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Best Rated Transportation in Corfu Island

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    how to move around

    by mindcrime Written May 10, 2010

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are in Corfu just for the main town you wont need anything, you can easily walk everywhere, the old town is very compact situated between the old and the new fortress.

    There are several taxis(pic 1) that can take you where you want, I noticed they are waiting in hot spots like in front of Liston.

    There are also local buses(pic 2) that go through town or at some villages. Their timetable isnt very reliable (you may have to wait long) but it’s a good cheap option to reach a specific location and back.

    We had a car, and that was a smart choice because it’s the only way if you want to explore the island, stop at any small beach, go up to tiny villages etc The only problem with the car was to find a parking place inside the city. There are many car rental agencies near the port as expected. There you may rent a scooter or any other bike too which is also great to move around during summer and less of a hassle when it comes to parking.

    The roads along the coast is good but those further inside the island not so (narrow, tight, many turns etc). By the way, the locals drive like crazy.

    local taxi local bus

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    how to get there

    by mindcrime Updated Mar 6, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The expensive way is to fly through Athens (Aegean and Olympic have flights daily to Corfu) but you have to book way in advance for good prices. Check out for some great deals on charter flights from Europe too(London, Brussels, Paris, Germany etc)

    2)boat from mainland greece
    There are many boats from mainland Greece, some from Patras (the trip lasts too long, about 7 hours) and many from Igumenitsa. There are boats daily, on different times (3.45am, 7.30am, 10.30am, 12.30am, 13.30, 16.00, 18.30, 20.00, 22.30) but each company has its own routes so on your arrival there check the routes and choose the one you like. There different kind of boats (open or close type) with small differences on the trip time (75 to 105 minutes). April 2010 prices were 8,10 for an adult ticket and 35,60e for the car. Don’t forget your return ticket though, during high season it will be very difficult to find a ticket for the car.

    3)boats from Italy
    Of course, there are also boats from Italy (from Bari, Brindisi or Venice). Check and for tickets and timetable

    The port of Corfu is near the Old Town (15’ walking)

    Bus from Athens costs 44,30e
    Bus from Thessaloniki costs 42,20e

    Corfu's port boats in Corfu boats at Corfu's port

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    Freedom on a Scooter

    by Zandra Updated Jul 9, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best way to explore Corfu is to rent a scooter. There are of course also bus connections, but it's so much more fun being able to stop wherever you want and not having to wait for the busses. Besides, Corfu is a hilly island with often steep streets leading down to the beaches; thus it's nice getting on the scooter, instead of having to walk up the hill after a relaxing day on the beach. We rented a scooter the whole week, and made daily trips around the island to different beaches, small mountain villages, Corfu town etc. I guess a car would be good as well, but with a scooter the parking is less of a hassle. The main roads along the coasts are in very good condition, the smaller inland roads in less good shape, but they are also not as busy as the main roads.

    Just like on most other Greek islands, also on Corfu there are shops/stands in every bigger resort, where one can rent scooters/motorbikes. Many of the hotels also rent out their own ones. My experience is that the prices don't vary that much, but it can still be worth looking around for a good deal, especially if you're planning to rent the scooter for more than a couple of days. The longer you rent it, the cheaper the daily rate will be. Just remember to buy a good map of Corfu, and off you go! Have fun!

    Corfu, Greece

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    Bus or taxi.

    by funkymama Written Sep 23, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    They have the "green" bus
    or the 'blue" bus,depend where you want to go to,south or north ect.
    Bus is cheap but not comfortable at all.
    A bus each 1h15,but they are never on time.
    There are also taxi,24/24,you can speak the price before getting in,and if you share the taxi with others you will pay less.
    We pay between 15£ and 17£ to go back to the hotel from corfu town.

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    Avoiding Athens to get to Corfu

    by Corfusian Written Dec 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are no travel websites that will tell you this, but I learned the hard way how to get to Corfu cheaply and without having to fly in to Athens Airport (ugh!).

    Before you go, check out cheap charter flights out of London direct to Corfu (Corfu has a nice airport). Matter of fact, you can fly to many cities in Europe (Paris, someplace in Germany [forgot where]. Budapest, et al., and then fly directly to Corfu very cheaply. Just Google "Cheap flights [or charter flights] to Corfu," and up pop many sites that will get you there very cheaply. What you want to avoid is stopping over in Athens! This is a nightmare and will cause you at least a half day delay, if not more. Plus, it's more money!

    You can also get to Corfu cheaply by taking a boat from Venice, Italy, or from Bari or Brindisi, Italy.

    So you just have to figure out where you want to go in Europe, then catch an easy and cheap flight or boat ride to Corfu. But whatever you do, avoid Athens Airport!

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    Great roads and good bus lines...

    by spree4three Written Sep 22, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Corfu is probably the greek island with the best roads, which are brand new and lead everywhere...This would be a great Idea to take your car on the ferry if you come from Italy, cause it will be useful.

    There is also a great bus system in Corfu, with many busses going everywhere...
    From Corfu town you have the main line #7 bus ( blue bus) going up north for Gouvia, Ipsos, Pirgi, Dassia.
    And the green busses going everywhere for really cheap...
    But you won't be alone in these buses..
    The most easy way to travel is to rent a scooter but watch out for greek scoot riders...not really careful... ;o)

    Ipsos bay

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    Take Minoen Lines from Venice to Corfu

    by RawdgerDodger Updated Sep 9, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The boat Minoen lines is, for all intensive purposes, a resort cruise ship. You do not have to pay for a room but it is recommended if you like to sleep. If you choose what is called deck passage, you can lounge around the boat or sleep on the floor or deck or wherever you like. My brothers and I got a four person room that cost us about 60 Euro a piece. Deck passage is free with your Eurail pass except during summer but the supplement is only a nominal fee. We actually bought our tickets five minutes before the ship left during peak season so in my opinion, I don't think reservations are absolutely necessary, but are recommended if you want a room. On board there is internet, multiple restaurants, a pool, multiple bars, a night club, bathrooms, a casino, a movie area, and a nice deck.

    Debarking in Corfu Sunset Aegean Sea Island from Minoen Lines Wake from Minoen Lines
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    Getting around Corfu

    by ricky52 Written Oct 9, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Corfu Town if you have to use a taxi, ensure it has a meter.
    Do not use them if they don’t or say it is not needed.
    As a tourist you stand a very good chance of getting skanked by these theives.

    Taxis elsewhere on the island are ok and honest drivers.

    Local buses are ok as well but don’t run as regular as you are probably used to. Timetables are usually posted at the bus stop.

    Another option is to hire a car, from €20 a day you can explore all of the island at your leisure.

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    Bus connections around the island

    by INSULARIUS Written May 16, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Old City of Corfu is around 500 metres or 1 km. from the ships' arrival point.You do not specify, whether are you travelling on a cruiseship or in a passengers' ferry, because they sail from two different (distant) points.

    If you have no luggage, you can get to the Old City on foot, but if you have a heavy suitcase, it would be better to take a taxi: it will cost you: 3 Euros.

    Kassiopi is a very picturesque village-resort on the northern-western part of Corfu, but is very faraway from the City of Corfu.If I do remember well, it should be around 35 kms away and you will need a bus, which you will catch from the Interurban Bus Station of Corfu.Itineraries are not very frequent: last year, because I wanted to visited Kassiopi and get back to Corfu on time, I was obliged to catch an early bus at 06:00 in the morning!The scenery will reward you!

    If you want more information about Corfu, you should visit my homepage!

    Some sites:

    Enhoy your holidays!

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  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    The roads are very well!!!

    by Jerelis Written Nov 12, 2004

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We stayed at Perama (South coast) and from our little house it was a maximum of 1 hour to get everywhere around the island. The lower mountains or the beach.

    There is no raod on the island that you can qualify as a highway, but all the roads are very well maintained and can be driven very well!.

    Other roads through the mountains are also very well to drive on. We were warned not to drive on rainy days, but (of course) did it any way. Just take it easy and don't do anything stupid. Go with the flow and you'll be alright!

    Iris driving our car!
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  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    Travelling with (young) kids.

    by Jerelis Updated Jan 2, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Are you nervous about taking your baby or child on a plane trip? You aren't alone, most parents are nervous about it. We have moved with Iris to Corfu by plane this holiday and drove some distances by car on the island itself and we learned a few things that hopefully will help you.

    Bring books, old favourite toys and new surprise toys. Do remember that balls are not a good idea as they can end up anywhere! Our best buys were definitely books, especially sticker books are great! They can peel the stickers off, are glossy, have thick pages to turn easy, have bright colours and come in endless subjects. They're a nice break from the other books your child might be tired of, too. Put aside fears of setting poor eating habits, and bring on the snacks! We told Iris: “Welcome to the world of boredom eating."

    If your child is big ask for earplugs as soon as you board the aircraft. Make use of them for take-off then save them for landing as the crew may not have any fresh ones left by then. Also let them eat candies, this helps the kids tremendously if they don't know how to pop their ears.

    Toy bars meant for stroller use are a big help in the car, as they often feature toys plus a snack cup, and are big and easy for you to grab from the front seat for refills. During the car trip it’s always a good idea to play a game and sing some songs. It sounds rather easy, but it does work!

    We only have one last statement! Just do it! Don’t be afraid that it might go wrong. We have learned this, because we have been travelling with Iris from the beginning. She was only 6 weeks young when we had our first short vacation and stayed in a hotel. Iris has been used to it rather fast and (maybe because of it) has always been an easy kid to get along with.

    Checking in for our journey to Corfu.
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  • INSULARIUS's Profile Photo

    "Travel to Corfu"

    by INSULARIUS Written Jun 17, 2008


    Piece of cake!

    Athens to Patras and vice versa by bus (
    Buses are quick and reliable and the trip takes almost 3 hours.

    Every midnight, there is a big ferry-boat sailing for Italy and making a stop at Corfu.The voyage takes 7 hours.There are two ferry lines,operating from Patras to Italy and vice versa:

    MINOAN ( and ANEK (

    The choice is yours!

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  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    Walking is great!!!

    by Jerelis Updated Nov 12, 2004

    If you like hiking, Corfu is close to paradise! Walking and admiring the beautiful scenery is one of the most popular activities with visitors.

    We noticed that the walking paths are of a good quality and therefore hiking the island is something which is possible to do for everybody! Just drive your car to a nice spot and stroll around.

    We did not stop hiking difficults paths, because of little Iris (she was almost 2 years at that time). She walked along and whenever she became tired she sat in a special bag at our backs and she also had the time of her life looking around.

    Relinde and Iris walking towards Vlacherna
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  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    A plane to get there ...

    by Jerelis Updated Jul 18, 2006

    Are you nervous about taking your baby, toddler or young child on a plane trip? You aren't alone, most parents are nervous about this.

    For Iris, this was her second plane flight. So she is quite turning into a professional in it :-).

    The plane that took us from Schiphol to Corfu
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  • Corfu Airport Bus and Taxi Transfers

    by JJFamily Written Mar 7, 2013

    I would like to recommend transfer company that we used last year and we will use this year for our Corfu vacation. They have best prices and the are very professional.
    We booked thru Ryanair but anyone can use their service.

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