Budapest Fovaros Warnings and Dangers

  • Houses of Parliament
    Houses of Parliament
    by balhannah
  • Budapest city
    Budapest city
    by balhannah
  • Dirty building in Budapest
    Dirty building in Budapest
    by balhannah

Budapest Fovaros Warnings and Dangers

  • Scam

    When we visited Budapest in the fall of 2005, we were warned of a local scam. Apparently, pairs of attractive young women target single male travelers (or men traveling together in groups) and suggest that they join them for drinks in a local bar. When the bill arrives, the men find that they have been charged hundreds of dollars for the...

  • Beware of the Ladies in Vaci utca etc.

    I thought , everyone would know already, but obviously some people still cannot believe it...I saw a story in the VT-Budapest-forum about 2 tourists, who were "invited" by a good-looking lady to come with her into a nice bar in Vaci utca......and within 10 minutes there they had to pay 900$ each, they were seated at a table, where plenty of empty...

  • Zebracrossings seem to work only for...

    While a Zebra-crossing will mean a certain protection for pedestrians in Germany, Austria, Skandinavia and some other western countries, it certainly is NOT in Budapest.First of all the green light for pedestrians is blinking only 2 times before changing to red, and then all the cars will start to drive, no matter if you are still crossing the...

  • Pick-pocketers!!

    Be very careful. The pick pocketers near the Royal Palace Museum are many, and their victims are many. I was almost a victim myself. They are in groups of two or three. The one starts a conversation with you, while the other walks behind. I had a long jacket on, but the first wanted to know where the nearest shop was located so he could buy a belt....

  • Hypermarkets, Warning for Vegetarians

    I know that some people have an issue with seeing animals being butchered (not the act of killing, but of cutting-up).Those should stay clear of the back end of most of the bid supermarkets (Auchan, Cora, Tesco). In some of them they have a glass wall there behing which you can see the butchers at work.

  • Toi-toi

    you can tell the difference..!Those movable toilets really suxxx... not enough that you have to wait a lot, there are no light inside, you cant wash your hand, smells, and..and.. and...We found a useful not movable one in the courtyard of Tilos.. (48) it is a secret!! Tip: have a little flashlight on your keyring for these occasions... I do have...

  • Entrance of the Island

    The easiest way to go there by HEV.. But be prepared to be in a big crowed of people and also maybe you have to wait in line before getting in like for 30-60 minutes (not always of course! specially on weekend)

  • Count that change!

    Especially in Budapest it is a good idea to always count your change money immediately upon receipt. If somehow possible, calcute in advance how much you have to pay and how much you should get back. The scheme of giving back wrong change is not restricted to foreigners, and the amounts I have personally experienced (and realized) ranged from 50...

  • Motoring in Budapest

    If you can somehow avoid it, DON'T drive in BP. Well, unless you enjoy (like most Hungarians apparently) an extremely competitive way of street-racing where traffic signs, -lights and -rules are no more than recommendations, if that. Where pedestrians and push-bikers are a mere nuisance, and where only full-throttle/short-stopping counts. Also,...


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Budapest Fovaros Warnings and Dangers

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