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  • Paralia
    by Penelope4
  • Paralia
    by Penelope4
  • Paralia
    by Penelope4
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    Pier A of the Port

    by StefanosS Written Feb 18, 2014
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    Published in the beginning of 2013, the final reformation project of Pier A in the Port of Thessaloniki, concerns two parallel levels of intervention. The first one is about the conservation of the existing infrastructure and the second one is about the restoration, prominence and reuse of the historic area, i.e. the open air public space and the historic buildings that belong to the Thessaloniki Port Organization.

    Starting two decades earlier, Pier A was designated a historic site, by the laws 7779/1994, 4589/1996 and 6405/2001 and the buildings of warehouses 1, A, B, C and D, were declared by the same ordinances listed as preservable, by setting specific conditions and restrictions layout. Many restoration works had gradually taken place since then.

    In the beginning of 2014, Pier A is already one of the most visited places in Thessaloniki and its successful reformation is one of the most ambitious projects of recent times, yet very simple. The architectural style of the buildings and the original materials (both elements of our cultural heritage), carefully restored, parts of the old authentic cobblestones from the old dock, olive trees planted in straight lines, simple constructions and neutral tones emphasize aesthetics and balance between the city's history and its contemporary quest. The ban on entry of cars, the wide sidewalks, the new trails, the large sculptures-seats and other simple structures provide a place for everyone, a functional, vivid and viable public space embodied in the historic area.

    People's flow is continuous all day and night following the urban traffic, cyclists can move without impeding pedestrians and nothing disturbs the horizon view and the sounds of the sea.

    Here you can visit some important museums of Thessaloniki:
    • the Museum of Photography (Warehouse A),
    • the Cinema Museum (Warehouse A),
    • the Centre of Contemporary Art (Warehouse B1), an independent part of the State Museum of Contemporary Art.
    And, every year major events and exhibitions take place, like the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Documentary Film Festival, the Biennale of Contemporary Art, Photobiennale, e.t.c.
    Plus cafés and restaurants with a striking view of the sea and the city.

    Finally, within the limits of the pier, at the end of the route and at the best viewing angle from the center of the city, on the same spot where once operated the cargo shipping system of the port, was put a crane of unique historical value, a subject of industrial heritage dating from the early 20th century, that symbolically refers to the original use of the dock, taking the characteristics of a landmark - especially in the evening because of the play of light - of the intervention area and of course of the Port itself.

    Also at the end of the main route of Pier A you can find an interesting modern urban sculpture. Its metallic architectural construction has bird-shaped holes, where small waterfalls of bold colors flow. This is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view! And if it is late afternoon, don't miss the beautiful sunset. The sun is actually sinking behind cranes and old industrial metal bridges!

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    Paralia-The Market Place

    by traveloturc Updated May 19, 2008

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    Paralia in the parallel street to the bay and and the sea.This type of streets are very common in the Mediterranean region .Because this is the "market Place" for everything
    This is where teenagers meets their husbands or wifes,this is also the place where the old man and woman of the city meets and share all good memories of their life .Obviously this is also the place that you can feel the breeze of the sea after a hot summer day.As everybody mentioned it is very similar to Izmr in Turkiye

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  • wadekorzan's Profile Photo

    Stroll the waterfront, in the day, and at night

    by wadekorzan Written May 20, 2007

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    Thessaloniki Waterfront

    After visiting Aristoteles Square, go on a stroll along the waterfront between the port and the "White Tower". Mostly along the waterfront you'll find highrise apartment complexes overlooking the sea, but it's a really nice and pleasant walk and there is usually a nice breeze coming in to cool, you off. The most amazing thing is the number of bars and cafes located here. Each bar is quite different than the next, with a very nice and distinct decor, music, and atmosphere. The cafes/bar were always full day and night and just walking here kind of gave uis the impression that people here really enjoy their social lives and it would be a shame coming to Thessaloniki not to join in. It's nice to walk around sunset, but I also would not miss walking around later at night, especially on the weekend, to get a feel for the vibrant energy that the people have here. Great place to have a drink and maybe meet some locals, trhough maybe not the best if you are travelling alone as it seems everyone is in their own little group.

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  • Best place for walking, jogging or cycling

    by skg-traveller Written Sep 18, 2006

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    The part of the beach between White Tower and Concert Hall is one of the best places in Thessaloniki to walk, run or ride a bike. There aren't so many people as at the part between the port and the White Tower and it's much more wide. There are some parks and playgrounds between the beach and the Megalou Alexandrou avenue, so it's also a good place for families with young children who want to find a place for their kids to play.

    On that part of the beach are also two artistic creations: the staue of Alexander the Great, near the White Tower and a modern artistic creation of Zoggolopoulos, which is commonly known as the "Umbrellas", near the Makedonia Palace Hotel.

    During the last week of May at the part of the beach between the White Tower and the Makedonia Palace Hotel is held the Book Festival, where local publishers exhibit their books in outdoor kiosks.

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  • The heart of Thessaloniki

    by skg-traveller Written Sep 18, 2006

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    Sunset at Thessaloniki's beachfront

    Palia Paralia (Old Beach) or Nikis Avenue is the part of the beachfront from the port till the White Tower. Although there aren't any monuments on that street, it's really worth visiting, as it is the heart of the city's life. The best time to walk on waterfront is on a Friday or Saturday evening, when most young people are doing that, before sitting at a cafe for 2 or 3 hours, drinking, smoking and talking. Even if you're not in a mood for beeing in such a congested place, the sunset is worth it.

    For those who prefer quiet, the best time to walk on the waterfront is on a weekday morning, or even better on early at Sunday, when there are much less people and traffic.

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  • FRONA's Profile Photo

    walk around the shoreline

    by FRONA Written Aug 25, 2005

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    greek boat

    it was a windy and clowdy day in the industrial harbor of Thessaloniki. However this beautiful boat made it all better. Plus, when you get tired of walking down the shoreline just hop to any cafe along it!

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  • DrexelDragon's Profile Photo

    Lefkos Nikis

    by DrexelDragon Written Nov 20, 2004

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    Sunglasses? yup Styled hair? yup Cigarettes? yup

    I think it's a requirement that when you come to Thessaloniki that you have to do the waterside stroll. The street is lined with cafes/bars/restaurants/clubs. Every Saturday if the weather is nice, everyone flocks here and sits around gabbing and drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Everyone pretty much looks the same - black sunglasses are required. It's not really the scene to go when you're by yourself. They prefer to sit large groups together. Take it or leave.

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  • KonstantinII's Profile Photo

    Solun - Thessaloniki 1997.

    by KonstantinII Written Feb 15, 2004

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    I visited Thessaloniki, or Solun as we Serbs call it for the second time in my life in 1997.

    I was on a school excursion.
    On this picture you can see beautiful Thessaloniki Port and me and my two friends. I am the one with peace sign. ;o)

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  • Aggeliki's Profile Photo

    walking along the town and beside the sea...

    by Aggeliki Written Dec 17, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The seaside central road called Leoforos Nikis connects Aristotelous Square with the White Tower, Many cafes attract people day and night. This walking reminded me the Kordon street in Izmir. This is not by chance it is said that Thessaloniki is so similar with Izmir.

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  • Sunset at the sea

    by Tobias_Plieninger Written Nov 27, 2005
    Sunset in Thessaloniki
    1 more image

    There is always nice long sunset to see in Thessaloniki.

    So take your camera with when the sun is dawning.

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    Park behind the White Tower

    by Natrix Written Aug 12, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Behind the famous White Tower - landmark of this city - there's a park and a promenade pier. You can also find a statue of Alexander the Great here.

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