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Mykonos Island Things to Do

  • Cine Manto - Open air cinema under the...

    Cine Manto offers a relaxed and dreamful vista under the bright stars of the Aegean sky. You can enjoy the best movies, first wordwide released films & boxoffice productions for adults and children, starting on June 1st up until September 30th.

  • museums in Mykonos!

    Ok you came here to party but there are also some cultural choices here :) as my visits to some of the museums were in pre-digital era I have pictures only from the archeological museum :)Archeological MuseumLocated next to the port it’s an easy visit on your way back to the feery. It is housed in a building that was built in 1902 to house some...

  • Petros the Pelican...

    Ok, here we are, Petros is the legendary pelican of Mykonos! The first one has died many years before but the locals always bring another one to replace every time and for some strange reason they call it Petros again! On April 2007 I saw 4 of them! Don’t worry where to find the pelican, Petros strolls day and night around the alleys of Chora.

  • Chora of Mykonos

    One of the most beautiful Chora in Cyclades islands. In fact Chora in greek means “town” and it’s the way locals call the capital of an island when it has the same name with the island (the capital of Mykonos is Mykonos if you got confused :) )Definitely you will stroll along this amazing maze of twisting tiny alleys leading to nowhere. Don’t use...

  • the old port and seafront

    Mykonos old Port is the first view of Mykonos we got when we arrived to the island - and for a few hours it was the only sight we had of it: the sea was rough and the tenders couldn't get to the bat to let the passengers out.The sight, I must admit, was very picturesque: a circular harbour surrounded by white washed houses. In my opinion it was a...

  • Agios Nicholaus Church

    Agios Nikolaos Church is possibly the first sight you'll walk into if you arrive in Mykonos by boat and dock at the old ferry port of Hora. It is a very tiny church with a blue dome and it is locared between the port and the little Venice. This church is one of the few post-byzantine era churches on the island.

  • Catholic Church of Mykonos Virgin of St....

    The island of Mykonos has about 400 churches, and in the main town, Hra, you can find a good number of them... and yet, only one is a catholic church... and this catholic church, it appears, it's the most photographed of the island. I'm not sure about the reason but possibly it's because of its location near the famous windmills, and because it's...

  • The windmills of Mykonos

    The Windmills of Mykonos are the most distinctive landmark that you see once you get to Hora, the main town of the island...basically where the famous nightlife is. In the past they were used to refine grain.The row of windmills that you can see today, southwest of the city, are called Kato Myloi (lower windmills) and they are easily accessible on...

  • Armenistis Lighthouse

    The actual lighthouse is nothing special but the way up here is lovely - you must stop off en route for the panoramic view ovver Mykonos. Its right on teh tip of Mykonos Island and you can see out over to the neighbouring island of Tinos.

  • Ano Mera

    Ano Mera has a large square just adjacent to the Monastery with many tavernas to choose from.we blindly chose the one where they said "come into the kitchen and see the food"....then you get tempterd and had adelicious lunch...with a large bill at the end! It was the most expensive lunch we had in Mykonos but it was very tasty greek food and good...

  • Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

    In ano Mera, the only other notable town on Mykonos is the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. We had to visit Anomera twice to get a look insie the monastery - first time they had beeen painitng and it wasn't dry enough to let visitors in! Founded in 1542 the monastery has a whitewashed exterior and a coloured dome and, in its courtyard, a lovely...

  • Mykonos Town

    A cosmopolitan tourit trap but I loved the town of Mykonos or Chora as it is known. A maze of white-washed cobbled streets with colourful boutiques and artists galleries amidst churches and tavernas. Centred around the old port with its lovely tavernas and fish market. keep an eye out too for Petros the Pelican a much loved symbol of the town. You...

  • Mykonos Windmills

    Another iconic view of Mykonos are the windmills not far from Little Venice, albeit a little spoilt by the nearby carpark on ther edge of town. A better viw was had from sea as we sailed out to Delos and also from the old mindmill on the hill above town. The Bonis windmill here houses a folklore musem - tiny but worth it anyway for the climb up...

  • Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary)...

    The church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Paraportiani is an iconic view of Mykonos. Five chapels in one apparently (four on the ground and the fifth on top) with what loks like a covering of thick icing sugar! Amazing place for photography - we watched a photographer shoot some models with this church as a backdrop. This 15th century church is the most...

  • Little Venice

    This is one of the places to hang out in Mykonos, probably one of the most expensive places too for a drink. Even early season in My is was always crowded here and you had to squeeze your way through the crowds of people and try not to end up in the sea! Great spot for a meal in the evening though or a cocktail as you watch the wonderful sunsets....

  • Mykonos: The Spirit of Petros Lives

    A feature of the island, the pelican has gained a sort of celebrity status. Cherished by locals and admired by visitors, this long-billed, webbed-footed, feathery (and quite a big) creature is constantly approached, fed, and/or photographed. Really, it’s an attraction in and of itself.The original pelican celeb was Petros. He was found after a...

  • many sandy beaches

    There are more than 30 beaches, most of them sandy. The most famous are in the south, you can easily reach them by bus. Paradise, Super Paradise, Platis Yialos are some of them. If you like to see and to be seen this is your place. Thousands of other people will do the same so don’t worry about swimming etc :) From the other side these beaches have...

  • Super Paradise Beach

    Super Paradise Beach is not a typical "paradise" beach in my books, but it's a fun, energetic beach full of people of all sorts. Many people warned me about naked people will be all over, but that was untrue. I did not see a single person who was naked!There are many deck-chairs to sit, get your drink orders, and enjoy the water. It also appeared...

  • The Most Popular Pelican In Greece

    I told VT member Sinequanon, A Greek naturalist in Athens, that I would do some serious birdwatching in Greece. (After all, birdwatching is listed among my travel interests!)What better way to keep my promise than to go watch what is arguably the most famous bird in all of Greece: Petros the Pelican!Pelican hunting is the #2 tourist activity on...

  • This is what you do on Mykonos: Chase...

    Mykonos is famous for its windmills. Not much else. You won't find any ancient Greek temples here, but there are some old monuments on the nearby island of Delos. Mykonos is a popular stop on cruise ship tours of the Greek Islands. Upon disembarking at port, cruise ship passengers head right for the windmills like a column of ants going after a...


    Of course if you visit Mykonos you can not avoid this great tempation, the beach.Ornos is a little town located at more or less 7 kilometers from Mykonos Port. You can take a bus (they have a good service) and they put you just on the sand. Bars, pubs, restaurants, and all those places to spend a fun time are close to you. Then, never forget these...


Mykonos Island Hotels

  • Argo Hotel Mykonos Greece

    Plati Gialos, Mykonos, 84 600, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Palladium Hotel

    Plati Gialos, Mykonos, 84600, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Yiannaki Hotel Mykonos Island

    Ornos Beach, Ornos, Mykonos, 84600, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

Mykonos Island Restaurants

  • ouzo

    We did not ahev a lot of time on Mykonos, which was OK... but we had enbough time to explore the little town of Hora on foot and to stop somewhere: dinner or drinks? All restaurants were packed and a trusted cousin had informed uys that was was really not that spectacular in town - so we opted for drinks.We found this little tavern called Zorbs...

  • Fokos Beach taverna

    The taverna at Fokos beach is really lovely. You need to hire a car or moped to get there (unless you grab a taxi). There's a fine taverna that cooks all their food without electricity, so it's even yummier. It's not a place overun by loads of tourists and loud music. It's very quiet and relaxing.Come during the day to make the most of it. The...

  • The only Chinese restaurant on Mykonos

    The one and only Chinese restaurant on Mykonos is located on top of the hill overlooking the port town. This is where you want to be for a beautiful sunset dinner. I suggest taking a taxi there from the windmills, and then the owner, Yiannis, will be happy to call another taxi for you to return to the port. This is simply one of the best Chinese...


Mykonos Island Nightlife

  • sunsets

    Sunsets in Mykonos are particularly nice.. and one good place to go admire it is at the foot of the mafouns windmills... Look out into the sea towards the old harbour, and wait... you'll be amazed. You will not be have an intimate experience, though: it's full of people there, wanting to have their picture taken... this woman, whoever she was, just...

  • Drink, drunk, drank...

    Skandinavian Bar is a classical meeting point for the northern european people, but everyone is welcome in there, music, drinks (a lot), unprejudiced young people dancing on the bar and tables. Sometimes stepping on the floor.

  • Little venice area - very nice!

    Try the Little Venice area for cocktails in the early evening. The other clubs/bars are still quiet at that time (we're talking around 9pm).This is especially nice at sunset!


Mykonos Island Transportation

  • Mykonos Private Transfers

    In my opinion the best way to travel around the island of mykonos is to book a private transfer!You and your friends and family can care more about having a great time and less about bus schedules, transportation and so on. I strongly recommend it as the costs are not too high. Medium budget holidays may be able to afford it!

  • How to go there

    By boatThe boat connection of Mykonos with Piraeus and Rafina ports is great. You can find many companies for Mykonos with regular ferries (about 30 euros one way, the ride takes 5,5 hours) or catamarans that goes faster (3,5 hours but double the price). You can also travel here by boat from other islands like Paros, Santorini etc By planeThere are...

  • how to move around

    If you just want to see the main town (Chora) you will just walk around easily. The port is about 600m away from the center but if you arrive at the new port (cruises, old ferries) you will need a taxi as it is 3km away from town.By busThere are several buses that connect Mykonos town with the beaches (like Paradise, Super Paradise, Platis Yialos...


Mykonos Island Shopping

  • Joseph69's Profile Photo

    by Joseph69 Updated Jan 7, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What totally surprised me was that there were many stores open within Mykonos Town until about 3am in the morning! YES, 3am! Well, during the summer, when it's quite warm, most people will be spending their time at either the beaches, hotel pools or restaurants. When the sun goes down, you get hungry, so you eat... afterwards, you have the choice! Shop or drink some more! Well, you can do both... it was a great pleasure as we didn't feel pressured to do some shopping and miss out on the beach, bars, etc.

    It's so much cooler at night too, so it makes sense. The photo shown was taken around 2am. Mykonos Town is truly a town for the nocturnal! For those worries abotu safety, you need nto worry. It's very safe at night with many people about.

    What to buy: At that time, there are numerous stores open. Fashion, souveniers, jewellery, etc.

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Mykonos Island Favorites

  • I-phone application for Mykonos

    lMykonos ConfidentialWith the inside look at the key players and the most valid info on the best the island has to offer, from fashion and shopping, to dining, culture, arts, real estate, entertainment &guiltypleasures, Mykonos Confidential is the lifestyle magazine -experton the hottest Mediterranean destination. Now Mykonos Confidential comes as...

  • Hora

    Hora is the main town of the island of Mykonos and - though apparently nice, it is far too touristy to have real fascination. It's a maze of little lanes with white-washed houses and bougainvilles, and the occasional old picturesque church... BUT... with every single building having been turned intoa shop/bar/disco/restaurant ect, it really lacks...

  • Beaches of Mykonos

    There are many beaches to enjoy on Mykonos - some are more accessible than others. Some are off the beaten track but work exploring - like Panormos. Most charge for sunbeds and parasols for the day but others like Ornos and Plati Yialos are free if you are kind enough to use the services of the beach taverna asociated with the sunbeds - this is...


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