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Best Rated Restaurants in Naxos Island

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    Golden Beach Cafe / Patisserie: Laid back cafe in Agios Prokopios

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Oct 20, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Golden Beach Cafe, Agios Prokopios
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    Golden Beach Cafe / Patisserie is a laid back cafe on the seafront in the peaceful beach resort of Agios Prokopios.

    This friendly cafe has a host of white plastic chairs and tables outside, some in the sun and some shaded by a canopy, with views of the beach and a good view of the sunset in the evenings. The staff are friendly and talkative and the setting is quiet and peaceful......I enjoyed a drink and an early evening snack here on several occasions during my visit to Naxos in May 2006.

    The menu includes:

    Breakfasts: - including, toast, cheese, ham, eggs, coffee and tea;

    Ice cream sundaes: - a selection of exotic ice cream flavours with fruit, wafers, sauces and toppings. Quite expensive at 5-6 Euros;

    Yoghurts: - with cherries, strawberries, fruit salad, walnuts, Naxian honey;

    Cakes and pastries: - cheesecake, fruit tart, baklava, milk pie and a large assortment of other honey drenched cakes and pastries;

    Drinks: - bottled beers, red and white wines, spirits (ouzo, raki, local Naxos Citron, brandy), soft drinks, hot beverages and milkshakes (available in all the flavours that the ice cream is available in).

    Favorite Dish: On my various visits here, I tried:

    Yoghurt with cherries - Cost: 3.50 Euros

    A dish of thick Greek yoghurt top with a tin of preserved cherries. The sour yoghurt and sweet cherries were an ideal contrast.

    Milk pie - Cost: 2 Euros

    A honey drenched cake, similar to baklava but with a milk based filling (similar to a vanilla slice). Topped with icing sugar and cinnamon.

    Baklava - Cost: 2 Euros

    A honey drenched pastry filled with nuts and cinnamon..

    Coca Cola (500ml bottle) - Cost: 1.60 Euros

    Served with ice and lemon.

    Alfa beer (500ml bottle) - Cost: 2 Euros

    Served with a complimentary bowl of salted peanuts.

    A lovely, relaxing cafe with friendly staff and a peaceful location. A great place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or an evening drink. Highly recommended!

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    Scirocco: Scirocco - Best food on the island

    by AcornMan Written Mar 24, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Main square w/ Scirocco in background

    Even the locals eat at Scirocco, and you can't beat that kind of authenticity. Located on the west side of the square in Naxos Town, just south of the waterfront, Scirocco definitely had the best food we ate anywhere in Greece. During any given meal it is jam packed, often with a wait, while the many other restaurants on or near the square have hardly any patrons at all. You may decide not to eat anywhere else on Naxos after eating here. It was slightly more expensive than average, but still very reasonable and definitely well worth every cent.

    Favorite Dish: Everything we ate was fantastic.

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    Barbounis: Laid-back taverna by the beach

    by SWFC_Fan Written Dec 30, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Barbounis contact card

    Barbounis is a laid-back taverna in the beach resort of Agios Prokopios (about 6km from the island's capital, Naxos Town).

    It is located on a street corner in the centre of this small, relaxing resort - right opposite the long, sandy beach.

    The taverna has numerous tables on its outdoor terrace as well as tables in its airconditioned interior.

    The taverna has a large selection of local and international dishes. For example, Greek dishes include moussaka, gyros, souvlaki, kalamari (squid), saganaki (fried cheese), Greek salads, stuffed vine leaves and various lamb and beef meat dishes. The international selection includes pasta and pizzas. There is an extensive choice of fresh seafood.

    There is a large choice of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, although in late September 2005 (close to the end of the season) the draught beer had finished for the season - so it was bottles only.

    The waiter service is friendly and efficient and the atmosphere is relaxing and informal.

    Favorite Dish: I ate here on my first night in Agios Prokopios in September 2005 on the recommendation of the hotel owner at the place that I was staying.

    I had just arrived from crowded Santorini, so I really enjoyed the slower-paced atmosphere.

    I opted for the saganaki (fried cheese) as a starter - a large portion served with a lemon to squeeze on it.

    For my main course I had Spaghetti Carbonara. Again, the portion was large (and served with large slices of bread) and the food was piping hot and excellent quality.

    As with any beachside taverna, prices are a little above average - but not excessively so. If I recall correctly, the saganaki cost about 3 Euros and the Carbonara 6 Euros.

    Good food in a relaxing setting!

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    Platia Taverna: Seafood and meat dishes in Naxos Town

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Jun 17, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Platia Taverna, Naxos Town
    3 more images

    Platia Taverna is a grill house and restaurant located on a picturesque square in the centre of Naxos Town.

    A host of green tables with red checked tablecloths sit inside the restaurant and outdoors beneath a canopy of green leaves.

    I ate here one lunchtime during a visit to Naxos in May 2006.

    The menu at Platia Taverna was similar to that of many of Naxos Town's restaurants, with an emphasis on seafood and traditional Greek meat dishes, and a few international dishes. The menu included, for example:

    Seafood:: shrimps, octopus, grilled squid, fish;

    Traditional Greek dishes:: moussaka, beef stifado, pork souvlaki, meatballs, oven-cooked lamb;

    Spaghetti dishes:: bolognaise, carbonara, with mushrooms;

    Pizzas:: a variety of pizza choices;

    Desserts: a selection of cakes and pastries, ice cream, fruit, yoghurt with honey and nuts;

    Drinks: bottled beers, local wines, spirits, soft drinks and hot beverages.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for:

    Spaghetti with mushrooms - Cost: 5.50 Euros

    A large plate of spaghetti with mushrooms in a creamy mushroom sauce. Similar to spaghetti carbonara but with no meat in. Served with 3 slices of crusty bread with melted butter and herbs on (included within the cover charge of 0.90 Euros). A very filling meal which I could not finish at that time of day.

    Mythos beer (500ml bottle) - Cost: 2.50 Euros

    Upon paying my bill, I received a complimentary piece of cake (similar to baklava but filled with coconut and topped with cinnamon).

    Good quality food at average prices in a central location.

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    Kostas Restaurant/Ouzeri: Traditional taverna in Naxos Town

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Jun 17, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kostas Restaurant, Naxos Town
    4 more images

    Kostas Restaurant/Ouzeri is a traditional Greek taverna located amongst a long row of similar establishments on Naxos Town's seafront.

    The restaurant has a small interior and a larger outdoor seating area with a canopy roof to shade from the scorching sun. Wooden tables, checked tablecloths and bright flowers on each table give this taverna the traditional Greek appearance.

    I ate here one lunchtime during my visit to Naxos in May 2006. Although there was nothing to distinguish it from the host of similar tavernas along the seafront, this one was completely empty as I past it (unlike some of the others which were busy), so I thought I'd give it a try. There is a sea view from the outdoor seating area as long as no cars are parked in front of the restaurant.

    The menu includes:

    Greek salads;

    Appetizers - including, stuffed vine leaves, saganaki (fried cheese), eggplant, tzatziki;

    Seafood dishes - including, shrimps, fish, squid, octopus (grilled, pickled or stuffed);

    Meat dishes - including, souvlaki, gyros, beef steaks, pork chops, lamb, half a chicken;

    Spaghetti dishes - with meat or with tomato sauce;

    Desserts - including, baklava, yoghurt with fruit, nuts or honey, ice cream.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for:

    Spaghetti with tomato sauce - Cost: 3.80 Euros

    A large plate of long spaghetti in a tasty tomato and herb based sauce and topped with feta cheese. Served with 3 slices of crusty bread (but no butter), included in the 0.90 Euros cover charge.

    Mythos beer (500ml bottle) - Cost: 2.20 Euros

    Decent food at average prices in a nice setting. Nothing to distinguish it from dozens of other such establishments along Naxos Town's seafront.

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    Nikos Restaurant: Traditional Greek fare in Naxos Town

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Jun 20, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nikos Restaurant, Naxos Town
    3 more images

    Nikos Restaurant is a traditional Greek taverna in the heart of Naxos Town.

    It is located just behind the seafront road and consists of a large interior (above the Commercial Bank) and a host of outdoor tables on a pleasant back street.

    I opted to eat outside in the sunshine during my lunchtime visit to this restaurant in May 2006. The setting is excellent, with some tables in the sun and others in the pleasant shade, located on a quiet, flowery back lane. Whenever I passed the restaurant, there was a line of squid hanging to dry outside, across the street, just above head height.

    There is an extensive menu available, including:

    Seafood: octopus, squid, cod, dogfish, swordfish, mackrel, red mullet, white bait, sole, mixed fish, lobster. (Approx. 6-8 Euros, except lobster which cost 20 Euros);

    Greek dishes: Greek salad, moussaka, gyros, meatballs, fish soup, beef, chicken and pork souvlaki, beef Naxos, stuffed goat, rabbit with onions, lamb chops, veal (Approx. 5 Euros);

    International dishes: beef steaks with garlic sauce, green pepper sauce or fried onions, spaghetti bolognaise, spaghetti carbonara (Approx. 5-8 Euros);

    Desserts: traditional Greek pastries (eg baklava, milk pie) and ice cream sundaes;

    Drinks: bottled beers, local red and white wines, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks and hot beverages.

    The service was friendly and efficient. It took a while for my meal to be brought to me, but that is because I wanted my steak to be well done......I'd rather wait longer and have a properly cooked steak!

    Favorite Dish: I opted for:

    Sirloin steak with fried onions Cost: 7.50 Euros

    A pretty average steak, but very well cooked. Served in a very tasty onion sauce and accompanied by chips, rice and salad. Also served with a couple of slices of crusty bread and butter (included in the cover charge of 0.60 Euros).

    Amstel beer (500ml beer) Cost: 2 Euros

    A nice peaceful setting to enjoy a varied choice of seafood and local specialities. The food wasn't outstanding, but I had no real complaints with my meal.

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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    what to eat

    by mindcrime Updated Aug 22, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the crowdy seafront of Hora

    Do yourself a favor and avoid the touristic restaurants at seafront of Hora. In some villages there are some nice small taverns, right next to the sea.

    In most of the taverns you can find many plates although it’s a surprise the island isn’t famous for its fishes. I guess it has to do with the fact that there aren’t many local fishermen. Here’s a small list:
    1)Appetizers(starters) like tzatziki, saganaki(fried cheese), some salads like potato salad etc
    2)Greek salads of course! I know some tourists have it as a basic plate but it’s very funny for the Greeks seeing someone ordering just a salad! lol
    3)Meat dishes like souvlaki (like everywhere!, hehe), meatballs, chicken, beef, pork chops, lamb, rabbit with onions etc. In some villages you can try rabbit with red sauce or grilled sausages that are great. Avoid famous greek plates like moussaka, they have nothing to do with what our mothers use to cook back home! lol
    4)Seafood: I have tried some grilled octopus (you will see fresh octopus hanging in the sun in many places)but I don’t know much about the others except gavros (anchovies) and sardeles(sardines) that we use to order when we drink ouzo every time we visit an island
    5)other plates like pasta with several sauces
    6)wash everything down with cold beers(for the meat) or ouzo (for the seafood)

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    All Seasons Snack Bar: Cakes and milkshakes in Agios Prokopios

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 20, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All Seasons Snack Bar at night
    1 more image

    All Seasons Snack Bar is an informal snack bar located on the main street of the beach resort of Agios Prokopios (circa 6km from Naxos Town).

    It offers just a couple of tables out front on the street and a couple more inside. There is a glass counter by the entrance which displays the various cakes and pastries available (they surely shouldn't be allowed to prey on the weak-willed like that!! ;-))

    I stopped here for a cake one evening during my visit to Naxos in May 2006.

    The menu includes cakes and pastries such as:

    - chocolate brownie with ice cream;
    - sugar coated doughnuts;
    - vanilla filled doughnuts;
    - honey drenched baklava;
    - waffles with ice cream;
    - cherry pies;
    - cheese pies;

    Also available are a selection of ice creams, milkshakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), soft drinks, beers and hot beverages.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for:

    Chocolate brownie with ice cream Cost: 3.50 Euros

    A reasonable sized square of chocolate and nut brownie topped with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a thin trickle of chocolate syrup.

    Strawberry milkshake Cost: 4 Euros

    A medium sized glass of milkshake produced from strawberry ice cream. Milkshakes seem to be particularly expensive in this part of the world.

    A small snack bar, close to the beach, with a tempting selection of cakes, pastries and milkshakes.

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    Cafe Hideaway: Comfortable cafe in Agios Prokopios

    by SWFC_Fan Written Jun 20, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cafe Hideaway, Agios Prokopios
    1 more image

    Cafe Hideaway is an intimate little cafe on the quiet main street of Agios Prokopios, about 6km from the capital Naxos Town.

    The setting is very peaceful and despite being right by the road, it doesn't feel that way. It feels more like sitting in somebody's garden than it does sitting in a cafe. The dining area is full of plants and foliage, and comfortable cushioned seats, some in separated booths, provide a great place to relax while enjoying your food. In the evenings, the only light is provided by candles on the tables. Cafe Hideaway is a very apt name for this little cafe that feels shut off from the outside world.

    I ate here one night during a visit to Naxos in May 2006.

    The cafe offers an excellent selection of breakfast items (croissants, toast, eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, pastries, fruit juices, coffee and tea) and lunchtime snacks (pizzas, toasted sandwiches, omelettes....), as well as ice cream sundaes, and a selection of beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks, milkshakes and hot beverages.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for:

    Funghi Pizza Cost: 5.50 Euros

    A medium sized pizza topped with cheese, mushrooms and green peppers. Nice enough, but could have been cooked for longer......I like the cheese to be cooked to burning point! Served with no accompaniment.

    Mythos beer (500ml bottle) Cost: 1.70 Euros

    An intimate little cafe in a peaceful beach resort. The choices on the menu are probably better for breakfast or lunch than an evening meal.

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    Nikos Restaurant (Agio Prokopios): Agio Prokopios beach front restaurant

    by xuessium Updated Mar 31, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    A string of restaurants littered the beach front of Agio Prokopios Beach, each competing for the sliver of people who chose to stay at this small stretch of beach.

    I was drawn into Nikos simply because the place was packed (always a good sign) and I could smell something wonderfully grilled in the air. Yes - the allure of grilled octopus was too great to pass!

    Not much in the way of ambience. Rustic is the word I would use. Service was fast and pronto though and heck, I even detected a hint of a smile. I had a table to myself at the far side and from there I surveyed a rather crowded dining space full of smiling people. (Yes, another good sign)

    Favorite Dish: The problem of course with dining solo, is that you can only eat that much without feeling you are carrying the world in your stomach.

    I had Dormades for starters. Lovely done. Exquisite. Beats any I ever had back home.

    However, the highlight was the Grilled Octopus. I was expecting something dry and chewy so when the tentacle (yes, you read right, tentacle) was served, smelling intoxicatingly wonderful, I was expecting a real tough fight ahead. Imagine my shock when the knife went through it without a hitch. Even more shock when that morsel turned out juicy, moist and flavourful.

    I was left craving for more....but I decided that my wallet couldn't take the shock. (grin)

    Gosh, the dinner I wasn't expecting to be a highlight turned out to be something more.

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  • SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo

    Nikos Taverna: Large taverna on Agios Prokopios seafront

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Jun 17, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nikos Taverna, Agios Prokopios
    3 more images

    Nikos Taverna is a large Greek taverna located across from the beach in the laid-back resort of Agios Prokopios (approx. 6km from Naxos Town and connected by frequent buses and taxis).

    I ate here one evening during a visit to Naxos in May 2006.

    In common with many of the tavernas in Naxos, the menu at Nikos is dominated by seafood and traditional Greek dishes. For example: shrimps, octopus, squid, fish, souvlaki, beef steaks, moussaka, pork and lamb. There is also a selection of salads, soups, appetizers and desserts (including ice cream, fruit and yoghurt).

    This is quite a popular taverna and tended to get busy in the evenings even as early in the season as mid-May.

    Favorite Dish: I opted for:

    Minestrone soup - Cost: 2.60 Euros

    A bowl of soup with lots of vegetables and just a few small pasta rings. More like a vegetable soup than minestrone, but it was thick and tasty. Served with 3 slices of crusty bread (toasted and topped with melted butter) - included within the cover charge of 0.80 Euros.

    Fried codfish - Cost: 5.50 Euros

    A decent sized piece of cod (containing a large bone), battered and served with a jacket potato, tzatziki, peas, sweetcorn, chickpeas and lemon. The food was good but I lacked an appetite that night so I just picked at the meal.

    Mythos beer (500ml bottle) - Cost: 2 Euros

    An extensive choice of good food in a peaceful seafront location.

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  • SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo

    Cavo D'Oro: Italian food in a romantic setting

    by SWFC_Fan Written Dec 30, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cavo D'Oro restaurant, Agios Prokopios, Naxos
    1 more image

    Cavo D'Oro is an Italian restaurant in the laid-back beach resort of Agios Prokopios, about 6km from the island's capital, Naxos Town.

    I ate here one night during my visit to the island in September 2005.

    As well as an extensive menu of pasta, pizzas and seafood dishes, the restaurant also has a selection of Greek and international cuisine.

    The outdoor tables (shaded under a cover of vines and trees) are set in a romantic courtyard with water features and views out to sea.

    Waiter service is friendly, but was a little slow on the night that I dined there - but in their defence it was very busy!

    Favorite Dish: I ate here once in September 2005:

    For my starter, I had a large bowl of minestrone soup with slices of crusty bread.

    For my main, I had spaghetti with shrimps. This was a large plate of spaghetti in a tomato sauce with around half a dozen large, shelled shrimps. Peeling the shells off the shrimps was a little messy (especially as they were covered in sauce), but it was worth the effort!

    I had fruit and ice-cream for my dessert.

    Prices were a little above average - but not significantly so. From memory, my starter cost maybe 3 or 4 Euros, my main 8 to 10 Euros and my dessert 3 to 4 Euros.

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    Boulamatsis: Local cusine in a Greek genuine atmosphere

    by kia81 Written Sep 12, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In this restaurant I have tried the best stuffed tomatoes of all Cyclades islands!!
    Furthermore, the ambience is very typical in fact this restaurant is consorted expecially with the locals.
    If you choose a table on the balcony, you will have a great view on the port of Naxos.

    Favorite Dish: As I have already said, you have to try absolutely the stuffed tomatoes (they are green and red tomatoes stuffed with vegetable, rise and spices).

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  • ncoutroulis's Profile Photo

    Aegean Sea Restaurant: Great taverna with live music

    by ncoutroulis Updated Oct 17, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Aegean Sea Taverna is tucked away on a small street near the seafront. The menu is just like any other taverna in Naxos, but what is great are the bouzouki players that they have every night. This was the only place in Naxos that I found, that had live music. It was a great experience, especially when a local girl joined in the singing one night,
    It's a great place to relax, and enjoy some great music.

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  • ncoutroulis's Profile Photo

    Mikri Vigla Taverna: great taverna

    by ncoutroulis Written Sep 23, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mikri Vigla Taverna

    This is the only taverna on the beach at Mikri Vigla, so it's pretty easy to find. The food is nothing fancy, just your typicak greek taverna fare, but it is amazing, and very inexpensive. The place is also right on the beach, so it has a great view.

    Favorite Dish: Everything was good. We had lunch hear 4 times.

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