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  • Ikaros Studios & Aparments
    Ikaros Studios & Aparments
    by ngrivas
  • Ikaros pool and garden
    Ikaros pool and garden
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    Ikaros Fountain
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Naxos - Chora (town of) Things to Do

  • Visit "the VENETIAN MUSEUM"!

    No visit to the Castro of Naxos can be complete, without visiting "the Venetian Museum: Domus della ROCCA-BAROZZI! If you are interested in getting to know the glorious past of Naxos during the Venetian period through the 8 century history of a mansion or tower house, belonging to the Greek-Venetian-Frankish families of Della Rocca-Barozzi, then...

  • "Domus Festival"-Venetian Museum

    The Venetian Museum "Domus della Rocca-Barozzi" is also the venue for the "Domus Festival".Every summer, from the first week of May till the fisrt week of November, a plethora of cultural events are taking place on the premises of the Venetian Museum:1)The old Cellar, where they used to store wines and other food supplies, it was turned into a...

  • Pyrgaki beach - Souvenirs.

    We staid here in 1977 and 1980 because one of the very few modern hotels of the island was located here. Actually the Pyrgaki bungalows hotel belonged to a Belgian so that a Belgian tour operator specialized on Greece was sending the first tourists to this place.Located 20 Km south of Naxos Chora by a mostly not asphalted road in that time, it was...

  • The first Greek island we visited.

    Naxos was the first Greek island we visited. I don't know what it looks like today but thirty years ago arriving at a Cycladic island not touched by tourism was somewhat of an adventure.We were only a dozen tourists to arrive on an evening of May 1977 with the "Naxos" ferry boat. A frenzied crowd was standing on the quay and shouting at the ship....

  • The "Portara"

    The "Portara" is probably the strangest antique monument we saw in Greece. As we arrived by the ferry boat around 10 pm we didn't discover this marble frame of the door of the Apollo Temple before we visited Chora in daytime. Actually we arrived at Naxos in May 1977 after a tour of Athens and the Peloponnesus so that we were more interested in the...

  • "Visit the Former Jesuit School of...

    The Former Commercial School of Naxos founded by the Jesuits, used to be a very important school in the heart of the "Aegean Archipelago", a "real beacon" of culture and knowledge!The School was founded by the Catholic Archibishop of Naxos, Raphael Schiattini in 1627 in order to provide to the Catholic young men of Naxos with higher religious,...


Naxos - Chora (town of) Hotels

Naxos - Chora (town of) Restaurants



  • "The Ultimate Gastronomic Experience"!

    If you want to taste at its best the local Naxian, as well as Greek cuisine, it worths travelling some more kilometres outside the Chora of Naxos, to enjoy the ultimate gastronomic experience in traditional Greek cuisine: AXIOTISSA! In Greek means: the woman from Naxos.Traditional recipes and plates from Naxos and the rest of Greece, made of fresh,...

  • "Homemade Ice-Cream"

    If you scream for an ice-cream, delicious and homemade one, in more than 40 flavours, on a hot waffle with chocolate, then smile, your prayers have been answered!Go straight to the "Waffle House", the ice-cream dynamite, which makes Naxos proud!Ice-creams and ice-creams in more than 40 flavours, hot waffles and more hot waffles with chocolate are...

  • Do not miss the big portions of...

    If you want to spend a nice evening, eating very well-and I mean big portions of food-and everything at a very affordable price, then "the Old Inn" International Restaurant,will be your favourite restaurant in Naxos!Dieter-the Polish-German owner of the restaurant, is very keen in preparing traditional German and Austrian plates (big portions!),as...

  • "AKTAION", Chocolaterie-Patisserie"

    If "sweets of any kind" is your little "sin", then you should try the "AKTAION Chocolaterie-Patisserie!In a nice "sugar ambience", although you will prefer to enjoy your coffee and sweet outdoors, sitting, looking at the port of Naxos and enjoying your sweet, you will find a big selection of pastries, be them chocolate ones or other kind, as well...

  • Another Italian Restaurant

    Another Italian restaurant, at the entrance of the port of Naxos, "il Girasole" (the Sunflower, in Italian), offers the typical Italian dishes you would always ask from a typical Italian restaurant: pizzas, spaghettis, Greek and Italian wines, panacotta and tiramisu. Pizzas.


Naxos - Chora (town of) Nightlife

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    Disco Asteria: b1bob's rare nightlife tip

    by b1bob Updated Jun 9, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Having met Spyros and his family and after stowing my bag, I had only three problems. First, it had been 29 hours since my last real sleep. Second, I was too hungry to sleep as I didn't have more than a bag of crisps since I arrived to Greece. Third, I was loaded down with money (just not drachma). I didn't figure on hitting the ground running so I couldn't change my money in Athens. However, there were more than a few places where they would change your money on Saturday nights. While others started bar hopping early, Thanasis and I went to eat at, appropriately enough, the Greek Tavern. I had a Greek salad and dolmades. Thanasis and I divided the souvlaki and chips. It was the best Greek meal I have ever had. It took some time to find the others, but we finally did at Disco Asteria. It was a right not place except "quiet" is not among the adjectives I would use to describe it. The music was good, but it was so loud, you feel like it's being pounded into your head like a railroad spike. Lack of sleep was beginning to really get to me. My vision started to blur and I became less cognizant of my surroundings, so say Thanasis and Spyros. We finally ambled in round about 3.00 that Sunday morning. It had been 36 hours since I got up at T.K.'s house at 7.30 the previous Friday morning.

    Dress Code: If there was a dress code, I wouldn't have gone in, I guarantee everyone on VT that much.

    Disco Asteria

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Naxos - Chora (town of) Transportation

  • MS NICHOLAS - motorsailor extraordinaire

    Naxos is a major Cycladic ferry port with many other island connections, as well as direct connections with Pireaus. You can also get to Naxos with the MS Nicholas, of course. There is also an airport south of the main port enabling beach lovers to get right to it.

  • Ferry from Piraeus to Naxos

    As he parked the car on the narrow street called Mysonos, he announced we were going to Naxos to visit his friend Spyros. At that time, I hadn't heard of Naxos or his friend Spyros, but I was willing try anything once. I mentally prepared myself for anything. My mouth said, "What are we lolligagging around here for, let's go!", but my body was...

  • Naxos - Chora (town of) Hotels

    88 Hotels in Naxos - Chora (town of)

Naxos - Chora (town of) Shopping

  • "Books again:!

    To "Palio Vivliopolio" (in Greek means: the Old Bookshop) is a big and pleasant bookstore with a big selection of books in Greek language mainly, but don't worry, you will find all those books you need in foreign languages about Naxos, Greece and general litterature. Plus postcards, calendars, printings, gifts, roughly all those items you would ask...

  • "Try and buy: "KITRON", the local...

    Since 1915, PROMPONAS Wine and Liqueur Makers have been producing in the traditional way the local Naxos liqueur.Kitron or Citron is a unique liqueur, which is only produced and found in the island of Naxos.It is a pure extract of citrontree leaves, without any chemical preservatives, unique taste and fine heady aroma.PROMPONAS is one of the two...

  • "Buy paintings from a Naxos Gallery"

    If during your trips around the world, you like to buy art objects from galleries or you just like to visit art galleries, here is a suggestion for your next trip to Naxos: pay a visit to "Petalouda Art Gallery"!Actually, there are two galleries under the same name, owned by Mr. Guy Pouzol, a Frenchman living in Naxos.The first one is at the...


Naxos - Chora (town of) Local Customs

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    "Procession of CORPUS CHRISTI in Castro,...

    by INSULARIUS Written Jul 31, 2010

    The neighbourhood of CASTRO (meaning:Fortress or Castle in Greek), on the top of Naxos-Town, being essentially Catholic (religious speaking), because most of its inhabitants are Greeks, but of Venetian-Frankish origin, celebrates with great solemnity, every July, the procession of "CORPUS CHRISTI" or "AGHIA DOREA"(in Greek).

    All the narrow streets of Castro are covered with flowers of oleanders (as a sign of veneration to the Blessed Sacrament) and some families from Castro make their own "Altars" (made of flowers, crosses and icons).The most magnificient Altar is made by the Karavias family, in the open space, in front of the Venetian Museum "Domus Della Rocca-Barozzi" and it is the only place, where the Catholic Archibishop of Naxos-Tinos stops for the blessing!

    The official blessing takes place in the wonderful baroque chapel of "Capella" and when the "Blessed Sacrament" comes out of the Capella, is accompanied by a large "baldacchino" (canopy), held by 4 men.

    At the end of the mass, there is a formal reception (sweets and refreshments are offered) at the Catholic Archibishopric.

    If you happen to be in Naxos in the middle of July (from 18 to 22 July, roughly), do not miss this unique religious celebration!The Venetian heritage of Naxos must survive!

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Naxos - Chora (town of) Warnings and Dangers

  • Mind the spoilt brats

    As we were walking from the car to the house, the lights went out again. We talked to the neighbours outside for awhile. I liked all but one, this 12-year old brat named Nektarios who was obviously taught no manners. I would be talking to Thanasis or someone else when Nektarios would tap me on the leg or shoulder and roll his eyes at me. He was 12...

  • nikos bike rentals

    We had a tough time with tNikos Bike Rentals when our bike got bumped in a parking lot they wanted us to pay $300 for a broken taillight even after we had been paying for extra insurance. They're lots rental places to choose from I would look at a different shop.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Naxos - Chora (town of) Off The Beaten Path

  • "Visit the Tower of YPSILOTERA"!

    A unique experience due to the location of this unique fortress-tower-monastery.It is off the main touristic routes, there is no publicity made about it and consequently very few people know about said monument! Hurry up to be one of the happy few to visit it.It is even possible to fall down, as the Greek State, does not give a cent for its...


    Just south of Naxos, lies a small archipelago of islands: Koufonisi, Shinoussa and Iraklia being the most important. These are little visited by foreign tourist without their own boats. There is infrequent boat connections with Naxos and Amorgos. A short walk from the harbo on Iraklia - Ag. Georgios - takes you to the east to the little beach at...

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Naxos - Chora (town of) Sports & Outdoors

  • "Do you like KITESURFING"?

    I am not a fan of Kitesurfing, I do not even know the "rules of the game", but a very good friend of mine, who is a big fan of said sport, recommended me the Flisvos Kitesurfing School, at the Orkos Beach, 19 kms around away from Naxos-Town.The rest is yours!

  • "Naxos Diving"!

    I haven' t ever tried diving, but, I suppose some of you would be interested in starting or practicing this kind of sport.And here is the right address: "NAXOS DIVING" at Plaka Beach.The rest, it's up to you!

  • "Naxos Horse Riding Club"

    The Naxos Horse Riding Club -Iris NEUBAUER- proposes to you to explore the wonderful beaches of Naxos on horseback.They provide for beginners and advanced riders, as well as, ponyriding for children.The prices start from EUR 45.


Naxos - Chora (town of) Favorites

  • Tranquil Naxos

    I don't know what it is about Naxos...the constant sea breezes, the temperature that is just right, or simply the laid-back nature of the place that makes it so easy to sleep, but I'll be dipped if I didn't get the best rest on Naxos on Sunday night as well. I mean doctors ought to prescribe this place for patients who suffer from stress and...

  • Naxos on a lazy Sunday afternoon

    Round about dark, we climbed a very steep hill, the likes of which I hadn't seen since Neuschwanstein (an old castle in Germany) 7 years earlier. When we finally got to the top, you could see the whole of Naxos. Later on, we went downtown. Because I was more coherent, I enjoyed this go of the night life better than the previous night. I could see...

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