Prefecture of the Cyclades Travel Guide

  • Santorini Island
    by nikkot
  • The shimmering sunset : Naoussa, Paros
    The shimmering sunset : Naoussa, Paros
    by samitbabu
  • The contrast of Blue and White
    The contrast of Blue and White
    by greekcypriot

Prefecture of the Cyclades Highlights

  • Pro
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    steventilly says…

     Diversity; Food & Drink; Beaches; Scenery; Nightlife; Ease of Travel 

  • Con
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    IoannaE says…

     Overstretched facilities in season 

  • In a nutshell
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    planxty says…

     Come for the sun, come back for the love of the place. 

Map of Prefecture of the Cyclades

Santorini Island




Naxos Island


Milos Island








Syros Island


Mykonos Island


Nisos Sifnos


Folegandros Island




Tinos Island


Amorgos Island




Ios Island


Paros Island


Naxos - Chora (town of)




Kea Island


Andros Island


Nisos Kythnos




Sikinos Island


Serifos Island






Dilos Island


Anafi Island


Antiparos Island


Nisos Kimolos




Santorini Island

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  • Delos Island

    Mykonos Things to Do

    A must-see day trip from Mykonos is to take the boat to Delos, birthplace of Apollo and the largest city in the world at one point. Its history goes back to 3000 BC, and the remains are in excellent condition. The entire island is a UNESCO site. I don't think it took more than 20 minutes to get there.

  • Omiros Hotel

    Mykonos Hotels

    I would highly reccomend Hotel Omiros for its value for money. Paid only Eur25.00 per person per...

  • Cavo Paradiso

    Mykonos Nightlife

    When you are at the beach (during the day) - keep your eye out for the people with the guest lists.... they will put you on the guest list which is usually discounted entry and usually gives you a free drink (& the drinks in mykonos ARE STRONG)))))!!! oh my!!! - its like 2-3 drinks in one & THEY ARE IN PAPER CUPS!!! haha OH - another tip... dont...


Naxos Island

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  • Fuel!

    Naxos Island Warnings and Dangers

    Some areas of this island don' t have any petrol stations; so, be sure your motorbike has enough fuel before leaving for your excursion.I think that tourist offices on the island have some maps showing where petrol stations are.

  • Dimitra Hotel

    Naxos Island Hotels

    I was actually bumped upmarket for a night as Hotel Agios Prokopios was fully booked for my first...

  • Activities

    Naxos Island Things to Do

    When you have been in Naxos for more than 2-3 times, then you want to do something more than see the "Portara", sleep at the beach and visit the villages. And Naxos won't let you down, there are many things to do. I would start with water sports like windsurfing, cannoning, sailing or whatever you prefer. There are quite a few business working on...


Milos Island

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  • Bicycling in Milos

    Milos Island Things to Do

    Bicycling in Milos5 photos!Milos is ideal for any level of bicycling activity. The coastal road inside the bay of Milos is a flat, scenic route for a relaxing ride. Most other routes involve alternating up and down hills, or demanding, steep hills and off-the-beaten-path gravel roads. There are no dedicated bicycle paths, but vehicle traffic...

  • Popi

    Milos Island Hotels

    Note: This tip is in response to an erroneous tip by another member. "Popi" is most certainly not a...

  • Andreas' Cruises

    Milos Island Things to Do

    Andreas' Cruise was by far the highlight of our entire trip to Greece! Andreas' small traditional fishing boat has space for up to 11 people, which makes for a intimate, personalized cruise that will leave you feeling like a celebrity- without the celebrity price. Andreas, a former fisherman, has lived on Milos his entire life and uses this...



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  • Questionable Innkeeper, Oia White and...

    Oia Tourist Traps

    On a return trip to Oia, we opted to book with an individual innkeeper instead of a hotel. A big mistake. Please protect your money and rent elsewhere. October, I booked a 4 night stay with this business, I communicated directly with the owner Mr Johan Lantz of Stockholm. We had a pleasant communication and...

  • Canaves Oia Hotel

    Oia Hotels

    This is much more luxerious hotel than Canaves Suites. It has bigger rooms and public areas, bigger...

  • Beware of disreputable Inn Keepers Oia...

    Oia Warnings and Dangers

    On a return trip to Oia, we opted to book with an individual innkeeper instead of a hotel. A big mistake. Please protect your money and rent elsewhere. Go and enjoy this very beautiful place, but just be careful who you trust your money with. October, I booked a 4 night stay with this business, I communicated...



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  • Faulty scooters

    Paros Warnings and Dangers

    Rent a motorbike agency D.Kipreos is hunting tourists with a little lower prices then others, but they are giving for rental motorbikes in very bad condition, mechanically changed, with many parts doesn't work, like speedometer or fuel indicator and they will confirm whatever you ask even many things are not true. If you ask to try motorbike before...

  • Boudari Hotel & Bungalows

    Paros Hotels

    we stayed here in early september 2009. the season was just ending so it was very peaceful(what we...

  • Rent a Scooter

    Paros Things to Do

    It's so easy to get around Paros on a scooter, though you'll find yourself struggling up some hills. I covered most of the island in a day on our scooter, and even took the ferry to Antiparos - well worth it



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  • Santorini Airport

    Fira Transportation

    Thira - Santorini is considered to be one of the important islands of Greece. There are many flights To & From Santorini Airport. Olympic Airways, Aegean Air & Air Greece has got its Santorini Airport in their domestic routes.

  • Aroma Suites

    Fira Hotels

    This is the man to see for a room in Santorini. Not only does he offer the luxury rooms at the Aroma...

  • Arriving in Thira (Santorini) by Air

    Fira Transportation

    Olympic Airways which is Greek National Airline and run by the goverment. It operates atleast 6 daily flights To & From Athens to Thira in high season and in low season it operates daily one and on few days two flights To & From Athens. I went there in Off Season and the price of Oneway ticket was 83 Euros from Santorini to Athens & from Mykonos to...


Syros Island

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Mykonos Island

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  • Mykonos Private Transfers

    Mykonos Island Transportation

    In my opinion the best way to travel around the island of mykonos is to book a private transfer!You and your friends and family can care more about having a great time and less about bus schedules, transportation and so on. I strongly recommend it as the costs are not too high. Medium budget holidays may be able to afford it!

  • Argo Hotel Mykonos Greece

    Mykonos Island Hotels

    Plati Gialos, Mykonos, 84 600, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • museums in Mykonos!

    Mykonos Island Things to Do

    Ok you came here to party but there are also some cultural choices here :) as my visits to some of the museums were in pre-digital era I have pictures only from the archeological museum :)Archeological MuseumLocated next to the port it’s an easy visit on your way back to the feery. It is housed in a building that was built in 1902 to house some...


Nisos Sifnos

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  • Apollonia

    Nisos Sifnos Things to Do

    Apollonia is the capital village of Sifnos and the main spot for most visitors. It stands on a great location, along the slopes of a three hills and numerous smaller villages around are connected with Apollonia through scenic paths, we loved the fact that we could have small trails to these villages too especially the beautiful Artemonas (1,5km...

  • Morfeas Pension

    Nisos Sifnos Hotels

    Kamares, 84003

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Easter week in Sifnos

    Nisos Sifnos Local Customs

    We knew that spending the Easter Week in Sifnos would be interesting with so many churches on the island. At the beginning of the Easter Week the women clean and fresh their home but also whitewash the courtyyards and the alleys where they invite the visitors with Kalo Pasxa (happy Easter) (pic 1). As expected the tourist season begins, most...


Folegandros Island

  • White and Blue - the cycladic favorite...

    Folegandros Island Local Customs

    In and island like Folegandros, where tourism is not so present like Mikonos or Santorini, you will have the oportunity of watching the original cycladic lifestyle. You will notice that the locals live in modest, small houses, but they tend to decorate it so well that it turns out as a paradise to live in! Jasmin vases, hand made curtains,...

  • Livadaki

    Folegandros Island Things to Do

    We all know this "favorite place" thing varies a lot according to each person´s tastes etc....I was told Katergo and Agios Nikolaos to be the most beautiful of all, however for me Livadaki was the best surprise´s the kind of place I keep remembering every now and then....and imagining myself there once more...Livadaki is a small bay,...

  • Ano Meria

    Folegandros Island Things to Do

    Ano Meria is where the bus take the turn back...what could be more "off the beatten track" for a village?The village itself is small, very quiet, and there isn´t much except for the lovely country side view. But from Ano Meria leaves trails to thousand secluded beaches in the island, like Agios Georgios and Livadaki, all to be reached only by foot...



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  • Rock and roll all nite!

    Ios Nightlife

    Rock and drink til you drop-and then rock some more with crazy, friendly people from all over the world Dressed or not

  • Francesco's

    Ios Hotels

    If you are in Ios for the partying, this is where you should stay. Francesco's is located in the...

  • Want some party nightlife...?

    Ios Nightlife

    Wanna some big nightlife places? Okay try these ones and tell me how it was......try the square bars, Flames, THE SHOOTERS (don't take more than one flame lambourghini if you want souvenirs of your nite,,, ;op ), Scorpion, Sweet Irish Dream, Mojo...but don't plan to go to bed before 9 or 10 am if you really follow the move,,, ;o)check...


Tinos Island

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  • Lunch with Marcos

    Tinos Island Restaurants

    Having spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering the town, with of course a leisurely frappe break, it was time for lunch and I found a little square just on the edge of the town not far from the port. Here there were two equally inviting cafes taking up the two shaded sides, both fairly busy and both with blackboard menus outside written mainly...

  • Tinos Town

    Tinos Island Things to Do

    People get disappointed with Tinos Town as its not attractive with ugly architecture close to the port and although just beyond the port there are some picturesque small alleys and typical Cycladic houses most part of Tinos town is covered with ugly buildings that don’t fit, most of them were built in the 60s and the result was what we see today....

  • dovecotes

    Tinos Island Things to Do

    Tinos island is famous for its dovecotes! There are many of them all over the island but most of them are located in the middle and middle-east part. There are about 1000 dovecotes in total but what makes them interesting is not only their size (they are 2 storey structures) but also the decoration, they have beautiful slate patterns on the...


Amorgos Island

See all 73 Amorgos Island Tips
  • time for crepe!

    Amorgos Island Restaurants

    This is my all time favorite place in Amorgos when it comes to crepes! They have several different tastes of course, many sweets(marmalade, chocolate & nuts, cookies, banana, whipped cream, ice cream etc) and the prices are from 2,5e to 5,5e(the ones with 2 scoops of icecream). If you like chocolate like I do ask the one with chocolate and...

  • Lakki Village

    Amorgos Island Hotels

    Titika is run by a lovely young couple who have made the place stylish and a superb place to stay....

  • meat tavern, pizzeria

    Amorgos Island Restaurants

    Not the best place to eat in town but definitely a cheap choice if you just want a souvlaki. The truth is that the dish prices are very high comparing to the cheap meals we had here on my first visit (2000) when the TV outside was the main reason for us to sit here during the 2000 football Euro Cup :) We felt disappointed from the meat dishes in...



See all 48 Milos Tips
  • The Water Catacombs

    Milos Things to Do

    The Water CatacombsThe water catacombs were built at the same time as the more well known Catacombs of Milos, in the first century AD, by the first Christians.  Originally dug into the soft cliff-face, they have been exposed by erosion over the 1900 years since they were dug.  Each hole contains one grave and some of the caves include several.  The...

  • Hotel Portiani

    Milos Hotels

    Adamas, 848 01, Greece

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Achivadolimni, Milos

    Milos Things to Do

    AchivadolimniAchivadolimni (official) or Hivadolimni (in local dialect) is an area directly across the bay from the seaport of Adamas, facing north. Achivadolimni beach is one of the longest beaches in Milos and is suitable for swimming when the wind blows from the south. It features mostly white sand, and the water is rather shallow.Achivadolimni...


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