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    The ruins
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  • Knssos
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    Palms and nature
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Knosos Things to Do

  • Kaselles and Pithoi

    These were the storage jars "pithoi" for the palace, primarily holding all of the olive oil necessary to light the many oil lamps of the palace. The pits, or "kaselles" were also used to hold oil, as well as precious materials.The storage of large quantities of agricultural produce, mainly grain crops, olive oil and wine, was one of the main...

  • Knossos Reconstructions

    In 1897 British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans purchased the land on which the site of Knossos was located and spent the rest of his life excavating its remains, but he also did something that would now be considered sacrilegious - he re-built some sections of the palace based on existing knowledge of the Minoan civilisation. The pillars were built...

  • The Throne Room of King Minos.

    At the centre of a side wall of the throne room is the gypsum throne of King Minos flanked by stone benches, probably for the priests. The wall painting, (a reconstruction), shows griffins in a field of lilies. The griffen was a mythical animal and the lily is a symbol of royalty. In front of the throne a stone adyton.

  • Caravanserai

    Caravanserai lies to the south of the palace and was interpreted as a reception hall and hospice. Some of the rooms are equipped with baths and decorated with wall paintings.

  • House of the Frescoes

    The House of the Frescoes is located to the NW of the palace and is a small urban mansion with rich decoration on the walls. Dated to the 15th, 14th-12th centuries B.C.

  • Temple Tomb

    It is located almost 600 m. to the south of the palace and was connected with the "House of the High Priest" by means of a paved street. It seems that one of the last kings of Knossos (17th-14th centuries B.C.) was buried here. Typical features of its architecture are the hypostyle, two-pillar crypt, the entrance with the courtyard, the portico and...


Knosos Restaurants

  • What a gigant ...

    Imagine that somewhere B.C. they stored wine and other products in such a huge pots. The dream of alcoholic - to fall into one of them ... lol

  • Fresh figs

    And who is a big observer will find a nice surprise. Juicy figs right on the tree. :) But be careful not to fall down to the kitchen of old Minoian king :)

  • Knosos Hotels

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Knosos Local Customs

  • The guides

    Cats are your guides everywhere you go >| nto just her ein Knossos but simply everywhere. I like that very much

  • A Zoo or what?

    Suprisingly you can meet here also peacocks :). A tourist should say: What a hell peacock is doing here? Well, I am clever experienced girl :) and should give u the proper answer. There is obvious situation to experience earthquakes on Crete in general and peacocks have special sensor for feeling when something like this will happen, so they are...

  • Kouloures

    Three large pits, known as Kouloures what means rings, with stone lined walls were built in the West Court during the Old Palace period (1900-1700 B.C.). The excavation workmen gave them their name and Arthur Evans kept it.The function of the circular pits is not clear. Maybe it was for naughty children :) but they have been interpreted as rubbish...


Knosos Warnings and Dangers

  • Access and Heat

    The Palace is not ideal for wheelchair users, however raised walkways have been erected around most of the site to protect it from wear and tear of the countless visitors, and I was still able to push my daughter around the majority of the site.The palace is also very open so I would recommend wearing a sun hat, as it can become extremely hot...

  • Palace of King

    If needed u should help others and support the Palace. It is for all people around the world not just for you. :) So, a help of tourist is always welcomed. If we didn't do that, one of the greatest historical sites shold be in ruins ... lol

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Knosos Tourist Traps

  • Skipka's Profile Photo

    Well exciting but I don't know if worth...

    by Skipka Written Nov 24, 2003

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    Going there and reading about it you expect something more, something more than ruins. Something like exploring the ancient times and find out true stories about Minotaurus. Forget that. Knossos is just about the ancient history, ruins and some more coloured pillars. For those who expect great palaces... it should be shock. Everything with historical value is in the Museums. Here are just stone greetings from Minoian period.

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Knosos Favorites

  • West Bastion (Minotar)

    I would guess that this is the thing that makes the most impression on young minds studying the history/mythology of the period, the Minotar. The myth of the labyrinth and the Minotar to be "found" there has captured imaginations for centuries. The only sign here at Knossos is the fresco on the West Bastion wall.

  • North Lustral Basin, closed to the...

    The Lustral Basin was apparently used as a purifying bath before entrance into the palace, sort of like the Mikveh here in Israel...a bath at the end of a short flight of stairs. It has been closed to visitors and you can only see the stairs leading down.

  • Throne Room

    The throne room here, or at least what was labeled as the throne room was unlike any that I have ever imagined. The "throne" seemed to be a very simple stone seat, placed against the wall with a basin in front. Around the room are what appears to be, again, very simple stone benches. What is striking are the frescoes, especially the wingless...


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