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Prefecture of Laconia Favorites

  • Eat where Locals sit

    Do what the locals do...Avoid going to a beautiful restaurant if you see nobody sitting there.Be sure that locals know better. If nobody is there, even if the view is great, it should be a reason why they don't prefer it.

  • Magical Monemvasia

    The rock of Monemvasia is a majestic place that words can't do much justice. Walking through the rock paved streets of Monemvasia you can feel the history of the place. Sitting in one of the few cafes and enjoying the peace and view will create memories you will never forget.

  • Wonderful Picnics

    The varied scenery and the differing coastlines. So much to explore and discover. We have quite a few picnics when on holiday in Greece. There is usually a pretty place with shade to stop and conjure up lunch.

  • Sparti

    Laconia's ancient history is the history of Sparta (the capital of the prefecture of Laconia, 225 km from Athens). The city of the Evrotas river valley, between the Taygetos and Parnonas mountain ranges, was the first known totalitarian, slave-based society in history. Sparta owes its fame to its long-standing feud with Athens that led to the...

  • Elafonisos Island

    Elafonisos island is a fabulous spot for superb vacation. It is linked with the Peloponnesos by ferry (5 minutes) or "Kaikia" (skiffs). Simos (one of the country's most stunning beaches) will amaze you. A 1.5 kilometer long beach stretches below sand dunes and cedar trees. To reach it you should sail round half the island by boat or walk five...

  • Monemvasia

    One of the highlights of Laconia is Monemvasia (95 km form the town of Sparta), on the region's northeastern shore. The name means single ("mone") entrance ("emvassia") and that is what defines Monemvasia.A small island, known as the "Gibraltar of Greece", resembling a gigantic boulder stuck 400 meters off the shore, it is linked to the mainland...

  • Mystras

    Following the road from Sparta which passes through plane trees, cypresses, olive trees, mulberries and orange trees we reach Mystras (5 km on the West side of Sparta).Mystras was the hometown of Byzantium's last emperor, Constantine 11th Paleologos Dragatis, and fell to the Turks three years after the fall of Vasilevoussa ("the reigning city"), as...

  • The Museum of the Olive

    The museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta opened the doors to the public in December 2002. Presented in the first floor of the Museum is the long history in Greece of two commodities, the olive and olive oil. The ground floor is devoted to the technological development of oil-pressing installations in Greece, from the Post Byzantine...

  • Sparti

    Sparta was considered the greatest military power of antiquity. All men of Spartan birth had to serve in the army. Boys of seven were taken from their families to live in army barracks. Their whole lives were dedicated to learning the arts of war. The soldier trainees were beaten, made to sleep on the ground, fed terrible food, encouraged to speak...

  • Maniots - the braveheart

    A combination of rocky soil and no rain makes it a very arid region. A region as fierce and rugged as the Mani requires an aggressive, hardened soul. The people of this region have been given the reputation of harden survivors who are rough on the edges. Though not true, there is some truth behind this image. The people of Mani are said to be...

  • Olive tree - a blessed plant

    The Mediterranean area produces 99% of the world olive oil production. Greece, despite the fact that it is a small country in magnitude, stands in the 3rd position in the world in the olive oil production, after Spain and Italy.There are today approximately 120,000,000 olive trees in Greece (the population of the country is approximately...

  • Hades gate in Tenaro cape

    During your excursions around Mani, you will arrive to the southernmost point of the peninsula, which happens to be the southernmost of Europe mainland. It is cape Tenaro or cavo Matapas where it is supposed to be the gate of Hades.The ancient Greeks believed that a deceased was carried by the god Hermes (Mercury) to the water and then he/she was...

  • The towers of Mani

    There are about 800 towers, isolated or grouped in villages, the oldest go back to the 15th c, their height increased with the power of the family that built them. They were constructed of irregularly shaped blocks of stone, about 15m-25m/50ft-80ft high and square in shape, they comprised three or four rooms one above the other, linked by ladders...

  • Monemvasia casttle

    When you arrive Monemvasia, you see nothing but another one typical seaside touristic town. You start wondering why this place is so famous world wide and so touristic.... But the answer is given, only when you pass the bridge (the only one pass-moni emvasi) and you start for the rock of Monemvasia. The medieval casstle town there, cannot be seen...

  • Mani - always free

    Mani always was an area of autonomous control, with proud and brave inhabitants. Even during the ottoman occupation of the rest of Greece, Mani managed to preserve its freedom. Ottomans tried 3 times to invade this area using millions of soldiers but they were entirely beaten. (Verga battle, Poliaravos battle, Diros battle). An info that is not...

  • Githio - Mani, I can't live without...

    The only thing you have to do is watching what the locals do, and do the same.There are almost no tourist shops, although there are many tourists. People continue to live frugally and ask only for what they need.This means that you can find all the facilities you need, but not luxary and glamorous places.Get mixed with locals and enjoy unspoilt...

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Prefecture of Laconia Hotels

  • Ktima Karageorgou

    Areopolis 1, 23062

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Xifoupolis Hotel

    Xifas-Monemvasias, Monemvasia, 23070, gr

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Byzantion Hotel

    Central Plaza, Mystras, 23100, Greece

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 1.5 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Pyrgos Mystra

    3 Manousaki str., Mystras, Sparta, 23100, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Kyrimai

    Kyrimai is my latest discovery and I spotted it while searching the list of the distinguished Greek...

  • Pirgos Mavromichali

    Limeni Areopolis, 23062

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Belle Helene Hotel

    Vathy, Yithion, 23200, gr

  • Hotel Psamathous

    I was having a stroll by the beach when I noticed this Guest house which is located a few meters...

  • Annema

    Palaia Monemvasia, Monemvasia, 23070, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

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