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  • Cheese from the tyropoleion
    Cheese from the tyropoleion
    by JLBG
  • Marriage in Metsovo, the musicians
    Marriage in Metsovo, the musicians
    by JLBG
  • Metsovo
    by mindcrime

Metsovon Things to Do

  • Don't miss this Wonderful Local...!

    I visited Metsovo in 2009 and I try to find the local that impressed me most that day of my visit.As I walk towards the centre I try to trace him and I am glad when I see him.He is still dressed in his traditional costume…how wonderful if all locals wore their traditional costumes more often!!!He is such colourful character and I remember him so...

  • The Monastery of Ayios Nikolaos

    Ayios Nikolaos Monastery (14th century)It is just a 30-minute walk into the valley. The 18th century frescoes are created in Epirote style, and the two images of the Pantocrator (Godhead), one in each dome are really impressive as staring down on the congregation. The Monastery is down into valley (follow signs near National Bank of Greece; turn...

  • Visit the Church of Ayia Paraskevi

    Nobody should leave Metsovo without visiting the 18th century church of Ayia Paraskevi found in the main square. The saint's day is July 26 and a big celebration takes place throughout the village, while the church’s silver icon is carried around town in a morning procession followed by feasting and dancing.

  • The Gallery of Averoff

    It is about a display of personal collection of intellectual art. The time here was so little that I only took photos from the exterior.Greek artists whose pieces of art are found in the Museum are Alekos Fassianos and Nikos Ghikas. There is a unique painting from what I have heard from Nikiforos Litra that shows the burning of the Turkish Flagship...

  • Tositsa Museum

    The Tositsa MuseumOne who comes here should not miss visiting the Museum of the most prominent family of Metsovo which was for generations the most famous in the area. They lived and endured the arduous winters in style and I would have gladly visited the museum a second time if it was not closed. You see, we found it closed this second time but I...

  • The Averoff art gallery

    I've never enjoyed an art gallery so much in my life. It was partly due to the sheer quality of the pictures, and their incredibly variety, but I felt that the general atmosphere was somehow special too. (The design is exemplary - quiet, uncrowded, un-intimidating.) I was pleased to hear a year or two ago that it had been voted the "Greek Museum of...

  • Artificial lake of Aoos Springs

    Make an excursion to the lake, 20km away from Metsovo, covering 11.5, at an altitude of 1343m above sea level. It was made for power and irrigation purposes. It is a pleasant recreation place and an important hydro-biotope, as many birds visit and use it as habitat. You can drive around the lake; fishing is also allowed..

  • Washing sunday dresses

    This was a Monday and these ladies brought to a fountain the dresses they had worn on Sunday as can be seen on photo number 1. Just clear water flowing!And some brushing (photo number 2). Note the piles of wood ready for next winter!Photos 3, 4 and 5 are close ups on some dresses.

  • Fountains flowing freely

    In Epirus, it rains a lot in Spring. Thus Epirus has plenty of water and Metsovo is dotted with many fountains that flow freely (photos 1 and 2)If you enlarge photos 3, 4 and 5, you will see local women clad in traditional dresses. Note that this is the everyday’s dress, not the one worn for celebrations, which has a lot of embroideries. Where are...

  • Chimney tops

    Given the elevation (1,200 meters) of Metsovo and its continental situation, winter are cold and the houses are well equipped with fire places. On this tip, I have collected a series of typical chimneys standing on the slate roofs of Metsovo. As we always visited in Summer, none of them was working.

  • Corbelled house Balkanic style

    Among the old houses, some of them are corbelled and built in the Balkanic style also found in Kastoria and in neighboring southern Albania. I have read that some of them have now been repaired. A museum of traditional Epirot art is housed in the former house of the Averoff-Tossizza family, the benefactors of the city.Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza...

  • Steep alleys in Metsovo

    Most alleys and passages are roughly paved but narrow and steep and are obviously unfit for vehicles of any kind. Some are even built with stairs. The five photos of this tip give various aspects of these alleys that lead from the central square to the upper part of the town.

  • Late afternoon in Metsovo

    At the end of the afternoon, chimneys from the grills began to smoke hard! It will soon be time for brochettes, kokoretsi and any other yummy grilled food!Photos 1, 2 and 3 show the chimneys that begin to work in the fisterias of the city center, around the main square in the lower part of Metsovo.On the right of the third photo, two benches are...

  • Afternoon in Metsovo

    In summer, the afternoon in Metsovo is quite. In winter, it should be busier , orking as a ski resort.The first photo shows one of those traditional booth found everywhere across Greece and where you can buy everything.The second photo shows a few shops for touristsThe third photo shows several food shops including two “tyropoleion” that sell local...

  • Cheese from the tyropoleion

    Metsovo is well known for its various cheese.Metsovone is manufactured like the Italian provolone with cow milk but is tastier as the cows graze on tasty mountain grass. It has an amazing phallus like shape (sorry, no photo) given by the mold used. It is the main cheese production of Metsovo.Metsovella is a semi-hard pale yellow cheese.Graviera...


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Metsovon Restaurants

  • meat lovers

    Only for meat lovers! :) Many people travel here from Ioannina just to taste the meat on the grill. So, I guess the vegetarians wont feel very comfortable but they can try the tasty cheeses and salads. Of course the greek people don’t consider the salad like a normal food! lol The local “chilopites”and the (kind of heavy) local sausages are some of...

  • Excellent meat

    When in Metsovo, you really have limited food choices.. if you are a vegetarian... tough luck! The area is famous for having great meat, especially the tradiotionally made sausages. The Galaxy restaurant has a very big yard, where you can enjoy your meal on the grass, and observe the town's busy square from above. Any meat I had was fantastic....

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Metsovon Transportation

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    by mindcrime Written Aug 24, 2008

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    Metsovo is 62km away from Ioannina but because of the maaaany curves in the road driving is dangerous and it will take you about an hour to reach the village. The distance from Thessaloniki is 235km. The distance from Athens is 412km, you can go through Trikala and from there is 92km till the Metsovo.

    In winter there is cold and snow on the road so don’t even think to drive without non-skid chains for the tires.

    There are also buses from Ioannina but you have to check the timetable. You can call at 26510 - 27442.

    the road to Metsovo! the streets of the village packed with cars

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Metsovon Shopping

  • Local shops

    Don't miss buying local dairy products.These can be the smoked Metsovone, Metsovella cheese, guyere and many more.They are mostly made from full fat goat meat.These products can also be found in the round area of Trikala, Ioannina, and of course in Athens.These products are sold throughout Metsovo, so I don't want to promote just one shop here.They...

  • local craft and food

    As a touristic destination Metsovo has a lot of gift/souvenir shops at the main square. The good thing is that most of them sell local products.The craftsmen from Metsovo are famous for their woodcarving works. Today you can buy several wooden items like shepherd’s sticks, barrels etc Check also some beautiful handmade textiles. It’s funny though...

  • metsovone cheese

    This cheese is only made here, in Metsovo. It has a very special, smoked taste.. I definately recommend it. It's the one thing I will definately buy every time i happen to be in Metsovo (which is not too often..) You can get it in supermarkets from anywhere in Greece, but this is the.. source, if you know what I mean! €18-20 per kilo


Metsovon Local Customs

  • The Fine and Unique Textiles of Metsovo

    Weaving is a talent here!The people of Metsovo have a long tradition in weaving.They weave rugs, pillow, bedding, rugs for corridors and long haired hand-made blankets.The designs are vivid and natural colors are used for the painting of the threads giving bright colors which are long lasting and are not affected from the sunlight or washing.The...

  • The Art of Wood-carved Pieces!

    Metsovo is famous for its famous craftsmen who construct wood-carved ceilings, and iconostases.The Art of the Shepherds has to do with smaller items created by locals to fill the many hours of their loneliness –especially during winter when it is snow outside, many degrees below zero and it is not convenient to get outside to find their friends....

  • Old citizens benches (previous year)

    On a previous year, I was lucky to get a whole row of old citizens, almost all of them wearing the Epirot clothing. They were used to be photographed and I could shoot them as much as I wanted. Since then, I have never seen so many of them, usually one or two.


Metsovon Warnings and Dangers

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    by JLBG Written Nov 16, 2008

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    At the entrance into the field of Prophet Ilias celebration, a road sign says ”Kindynos pyrkaias sto lasos”, which means (if I am right !) “danger, hazard of fires in the forest”. That does not mean the fires are forbidden but that you should be cautious in lightening one.

    Fires, danger!

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Metsovon Off The Beaten Path

  • Spurge Hawk-moth caterpillar

    This Caterpillar has the size of a small finger. I found it on a spurge. With its bright black, red and yellow colors, it does not try to hide, which means that it worn its possible predators that it is toxic and not edible! Moreover, it has at the rear (left of the photo) powerful spine! Just in case the warnings would not be enough!It is the...

  • Grecian fox glove

    Digitalis lanata (Grecian fox glove), grows wild in the whole eastern Europe while Digitalis purpurea (fox glove), grows mostly in western Europe and especially in Scotland. Both give digoxin, metildigoxin and digitoxin, major cardiotonics, widely used in therapeutics.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Metsovon Favorites

  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    by greekcypriot Updated Nov 17, 2011

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    Favorite thing: Some very Useful Telephone Numbers for People Visiting Metsovo:

    Municipality of Metsovo 26560-41207, 41333
    Police 26560-41233, 41222
    Fire brigade 199, 26560-42883, 41199
    Health Center 26560-41111/2
    Ambulance Ioannina 166
    Forest inspection 26560-41277, 42297
    Post Office: 26560-41245
    Telecommunications – Damages 26560-22121
    Electricity – Failures 26560-41266
    Rural Buses 26560-41280
    TAXI 26560-41393
    Information Centre on "Vaglia Calda" National Gorge 26560-41980

    Fondest memory: The fondest Memory of Metsovo is that I came across loving people. It is a beautiful resort that still keeps its tradition in high levels.

    Beautiful Metsovo!
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