Zoo - Budapest Zoological & Botanical Garden, Budapest

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1146 Budapest, Allatkerti krt. 6-12
  • Zoo - Budapest Zoological & Botanical Garden
    by popsottery
  • Zoo - Budapest Zoological & Botanical Garden
    by shavy
  • Zoo - Budapest Zoological & Botanical Garden
    by shavy

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  • Budapest Zoo - clean and well kept animals

    by nettyfitz Written Aug 2, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We took the M1 metro to Szechenyi furdo and walked through the park, across the road to the zoo. The zoo is well set out so you can meander through the various sections and enjoy the walk. The animals look well and their accommodation is clean and well-kept. We saw fresh, clean food being provided for them. There are stalls and a restaurant providing food, although we did not try them. Water is for sale at a fair price.

    The zoo was established in 1866.

    Zebra at Budapest Zoo.   Newcastle United colours! Elephant took water from tap to spray itself Inside an animal house at zoo Ostrich posing! Tiger, tiger burning bright!
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  • Heniko's Profile Photo

    Budapest Zoo

    by Heniko Written Apr 16, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Completed in 1911, most of the zoo's original buildings have now been replaced, although the elephant house near the main gate remains largely intact. It is one of the oldest zoos in the world.

    Improved funding has meant that facilities are now on a par with standards of those in the west, with the zoo also being very well-signed and child friendly. The attraction is open all year round, but longer hours operate during the summer months.

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  • lucyb77's Profile Photo

    Please DO feed the animals

    by lucyb77 Updated Jan 17, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Animals are ace. Fact. Zoos are not always ace, they can be a bit depressing, but luckily Budapest Zoo is one of the nicer ones.

    From the insane yet impressive Indian-style Elephant house to the giraffes and elephants THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FEED ! and the petting zoo with friendly baby goats, this is a cracker of a zoo. (You do have to pay to feed the elephants, but I think it's free to feed the giraffes - you have to buy a bag of special food though, don't give them your Pringles!)

    Kids would absolutely love it here, but it;s fun for adults too, as long as they like animals! I was 27 when I went and I had a whale of a time (no pun intended, obviously they don't have whales...)

    There's a theme park next door with rollercoasters etc, looked ok, but I didn't have time to go in - I'd say it would be worth setting off early if you want to fit it all in.

    Also, bring your own food - especially if you are anyone in your party is veggie - we were starving but what we took to be cheese pastries turned out to have meat in, so it was crisps, icecream, or nowt.

    Hello? Eye eye A cunning ploy to make the elephants feel at home Baby goats' favourite food is your bag.
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  • budapest8's Profile Photo

    Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

    by budapest8 Updated Sep 23, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is one of my favourite destinations for a day out with my young daughter!
    Over the years living in Budapest it has always been a hit with children and
    myself. I was lucky to have a Hungarian friend who worked in the primate
    house and still had friends working there so we able to have an after hours viewing of the
    gorillas and Orange Urangutans.

    The zoo has a conservation and research centre with internationally important
    breeding programmes for endangered native and exotic species.

    A Childrens' Zoo for close encounter with tame animals.
    "Animals in action show" twice a day. One of the leading animal collections in Eastern
    Europe with more than 2000 animals. Spectacular animal display
    representing the African savannah, the artic area, and the wetland habitats.
    The population of more than 200 primates is of international repute.
    Large family groups of playful monkeys.
    A lovely park under conservation order with remarkable trees, shrubs and flower beds.
    An oasis of calm in a busting city. Farm in the metropolis - ancient Hungarian livestock:
    swallow bellied woolly pigs, bold necked hens, spotted cattle, mudi dogs, cikta sheep,
    hucul horse is shown a peasant farm of period buildings from the upper Tisza region
    A 130 year old beautiful zoo - listed art noveau and national style buildings of the best
    Hungarian architects of the century.
    Entry Charges Adult 1300 HUF Child ( 2-14 years )
    ( Children under 14 years cannot enter the Zoo without adult supervision. ) 900 HUF
    Family ( 2 adults & 2 or 3 children ) 4100 HUF Student with ISIC 1000 HUF
    Opening hours..From 9:00 To 16:00 in Winter To 18:30 in Summer

    Mother and child Budapest Zoo or some beautifl mosque somewhere exo Dec.21st 2005 on the way to the zoo, Heroes Sq in Inside the Elephant House Budapest Zoo Elephant House a cold December 2004
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  • kadybay's Profile Photo

    Budapest Zoo

    by kadybay Written Jun 4, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This zoo has beautiful grounds and most of the animal habitats are open air and somewhat natural looking. For example, the rhinocerous exhibit is designed for you to be able to touch the rhino if it is next to the fence.
    The only con I noticed were the remarkably dirty bathrooms. Otherwise, its a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

    Elephant House Entry
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  • belgianchocolate's Profile Photo

    The zoo....

    by belgianchocolate Updated Oct 15, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ok , I still haven't told ou where I was going to.
    The zoo of course. Since there are a lot
    of things closed on a monday but the zoos
    never close on monday. Visiting the zoo
    is a real monday activity.

    Why should you visit the zoo in Budapest?
    Well I think the zoo is a tipical product of it's
    time and place here. Some sources might say
    that the zoo's architectural value is low.
    That it is jugendstil but ludicrous...
    The architect is 'Kornel Neuschlob'.
    And i loved it. That sort of buildings belong in a zoo.
    The elephant house is for instance inspired by
    a mosque. The entrance building is a real pearl.

    Anyway. The zoo itself is quit nice. They got
    a large collection of animals who look healthy
    and are well taken care of. True , some
    enclosures are too little and there still is
    some work that has to be done.
    The zoo has a special collection of snakes ,
    insects and little monkeys. (the zoo has 200
    monkeys.) They got special combinations of

    There is one thing you have to pay extra for.
    It is the greenhouse. But it is worth it.
    (only 400 forint - a little more then one euro)
    It has gone true a ten year renovation and
    contains many plants , reptiles , monkeys.
    Under it you will end up in a fantastic aquarium.
    And there is a beautifull cafféé with terrace..
    Sweet , coffe and animals.

    Don't forget the petting zoo...it is great.

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  • MedioLatino's Profile Photo

    The Budapest Zoo

    by MedioLatino Written Sep 24, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you like animals, the Budapest Zoo offers you a wide variety of exotical ones!

    Don't miss the beautiful Elephant House (nice building and godd view from it's tower over the whole zoo - see my picture) and the just reopened Palm House.

    The Elephant House in the Budapest Zoo Interior of the Elephant House The tower of the Elephant House gives a great view There is an area where kids can pat the smaller an The fully rebuilt Palm House with the Coffeehouse
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  • ivanab's Profile Photo

    face to face to animals

    by ivanab Written Sep 8, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This zoo was certainly a big surprise. For the price of 1000 HUF you get a whole day of activities. First, it is huge. Second, there's a wide choice of animals to be seen and their very imaginative 'houses'. There's also a botanical garden inside, restaurants, lake and great amount of activities for children.
    I liked the house with butterflies thw most, 'cause you can get so near them that you can touch them and they fly free around your head.

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  • Shofja's Profile Photo


    by Shofja Updated Oct 29, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We like Budapesta ZOO - the most progressive zoo in Europe (it's said in guide-book). There are many very interesting exibitions, for example, butterflys, insects (some of insects were disgusting :-) Of course :-) !) We saw beautifull parrots. The lion was sleeping when we visit him :-), but raccons demonstrated very great interest to our foto cameras :-) And one interesting fact (told by one local inhabitant) - the couple of Budapesta ZOO's hippopotamus every year had a baby (because they have termal pool!).
    There are about 500 species, so everyone can find something interesting.
    We spend there some hours and this realy was great walk through ZOO.
    And now about prices - 1500 Ft (adult); 700 Ft (children), Budapest Card - free entrance!
    Open daily 10:00-20:00


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  • siwi's Profile Photo


    by siwi Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Elephant House is like a jewel-case, it awarded the Europa Nostra Prize. From its look-out tower you can have a wonderful view of the City Park (Vàrosliget) and Budapest Zoo.
    At the Africa-run, walking near giraffes, rhinoceroses, ostriches and antelopes, you can feel as if you were on a safari.
    Budapest Zoo is famous for its more than 200 primates. While you are having a walk, you can meet orangoutans, chimpanzes and a gorilla family as well.
    One of the outstanding sights of the Zoo is the Great Rock. Just a stone's throw away we can find the King of the Animals in the Lion Run.
    Every day you can have great fun looking at the Seal-show, the feeding of the penguins and the Animals in Action show.
    The imposing kos Aviary attracts visitors from a great distance. Its tower reminds one of the Transylvanian church-architecture. Inside the aviary you can meet exotic terrestrial and aquatic birds and other animals in a life-like environment. There are snakes, sloths and caimans also.
    The Hungarian Peasant Farm presents the most characteristic hungarian domestic animals, such as the mangalica pig, the hucul horse, th pulli (dog) and others.
    The Japanese Garden has the atmosphere of the Far East with its green oasis, trickling brook, lake full of gold fidh, wash-hand-bassin, stone-lamp, meditating hut, special trees, colourful flowers and Bonsai pavilion.
    The Palm House has been retored to its original beauty. It presents tropical rainforests and other exciting habitats from our planet Earth.
    All in all, besides its nearly 2000 animals and numerous plants, its buildings are also worth looking at. These distinctivemonuments were planned by some of the most famous architects, such as Karoly Kos.

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  • Yiannis2000's Profile Photo

    Allatkert... the Budapest zoo

    by Yiannis2000 Written Feb 1, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A well kept zoo with great variety of animals, tropical birds and fishes! We enjoyed it even if it was snowing outside!

    Sofia at the entrance! Tropical mytaras Sofia with a dragon...
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  • freezer61's Profile Photo

    the zoo

    by freezer61 Written Mar 20, 2005

    well worth a visit lot of different animals all very well cared for. and if you buy a budacard you get in free

    polar bear
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  • Travelchili's Profile Photo

    Visting Budapest Zoo

    by Travelchili Written Dec 13, 2003

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This could be especially fun for kids as this zoo has over 2000 animals, supposedly being one of the best zoos you can find in Eastern Europe.

    Feeding the camel:)
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  • Imbi's Profile Photo

    Zoological Gardens

    by Imbi Written Dec 22, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are dozens of other attractions in Zoo. It is really must go place for all family. it is located next to city park.

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