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  • Balaton
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  • Balaton
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  • Balaton
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Balaton Things to Do

  • The Valley of Volcanoes

    On a short distance trekking route of Badacsony geology and botany you can study the wonderful basalt formations, the former mine walls, the moments of ancient geological events. The Badacsony mountain was created by repeated volcanic eruptions in the Tertiary geologic period, on the end of the Pliocene, before 3 million years.The nearly 4 km long...

  • Badacsony - The Empire of the Wine

    If you get thirsty you can study and taste the best known wines of the Badacsony region. Hungary may be predominantly a Catholic nation but at Balaton it is Bacchus who is the true deity. Though the wine can be found on more than fifty places in the Holy Bible too.Two million guests arrive in Badacsony every year to sample the delights of...

  • On the beach of the southern shore

    If you may think that the whole Balaton is a big swimming-pool, then I should tell you, it is not. You may only bath where it is allowed! Many beaches and free beaches await you, the former ones with entrance tickets, the latter ones free of charge. The southern shore for families with children, since this shore is shallower, and the northern part...

  • The fairy stone of Tihany

    Tihany's other sights the Tihany fairy stone (goat hooves). Effectively this is a residue of a mussel, which lived in the Pannon sea - Congeria ungula caprae. For a long time Balatons water level was much higher than today and then rolled many fairy stones, in front of the foot of the hill it built a sandbank. In this old Pleistocene age sandbank...

  • The Echo of Tihany

    The echo was one of Tihany's best-known phenomenon. Effectively it exists since the middle of the XVIII. century, when the present abbey recovered. The words shouted out from the echo hill are repulsing under 2 seconds from the abbey's north side wich is more than 300 metres far. The strength of the echo decreased because of the strengthened...


    Lake Balaton is Hungary's most popular holiday spot.After the velvet curtain came down, many people from eastern europe invested in holiday homes here, it's not hard to see whyAfter the 2nd world war apparently a few Ilyushin-11 wrecks jave been dredged from the lake according to our guide.On the lake front in the town, there is a beautiful church...

  • Sümeg

    Only 20km far from Balaton you can find Sümeg (It is called as Gate of Balaton). It was a center of Catholicism in the 18th century and some particularly distinguished church buildings were built here. The fortress on the Castle Hill is one of the largest and best preserved castles in Hungary.

  • Szigliget

    Szigliget has a unique atmosphere with its houses creeping up the hillside and its green gardens. The old village consists of thatched rural houses. There is a stunning panorama from the ruins of the 13th-century Szigliget Fortress on Castle Hill. The Esterházy Palace is now a house for writers. There are more than 150 types of pine trees in its...

  • Badacsony

    It is worthwhile to tour the strange basalt formations of Badacsony. The panorama is amazing from the porch of the Baroque Kisfaludy House, or from Ranolder Cross. The excellent wine of the Pauline monks called 'Grey Monk' [Szürkebarát] is pressed here. The Badacsony Regional Protection Area consists of wonderful volcanic hills, such as Gulács,...


Balaton Restaurants

  • Try the spinach garlic cream soup

    The soup was great spinach, garlic and cream . After the soup I expected everything to be as good, WRONG !The gruyere turkey dish is deep, deep fried and very greasy with the taste of old rancid oil. My friend ordered another dish which was also greasy and tasted of rancid oilMy friend ordered bottled water and I asked if the tap water with ice was...

  • Do you want to eat good and cheap?

    Who wants to eat good and cheap should visit the buffets of the harbour in Balatonföldvár, where it is possible to choose from the most various foods. I would call attention to three places especially: The hamburger shop is open around the clock , so there is no trouble if you get hungry after a party late in the night,The waffle , diverse...

  • A fantastic cake shop

    The "Cuki" confectionery is a fantastic cake shop standing opposite the primary school. The Surprise de Somló fantastic. Very delicate their strudels or the water ice cream being made of the real fruit which can be got on few places already today. More of my acquaintances traveling through the city told me, they always stop here to eat only a...

  • Let us not only drink, but let us eat as...

    The family owned restaurant is open from the spring to the autumn and yery popular among tourists. The staff consists mainly from family members. It features a brasserie, a garden restaurant and a panorama terrace too. One of the famous dishes is the Bacchus slice, a sizable grilled pork chop, loaded with the home-made letcho, mushroom and...

  • Instead of Restaurant

    Most of the families with children stay whole day on the beach in heatwaves . A pleasant little place on the coast of the water under a tree what else must have been. If you became hungry or thirsty, the coastal buffets' offer will make you satisfied: baked fish, roast sausage, fried dough, cooked corn, candyfloss, pancake, cold beer, icecream,...

  • Introducing the Balaton gastronomy

    The part of the Balaton hospitality are the tasty food and wine. The foods are very diverse. The lake with diverse fish, the area's forests with the games, the gardens with the fruits with distinguished flavour contribute to the good flavours. The hard-working vine-dressers, who put the famous Balaton wines onto our table, crown the cooks' work....


Balaton Transportation

  • Driving by car in Hungary/Balaton

    .Speed limit: in cities 50 km/h, in out of cities 90/110 km/h, on motorway 130 km/h. Documents: driver's license, car registration card and Green Card (proof of car insurance)The max. permitted level of alcohol in the blood is 0.00‰.Using a mobile phone while driving is forbidden, but the use of hands-free devices is tolerated. Motorways can be...

  • Ferry to Tihany

    In the summertime - 24. May & 14. Sept. - the ferries are in service every 40 minutes. Travel duration:10 minutes. Depends on weather condition, may be modified. High-season shipping timetable: Departure Harbor of Szántód 6.00 - 23.20, departur Harbor of Tihany 6.20 - 23.40 Fares for Person: HUF 480.-, for Car HUF: 1 360.-

  • Balaton Hotels

    0 Hotels in Balaton

Balaton Local Customs

  • A wedding custom

    Over the green hills of Balaton there is a black stone which many Hungarians believe that the young couples who wants to marry and be happy just sit on the stone turning their backs to Balaton. They believe that their wish will be realized.We have here in Turkey in Istanbul on the green hills of Sariyer at Bosphorus mouth to Black Sea also a holy...

  • If you want to be married

    For the short time you will not be eating, drinking in Badacsony, and the food has settled already, venture to the lookout tower at the apex of the hill. If you need, you may rest at the notorious basalt block called Rose Stone (Rozsako), which can be found halfway along the road running up onto the Badacsony mountain in the rest above the...

  • Amateur swimming competition across...

    Since 128 years a big event is this day on the Lake Balaton. On Europe's largest and best-known amateur swimming competition - youngs and elders can test their swimming performance. The 5200 metres long section between Révfülöp and Balatonboglár is the place, where you may swim over among organized circumstances in the summer every year. The number...


Balaton Warnings and Dangers

  • Driving too fast

    You should pay a 1200 Eu of traffic fine if your speed is more then: in city 125 km/h, on highway 200 km/h, on motorway 260 km/h. Speed limit: in cities 50 km/h, in out of cities 90/110 km/h, on motorway 130 km/h. Documents: driver's license, car registration card and Green Card (proof of car insurance)The max. permitted level of alcohol in the...

  • Storm warning

    Pay attention to storm warnings, because storms from nothern direction of the Bakony Hills can strike unexpectedly and very quickly on Lake Balaton. On the Lake generally 2-3 metres long waves can be observed, and merely in a strong wind observable more than 7-8 metres. The altitude is very seldom over the 1,5 metres, these may be exceptional...

  • The Ten Commandments for Bathtakers

    How the Bather may contribute to the protection of his own health and the water quality of the Lake.I. Do not jump into water with overheated body, cool down yourself first !II. Have a shower before swimming if possible!III. Use the toilette before bath and make the little children also to do it so. IV. Make your skin regulary accustomed to sun...


Balaton What to Pack

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    Luggage and bags: The longer the trip, the more items, the larger the Luggage! Just remember, whatever you pack, you have to carry!

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Clothes you need.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Tooth paste, toothbrushes, dental floss (packed together, in a ziplock bag)
    Medications, insect repellant, Afterbite, for insect bites allergy medicine if needed, lip balm with sunscreen
    Sunblock with UVA/UVB protection

    Photo Equipment: Do not forget a small camera, maps, and a good Travel Guide!

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: First Aid Kit, swimsuits (two, per person) , sandals, aqua shoes. swim goggles, sunhats, UV rate sunglasses to protect your eyes, umbrellas or ponchos, raincoat, rain-pants for outdoors vacations, appropriate footwear, extra socks

    Miscellaneous: Cash in the local currency, credit cards, keys, passport(check validity!), Balatoncard, tour vouchers, tickets,
    Photocopies of passport, driver’s license, health-insurance card, vaccination certificate
    Addresses of friends and family for postcards
    Maps, cell phone (probably this will also be your travel alarm clock, cell phone charger

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Balaton Off The Beaten Path

  • wander among cows and buffalos

    One of my favourite places in Balaton area is Buffalo reserve in a settlement Kapolnapuszta near Kis Balaton: I enjoyed couple of hours watching buffalos, marmots, autochtonus cows with majestic horns and free running goats! So quiet here and so few people there was, eved during holiday time!You should definitely come with kids or even without them...

  • Sterlet !!! Breaking News February 20,...

    Sterlet ( in hungarian: kecsege) was caught in Sirály harbour. The fish which has been counted as indigenous in Balaton sometime, has not been seen for a long time.The sterlet is generally a freshwater fish that seldom occur in large lakes. The reason of this that the fish likes the clear, oxygen rich waters. Its size usually below 100 cm and 6 to...

  • Bird watching at Kisbalaton

    Kisbalaton means "Little Balaton" and that's what it is: a smaller version of Lake Balaton, some 25 km south of Keszthely. It used to be part of Balaton, but the land in between dried up during the ages and now it's a separate lake and also a protected nature area. A limited part is possible to visit. From the parking lot a bridge leads you to a...


Balaton Sports & Outdoors

  • Horseriding

    Horseriding is very popular here, you can find horse farms around the lake.Horseriding

  • Sailing and boating

    Storm warningBetween May and Sept. there is a storm warning service at the lake.yellow-white 30 flashes a minute: means a wind as strong as 40-60 km/hred-white 60 flashes a minute: means stronger than 60km/h windYellow-white sign means that the little ships and windsurfs can only sail offshore, but if the sign turns to red they must withdraw into...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Balaton Favorites

  • The legend of the Lake

    According to legend long ago, in times before history began, giants lived in the landscape, which the good Lord had created in his joy. Balaton, the last giant spent his everyday life on the spacious uplands of the Badacsony with his daughter, Haláp. When his daughter died, Balaton began to build a tomb for her, and he found a large stone. He...

  • Siófok opens Kiliti airport

    City of Siófok bought the Kiliti-airport which can be found in the city border. The aerial base is leased by Artic-KÉSZ company from the local government for 208 million forints. In five years with an expense of two billion forints the company develops it into a luxury aerial base which will be suitable for the reception of small machines...

  • The Rózsa stone - Badacsony

    On a short distance trekking route of Badacsony geology and botany you can study the wonderful basalt formations, the former mine walls, the moments of ancient geological events. One of the sights of the path is the Rózsa stone; according to the folklore to sit down on it is worthy for young couples, their wedding party will be held within a...


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