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  • Sunset Boarding At Piraeus
    Sunset Boarding At Piraeus
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  • After A Few Beers, Time To Get Comfortable
    After A Few Beers, Time To Get...
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  • Dawn Breaking
    Dawn Breaking
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    Are the Roads in Santorini Safe to Drive?

    by greekcypriot Written May 24, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The roads on the island of Santorini are very safe, as long as you are not drunk. !
    We were there a year ago, and we rented a car.
    Believe me, if you don't rent a car you won't see enough of the island. Cars are quite cheap -depending on the month you rent it, but it is worth renting one. Another tip is worth booking a nice hotel with view.
    (See the hotel we booked in my tips) One was on a budget but really good, and the other at Fyra was just exceptional.
    The roads might be in some parts a little narrow, but as always you have to be careful. Nothing can happen believe me.
    Rent a car and don't worry at all.
    Enjoy your trip there without any fear or second thoughts.

    Oia a Panoramic view

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    Transportation from the Airport

    by lisha74 Updated Dec 16, 2010

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    One thing I was slightly concerned about prior to our trip was the fact that we had not made travel arrangements to get from the airport to our hotel. We did not want to spend our entire trip allowance on an overpriced taxi to Oia.

    If you find yourself in the same situation - there is no need to worry. Simply walking out of the airport you will be greeted by more people than necessary, offering to drive you to your hotel. We went with the first person who approached us, and after making the mistake of getting in the motorcoach without asking the price, we were pleasantly surprised to learn it was much less than we were expecting.

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    The 588 Steps To and From The Old Port.

    by johngayton Updated Dec 20, 2009

    Santorini's Old Port is where the boat excursions depart and arrive, and also where the cruise ship's tenders drop-off. From Fira town centre there's a zig-zag of 588 steps. The steps are broad and quite gently-inclined which makes walking down relatively easy - just watch out for the mule shiit. Walking up though is a long haul but there is a strategically-placed bar about half-way!

    If you dont fancy the walk you can either take the cable car or ride a mule.

    Using a mule isn't actually any faster than walking and has the disadvantage of not being able to stop off at the mid-way bar because there's nowhere to tie it up.

    The cable car, on the other hand, takes minutes, unless a cruise ship has just arrived, and there's a strategically-placed bar at the top too!

    Both the cable car and the mules cost 4 Euros one-way (2009 prices). Website below has cable car timetables and current prices.

    Mules Awaiting Passengers Almost There! Mule Riders Coming Up Cable Cars Crossing - Wave! Cruise Ship at Anchor
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    From Airport to OIA

    by INSULARIUS Written Jul 23, 2008


    I fully understand that EUR 30,00 might sound quite expensive, but this is Santorini!After having made some calculations, I think the price is right!I am going to explain that to you:

    Although I have not ever taken a taxi to Oia, I can tell you that a normal price, if you want to take a taxi from Fira (the capital of Santorini) to Oia, should be around 15-20 Euros.From Fira to the airport should be around 5-8 euros.It depends on the number of your suitcases, but for a piece of suitcase, plus a small bag, should be at least 1 Euro.Plus 3 Euros charge, for taking a taxi from the airport.If you sum up all those amounts, they make more than 30 Euros!

    You do not mention at what time are you going to arrive at the Santorini Airport! If it is after midnight, the principle of "the double tariff" is applied, so in that case, it would cost you more than 30Euros!

    I think that the price is right! All those professional hotel owner, they know their job very well, so they do not cheat!

    In your case, as you are going to stay at their hotel, it would be fair to ask for a small "reduction" of the price: 25 Euros would be perfect.But, even 30 Euros, though quite expensive, sounds reasonable.It is always better that somebody is waiting for you, instead of searching for a taxi!

    Good luck and enjoy your holidays in Santorini.

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  • nicolaitan's Profile Photo

    Arriving, Getting Around, Leaving

    by nicolaitan Updated Jun 14, 2015

    Arriving - after working all day, flying all night, and suffering a 7 hour delay in Athens for our Santorini flight ( don't ask ), the last transportation to the hotel one wants is two busses. The hotel was more than pleased to offer us van transportation at 100 Eu, and another 100 to get to the ferry on departure. Searching the internet, most of the drivers and taxis were very little less and one was actually more. Then Nototravel popped up at 40 Eu each trip, which was shared with another twosome. No downside - could always call the hotel from the airport - but the taxi was on time, the driver a pleasant talkative woman who introduced us to the island all the way to the hotel, and the price was right. For the ferry, we were there over an hour earlier than necessary and the driver was less communicative, but on the bright side we did not miss it either.

    Getting around - the basic unit of currency for taxis appeared to be 10Eu. The bus service is the perfect answer. The busses are not plastic specials as in New York City, but real coaches with comfortable seats and storage space. Every fare was less than 2Eu. Busses run frequently in the peak season, all routes radiating out from the central terminal in Fira. Going from one place to another requires a change at the chaotic sealed central terminal where tickets are bought at a little shack in the corner. Coming in to Fira, fares are collected by a bus employee working his way up the aisle.- good form to have close to exact change and not drop a 20Eu note.
    The central terminal is worthy of note - as two hundred or more people mill around trying to find their bus, the drivers slam their busses into impossibly narrow spaces with seeming abandon, any space available. On one trip, the busses were overloaded and the company was able to bring in extra coaches to handle crowds. Even my beloved P was more than satisfied with the bus service.

    Leaving - inter-island flights are few and far between as well as expensive, and going back to Athens is a waste of a day. The ferries are the answer. There my only be one or two a day that meet one's needs, but they are really huge with capacity well into the hundreds. Tickets are of course available from kiosks at the pier on the day of travel. Security is foremost for me - we were recommended to to buy tickets in advance - cost far more than it might have but it was nice to have the tickets in hand before heading to the airport.
    The ferries offer two classes, pictured. Little reason to pay extra for first class which was basically empty while the so-called airline seat cheaper section was filled up. Comfortable and spacious, paired facing seats, slightly offset. There is a surprisingly reasonably priced refreshment counter with a broad choice of food and drink. Loading of baggage is somewhat chaotic, on the honor system, but it works. And the ferries are on time. Some pretty scenery along the way. Best of all, a chance for travellers to meet 'real live Greek people' who are not trying to sell something. Like European trains, for Americans the ferries are great.

    Second Class First Class Goodbye to Santorini

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    To and from

    by littlebush Written Sep 5, 2012

    Reverie hotel sorted our moped for 30 euros a day.
    The boat from Kimolos took 4 hours, see my Kimolos page.
    Reverie cahrge 10 euros for port or airprot transfer

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