Places to eat in Greece

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  • All tavernas at the central square
    All tavernas at the central square
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Most Viewed Restaurants in Greece

  • Odos Aisxulou (Othos Aeschylou): The heart of Psirri

    by Yianna225 Updated Sep 23, 2014

    Psirri is not a yuppie/sophisticated/celebrity hangout, a good local area that is down-to-earth. This taverna has a wide selection of dishes at a wide selection of prices. We have had the gyros (our staple-food in Greece because we love it so much!!), souvlaki, village salad, potato salad, frappe........all excellent. The service is outstanding and friendly - they remembered us from the previous week's visit - these folk serve hundreds of people each day, so that's remarkable. Remember, anywhere in Europe, when you sit down to a meal, it is more expensive than take-away. Portions (as is usual in Greece) are large and well prepared. There are tables outside as well as inside and a continuous stream of folk walking through.

    Favorite Dish: Gyros - pork or chicken. Known as schwarma elsewhere, the meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie, cut in small chunks and served with pita bread, tomato, onion, sauce and chips (fries).

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  • Miguelzgz's Profile Photo

    Estia: Great food, reasonable prices in the Plaka

    by Miguelzgz Written Oct 28, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We follow the advice of one guide-book we took in our hotel.

    We had to walk a little untill we found it in the streets of Plaka, but it was worthy. Staff is eficient and fast. Food is well cooked, tasty and enough food in every dish. We used to have one salad, one starter and one main dish for the two of us, and that was enough.

    Favorite Dish: Soulaki, auvergines, lamb....

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  • Miguelzgz's Profile Photo

    Athinaikon: We visited it 4 times

    by Miguelzgz Written Oct 20, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Very close to Omonia square.
    YOu can check the adress in their website.
    Beware, they close on sundays.
    Staff is very helpfull. Food is great, and price is correct. There were always a nice mix of local and tourist clients.
    Mousaka is a must!!

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  • Kefalovrisi: Extraordinary traditional homemade cooking!

    by AthinaK. Written Aug 4, 2013

    This amazing restaurant is located at the most beautiful and highest point of the island. The crazy chef and owner George will offer you an unforgettable delicious trip that will challenge you to come back for more! Lamb, kokoretsi, traditional appetizers are only few of what you must taste. Excellent food, remarkable service and a breathtaking view will satisfy the most demanding customer. What more can anyone ask anyway?

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish is a mixed plate with traditional delicacy that travelled me throughout the traditional kitchen of Kos. The variety of the flavors surprised me in a magic way among with the freshness of the ingredients.

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  • travelingteri's Profile Photo

    Myrolvolies: Best Traditional Greek Food! Myrovolies

    by travelingteri Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Myrovolies made ME feel Greek. The staff were delightfully friendly, welcoming and real. We were the only non-tourists dining there the evening we stopped in. After a day at the beaches and historic downtown, we were famished. The fine dining experience, surrounded by happy people and lively music were ideal. A trio of guitar strumming singers serenading and entertaining while you dine? What more could one ask for? I love this place! (Best traditional Greek food and atmosphere: Myrovolies; Lachitos 13 Medieval Town Rhodes Telephone: 22410 38693)

    Favorite Dish: Everything that passed my lips.

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  • penelope's Seafood restaurant: Penelopes-Best lamb in kefalonia, without doubt.

    by marko679 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Penelopes restaurant lies about 15 minutes walk from the centre of scala, kefalonia and is outstanding both in the welcome given by Setonas and his family and the stunning setting of not only a well appointed restaurant but an additional outside seating area within a boat perched upon a cliff looking out over the beautiful ionian sea. Renelopes is open all year round and is frequented by locals and tourist alike, most of whom return year after year. Penelopes is renowned for its signature Penelope's Lamb dish, a delightful mix of the most tender lamb shank with potatoes, vegetables an feta cheese. Words cannot describe this taste sensation and i can comment from my observations of a clean, well appointed kitchen and the building of this outstanding dish. It is worth walking or driving the short distance on the road towards Poros and it should not be missed.

    Favorite Dish: Having described the Lamb dish above, it may be a suprise that the favourite dish is a Fish soup which again provides not only an ample array of different tastes but also is a sizable offering which should only be tackled by those without a faint heart or alternatively two people! The dish is best eaten with lots of toasted greek bread, ideally of the garlic variety.

    Penelopes-Facing the Boat on cliff top Sentonas with his wife Issabelle and baby Penelope
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  • Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo

    Epikouros Taverna: Get ready for excursion to Delphi sanctuary

    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I recommend the Epikouros Restaurant, also on Delphi's main street, at 33 Pavlou & Frederikis. The Epikouros (owned and managed by the same helpful Kourelis family) has an wide and varied menu -- including tasty vegetable fritters, delicious local formaella cheese, lamb with fresh tomato sauce and, in season, wild boar.

    The Epikouros also easily has the best view from a restaurant. Entrees from 9€ to 15€.

    Favorite Dish: Epikouros Menu
    Tzatziki, Aubergine salad, Dolmadakia - Stuffed Vineleaves, Saganaki banger, Saganaki/cheese turnovers, Fish roe salad, Bourekakia, Formaela (local cheese), Meat Balls, Baked Potato with chef sauce, Peperone Baced with chef sauce, Gigautes, Fried Potatoes, "Feta" cheese, Tyrokoketes, Kolokithakia - Fried Courgettes, Olives, Picked Octapus.

    Greek Salad, Tomato – Cucumber, Lettuce, Cabbage – Carrot, Chef's Salad, Tuna, Vegetables, Beet, Cougettes Boiled.

    Meals of the Moment
    Veal Steak, Pork Steak, Lamp Chops, Fillet Chicken, Chicken Chop, Beefburger Stuffed, Chicken Burger, Souvlaki (Kebab), Souvlaki Chicken, Schnitzel, Mixed Grill.

    Greek Spacialties
    Moussaka, Pastitsio, Stuffed Tomatoes, Soutzoukakia (Rolled Spiced Mince Meat in Sauce with Rice and Chips), Greek Goulash, Chicken, Veal, Stuffed Eggplants, Veal with Pasta, Various Greek Specialties - Pikilia (for 2 persons), Chicken with Eggplants.

    Fried Squid – Calamares, Octapus, Shrimps, Shrmps Saganaki, Fried Sole, Mixed Fish, Swordfish Grilled, Swordfish Souvlaki.

    Delphi - Epikouros Taverna

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  • essence17's Profile Photo

    eden: athens vegetarian restaurant near plaka

    by essence17 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    hey if you don't like the smell of carnivores cooking..look at this ,just below the Acropolis in a cute side street...12 Lissiou &Mnissikleous Street.Plaka.Athens
    full sevice full menu white linen tables

    Favorite Dish: the veggy mousaka

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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Written Sep 28, 2010

    I first came across this place on my first (of many) scooter rides across Santorini. Aeolus was the master of the winds in Greek mythology and this place is very well named! Perched on the cliffs above Akrotiri, it actually has the best Caldera views on the island of Santorini. Not only do they have a great location, the food is good and you can even rent a room from them.

    The business is owned by Litsa & Babis Darzentas and is definitely worth at least a cup of coffee just for the views. I had the best omelette ever. It had cheese and sun dried tomatoes with olives in it. Delicious. They do a range of meals including traditional Greek grills. The only downside is you have to drive here – so no sampling of the wines! You could stay here of course.

    They also have the distinction of having the cleanest toilets on the island. Really impressed. Photos are available.

    Favorite Dish:
    An omelette with sun dried tomatoes, olives and covered with feta cheese. Followed by a much needed expresso.

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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Updated Sep 24, 2010

    Santorini has lots of good restaurants.
    This place is pretty special. Niki has extraordinary views over the Caldera, has wonderful food, actually fills you up with good sized portions – and does not a require a loan from a bank to pay for it. They have been here since 1965 and must be doing something right. I found their menu prices to be lees than the other Caldera view restaurants when I was scouting out a place for that last night meal. Despite their prices, their food looked fresh and they staff gave me a business card and invited me back. We went, we saw, we ordered and we ate. We ate very well! Totally impressed.

    We sat on the rooftop (they have tables inside) and feasted. The starting salads were very big. Dinner was beautiful.

    So why the great views without the price? Well, I didn’t order wine. I had some reasonably priced large beers. The wine was expensive, so there you go. Also they have great Caldera views, but not good views of the main part of Fira. All in all I would recommend Niki highly. You do get the dinning experience and the food without simply paying for the location.

    Well done Niki!

    Favorite Dish:

    I had a special salad (pictured) and swordfish. Surprisingly the swordfish was one of the cheapest dishes, but it was great. Please note – the Tuna salad has a mustard-based dressing rather than mayonnaise. I washed it all down with some cold beers. Other dishes enjoyed by my party were spaghetti carbonara, mushrooms with halloumi cheese, and a chicken dish. We all but licked the plates clean.

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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Written Sep 20, 2010

    You love your Mama’s cooking don’t you? Just like at home, Mama will cook you great meals and not charge you a fortune to eat well. Open all day and until Midnight, Mama’s kitchen serves up great Greek dishes. This great restaurant even hosted a VT Euromeeting meal in 2007.

    Sitting outside in a comfortable garden, it is located right in the heart of Fira town centre. Dishes vary between meat, seafood and vegetarian options. My party enjoyed every bite of their salads, main courses, drinks and a big hug from Mama (pictured).

    Breakfast is more of an American/British fare with eggs, bacon, pancakes etc. Even steak. Lunch and dinner is more Mediterranean and downright Greek. Souvlaki, Moussaka and the traditional Baklava will leave your mouth saying ‘Ahhhhh’. I had a stuffed pork dish that tasted wonderful.

    In terms of price, quality and friendliness you must put Mama’s House on your dinning itinerary while you are in Santorini. Mama runs the restaurant with her husband, brother Ionas, and her dog Jesse II (pictured). A definite family affair.

    Favorite Dish:
    * Chicken Salad
    * Stuffed Pork
    * Red (house) wine
    * Ouzo

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  • Greek Coffe - FRAPPE: Cafe - Frappe

    by volopolo Updated Jul 23, 2010

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cafe - Frape is the most popular coffe in Greece. Enjoy it like:

    (means: Coffe with little sugar - with or without milk)
    (means: Coofe with sugar - with or without milk) and
    (means: Coofe without sugar - with or without milk).

    Coffe shop Coffe shop Coffe shop Coffe shop Coffe shop

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  • Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri: Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri

    by volopolo Updated Jul 23, 2010

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The tradition continues to this day and the 'tsipouradiko' is the established meeting place of the people of Volos, well known throughout Greece. The 'tsipouradika' increase in number continuously to meet the demands of visitors to the city.

    Favorite Dish: Favorite Dish: sea food: octapus, cuttlefish, mussles, oysters, cockles and various small fish.

    Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri

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  • Itanos Taverna/Restaurant: Where the Agios Nikolaos locals eat...

    by Kopella Updated Sep 13, 2009

    One of the best places in Eastern Crete to try real Cretan food and at still reasonable prices. Like "To Steki" in Sitia and other typical Cretan lunch places (though it does evening meals too), has a wide range of dishes, including some vegetarian, laid out in canteen-style servers at the back of the restaurant, and you select what you want. Local wine from the barrel. Has some outdoor tables if you get there early. Run by a family from a mountain village in the far east of the island who really know their Cretan specialities. Service is efficient & friendly. Usually has more locals than tourists eating there - always a good sign.

    Favorite Dish: Impossible to say. Everything I've eaten there has been excellent.

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  • Corto Maltese: Relaxed dining in quiet style...

    by Kopella Written Sep 13, 2009

    Situated where the old bus station was, on the terrace overlooking the yacht marina of Agios Nikolaos (NOT the commercial port, near the "lake") and the small beach nearby. There are 2 fast food places next door, both with tables on the terrace too, but Corto Maltese is clearly more upmarket, with beautifully laid tables under stylish umbrellas. However, it isn't self-consciously modish. Not the very cheapest place to eat (also not the most expensive) but the food is an interesting and refreshing take on Cretan ingredients & dishes with other influences and I haven't had an indifferent dish here. Even on a budget, you could manage a salad or light dish. Some very good Cretan wines, too - we especially liked the house white. Service is very professional, fast, friendly without being obsequious, and nothing seems too much trouble for the very pleasant staff. A wonderfully peaceful place to eat & drink under the stars, or watching the yachts, away from the main eateries with their bustle & noise. In winter (and summer) there is indoor seating. Parking below in the marina parking lot is very convenient in a town with a shortage of parking places.

    Favorite Dish: Best was a pasta dish - I forget its name. A mixture of Cretan and other mediterranean styles.

    Price depends very much on what, & how much, you eat.

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