Santorini Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Beautiful scenery
    Beautiful scenery
    by greekcypriot
  • Stick To The Footpaths Please!
    Stick To The Footpaths Please!
    by johngayton
  • Santorini's Main Volcanic Island
    Santorini's Main Volcanic Island
    by 88Starflite

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Santorini Island

  • 1. Donkeys and Mules

    I agree with Miozzi. Please DO NOT ride the donkeys. We have just rebooked our flight tickets and will leave the island 4 days before what was planned due to what we have witnessed last three days....

  • 2. Roads and Driving

    About 4,000 people a year, die, as a result of Quad, Motor Bikes and Cycles in Greece every single year. On Santorini alone, at least 20 tourist a season are killed on the roads. In Greece it is law,...

  • 3. Crowds

    Well, Oia is one end of Santorini , and THE place where seemingly a few thousands of people gather to watch the sun set in the blue sea. Crowds throng every lille lane and every nook and corner to the...

  • 4. Steps

    A word of warning about Santorini - there are many, many steps. The caldera is hundreds of feet high. There is a cable car down to the harbour at Fira and there are well used, but steep and twisting...

  • 5. Sun and Wind

    Bring some warm clothes with you for the night - I caught a cold in my T-shirt and destroyed the 2 of the 4 days being there. Such a pitty. I bought a blouse from a tourist shop when it was already...

  • 6. Violence Against American Tourists

    I was forcibly and violently attacked by the owner of Stamna restaurant, in Santorini, who punched me in the stomach and pushed me into a wall where I was held...

  • 7. Get your TB shots!

    Apparently, the Speaker-Cooksey wedding took place here in Fyra the last week of May.Andrew Speaker, a personal-injury lawyer, has been diagnosed with a rare...

  • 8. Service stations for car fuel on Sundays!

    The day I was there I rented a car for a few hours before my late afternoon boat to Crete - the rental car company said there was a service station for fuel in...

  • 9. Stairs of Santorini - Senior citizens

    Santorini is all about stairs. Being 70 years old isn't as important as how much you're using stairs daily. There's a big difference if you use elevators or go...

  • 10. Give Plants A Chance!

    Nea Kameni, in the centre of Santorini’s caldera, is one of the World’s newest landmasses, coming into existence as a lava dome extrusion during the volcanic...

  • 11. There Is Some Risk Of The Volcano Erupting

    The biggest threat is from the underwater volcano, Cloumbo Reef, about 7 miles NE of Santorini. They say they moniter the volcanos and can evacuate the island...

  • 12. CLIFFS

    A lot of Santorini’s natural beauty is both rugged and dangerous. The island is full of cliffs, both large and small. If you fall down some steps, you will...

  • 13. GUARD DOGS !

    For some reason many homes and businesses use German Shepherd dogs to guard their premises. Unfortunately they are often on chains long enough to actually be...


    One of the few issues you will be faced with in Greece is the ‘Poo Basket’. Greek plumbing is plagued with low water pressure and bad pipes. So, you should not...


    Believe it or not I used to sell bug killing products in my youth. Cockroaches like 3 things: 1) Warmth, 2) Moisture and 3) Dark. All of three of these...

  • 16. Restaruants Over-Charging

    I've heard that some restaruants, The Summertime In Kamari for one, will charge you for seafood based on the weight of the food. Many have complain that when...

  • 17. Good & Bad Resturants

    I hear of some people that have paid hi prices and or have gotten sub-par meals. I feel it few and far between as Santorini does offer good foods at fair prices...

  • 18. Backpackers, don't be naive

    Hello there, I just wanted to write this warning somewhere in VT since I think most backpackers will find it useful.Sure, Santorini is one of those wondrous,...

  • 19. Non-smoking room, please!

    So, I'm a California girl, born and raised. I don't smoke. In fact, in California it's difficult to smoke anywhere here. You can't even smoke outdoors at...

  • 20. A loose interpretation of the word "Danger"

    When traveling, there is always the opportunity to eavesdrop on someone saying something completely ridiculous. It can happen to the best of us when you've had...

  • 21. Once again, what is this...

    Another abandoned building between Dameia Palace Hotel and Kamari. I really would like to know more. You would think that a tourist destination like Santorini...

  • 22. What is this...

    Along the road from Dameia Palace hotel to Kamari, we found a number of buildings that were deserted. They appear to have been abandoned, either people ran out...

  • 23. Kamari-Monolithos airport noise

    Note that if you have a hotel on the stretch Kamari to Monolithos, you are underneath the airport approach and take-off path for Santorini's airport. The planes...

  • 24. Restaurant advertisers

    Each restaurant of some prominence seem to have a pusher who try to pressgang you into their restaurant. They don't give good info and they do not listen...

  • 25. Santorini cruises. Avoid the "Sea Diamond"!

    If you book a cruise to Santorini, it may be a good idea to avoid a cruise ship by the name of "Sea Diamond".

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