Fatal Restaurant, Budapest

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1056 Budapest, Vaci utca 67. +36 1 266 2607

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  • Fatal Restaurant, Budapest
    Fatal Restaurant, Budapest
    by iblatt
  • Having trout in Fatal restaurant, Budapest
    Having trout in Fatal restaurant,...
    by iblatt
  • Dining in Fatal restaurant, Budapest
    Dining in Fatal restaurant, Budapest
    by iblatt
  • Dabs's Profile Photo

    Fatal Restaurant: Huge portions of Hungarian food

    by Dabs Updated Jun 29, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fatal Restaurant
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    This restaurant seemed to be recommended by everyone-Vters, guidebooks, websites, etc. so I was pleasantly surprised when we made our 1st visit for lunch that there was no waiting. Service was quick, although not particularly friendly, and the food was excellent. We went back for dinner the next night (weekday) and it was much busier although we still got a table right away we seemed to be relegated to the "bad American with no reservation section". Once again service was fairly quick except dessert which took a bit longer and the server was less than pleasant.

    The restaurant's entrance is just off the main tourist shopping street Vaci Utca, it is well marked with a sign.

    And I hope you enjoy my photo of the meal, other patrons were pointing at me and laughing :-)

    Favorite Dish: On my first visit I tried the chicken gulyas which is chicken in a paprika/sour cream sauce with a healthy portion of spatzle to accompany it. It was absolutely delicious and the portion was enough for two. David tried the pork schnitzel which was also quite good and came with a side of onion fried potatoes. He only finished about 1/2 as well.

    On the 2nd visit, we tried something different and I forgot to write it down it's actual name, a pancake with chicken and mushrooms which was a little too salty and David's was a kebab of some sort which he liked but I definitely liked my first meal better. This seemed to be a smaller portion so we still had room left for dessert, mine was banana fritters with ice cream and it was OK but nothing special.

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  • MedioLatino's Profile Photo

    Fatál: Great food in the center

    by MedioLatino Updated Oct 14, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fat��l's entrance

    Fatál (not to be mistaken by the femme fatale, since "fatál" is a hungarian word meaning "wooden plate") is a place with great atmosphere and good Hungarian and international cuisine. Prices are a bit higher then average, but they are reasonable for the quality you get.

    The place is open from 11:30 AM until 2:00 AM.

    Favorite Dish: Don't know just try some Hungarian thing :)

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  • shirez's Profile Photo

    Picard Caffe

    by shirez Written Mar 9, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Very nice and quiet coffehouse 2 min walk from the Parliament.
    While walking in Falk Miksa Str, you would be suprised how many antique shops take place in one street, actually you might find I think up to ten.

    Entering Picard will cause you a little suprise, because the place looks really small, but has a very happy atmosphere, and there are a wide range of meals. Cant even choose what to eat: toasted ciabbatta or salad or baked vegetables or maybe home made cakes.

    I recommend to have breakfast in Picard with fresh croissant and coffe au lait:-)

    (and dont be suprised if you meet some Hungarian celebrities. but you go to Picard to ffel good and not for be seen.)

    Favorite Dish: I love brown ciabatta with prosciutto and mozarella and tomato... it is huge, fresh and beautiful!!

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  • hasthetravelbug's Profile Photo

    FATAL: Great food, location, and price!!!

    by hasthetravelbug Written Jul 17, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm SOOO FULL!!!!!!

    Don't let the name deter you from dining here! Fatal actually means wooden plate. The only thing that is related to the name is how fatally full you will be! Located in Pest, it is easily accessible and has great food at a reasonable price. I've been twice and both experiences where great. Massive portions (see picture)!!! The only downfall was the service, it took incredibly long to get the another drink and getting the bill took ages. Other than that if you're not pressed for time, I definately recommend this restaurant!

    Favorite Dish: I would have to say the Potato casserole was good and also the chicken schnitzel was good as well....

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  • lumikki's Profile Photo

    FATAL: Hungarian food, medieval atmosphere

    by lumikki Written Jun 3, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Huge portions!

    The striking fact about Fatal, were the size of the portions! They were incredible big, impossible to finish them. I found out (unfortunately too late) that you can ask for what was left to be packed so that you can take it away.
    There was menu in english and also the personnel spoke english.
    And everything at a very good price.

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  • Audrey118's Profile Photo

    Fatal Restaurant: the porky dishes

    by Audrey118 Written Apr 27, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    hungarian platter
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    This is a great place to eat if you are in the touristy Vaci Utca area. Very close to the Ferecink metro (blue line), close to the white bridge also,.
    It is necessary to make reservation - it is very busy place - the service is brisk and they also tell you the latest time you can stay at the dining table.

    As it was our day one dinner, we went early, jetlagged for some of us, so we went to the restaurant at 630pm - there were already many diners...tourist i presume.

    We sat down n had bread, and our drinks, the boys enjoyed the local beer,and we had freshly squeezed juices. We ordered 2 mushroom soup - it was thinned soup but robust flavour and lots of sliced mushrooms and also one very thinned down Hungarian goulash. The boys complained it was too thinned down. But it was emptied !!! we ordered one Hungarian platter which was a pile of fresh sliced onions, cucumber tomatoes and other greens and it came with sliced pork, sausages, cold cuts etc. And we had one crispy pork which came with loads of shredded lasagne sheets, and another baked pork with like German speztles with bacon and lots of fried musrhooms. Tell you - it was so huge the serving we could have done one main meal less. no room for dessert!!! which looked awesome.

    we walked back to our apartment hotel in a jiffy...

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  • Mikebb's Profile Photo

    Fatal Restaurant: Anything but Fatal

    by Mikebb Written Nov 15, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Skiskebab - massive size
    1 more image

    This restaurant is situated in a small street off the Vaci Utca a well known tourist area and has to be good to survive. We arrived at 8:00pm and as we wanted a non smoking area we had to wait 5 minutes to a table was available. Ushered through a couple of passages we came into a large room with approximately 50 people sitting mostly in larger tables. We were given a table inches from another couple, however they did not mind and we soon joined in the fun as the room was noisy.
    We had heard the servings were large and were amazed at the meals delivered to the adjoining tables, when ours arrived they were even bigger as we had ordered large meals. The meals were excellent , however I think we might have appreciated them better if the serving was smaller. We indulged in sweets and had a most enjoyable evening.

    Favorite Dish: The attached photos display the meals, there is no need for an entree at this restaurant.

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  • Mique's Profile Photo

    FATAL: So much food on your plate..

    by Mique Updated Mar 17, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cathja, me and Inga (IngaA)

    Inga took us to Fatal to celebrate her birthday... . And what a good choice. When our neighbours got their food, all of us couldn't help but stare. It was a whole tower of food. And i swear i saw another 'dish (read huge plate) passing by with a whole chicken on top...

    We also got easily enough food for ourselves and we had the 'smaller' dishes And it was delicious.

    Fatal can be very busy thoug so it is possible you have to wait or even come back another night..

    2005 update: We found it again.And also this time it was very very crowded. But we got seats for all 5 of us. The food still tasted great and even the hungarian among us left very satisfied.

    After asking if people ever finished an entree and a main course the waiter told us that is someone did they offered him/her a dessert for free.

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  • iblatt's Profile Photo

    Fatal: Typical Tourist Restaurant

    by iblatt Updated Nov 1, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My duck and I
    4 more images

    This restaurant is recommended in several travel websites and books, and that is why we chose it. It is centrally located, in a lane off Vaci utca. After entering you go down to the basement level, and the main part of the restaurant is located in a long cavernous space with an arched ceiling. Unfortunately that area of the restaurant was already full, and we were seated in a more remote small hall, which was also nice but less atmospheric than the main hall.

    I ordered duck, which came with thick with Hungarian pasta; it was tasty (if you like rich, heavy Hungarian food) and very plentiful. My friend's pork leg with pasta was another huge portion, quite tasty. Our wives ordered trout, which was disappointing: somewhat dry and tasteless.

    The service was not great. We never once saw a waiter after our meal had been served, no one asked whether everything was ok, not even when they brought us the bill: they seemed to be very sure of themselves that whatever they put on our plates must be excellent!

    Overall most of us enjoyed our meal, but it was not great.

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  • balfor's Profile Photo

    FATAL: Bad name, Good food

    by balfor Updated Jun 16, 2009

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fatal sign #1

    I don't know how you would descibe Fatal's other than saying it has great food, huge portions and very reasonable prices! (and of course it is becoming the de facto VT meeting place!)

    For those who aren't native English speakers.... Fatal means something is deadly or can cause death. In Hungarian (Magyar), fatal means wooden plate. Quite a difference that makes for a moment of amusement when reading the name of a restaurant!

    Favorite Dish: Hmmm.... I honestly can't say as I haven't had everything on the menu yet, but I ate there twice and both times the food was fantastic. I did have the weinerschnitzel and it was HUGE (and very tasty) I don't remember what I had t he second time I was there, but it was delicious as well.

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  • HORSCHECK's Profile Photo

    Fatal - The Budapest Restaurant

    by HORSCHECK Updated Oct 29, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Receipt of Fatal

    On my first day in Budapest VT member Nykaenen and me met for a dinner VT meeting. After checking a few restaurants we decided to go to Fatal, where Nykaenen had already been before.
    Fatal is Hungarian for "wooden plate", which is what they usually place under your dish here. The restaurant is a bit touristy, but the Hungarian portions are big, tasty and affordable.

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  • nhcram's Profile Photo

    Fatal Restaurant: Skip lunch - the portions are huge!!

    by nhcram Updated Apr 16, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Chicken soup in a roll.
    1 more image

    We had seen this restaurant in a couple of guide books so thought we would try it. We were pleased we did.
    The busy restaurant is below ground level and is just off the main shopping street of Vaci U. The dark tourist filled place serves huge portions. The waiters speak good English and are attentive.
    Excellent value for money.

    Favorite Dish: The best thing is the beautiful chicken soup that is served in a huge bread roll.
    The chicken salad I had the first time we went was so big that when I had finished the waiter thought I hadn't started!!

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  • budapest8's Profile Photo

    Fatal Restaurant: Fatal is living on it's past reputation

    by budapest8 Written Jun 28, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fatal portions are fatal..
    4 more images

    Fatal has only a few things going for it now!!!!!
    First the kitchen stays open late until midnight if your lucky.
    Second the food still tastes good and you get large portions,
    also the food is ready quickly.

    Now the bad news.....They charge tourist prices and is
    double what it's worth. The waiters are not genuine and as
    friendly as they should be. They refused to give us a glass of
    normal tap water so we had to pay an extortionate rate for
    some brand name bottled water. I have visited many times and
    comparing to the other places I visited in the last few days, they
    should send the staff on a course to teach them that the customer
    comes first and service is important.

    Favorite Dish:
    Most dishes are good and huuuuumungos portions.
    I had the kebab with roast potatoes.

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  • dmrtn's Profile Photo

    Fatal Restaurant: FOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!

    by dmrtn Updated Apr 5, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Underground, cosy, great food, decent prices and MASSIVE portions. When I can't finish my plate then you know the portions are big!

    Favorite Dish: I had the Farmer's Pan - A heap of Gnochi style substances one side, mashed potato and onion on the other, a huge side portion of delicious red cabbage, a large sausage, large black pudding, large white pudding - All served in a frying pan :-) ok not everyone likes pudding and sausage but if you do then get this!

    Returned here and tried the Leg of pork, both ways of serving it. Fantastic!

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  • croisbeauty's Profile Photo

    "Fatal": Hungarian food

    by croisbeauty Updated Oct 24, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The restaurant is situated in the centre of the town in a very famous Vaci utca.
    Decorated in the traditional Hungarian wooden style it offers relaxed and pleasent atmosphere.

    Favorite Dish: First of all, the portions are very huge and jummy.
    I've had pork medallions with mushrooms and potatoes. Of course, there was a lot of paprika taste in it so you'll have to drink something after having it. My suggestion, red wine goes perfectly with it.

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