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  • Heraklion's working old harbour
    Heraklion's working old harbour
    by BlueLlama
  • Koules Venetian Fortress
    Koules Venetian Fortress
    by Balam
  • The church of Agios Titos
    The church of Agios Titos
    by Balam

Heraklion Things to Do

  • Knossos and the Minoan ruins

    Knossos is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and is considered Europe's oldest city.The Palace at Knossos is the second most popular tourist site in all of Greece (Second only to the Acropolis), so please do not visit Crete without allowing several hours for Knossos and the Archeological Musuem of Heraklion. But, be advised before...

  • Heraklion's Old Harbour

    Also known as the Venetian harbour, Heraklion's old harbour is notable for Koules Fortress, a construction that is one of the icons of the city. The fortress was - surprise, surprise - built by the Venetians, although it's current name is apparently a corruption of its later Turkish name.Today, the spot is home mostly to working fishing vessels and...

  • Heraklion Archaeological Museum

    The Archaeological Museum at Heraklion is the single most impressive thing I saw during my trip to Crete in 2014. The displays are satisfyingly thorough and well laid out: all aspects of life in Crete from prehistory through to the Roman period is covered in a series of spacious galleries, and full explanations are provided in both Greek and...


Heraklion Hotels

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  • Lato Hotel

    I didn't stay there myself but I have visited the hotel several times to meet friends or to have a...

  • Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

    The Galaxy Iraklio is placed in one of the most elegant area of the city...About 10 min walk to the...

  • Atrion Hotel

    Location/Access: - It does not looks like an exciting location, but good enough to walk to the...


Heraklion Restaurants

  • Coffee break

    We stopped in this place to enjoy cup of java and orange juice.We really enjoyed the atmosphere and our drinks.It is a great place full of tourists and local men.

  • Great Tomatoes!!

    The sun was out, the main square was just so colourful and the shaded tables of the cafes around beckoned, first a single finger invite and then a whole welcoming hand - "Sit, relax, peruse the menu!" And so sitting, relaxing and perusing the menu was the order of the day. I even ate! The "looky-looky" guys touted (BUT really upmarket "looky-looky"...

  • Everything You Ever Wanted!

    This was a magic little find on my first night here on Crete. I needed to eat, it was about 10 pm, a bit blustery and the evening air rapidly cooling and all of a sudden here was this waterfront taverna with a really welcoming glow to it, not too busy but with a definitely local look to it. Yep, right choice - cheery staff, great food, reasonably...


Heraklion Nightlife

  • Live Music

    "The Marquee" is the place to see the live shows,some good some not so good,depending on personal choice.Impersonations like: "Madonna" "Rod Stewart" "Tina Turner" We enjoyed the Madonna & Tina Turner.Rod Stewart (not so much) seemed more interested in swinging his microphone stand about.Then there were the Shows ! Not to my taste, however they...

  • "The right Atmosphere"

    This to me was the place to be,it had a nice cosy relaxing feel with the right entertainment,whether it be Quiz night, Karaoke Night ,comedy Night or just being serenaded to, it was enjoyable.I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Jo B who was the Compere around the ship and kept us all amused and had a wicked sense of humour.It...

  • A roaring nightlife

    Pagopiio is a cool bar-restaurant at saint Titus square,downtown.Gourmet (and expensive) food at noon,funcky music at night.Tip:the best design toilets i've ever seen! Milos club at Mitsotakis street for good live(Greek and foreign bands) music,winter only. Guernica is a small foggy bar with a nice yard in a small road near Dikeosinis (justice)...


Heraklion Transportation

  • Heraklion airport - Nikos Kazantzakis

    Heraklion airport is relatively busy :) because all people who love sun want to be on Crete as fast as possible and there is really busy day, just take-offs and landing :). From the downtown take bus 1 to get to the airport and avoid taking taxi from the airport. As everywhere it is more expensive then from downtown. We landed in the early morning...

  • Ocean Village

    "Ocean Village"Length : 806FTBreadth: 116Ft at Bridge wingsDraught: 27' 06"Weight: 35092 Tonnes (Summer displacement)Max Speed 20.5KnotsMax Number of passenger Cabins 735Max Number of Passengers 1.856Total Number of crew 550

  • Still On About Parking!!!

    He!He! And I don't even drive!! Just there just something about Heraklion, after the total chaos of Athens, that just made me an observer of these sort of things. As car parks go this certainly has to be the coolest, certainly the shadiest, and definitely the sort of place I would choose to park if I ever actually learnt how to pilot one of the...


Heraklion Shopping

  • Mayhem at the market

    Saturdays in Heraklion is the main market day,lots of locals set up on the wooden stalls and try and make a decent living.The stalls sell everything from fruit and veg and dry goods to clothes and electrical items.Some of the locals like to barter for their goods others just want the set price.Its a fun day out if you dont mind crowds because this...

  • street market

    Heraklion's street market is a nice street lined up with souvenirs stores as well as butcher, fish, and other stores and shops.We got there some Cretan herbs, however they were not as good as the one we got in Rethymno few years back.

  • Andrea & Marias Kalokerinou

    The title is actually the name of this amazing shopping street which runs from the Platia El Venizelou going east to the Porta Chania. Every sort of shop is here: designer clothes or fruit and veg! Upmarket consumer electrics or fresh fish! Knickers or cheese (2 of my favourite things ;))! Fresh ground coffee or a diamond ring - Yep, you name it...


Heraklion Local Customs

  • "Meet & Eat in Crete": Dine and Wine...

    "Meet & Eat in Crete": this magnificent small guide book about Dine and Wine, was my best travel companion throughout Crete!This small sized guide book (less than 70 pages), is distributed FREE OF CHARGE, in all major Cretan cities and villages, major travel agencies, tourist offices, restaurants, cafes and hotels.It contains vital and essential...

  • "Try the "FIMI-DRINKS"!

    FIMI meaning: Fame in Greek, is a local brand that produces refreshments.They came out in 14 different tastes starting from orange soda to strawberry soda and Ice Tea.They are quite tasty and sweet, so if you like refreshments with a sweet taste, you will find your paradise!I like Fimi Drinks very much and when I am in Heraklion, I do not miss the...

  • No Booze

    There is a custom on board that alcohol bought ashore may not be brought on board for consumption.If you bring booze on board it will be taken off you and returned as you disembark.


Heraklion Warnings and Dangers

  • "Jellyfish"

    Katakolon, beware of the jellyfish,these buggers are large very large. I certainly would not want to be stung by one.This was the only place we saw Jellyfish on our travels,but I have to say these looked really mean."what type are they" I hear you say,I don't know is the answer and i certainly was not going to get in and ask them.

  • Fake Watches

    This particular point apply s to Kusadasi in Turkey.Not really a danger more of a novelty, they do not hide the fact that they sell fake designer watches ,belts jackets you name it, and i have to admit to they are very convincing fakes too.

  • "Hand wash"

    Whilst getting on board ship and entering places on board you will be required to use the Hand gel for hygiene purposes, we didn't find this a problem at all and became second nature after a little while.After all it is in everybody's interest to keep any bugs at bay.You wont miss them they are everywhere.


Heraklion Tourist Traps

  • "Sheep"

    The guided tour to the Acropolis in Athens did my head in, it was like being herded like Sheep. following the guide with her lollipop stick, follow me please (baahhhh) don't get me wrong ,she was very informative and very knowledgeable, but tended to repeat herself a lot.The Acropolis at the time we went was surrounded by scaffolding and very busy...

  • Avoid driving inside the city

    The major problem in Heraklion is the heavy traffic jam in the city centre, among with the lack of parking places. So avoid taking a car and don't expect to find easily a place to park. Try to find a place to park on the street, near the place you are going. You don't know, its maybe your lucky day. You can find parking to the below areas:Vigla:...

  • Should I say this?

    I told you at the beginning,all of Heraclion is a tourist trap!But,still,to my surprise many tourists seem to enjoy it.Maybe because of the myth that rest of Crete has created.It's up to you!


Heraklion What to Pack

  • " No Travel Adapters required for UK...

    Usual baggage cases etc weight limit for flights 25KG, make sure you check regulations about hand luggage Light weight clothing, shorts, T shirts or short sleeve shirts, Beach shoes, sandels, and dont forget that most important item,a hat and sunglasses. Bath and Hand towels are Supplied,High factor sun cream, diocalm (just in case)Medical...

  • What a fun ...

    Always bring water or buy it in nearby shop. You will need it everywhere even if there are fountains where you can refresh yourself ... drinking water is just in bottles.

  • Packing List

    the summer is fine.the night maybe you want a jacket. there is every thing you want in irakleion take a extra battery because there is aplace in all crete and if you go YOU STUCK FOR GOOD.IS PARADISE. THE CLASSICS


Heraklion Off The Beaten Path

  • Subway

    When you go into Heraklion town look fro the subway near to the square a surprise awaits you in the subway walkway.An Art Exhibition,and a very good one too,well worth a look.Hard to believe from the outside as it looks just like a normal subway.And it is FREE

  • cloth for a particular feast

    I don’t want to deny you this pictures, I saw these cloth for very small children in a window at the market and absolute loved it, look at those tiny bow ties and tiny petticoats! I wonder when the children wear cloth like this?

  • A beautiful church, mountain scenery...

    15 kms from Heraklion is village Anopolis where there is a glorious new built church of saint John. The church is located in a beautiful mountain scenery. It is an ideal afternoon ride by car, if you stay in the area. Combine it with an afternoon drink or dinner to a nearby village. You can also combine it with visit to the nearby water amusement...


Heraklion Sports & Outdoors

  • "Biking"

    I tried the biking activity at Kefalonia (Argostoli) and must say I enjoyed.If you are a novice like me at Biking, then this one is not too challenging, meaning not too many hills.You start off from Argostoli Harbour,heading across the causeway ,then round the lagoon past the Ninja ducks,on past the harbour to the lighthouse onwards a few more...

  • Hey Mister Can We Get Our Ball Back?

    So there I was walking past the church - which one? Well I don't know!! I kinda impressed myself tho' as the kid's football landed just in front of me. Well obviously I didn't "Bend It Like Beckham" but impressed myself with a foot-to-foot pass back - hopefully they said "Cheers Mister!" - I felt like joining in and suggesting being the "goalie"...

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Heraklion Favorites

  • Useful phone numbers

    The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,...

  • History of Heraklion

    Throughout its existence, Heraklion has had a turbulent history. It is thought that the city was originally the port of the ancient city of Knossos. Archaeological evidence shows that the settlement named Heraklion probably arose during the first millennium BC (9th century BC), the name Heraklion comes from the Idaean Herakles, legendary founder of...

  • Crete - Internet Connectivity

    There is excellent internet connectivity all over Crete Island - I was amazed to find good broadband even in the remotest of places - for instance in the taverna nearest the beach in Falasarna.In one "rent-rooms" in Plakias, when I asked if they had Wi-Fi the answer was "of course"! I was not charged for usage anywhere - but I had a small notebook...


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