Prefecture of Laconia Things to Do

  • The Tower Houses of Vathia
    The Tower Houses of Vathia
    by greekcypriot
  • The village of Itilo by the coast
    The village of Itilo by the coast
    by greekcypriot
  • The serene upper village of Itilo
    The serene upper village of Itilo
    by greekcypriot

Prefecture of Laconia Things to Do


    The village extends down to the coast but the major village is found on the slopes of the mountain. Take a stroll in the village. Personally I found it inviting and serene. It was early in the morning when we came here and the streets were still empty with the exception of some men sitting at the coffee shop in the main square. There are 2 churches...

  • The Tower Houses of Vathia - Mani

    We are on a sight-seeing tour to Cape Tenaro this morning setting off from Gerolimenas. Countless villages on slopes and hills with several tower houses beautify the region of Mani. The coast is dreamy, and the landscape becomes more rocky and steep as we approach Vathia. I still remember the awe and astonishment I felt the first time I stared in...

  • Mistras - a pilgrimage to Byzantine...

    The castle of Mistras was built in 1249. It was built by the Franks who were trying to establish their rule over the region of the Peloponnese. They chose this site because it was easily defensible as it is inaccessible from the south and southwest where rocky cliffs fall way into a ravine, this made it safe from invasion. Ten years later in 1259,...

  • Visit the Olive Oil Museum in Sparta

    It promotes the olive culture providing very useful information, and it is the first in its kind.In the open-air exhibition one can hear about the cultivation and collection of olives, and you will have the chance to see three different olive oil presses, one of which is prehistoric, the other ancient and the last one of the Byzantine years.

  • Visit the new city of Monemvasia

    Monemvasia lies on a small peninsula off the Peloponnesian east coast.The unique thing about Monemvasia is the way it has been built. You see, the region around it, is particularly wild and barren. The rocky landscape gives an austere characteristic to the region. There is not much cultivation in the area, except for olive groves.There is a marina...

  • Visit MANI

    MANI is situated in the Southern part of the Peloponneseand it is full of rocks and Tall Towers.These Towers here are Military hallmarks of a glorious era.These fortifications are an expression of the fighting spirit of the region and are to be found all over Mani.

  • The Caves of Diros

    It is one of the most enchanting caves I have ever visited. With the utmost patience and artistry, nature has fashioned a wonder beyond imagination beneath the austere landscape of Mani.Brilliant white stalactites and stalagmites and impressive glittering crystal drapes decorate every corner, creating a breathtaking spectacle!The water in the cave...

  • Visit the modern city of Sparti

    The city is full of life because of the University.You will see youngsters everywhere you go.In the evening they gather around the central square, a place with many restaurants and cafe bars, where they eat out with their friends.A city with a variety of good and quality shops.I found quality goods sold in the shops in Sparti and because it was the...


    Mystras is located 5 km north west of Sparta.“The wonder of the Morea” as it is called was built amphitheatrically around the fortress erectred in 1249 by the prince of Achaia. It was reconquered by the Byzantines, then occupied by the Turks and the Venetians, and the city was abandoned in 1832 leaving only the breathtaking medieval ruins standing...

  • Laconia inland village

    Looking more closely at a village confirms that this part of Laconia is very different from Mani. There are no half-abandoned (or completely abandoned) houses, none has a roof missing. There are even new houses being built. On the other hand, while Mani is now developing tourism; because of its special character, eastern Laconia remains a little...

  • Laconia mountain village

    In the mountain villages, the houses are built tight to one another but no house tower like in Mani. It does not seem that the families had to fight each other to get enough for their living! Compared to harsh Mani, this is a nice country!

  • Laconia, mountains and sea

    Though the eastern part of Laconia is mountainous, it is not as desolated as Mani, its western part. Most of the terraced slopes are well maintained and bear their crop waiting to be collected. It is not wealthy but it seems that the people can make a living, which is not the case in Mani.

  • Monemvasia, of course!!

    What a suprise, entry to Monemvasia was free when we visited. We arrived before any coaches and it was extremely quiet and tranquil.A fortified rock, totally unassailable with only one entrance, it was almost impossible to enter without being noticed.There is a causeway to the rock from Gefira (modern Monemvasia) and the medieval town is...

  • Mani area - stone towers - deserted...

    Mani area! The place where I come from.But...One needs 3 days just to cross Mani, 3 months to wander around it and 3 lives to understand its soul. One life will be spend to investigate its sea, one to get its mountains and one to get to know its people.Mani, a barren land in Laconia - Greece. The towers of the Mani are well-known. Made of stone and...

  • Don't miss Monemvasia's castle

    The old town of (Medieval) Monemvasia sends you back to the past times. Ideal place for romantic walks. It has a class! It has a style! And it is a magical place! If you are lucky, find a table at the Malvasia hotel's cafe the late afternoon and listen to the classical music, while you are gazing at the sea and the roofs of other houses.

  • Don't miss Diros caves (3rd best cave...

    About 5 miles south of Areopolis are the famous Diros Caves. They are part of an underground river , and the 5,000 meters that have been exposed are fascinating. From the entrance, skillful, whistling gondoliers steer small boats through narrow passageways, around beautiful formations of stalagmites and stalactites, their colors created by rain...

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    I was having a stroll by the beach when I noticed this Guest house which is located a few meters...

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