest House but we had somehow missed the turning for it during our first three days in A. Apostoloi. It wasn't until our return, a week or so later, that we found the sign to the beach of Kakolimano and ended up at this pretty little cove.It had turned cloudy by the time we got here but it was...

  • Karavos

    I suspect we may not have visited Karavos if it hadn't been for the fact we were meeting Popi, (greekcypriot) here and then going on to her house for lunch.Karavos is the harbour area for the large town of Aliveri, a couple of kilometres inland and has lots of cafes and tavernas as well as hotels and rooms to let and can be extremely bustling at...

  • Agi Apostoli

    A most picturesque little fishing village on the south eastern coast of Evia, not far from the old inland village of Petries and some forty minutes drive from Nea Styra Port.There are wonderful views down to the village as you approach and you think, ah, we're nearly there.Not so, the road winds down for another few miles, narrowing down until you...

  • Porto Boufalo

    Porto Boufalo is a very picturesque inlet, forming a natural harbour, on the western coast, just north of Almyropotamus.We thought the place lovely although pretty much asleep in May. What establishments that were open were all tucked up inside plastic awnings as it was surprisingly,particularly windy here.Colourful flowers adorned every nook and...

  • Chalkida

    Chalkida is the capital of Evia island right over Evripus strait. In fact Chalkida city is built partly on Evia and partly at Viotia (mainland of Greece). The connection with Evia is easy because of two bridges, the old one (a historical bridge that used to be wooden and it’s nice to walk on) and the modern bridge (built in 1993) for the car...

  • Krieza

    Krieza is located in mid/south part of Evia island at an altitude of 124 meters, We drove from Aliveri through Krieza on our way to the beach (Klimaki beach is 7km after Krieza)The road Aliveri-Karystos splits the village in two and normally is always busy with cars. We parked for a while in front of the bakery to take some locals products and...

  • Cheromylos beach

    Cheromylos a small nice beach with thick sand and small pebbles. It’s extremely popular among young people that like to organize parties here but it was so windy the day we drove by that we decided to take a picture of it from a distance and skip it.

  • Stomio beach

    5’ away from Ayioi Apostoloi Stomio beach is a pebble beach with crystal waters, it was pretty empty when we went there because of the winds so we just stopped just for some pictures only as the landscape was great with rocks on both sides and the infinite Aegean sea in front of us.

  • Ayioi Apostoloi

    Ayioi Apostoloi is a small seaside settlement in South Evia. The buildings of the village are built along the bay that has the shape of an amphiatre. The bay is dominated by a sandy beach (locals call the bay and the beach Petries after the village with the same name which is located 4km inland). Actually they were the fishermen of Petries that...


Prefecture of Evia Hotels

  • Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel

    THE MOST RECENT! A hotel that justly deserves its awards! According to the “Conde Nast Traveller”...

  • Hara Hotel

    21 L. Karoni, Central and North Greece, Khalkis, 34100, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Negroponte Resort Eretria

    17th km Nat Rd Chalkida - Kymi, Eretria, 340 08, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

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