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  • Local Customs
    by Robin020
  • Local Customs
    by Robin020
  • Local Customs
    by Robin020

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  • Going out time dos' donts

    by Robin020 Written Dec 16, 2011

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    Here are some usefull tips about going out:

    Thessaloniki was voted top 10 party city by lonely planet.
    in Most bars or clubs when its not so busy once you sit down expect to be served by waiter etc.

    People go out late. Especially during summer. Expect going out for drinks no earlier than 22:00, but expect a bar crawl to start after 23:00.
    from my exprience as well almost all bars play very good music even better than that plays in London I was surprised.

    Night spots close at 04:00 (or earlier) on weekdays and keep on until morning on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Drinking is not cheap: beers are at 5-7 €, straight drinks are at 6-8 €, cocktails and malt whiskies are at 7-10 €. If you are a large party of people, you might consider buying a bottle of your drink, as a bottle costs about € 80, makes 12 drinks easily and it comes with refreshments and some nibbles.

    If you pay for admission, it includes a straight drink.
    From my own experience if you spend reasonable money at the bar you may get a FREE drink on the house if you sit on the bar and chat with the barman,it happend to me.
    or in the restaurants as well I got dessert on the house I spent ONLY 32 Euros 2 people.

    Of course you won't need to learn Greek to order. Menus are in English as well and the staff knows good English. That's except bouzoukia, of course.

    Smoking is officially banned indoors in bars and clubs, but policing this is impossible.

    Getting heavily drunk is frowned upon, unless of course you are in a "my girlfriend dumped me" situation. So, you won't see any people shouting, urinating in public or doing stupid things just because they went out for some drinks.

    Don't expect any plate smashing anywhere! It has been banned decades ago!

    Police are often doing alcohol-tests and driving with alcohol levels over the limit (0,05 mg/l) might cost you your vehicle and your licence for some months.

    Places to spend your nights out drinking in Thessaloniki are divided into 3 distinct categories: Bars, clubs and bouzoukia.

    Places to spend night out:


    If you are going out for a beer, expect a selection of about 6-10 beers in any high-street bar, of which 1 or 2 might be draught (ask for varéli). Don't consult the menu, ask the server, they know better. Amstel and Heineken can be found everywhere. Popular Greek brews are Mythos lager and Fix lager. Lager (if not all beer) is served ice-cold.

    Cocktails are becoming rather popular during the last years. Expect every respectful bar to have their own decent Mojito and Cuba Libre, but don't ask for too much on crowded nights. Whisky lovers are highly respected and you will find an impressive collection of malt whiskies in every bar.

    Clubs have been a popular choice among the younger ages, but their number has been declining rapidly over the last 5 years. The club area during winter is to the west, at the Sfagìa district, while during summer the club scene migrates to the east, close to the airport, next to the casino. Some rock clubs and Greek music clubs exist in the Ladadika district.

    Bouzoukia are the epitome of Greek night life! They are (in their present form) large clubs with tables and proper seating, but no food, with live Greek pop and folk-pop music. You may either sit at the bar and have a drink or book a table, for which you'll have to order a bottle of spirit per 4 people. Bouzoukia are a very interesting matter, for which we have a whole article devoted to: Bouzoukia in Thessaloniki.

    for more info go to http://www.thessalonikiinfoguide.com/introducing-thessaloniki

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  • Language time

    by Robin020 Written Oct 25, 2011

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    in Greece They speak Greek,here are some usefull words and phrases.

    Hello: Ya sou
    delicious : nostimo
    how are you : olla kala? ,ti kanies?,pos paei

    Good : Kala ,Mia hara

    Thanks: Efharisto

    Please: Se parakalo

    Here you go : oristei

    where is airport: po einai to aerodromio

    expensive: akrivo

    Cheap: ftino

    Good kalo
    bad : kako

    water : nero

    Far : makri

    Near : konda

    Bus : leoforio

    Kiosk : periptero

    Passport: diafatirio

    How much : poso kanie

    DO not mention it ,you are welcome : tipota

    No problem: den pirazie

    Do i bother : se enoxloo

    Much : pio poli

    Less : legotero

    little : ligo

    Price : timi
    Girl : kopela

    Man ; Andras

    Hotel : ksenodohio

    ticket : eisitirio

    Airport : aerodromio

    I am from Holland : eimai apo Ollandia

    Apo pou eisai : where are you from?

    How old are you : poso xornon eisai

    quickly :grigora
    little by little : siga siga

    so and so : etsi kai etsi

    mazi : together

    Euro : evro

    drink : poto

    food : fagito

    Streets : dromos

    Mobile phone : kinito

    1: Ena ,2: dio, 3: tria,4:tesera,5:pendeh,6:eksi,7:epta ,8:okto,9:enea,10:deka

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  • Food and Beverages

    by Robin020 Written Oct 25, 2011

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    Frape :

    (Cold coffee with Ice ) you can drink it black ( sketo) or sweet with milk (gliko mee gala ), nescafe(Hot coffee), Made with instant coffee mixed with milk, water, lots of sugar and ice depends when u buy it but price starts from €1,50

    Tsiporo and ouzo

    (Alcohol taste bit like ouzo, and ouzo you drink it with ice or water, and sip over a longer period of time. Ouzo is a very strong drink.

    Elliniko :

    (Greek coffee) sweet means in Greek Gliko medium miditero or no sugar black sketo usually costs €1,50

    Souvlaki :

    also you should try souvlaki mostly pork with salad with rolled bread porkpita bread tomatoes, sliced onions, sliced teacup olive oil ablespoon parsley, finally chopped salt and pepper oregano Tzatziki (optional) . €1,80

    dolmades or kolokithakia :

    Dolmades are grape leaves stuffed with rice and cooked with lemon juice and kolokithakia are courgettes stu

    Figure 1doulmades

    Spanakopita :

    Figure 2spanokopita

    Spanakopita is a savoury tart made primarily of spinach, fillo dough and feta cheese less then €1,50

    Tyropitakia :

    tyropita (cheese wrapped in strudel leaves


    (Greek Μπουγάτσα) is a pastry constiting of custard cheese , or minced meat filling between layers of phyllo.

    Koulouria :

    Typical snacks sols on streets and bakeries les than €1

    Gyros :

    consist of thinly shaved lamb in a pita pocket served together with lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, sometimes onion, and the tzatziki (white sauce made from yogurt and cucumbers and garlic ) is optional. One gyro costs less then €2

    Read more: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/2103b6/#ixzz1bnq0NMsW

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  • FRONA's Profile Photo

    Sweets and paistry shops

    by FRONA Written Jun 1, 2005

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    this is the absolute sweets heaven and I just found my own piece in it> its a place called something like TERKENAIS orosomething but the address is TSIMISKI 30 and you can miss is walking down Tsimiski and Promenade intersection. You can just follow the sweet vanilla smell all the way to that place because they perfume their air exhaust from the kitchen! this shope is absolute cake heaven!!!

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  • You do not have to tip at the...

    by steve58 Written Aug 25, 2002

    You do not have to tip at the restaurants - they are included in the bill. Culture is 'westernized' so you do not have to worry... Beautiful women, expect some vocal expressions of admiration by Greek males!

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