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  • Things to Do
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Guernsey Things to Do

  • German Military Underground Hospital

    The German Underground Military Hospital and Ammunition Store is the largest structural reminder of the German Occupation existing in the Channel Islands. (Quoting from the brochure, obtainable on entry):"This maze of tunnels covers an area of about 75,000 square feet. Almost invisible from the surface, this vast concrete maze is built under a low...

  • German Occupation Museum

    The German Occupation Museum tells the story of the German Occupation of Guernsey from June 1940 to May 1945. Half of Guernsey's population and most of the schoolchildren were evacuated from the Island before the German Invasion took place.The museum is well laid out, and has two audio visual screens, which tell some of the story of the Occupation....

  • Fort Grey Shipwreck Museum

    Fort Grey is the home of the Shipwreck Museum. It is a Martello Tower (Fort) from the Napoleonic Wars, and is situated on the west coast in Rocquaine Bay. You can get there by No 41 bus from St Peter Port, and after leaving the stop for the Pleinmont Hotel (where the bus turns around), you will see it clearly enough. The bus stops there if you ring...

  • Visit Herm or Sark

    Once you've travelled around Guernsey why not take a trip to either Herm or Sark? Ferries leave St Peter Port daily (subject to weather conditions of course). It usually leavesfrom 'Cambridge Steps' but can also depart from either the 'Weighbridge' or 'Inter-Island Quay' depending on the height of the tide.The first and last boats always leave from...

  • Castle Cornet

    Castle Cornet dominates the seaward skyline of St Peter Port. Dating from the 13th century, it was built upon a rocky islet until a breakwater and bridge were constructed during the 19th century. It has been upgraded throughout thee years, withstanding invasion by the French during the Hundred Years War, and the English during the English Civil...

  • Golden Beaches

    Guernsey is blessed with a number of wonderful beaches. There are a number of nice beaches in the southeast part of the Island, and many of these involve steepish descents to access them. Unfortunately I've not seen them yet. The widest expanses of sandy beaches are those along the rugged northwest coast, where the Bus Route 7 and 7A runs, every 30...

  • German Naval Signals H. Q.

    The Headquarters of the German Naval Commander Channel Islands was established in the nearby La Collinette Hotel, and the Signal HQ was responsible for all radio traffic to and from Germany and the other Islands. Visit the last operational Signals HQ that was running up to 9th May 1945, using the Enigma code machines that were being decoded by the...

  • Rousse Tower

    The late 18th C was a time of great tension between England and France and in 1778 the British Government decided to improve Guernsey's defences by commissioning a chain of 15 towers linked to gun batteries situated around the coast.The majority of these towers were built around the exposed beaches to the north of the Island. Nine were sited to...

  • National Trust of Guernsey Folk and...

    Set in stables and other outbuildings of an old country house in Guernsey’s largest park, the Folk and Costume Museum depicts life as it used to be in the Island around 100 years ago. Displays include domestic life, farming, fishing and seafaring, trades, the tomato industry and transport. The recently much enlarged museum also has several displays...

  • Priaulx Library

    Standing in its own beautiful grounds on the outskirts of St. Peter Port, the Priaulx Library is Guernsey’s premier centre for local studies and family history research and holds important collections of newspapers, documents and photographs. Winner of the JPC Historic Attractions of the Year award in 2005, it is a wonderful place for tourists and...

  • Fort Hommet Gun Casemate

    The Fort Hommet 105 mm coastal defence gun casement bunker is a fully restored gun casemate that was part of Fortress Guernsey constructed by the forces of Nazi Germany between 1940 and 1945.Fort Hommet was constructed on the Vazon Bay Headland in the late Napoleonic Wars era as part of the anti-French defences although there had been...

  • Jerbourg Point

    Jerbourg Point or the Jerbourg Peninsula is the southeastern point of the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, lying within St Martin Parish. It marks the end of the east coast cliffs and beginning of the south coast cliffs. It provides scenic views of the Little Russel and many other islands.People have lived on...

  • Les Creux ès Faies (The Fairy Grotto)...

    This ancient burial site is set on a hillock opposite the island of Lihou on Guernsey's west coast. The tomb dates to around 3,000 BC and was in use for successive burials until the late Bronze Age, around 1,000 BC. Two original cap stones of the bottle-shaped tomb survive. Traditonal folklore states that the tomb was the entrance to fairyland and...

  • Fort Saumarez & L'Eree Headland

    Fort Saumarez is a Martello tower in Saint Peter, Guernsey, on a headland that forms the northern tip of L'Erée and extends to the Lihou causeway. It was constructed in 1804 on the site of an existing battery after the onset of the Napoleonic Wars, and during the tenure (1803-1813) of Lieutenant Governor General Sir John Doyle. Doyle named the...

  • The Little Chapel

    A work of art and a labour of love, the Little Chapel is possibly the smallest chapel in the world. It was built by Brother Déodat who started work in March 1914. His plan was to create a miniature version of the famous grotto and basilica at Lourdes in France. Guardianship of the Little Chapel now rests with Blanchelande Girls College, which is...

  • Fort Grey & Shipwreck Museum

    Fort Grey is located at Rocquaine, on Guernsey's rocky west coast, near the infamous Hanois reefs - site of many historic shipwrecks. The small martello tower is situated on a rocky islet just offshore but connected by a stone causeway. It contains a museum about Guernsey shipwrecks, with many salvaged artefacts and related illustrations.Open...

  • Pleinmont Observation Tower

    Pleinmont Tower is an imposing, five story observation tower, which was built by the Germans in 1942, as part of a network of similar towers. The tower is located at Torteval and has an unrivalled view of the south west coast. The tower has been fully restored back to how it looked during the occupation years. It is open to the public and original...

  • Batterie Dollmann Gun Pit

    In 1997 Guernsey Armouries selected Gun Pit No. 3 to restore as an example of a German coastal artillery battery. After negotiations to secure a lease on the site and get permission from the relevant authorities, work could begin on excavating the back-filled trenches and pit. Initial inspection showed the bunkers to be remarkably intact with...


Guernsey Hotels

  • Auberge du Val

    The Auberge Du Val hotel was not really my first choice of accommodation on Guernsey. As with...


Guernsey Restaurants

  • Great Little 'Traditional' Pub

    We were looking for a more 'traditional' place to have a meal and a drink. There are lots of such places in Guernsey, but not all that easy to spot until you've driven past them! Having just filled the car up with diesel, I approached the cashier with my trusty road map, and another customer knew I was going to ask for information. This very...

  • The worst place to eat in Guernsey

    I don't really want to make a huge comment on my experience in this restaurant because it is wasting my time.I just would like to advise people not to go to this place. The food is awful and unfortunately, the service is also very very bad.The staff does not understand you because they don't seem to speak English.The General Manager is obliging and...

  • Try The Carvery

    Plain old Yummy, You pay a set price and choose what you want of the carvery buffet. British Sunday Dinner style.


Guernsey Transportation

  • Your Own Car Around the Island

    We had planned to visit Guernsey this year (May 2014) using the Condor Ferry, and relying on the local bus service to get around. After all, Guernsey isn't a very large Island, and you can circumnavigate it by bus in about one and a half hours. However, due to the forecast of unsettled and cool weather and the fact that when I added up all the...

  • Let The Bus Take The Strain

    Guernsey is cris-crossed with handy bus routes. The bus terminus in St Peter Port is a couple of hundred yards from the main Marina, in the direction of the church, but carrying on along the main road. Bus route 7 and &A will take you all round the Island for (in 2012) £1, and takes about a hour and a half. You can alight the bus at any stop en...

  • Let your Boat Take The Strain

    I've been to Guernsey about 6 times now, and each time by boat, not the fast cats, but small sailing boats. My own boat is only 22 feet (6..7 meters), and it takes about 20 hours for the 100 mile crossing from Plymouth. The marina complex in St Peter Port is easy enough to find, and the channel clearly defined. You will usually be met by one of the...


Guernsey Shopping

  • Heaven Scent

    I'm only allowed to visit Guernsey if I promise to bring back some perfume for my wife! There are several shops to chose from, but I always visit Au Caprice Perfumerie as they always have such a good selection. Until the change in 'Duty Paid' rules some years ago, Guernsey was the ideal place to purchase wines and (dare I say) tobacco products....

  • Boaty Stuff

    Boatworks is the main Ship's Chandler's in St Peter Port. They have a large shop with almost everything you will need for your boat, but, again, the prices will be higher as the items have to be imported.This is the only place that you can refill your boat's fuel tanks, and here you will get a saving on the fuel prices, as there is not the same...

  • Just Like Back in England

    Shopping in St Perter Port is almost like being in a large town in the UK. Most well-known 'brand' shops are here, including Boots, all the main banks and so on. Some shops are aimed at the casual tourist, with 'kiss-me-quick' type wares, buckets and spades and so on. Others are more high-class including the various perfumeries. There is a co-op...


Guernsey Warnings and Dangers

  • I knew it!

    by gumboyaya Updated Apr 9, 2007

    I always knew it.

    Sheep can read!

    In case you can not read the sign properly (it is me again, with my obsession concerning signs), underneath the word DANGER, it is written: Sheep drop to beach!

    And to make my point.
    Sheep are all over the area.
    There is no one who actually leads the sheep over to this place, but on the other hand, there is (was) no fence or anything, that would stop the sheep of going to this particular place.

    Otherwise the Island seemed to me a rather safe place altogether.

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Guernsey Off The Beaten Path

  • PavlH's Profile Photo

    Cobo Bay

    by PavlH Written May 8, 2006

    It's worth a trip over to Cobo Bay on the other side of the Island from St Peter Port - the bay itself is stunning and there is a 28 foot tidal difference in the sea level which makes for some interesting scenery at different times of the day.
    You can get a bus (No. 3) to the bay but the service is quite infrequent so may be easier to get a taxi.

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Guernsey Favorites

  • Parking Your Car in Guernsey

    As at May 2014 car parking is free all over the Island (unless otherwise shown). The main car parks in St Peter Port require you to display a disc card, which you can purchase from garages, or, as we did, from the local police station. The cost was £2.50. You just set the time on the card to your arrival time, and display it in your front window....

  • Beaches to suit all.

    Drive down the Val de Terres (hope i spelt it right) for an exciting free journey, its great fun! The Bridge, in Vale. Full of little shops selling anything and everything.

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