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  • Kuyumtzoglou Mansion
    Kuyumtzoglou Mansion
    by bakalapoe
  • Painted ceiling
    Painted ceiling
    by bakalapoe
  • The bedroom
    The bedroom
    by bakalapoe

Xanthi Things to Do

  • Island Monastery: St Nicholas Chapel

    Saint Nikolas Chapel is a Monastery Church which is located and built in the centre of Vistonis (Vistonida) Lake, the second largest Lake in Greece. The monastery complex is built on two small islands in the Porto Lagos lagoon. Access to the Chapel is a wooden pedestrian bridge that connects the two islands and a second one is linking them with the...

  • "Christos Pavlides" Municipal Gallery

    The gallery is housed at Kalevras Mansion, at the heart of the old town, and presents a collection of about 300 paintings. Some of them are works of Christos Pavlides, a local painter, that have been donated to the Municipality of Xanthi.

  • Museum of Traditional Costumes

    Housed in an historic building, built in the beginning of the 20th century, the Museum of Traditional Costumes presents a rich collection of traditional mens' and womens' traditional costumes of the grater area of Nothern Greece.

  • Xanthi Folklore Museum

    Housed at the Kuyumtzoglou mansion, at the old part of the town, the museum presents the life of the middle class living in Xanthi in the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Main Mosque

    The largest mosque in Xanthi is not exactly historic, but it is quite pretty and has a lovely garden on its grounds. It is not in the old city and a bit of a walk from Plateia Kendriki (maybe 10-15 minutes, but it is not a direct route). You can enter the grounds, walk around and take pictures, but I don't believe that you can enter the actual...

  • Theou Sofias Church

    This church is near Plateia Kendriki and at the time I visit Xanthi (June 2007) it was under renovations. Nevertheless, there are some beautiful paintings and mosaics on the façade of the church.

  • Plateia Kendriki

    The Plateia Kendriki (Central Square) has a working clock tower and is the centre of pre-supper nightlife in Xanthi. It has a number of cafés (all of quite good and much cheaper than elsewhere in Greece - a frappé costs 2.50 euro). Its a great place for peoplewatching, particularly after 9PM as parents will bring their children to play and what...

  • National Bank of Greece

    The National Bank of Greece (Ktirio Ethnikis Trapezas) is an impressive building on the edge of the Old City. You can't go in and look around, but it is quite a beautiful building in neoclassical style set against the backdrop of the buildings of the old quarter (in traditional Macedonian style).

  • Folk Museum

    Folk Museums aren't really my thing; once you've seen one collection of costumes and dishes, you feel like you've seen them all, despite the fact that every folk museum is different by virtue of being in a different region. The Folk Museum in Xanthi isn't terribly different and it lacks any information on the region's Turkish and Greek Muslim...


Xanthi Restaurants

  • Salty and sweety flavors

    Choose from La Piazza's big variety menu: omelettes, club sandwishes, burgers, creppes, snacks, salads, pizzas, pastas and risoto. Vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, tomato slices, green pepper, green and black olives, onion slices, egg plant, pumpkin, edam and gouda chesse baked in the stony oven. The family size one costs 8,80 €, while the giga...

  • The absolute Italian experience in...

    Breakfast, cold sandwiches, sweets, waffles, juices, refreshments and Italian coffe is served here 24 hours a day. Delivery service at customers' place is provided from 7 a.m till 11 p.m. Freshly baked waffles with icecream, banana slices and chocolate sirup (very tasty, full of calories though!)

  • Mainly Pomak and Muslim cuisine

    In this restaurant start your meal with fresh green salads and starters (some of them are hot) and accompany your meal with local unbottled (absolutely safe!) red wine. From a very rich menu select your main dish of beef and chicken (pork meat is excluded from Muslim cuisine). At the end of your meal ask for local desserts with nuts and honey.

  • Beautiful ambiance and tasty treats

    I was a bit hesitant to go into this restaurant at first because I had arrived early (10PM) and it didn't seem to be busy. However, I was starving after a 7 hour bus ride in from Sofia and hunger overrules timidity. The meal was superb and the service very friendly, even if my Greek was halting and atrocious. The dining area is a huge garden with a...

  • "TA TEMPH TOY NESTOY" Restaurant

    For twenty years this tavern is the point of report of visitors of narrow Nestos. Placed in the entry of this beautiful environment it has accepted thousands visitors. The family Thefilaktou for two generations keeps the delivery and maintains in high levels the service but also the quality of dishes. Delicious food and very friendly staff. Don't...

  • A Tasty Look at Xanthi

    In Xanthi, food is not simply good. It is particular. Local cuisine has been influenced by the Asia Minor culture. Dishes are prepared with love, according to long-standing, traditional recipes that will certainly fascinate you. It is worthwhile to savour – and buy – sucuk lokum. Its preparation reflects the patience, care and skills of the...


Xanthi Nightlife

  • Clubs at Xanthi

    PRKonitsis Street, 10e entrance.THEATRO LIVE4 km Xanthi-Kavala road, 10e, untill 04.00 Sat,Sun,Fri,Mon.EDEMKaraoli St, 10e, untill 03.00 St,Sun,Fri,We.RODON LIVE3rd Km Xanthi-Kavala, untill 04.00. Tel: 25410 64988.

  • Cafes at Xanthi

    KYVERNEIOVas. Sofias St, 4.6e - good decor and people / no entering for staying there / every day, rock and some greek - Tel: 25410 77577PRESTIGEVas. Sofias St, 4.63e - nice music open every day - rock, pop and greek - Tel: 25410 71158BAISERVas. Sofias St, 4.6e good music decor / every day open, hits, pop, greek - Tel: 25410 73948CORTEVas. Sofias...

  • Cafe Antika

    A very cool café located in the center of Xanthi, though slightly hidden, the soft-lit Antika is framed by well-polished wood beams and decorated with plush couches and antiques, playing ambient or sometimes Greek music and offers over 10 varieties of hot chocolate.


Xanthi Transportation

  • Hoe to Go by Train

    You should try the trip with the train. The train passes from the Nestos Valley and the view is spectacullar.

  • How to Go by Bus

    From Xanthi:To Thessaloniki: every day: 06.00am, 08.30am, 09.30am, 11.00am, 13.30pm, 15.30pm, 18.30pm, 19.00pm (time: 3h 25min) To Athens: 09.30am, 19.00pm (time: 9h) To Kavala: from 06.00am every 30minutes to 17.00pm after 18.00pm, 19.00pm, 20.00pm (1h 15-15min)Note: (Sundays and Cel days: no buses for 06.00am)To Xanthi:From Thessaloniki: every...

  • How to Go by Plain

    PLAINS:Please Call the 25410 26497 (Olympic Airways office in Xanthi) or 25910 53273 The Airport in Chrissoupoli. With Olympic Airways, Aegean airways.FROM ATHENS TO KAVALAOLYMPIC : 05.25 , 09.00 , 19.20 EVERY DAY - www.olympic-airways.gr -AEGEAN CRONUS : 06.15 , 16,05 EVERY DAYFROM HERAKLION TO KAVALAAEGEAN : 06.15 EVERY 2 DAYS FROM KAVALA TO...


Xanthi Shopping

  • mikey_e's Profile Photo

    by mikey_e Written Jul 2, 2007

    There is a slew of internet cafés at the entrance to the old city of Xanthi. I wasted a lot of time looking for internet cafés south of Plateia Kendriki, and was shocked when I found four within two minutes of each other all on the same street.

    What to buy: Time at one of the computers. You can also get snacks and drinks. Don't forget to tell them exactly what you want to use (i.e. usb, games, music) so that you get a computer equipped for your purposes.

    What to pay: About 2 euro an hour

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Xanthi Local Customs

  • Xanthis' Carnival

    The carnival of Xanthi is not just a parade of disguised people and there is no other like it and as it was inspired by a group of its founders who begun with the determination and the belief to make it an institution in Thrace and in Macedonia. Not only does it consist of soulless colorful mechanized caricatures but it really consists of folk...

  • Old Town Festival

    The Xanthi Old Town Festival is organised in Xanthi every year in late summer. Sweet smells fill the air. The narrow streets of the old settlement bustle with life for one week and echo with melodies and exclamations of merriment. Clubs and cultural manifestations are the driving force behind the contact of tourists with the locals and their common...

  • Xanthi Hotels

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Xanthi Off The Beaten Path

  • mikey_e's Profile Photo

    by mikey_e Written Jul 1, 2007

    There are numerous mosques in Xanthi (these are functional mosques, something quite rare in Greece), but many of them are fairly modern. There is, however, a historic mosque from the 18th or 19th century with a small graveyard. I have no idea which street its on, although if you go to the entrance to the old town from the northwest corner of Plateia Kendriki you can see the minaret; follow Odos Konstandinou all the way up and you will eventually find your way to it. Be aware that you must take off your shoes to enter and that you may not always be able to go in, as there are prayers in the mosque.

    Tombstones at the Mosque

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Xanthi Sports & Outdoors

  • Rafting at Nestos River

    Rafting in Nestos river with a canoe is a fascinating experience. Walking in stone paths and in the virgin forest is something that you will be missing after you 've tried it. Here you are in the nature and if you wish, you could get to know it better.

  • Trecking at Stena Nestou

    he Nestos River forms the natural boundary between the prefecture of Kavala and the prefecture of Xanthi. Along its way, the river runs through landscapes of unique natural beauty which you can enjoy by participating in a very beautiful trekking route through areas with poplars, willows, planes and climbing plants. The meanders of the river are...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Xanthi Favorites

  • mikey_e's Profile Photo

    by mikey_e Written Jul 4, 2007

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Much of Greece is incredibly ethnically and religious homogenous: apart from some small reminders of Armenian or Jewish minorities, Greek Orthodoxy is the overwhelming expression of traditional culture throughout Greece. This is not because of Greece's relative isolation from outside influences (such an idea would be ludicrous) but rather because of population exchanges with Bulgaria in the 1910's and the major Population Exchange with Turkey in 1923. Thrace was exempt from this exchange and, as such, still preserves the original diversity of the region. Xanthi is about half Greek and half Muslim, with the bulk of Muslims being Turkish although some are Pomaks, Greek-speaking Muslims. This gives the town a distinct characteristic, one that is hard to match in any other city in Greece.

    Fondest memory: On my second day in Xanthi, I took a train to Alexandroupoli. On the way back from the train station in Xanthi to my hotel, I decided to take a bit of a circuitous route in order to see one of the city's mosques. I ended up in a sort of slum inhabited by Pomaks and Roma (it wasn't a slum à la Latin America, but the houses were ramshackle and the streets had lots of garbage all around). I found the Mosque took a few pictures of it and of the Pomak girls in traditional dress. As I started to walk towards the hotel, the muezzin began the call to prayer. It was an odd experience, but nonetheless magical. I had always though the first time I would hear the muezzin would be somewhere romantic, like Istanbul or Marrakesh or Jerusalem, but instead here I was in a Pomak slum listening to the call to prayer. It is an experience I will never forget, no matter how many more time I hear the muezzin.

    Pomak girl beside a Mosque

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