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  • Fetih mosque
    Fetih mosque
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  • Byzantine museum
    Byzantine museum
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  • alley on the island
    alley on the island
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Ioannina Things to Do

  • Castle/Old town

    Ali Pasha, the pasha of Ioannina, known as an enlightened but also very cruel ruler. Lord Byron describing him had mixed feelings, noting the splendor of Ali's court and the Greek cultural revival in Ioannina, which was "superior in wealth, refinement and learning to any other Greek town". But Byron also wrote:"His Highness is a remorseless tyrant,...

  • Lake and island

    Nisaki (small island) is definitely a must do while you are at Ioannina. There are some small boats that come and go every 30’ (but less frequent in winter) so it’s an easy fun thing to do (the boat tickets is only 2e anyway). There is only one village on the island, dominating the area that the boat stops. The first thing you notice are the row...

  • Zagori-Zagoria villages

    Monodendri is one of the picturesque Zagori villages. From the central part of the village take a cobbled path down towards the old school and square. Order "alevropita" at a restaurant on the square and while it will be ready, walk some 10 minutes further to the monastery. Light a candle, whisper a prayer, enjoy the views of Vikos canyon and walk...


Ioannina Hotels

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Ioannina Restaurants

  • I Prasini Akti (The Green Coast)

    Nice restaurant, set in an idyllic scenery, next to the lake Pamvotis bank, charming interior, picturesque exterior with view to the lake and to the islet of the lake. Friendly staff, moderate prices. Many nice dishes, including roasted eel and other fishes fom the lake (crab etc) and seafood.

  • Il Forno

    5 out of 5 stars

    This is by far the best restaurant we visited during our stay in Ioannina. Walking in we had a very warm welcome by Olga, the owner. The restaurant is very nice and cosy and also consists of a glass domed garden area which retractes in the summer. We visited the restaurant at about 21:00 and sat in the garden area so it was nice and cool. They had...

  • Anthrax

    Originally at Kalpaki village they opened a side store at Molos in 2014 near the seaside of the Ioannina lake and they usually have lots of customers. It’s no surprise because Anthrax is a grill store that offers good quality of souvlaki (the typical in stick form, not pyta gyros). As everyone else we preferred to sit outside. We were 4 adults and...


Ioannina Nightlife

  • Legacy Club

    We were walking in the streets and saw a poster (pic 2) of Legacy Club that had a night dedicated to some classic heavy metal tunes from the 80s (saxon, motorhead, judas priest). We asked around about the address (it’s just a street before you reach the castle) and visited it in the evening, the back yard is nice for the afternoon coffee, the...

  • my fav cafe at Molos

    This is my favorite cafe at Molos, the area next to the lake where all the cafes look the same! But this one has better music, mainly greek and no screens, so if you want to watch football choose ANY other other cafes. There’s no way fore me not to stop here for a coffee during the day or for some ouzo late at night. What I like most was the tasty...

  • trendy cafe

    This is probably the most trendy café of the city, the one that people look and act cool but the prices are more expensive and the music is pop hits from Greece and abroad. It gets busy some nights with good groove so sometimes it’s a nice spot for some drinks. The café is housed in an old 2 story house and if you go during the day you will notice...


Ioannina Transportation

  • how to go there

    Ioannica city is located 450 NE from Athens, 290km from Thessaloniki, 60km south from Albania and 80km east from the port of Igumenitsa in case you’re coming from Italy by boat.You can get to Ioannina by plane from Athens in 45’. Olympic airways and Aegean Airlines serve this route. The bus ride takes 6 hours from Athens and the ticket costs 39,50...

  • walk walk walk!

    Ioannina is always packed with cars, the locals prefer to take their cars everywhere and they don’t care to loose 30’ to find a free parking place! I like to walk around, it’s the only way to see this city, the small stores, the tiny alleys etc. Of course, you will walk the alleys inside the castle. One of my favorite routes is along the periphery...

  • Getting to Albania

    There is no way to go into southern Albania by bus from Ioannina. Instead, you must take the Kakavia bus from the intercity bus station (buy your ticket early as the busses fill up). There are several busses everyday. The bus drops you off literally at the border and you walk across to Albania, from where you can get taxis or minivans to Tirana,...


Ioannina Shopping

  • Pas Giannina FC

    If you are into football and want a tshirt of the local team ask for the Pas Giannena store in the commercial center of Ioannina. They sell the official clothes and other things like cups etc The locals love their team although it’s been a while since they were in the top league. They used to call this team "Ajax of Epirus" :) The big teams are...

  • silver handmade items and other...

    Handmade items from silver is a tradition in the region of Epirus so at Ioannina you can find a lot of them, especially at Averof street where many little stores trade pieces of work that are great for decoration, like serving trays, shields, knifes and many jewellery of course. Some say it’s too touristic but it’s unique and different from china...

  • sweets

    Some great sweets, a dozen of great sweets! If you are familiar with the Turkish delights like mpaklavas, saragli, ekmek, ravani and so many other you will be surprised that every one of them is here and sometimes they taste even better. Like in many other sides of daily life (words, architecture etc) the ottoman influences are rather strong in the...


Ioannina Local Customs

  • Apokries by the fire!

    The greek version of Halloween is Apokries but it’s really funny the way they celebrate Apokries in Ioannina. There are big fires in many squares of the city and the people (dressed in funny costumes) holding bottles of wine go from fire to fire and dance around! They start late in the afternoon and they go like this till the morning!...Apokries is...

  • Giving name

    In Greece we don’t give the name to the baby on birth. We baptize it later and the ceremony is very important. I have been to many ceremonies before but it was the first time I noticed how serious the role of the godmother or the godfather is...Any way, the baby is not a baby anymore...His name is Christos.

  • The "Litharitsia" park

    Now you are outside the Castle,next stop is the Lake, a walk by it would be refreshing. All this beauty will surely charm you. From this point you could go to the little Islet by taking the boat rides. There you will find many restaurants, with nice meals from which you should try the eel and the froglegs.You can visit the "Litharitsia" park, a...


Ioannina Warnings and Dangers

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    PREVIEW CLUB----Str.Giosef...

    by harido Updated Aug 26, 2002

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    PREVIEW CLUB----Str.Giosef Eligia & Aetorahis-IOANNINA............but dont drink to much,it a warning

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Ioannina Tourist Traps

  • Important warning

    Is that a tourist trap or a danger warning, I don't know but it is important.I have visited Ioanina on several occasion and the first time in 1975. Ioanina has developped mostly before the car era. It could accomodate a limited number of cars in its streets. Therefore with an increasing number of citizens owing a car plus visitors'cars , year after...

  • The CASTEL OF IOANNINA is one...

    The CASTEL OF IOANNINA is one of the oldest of its kind in our Country. It was built by the Emperor Justinian in 528 AD. It's the oldest Byzantine Castle and it is contemporary to those of Didimotiho and Monemvasias.It consists of four parts: the surrounding wall, the N.W. acropolis with the 'Aslan Pasha' mosque , the N.E. acropolis with the 'Its...

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Ioannina What to Pack

  • What to take

    A camera and plenty of film (or MB of storage, these days). A sunhat and shades. If you plan to do some rafting, hiking or birdwatching, bring any specialised equipment with you – you won’t find binos or headtorches in Ioannina. A Greek phrase book.There are lots of skilled, cheap tailors, cobblers and suchlike, if anything needs mending.

  • Packing List

    Resort The toilets in Greece don't handle paper very well so you have to deposit used paper in a small bin supplied in your appartment. Top tip is to take scented nappy bags to place used paper in, this keeps the room smelling fresh even if the maid misses a day.

  • Packing List

    The History of Epirus and especially that of Ioannina is entwined with the tradition and development of the art of silver making. Great artists have created artwork never seen before, of unique technical and artistic complexity, with a great deal of love and desire.This tradition and appeal, we continue to this day, with great respect and a feeling...


Ioannina Off The Beaten Path

  • Papazoglou Weaving School

    Walking in the center not far from the old bus station at Papazoglou street we saw an interesting neoclassical building which is known as Papazogleios Ifantiki Scholi. It was designed in early 20th century (1905), a two storey structure with lots of details (doric portico, corinthian columns) by the local architect Pericles Melirritos who also made...

  • Metsovo (page to come)

    Metsovo is a mountain village standing at an elevation of 1,160 meters, 56 km east to Ioannina. Its population is mostly Arumanian and thus, besides Greek, speaks a Rumanian dialect. Though it is now visited during the day by loads of tourists, in the evening it has kept a great part of its special aspect and life.

  • Perama cave

    Perama cave is 4 km out of Ioanina in the direction of Metsovo and can be reached by bus n° 8. It is considered as one of the most beautiful caves in the Balkans. The visit is on almost 2 km of galleries and gigantic rooms, illuminated in order to enhance the outstanding concretions. When we visited, the guide gave its explanation only in Greek...


Ioannina Sports & Outdoors

  • Bouldering - Climbing

    The challenge of Pindos On November 2nd and 3rd 2002, NO LIMITS, the company for outdoor activities, organizes the toughest race ever held in Greece!!! It's a two day crossing on mountain bike combined with running on the mountain of Pindos, and specifically in the area of Konitsa and Zagori. Groups of 2 people will start at the central square of...

  • Kayak

    The most important adventure competition in Greece. We have been organizing it every year since 1997 in Konitsa, and it includes bouldering, parapent (cross country), kayak (slalom) and mountain bike (cross country).

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ioannina Favorites

  • Museums

    You shouldn't miss the VRELLIS WAX MUSEUM! If you have heard of Madam Tysseu's museum in London then you'll get to know that its only Greek counterpart are to be found in Ioannina! But in contrast with that of Mme Tysseu, Ioannina museum hosts exclusively persons of the Greek -recent mainly- history.(In the photo a close up of one of Ali-Pasha's...

  • Lake and island

    visit the ISLET ON THE LAKE. A Very picturesque place. Frequent boat departures from 'molos' (every half an hour during the summer). You can visit the house where Ali-Pasha's killing and decapitation took place (there's a small museum and wood-carving shop there), visit the 'secret school' in Filanthropinon Monastery (note an unusual fresco of...

  • Cave of Perama

    visit PERAMA CAVE (located in the homonymous village, 4 km north of the city of Ioannina) The Cave was incidentaly discovered during the Greek-Italian war of 1940 by a resident of the village who was looking for a shelter to avoid bombardments. In 1951 the speleologists Ioannis and Anna Petrocheilos proceeded to the exploration of the cave and...


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