Greece Tourist Traps

  • Kymi Beach
    Kymi Beach
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    Local products
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Greece Tourist Traps

  • Taxis

    Athens Tourist Traps

    To put it bluntly they are ba#%$^%&'s Rude, over bearing, arrogant, and out to prise every cent out of you they can. I found it best by far to NOT ask a price or bargin, but just to get in and get the meter going. FAR CHEAPER

  • Popular Places

    Crete Island Tourist Traps

    Usually most popular Cretean beaches are overcrowded in full season. This sometimes can make sunbathing and/or swimming annoying and tiring. Try and find less popular beaches. Ask locals - they're very friendly and know less crowded places. In many cases those beaches are even more picturesque than the popular ones. I suggest that you...

  • Sunset in Oia

    Santorini Island Tourist Traps

    The sunsets in Santorini are awsome! However because of the crowds of people it is hard to enjoy them. The alleys are filled and people are found standing for hours waiting for the moment the sun sets. You can stay at one of the hotels facing the caldera and then you have the sunset all for yourself on a balcony near the pool with a glass of white...

  • Taxi fares

    Thessaloniki Tourist Traps

    I live in Thessaloniki and I have to warn you that taxi drivers are RUDE and they will try to cheat you, they will tell you to pay more than the real fair. Do not trust them cause they r trying to steal even us, who r Greeks and will live here. Public buses are better, more cheaper and there are signs everywhere to help you. Or you can ask someone,...

  • Plaka

    Athens Tourist Traps

    This is a scam that I foud multiple times on Athens. If you are eating at a restaurant, the waiter will open a large bottle of water and put it on your table. Then will charge you for it, even if you dont ask for it. Also, he may walk up, after he sees you are a tourist and place some food on the table (it was Titziki for us). You think this is a...

  • Excursion's

    Crete Island Tourist Traps

    prices for 2012 if you need to book with the above, Spinalonga 99 euros premier Taste of Greece of Crete 69 euros Heraklion market 35 euros plus others please expand photo for full list try the local companies will be around 20% cheaper hire a car!!!!

  • Cruises

    Santorini Island Tourist Traps

    Since the volcano has no main crater, which would make a tour more spectacular, we have decided to take a ride just around Nea Kameni. However, most of the trips were offered only in package, where you visit the hot springs being not hot at all, in Palea Kameni and afterwards also Thirasia with a lot of low quality taverns. The cheapest tour, I...

  • Overpriced restaurants

    Athens Tourist Traps

    Many restaurants pretend that they have made a mistake and they over charge your bill. They do it purposely because usually people don't check and pay what they have been asked. If you see that you cannot eat what you are brought because it is burnt don't just be disappointed with your bad luck, but demand to be brought another one. Deny to pay...

  • Cable Car

    Santorini Island Tourist Traps

    We showed up at the Cable car at 11am, we neeed to catch our boat for the day. We waited in the steaming heat for about one hour and a half. The boat wasnt going to wait for us as there was another group on board and we were told to move to the front of the line. Next thing I hear is this old woman with a scraped up bloody nose yelling and waving...

  • Acropolis

    Athens Tourist Traps

    Actually I would not consider all acropolis as a tourist trap, just northern slope and Parthenon. I arrived to visit it at 10 am, not so early but also not so late and it was not a public holiday. No problem at all visiting the southern slope and Dyoniso's theater, but found a huge crow when trying to go up to the acropolis. It was really...

  • Sorry Excuse For A Tour Company

    Northern Greece is quickly becoming a popular destination for Polish tourists, due to cheap online deals, and a wide variety of travel companies.A word of advice, if you're traveling from Poland DON'T BOOK WITH SZAVELTRAVEL!They're okay for the bus service to Greece and the hotel, but once you actually arrive in Greece, don't book any trips with...

  • Zakynthos and Laganas Beach

    I went to Zakynthos because of its proximity to the West coast of the Peloponnese. I thought I would take in an Greek island for a couple of days and lie on the beach after visiting many of the Greece's splendid historical sites. Guess what, it rained. So I thought I might subtitle this this tip as what to do in Laganas Beach when it rains. While...

  • Kefalonia, Greece

    A good tip is not to use a Bank to change your cash, I paid seven Euros to change £100 which is daylight robbery. It is even cheaper to use your hotel which is very unusual as they were only charging 2%.


    To be somewhat fair the local authorities, the last Tourist to visit was killed on site. A protective roof structure was being erected to protect the ancient ruins in 2005. Unfortunately part of it collapsed and killed a tourist. Fair enough, but they estimated it would be open by now. It’s been 5 years! I have been here twice and have only seen...

  • a taxi driver is never a tour guide....

    i find that almost as soon as i emerge from either an airport, marina, or train station, i am faced with a gauntlet of taxi ride solicitations by drivers wanting to bring the tourists on a tour of the area or a tour on the way to their desired destination. i usually travel for work only, and am met by a colleague however i could see how easy it...

  • Be sure of the price - ask to write it...

    If you get out of the tourist region and English speakers, be careful when you ask for the price. Take some paper and pen with you so they write down the price. In Crete we were offered to buy some honey (not practical for luggage), the lady said 12 Euros. I thought that I didn't hear well, because this was quite expensive. So I asked her to write...

  • Plaka neighborhood

    The Plaka area is quaint in a nineteenth century sort of way, but it is very touristy and prices are inflated. Some of the shops were nice though, but I felt very pressured and hurried in the one restaurant where we had coffee and pastries. Haggle. The area around Syntagma square did not feel as touristy. The national gardens off the square were...

  • we are not time-share

    around mandraki harbour... are you British.. we are not time share.. we are giving away free gifts with these scratch cards. yeah right, timeshare, holiday club does not matter how they phrase it, amounts to the same thing... give us your money and sign up for thousands. keep your money in your pocket and make sure you really have time to think...

  • VT-database of destinations in Greece

    To my great surprise the VT-database of destinations in Greece is almost empty. I couldn’t find several destinations: Prefecture of Fthiotida – Thermopiles, Prefecture of Attica - Vravrona; Prefecture of Trikala - Kalambaka. I’ve put a question on VT Technical Forum if anybody had any idea how to put pages on these destinations here.Kiwi (Pam)...

  • Greek Islands - which one to go

    You may consider of shortening your stay in Mykonos to 3 days and spend 3 days in Rhodes. The medieval city built in 14th century is amazingly beautiful. It's a bit far away from Santorini, but you can take an overnight ferry to get there. Then from Rhodes, you can either take a short flight (not many greek islands have airport!)or an overnight...

  • Athens Taxi Drivers

    The only place I've ever been "done" in a taxi is Athens and its happened several times. Generally Greeks are among the most honest people in the world but something happens to them when they drive taxis in Athens. They all have meters and you should demand that they turn them on when you get in the cab (most do) but then you have no control over...

  • That's the same everywhere but...

    That's the same everywhere but it's quite easy to feel it in Greece: The summer is a strange period to meet people...At this time of year (in a country that rather lives on tourism), most inhabitants in the islands are expecting to make money as if growing salads. Would you talk to your salads? Sure they don't either!Keep in mind that, except for a...

  • Old ferries in Greece

    There are 3 particular ferries for the greek islands called "Romilda" "Rodanthi" & "Dimitroula" which are unrelliable to say the least. Try to avoid travelling in any of them. I have no affiliation with any naval company whatsoever and this is just painfull experience talking b ready 4 delays, arm with patience, cross your fingers not all greek...

  • different prices--for tourists

    i f you are going for shopping..and you do not see the prices then you can be sure it depends much on you also..what the price is going to be.Sure if you ask the price in other language than Greece..the prise i more high than for locals.. So when you are going to Greece, study how to say .."How much does it cost?" - "Poso Kanee?" in Greece..and if...

  • TAXI DRIVERS yet again...

    TAXI DRIVERS yet again I'm afraid! Ashamed to say we got ripped off from the Airport to Plaka in central Athens. 10 fold! Lots of excuses we were tired, had not even looked at the Greek money before we got out of the taxi etc etc non of it made us feel better especially when we realised just how broke we were the next day (both forgot our credit...

  • Imaginary highways

    Those who travel by car have to forget the meaning of highway because the greek highway is only a 2 line normal road with a half line for broken cars.And on this normal road one have to deal with trucks and thousands of cars.There is also a normal highway but for half of the distances shown on maps as motoroad there is only a 2 lane road.Oh, and...

  • streetsellers

    in Thessaloniki was quite a many people who just followed you in the streets and were selling things( like Armani sunglasses and Hugo Boss cosmetics) of course they are do not by them ,even when they are sayeing it s so cheap..but it s fake and non-legal Just do not answer..if you really, really want to buy (not only cosmetics s...

  • The dreaded scratchcard rip off

    we would like to warn our fellow travellers that the dreaded scratchcard rip off has now reached Greece.the "holiday club" touts tell you to scratch a card you WILL win a Tshirt or a bottle of champagne but you must jump in a taxi cab to go claim it immediately where you will be taken to "have a look" at some 5star accomodation for up to 4...

  • Day Cruises at the port of Rethymo

    It is about 25 euro and I think it is a 2-4 hour cruise into the caves. I was a little dissappointed with the caves. You leave from the port of Rethymo. I was looking to see some exciting caves but it was basically one big hole in the side of the mountain near the ocean. THey did bring us to a fishermans island where the beach was very nice though...

  • Under Construction, Buyer Beware

    when most people are in athens, they will of course want to see the acropolis. you pay you 8 euro and start walking up all the steps under the intense greek sun that is only intensified by the air pollution. sweating profusely and feeling overwhelmed by all the tourists that you just weaved your way through, you look up to catch your first glimpse...

  • Nice and Big Apartments.

    Only applicable during Winter time.When you arrived at the Pier of the Greek islands, expect locals dragging you to their hotels to take a look. Some of them will advertise their rooms as nice and big service apartments. Remember this is during the winter. Some of these smaller "hotels" do not have central or good heater. Sometimes its better to...

  • Not a trap in the way that is...

    Not a trap in the way that is meant here but it is a trap! All people wanting to go to the top of the Akropolis have to go through this gate. You can imagine that it can become very crowded at times. Do you reconize yourself? it is at the Propylean Gate on the Akropolis.

  • Buy sponges at the islands!

    Whenever you see in a little island a street stall selling sponges, buy them there. Don't wait till the last day in Athens, they use to be more expensive and worse quality.

  • Taxi as usual! Be careful!...

    Taxi as usual!Be careful! Some meters are still sow Drachmas (1 euro=340,75) Taxi Fares (Last update 27.02.2002) :Meter Starts At 0,74 ? Minimum Rate 1,47 ? Rate Per Km Within City Limits (Simple Rate) 0,24 ? Rate Per Km Outside City Limits (Double Rate) 0,44 ? Waiting Time Per Hour 7,60 ? Surchage From & To the Airports 1,18 ? Surchage From the...

  • Tuff one

    Only tourist trap I ve felt on my skin was that I didnt want to go back home after seeing Napflio LOL Take as much pic as you can ... Learn Greek language, get a job and stay there LOL

  • Lindos, Rhodes Island.

    Lindos is a must see place, but you don't really want to get stuck there. I headed there for a couple of nights. Really, a day trip from Rhodes would have been enough. The place gets absolutely crammed in the day as a fleet of coaches disgorges hoardes of tourists. You literally can't move for the crowds in the narrow streets of this very small...

  • Restaurants - Variety of little things

    Most of us are used to order a salad and a main dish and a glass of something.Well, I advise you to change your behaviour a little when you are in Greece.You better order small variety of things instead of a main dish. Additionally, try to be at least 4 persons, so as to order many little things that usually are served before the main dish, and...

  • Restaurants

    Avoid places and restaurants (especially in Plaka) that you see only tourists.Especially when a smiling waiter pulls you inside!!! Try to find the places where the greek young people go and are full without waiters' effort. They are more sophisticated, more authentic with better quality of food and additionally, they have better prices! If you are...

  • Taxi drivers

    Pay taxi drivers according to what the taxi meter says. No tip is needed.And if they do not have a taxi meter, (it happens sometimes away from big cities) ask the taxi driver before you enter the taxi, how much will it cost, to drive to the place you want. Taxi drivers usually are not thieves and do not cheat tourists, but you better be careful,...

  • Gestures you shouldnt neglect

    In most european countries we are used to those most used gestures like nodding for "yes" and shaking your head for "no". In greece it is different: you simply move your head up, sometimes with raising your eyebrowes. Sometimes some of the greeks add this funny sound made with mouth. You put your mouth like you wanted to kiss somebody and make the...

  • Stairway to heaven?

    Before anyone go up to the shops in Molivos,be shure you got good health and shoes. Like me,I had to go to the bakery,right up the hill.Well I tookmy scooter that go,s faster and it,s not that diffitcult as walking up and down again..... See before.....

  • What ever might happens to you...

    What ever might happens to you or your friends,I hope never, please call The Tourism Police. Is an integral part of the Hellenic Police (ÅËÁÓ), consisting of men and women especially trained and competent to offer tourists information and help, whenever they have any problems. They are also competent to solve minor differences between tourists and...

  • Basic vocabulary:

    Kalimera....Good morning....Buenos diasKalispera...Good afternoon..Buenas tardesEfharisto...Thank you.......GraciasParakalo....Please, you are wellcome..Por favor, de nadaSignomi ....Excuse me

  • We stayed at Rethymnon. And as...

    We stayed at Rethymnon. And as in many touristarea's the waiters at the restaurants are very pushy to get you into the restaurant. Don't go in immediately, look around, the prices are very diffrent at each restaurant.

  • A lot of the tourist shops are...

    A lot of the tourist shops are a tourist trap. Your best bet is go a bit more inland near ythe smaller towns. They tend to have more original goods at a much cheaper price.Also only in Greece as far as I know where the waiters main job is not to bring you food but to bring you to the resturant! How? By almost garbing you through the neck and...


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