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Szekesfehervar Things to Do

  • Medieval Ruin Garden, Romkert.

    The Medieval Ruin Garden at Koronázó tér is just a very short walk from Hösök Tere and the shopping area. You can see most of it without going inside the premises, but there is a small museum connected to it as well.The spot where the ruins are now, was the site of the original basilica established by King István (997 - 1038) - the national...

  • The Russian War Memorial.

    The Russian War Memorial is situated just 200 m north of the railway station, along Deák Ferenc utca. It is quite moving to walk around there and look at the age of the victims, as it is at every war cemetery. The soldiers and officers come in a way closer to us when we see their name, rank and age, I think.

  • St Anna Chapel.

    Being built in the 15th century, St Anna Chapel is the only medieval building in Székesfehérvár. It's Gothic in style,and served as a prayer hall during the Turkish time. It is located just to the north of (left when standing in front of) St István Cathedral.

  • St István Cathedral.

    St István Cathedral was founded by King Béla IV in the 13th century but very little remains from that building since the churh has been reconstructed several times. Parts of the coronation ceremonies has been held here. The statues above the entrance depicts the saints István, László and Imre.

  • All museums in town on one page.

    On the page will you find all the information you may need regarding the museums in town. It is in English and Hungarian.

  • Bori-Var (Castle)

    It took us almost two hours to see all the sights of Bory-Var with its towers, spiral stairs, sculptures of royal families as well as the works of the contemporary Hungarian artists. Very well worth seeing. It was also a nice walk from this lovely castle to our Vadaszkurt Pansio, which is located around 45 minutes walk down from Bory-Var. Peach and...

  • The church of the Jesuits (now of the...

    This church had been constructed before the Basilica was built:between 1745-51.The ceilings and frescos, wich are even more spectacular than those in the Basilica, are works of Caspar Franz Sambach austrian painter. After Joseph the 2nd dismissed the Jesuite order, the church was given to the paulita order and than in 1813 the cistercita order...

  • The Basilica of Székesfehérvár

    The Saint Stephen`s basilica (not identical to the other in Budapest) has medieval origins. The crypt(see in the other tip) was built in romanic style. The baroque basilica was constructed according to the plans of Martin Grabner beetween 1758 and 1768.The altar painting is a work of Vincenz Fischer, while the altar was projected by Franz Anton...

  • Sightseeing

    there are plenty of thing to look at, see my photos of the buildings and statues that are scattered around!

  • Cool homemade castle (Bory Castle)

    This "castle" is a structure built almost entirely by one Hungarian man, as a concrete expression of marital love. The man decorated with many sculptures that he made himself.

  • Glockenspiel

    The new attrection of the town is the "Glockenspiel" symbolising some of the kings crowned or buried in the town in the Middle Ages. A clock museum will be opened soon in the same building.

  • A Secessionist house

    See the Secessionist house next to the Arpad bath.. The statue of Ballerina standing in front of it is Ferenc Medgyessy's work.

  • Medieval house in Juhasz Gyula...

    The medieval house in Juhasz Gyula street represents the remains of the 13-15th century stone-building which were preserved.

  • Sculpture of the No 10 Hussars

    The naked horseman figure, holding a sword stands on a podestal, was made by the order of the officers staff of the No 10 Hussars in 1937.

  • St. Anne's Chapel

    St. Anne's Chapel, from 15th century, is the only medieval chapel in Szekesfehervar to have survived intact. The Gothic aisleless chapel has a fine net-vault. The sanctuary is closed by three sides of the octagon.


Szekesfehervar Hotels

Szekesfehervar Restaurants

  • Decent Place For A Pint And Some Grub

    This is not the nicest place inside but it has an outside terrace which is walled in and is ideal when its warm. The food is the usual mixture of Hungarian & International dishes. Good selection of different beers & spirits. There is a TV which came in handy when the World Cup was on. The Fillet Steak was a personal favourite of mine here along...

  • Isolabella - perhaps the best...

    Isolabella - perhaps the best one in the downtown (Hungarian, Mexican, Greek and Italian cuisine), reasonable prices (Kossuth u. 14.);Kiskulacs - you can enjoy an archaic atmosphere, delicious meals (Budai u.);Szárcsa - an absolutely MUST! Atmosphere of the turn of the century, tasty meals, a large grill garden...(Szárcsa u. 1.);Dodge City Saloon -...

  • Pizzeria near the Bus station

    Nice italian lowprice restaurant. For western means it should be a 'bit dark and dirty, but belive me, it's really worth to go there. For 4 Eu you get a huge pizza and soft-drink and for 0,50 Eu you yould listen to the whole Pink Floyd Dark Side Of the Moon album from the CD changer... Wurlitzer, do you use this word? Pizzaaa


Szekesfehervar Nightlife

  • Saloon with good music

    The Dodge City is a saloon like bar. It is a lovely bar with al kind of drinks.There working nice people overthere.I had 2 great nights in the Dodge City. No Dress code wear the cloth you like to wear when you'r going out.

  • Something For Everyone

    This complex has a Bowling Alley & Pizzeria on the top floor. On the ground floor there is a bar/internet cafe and an electronic casino. In the basement is the nightclub. At the weekend its Euro Rave music till late on. Most people seemed to be casual in the nightclub.

  • The hottest Places:West Side...

    The hottest Places:West Side - disco techno, rave, house and funky;Dodge City - perhaps the best one - rap, disco of the '80s;Bahnhof - rock, alternative;Boomerang - twist, disco of the '80s, rock&roll;Vesztegzár - popular for students;Cultural Centre 'Old Hill' (Öreghegyi Közösségi Ház) - live jazz concerts on fridays.For actual infos and...


Szekesfehervar Transportation

  • To find the bus station.

    The bus station (buszállomás in Hungarian) sits along a busy street to the west of the city centre. You will find buses to most places both far away and closer to Székesfehérvár. It seemed quite busy.

  • Railway station.

    The railway station (signeposted vasútállomás in Hunagrian) is located about 1,5 km south of the city centre.

  • Take the A7

    If you are traveling by car from direction of Croatia, after passing Balaton Lake and the town of Siofok, take the A7 highway in direction of Budapest. Or vice versa, it is about 80 km from Budapest in direction of Balaton area.On the picture is the Baroque house in Megyehaz street, one of the most beautiful streets of the old core of the town.


Szekesfehervar Local Customs

  • Thermal bath.

    Going to the thermal bath is a well spread habbit in Hungary. In Székesfrhérvár will you find Árpád Fürdö along Kossuth utca. Árpád (~845 - ~907) was the leader of a confederation of tribes and is regarded as the founder of Hungary. The word "fürdö" means "bath".

  • The WWII memorial

    The memorial of the military and civil victims of the Second World War is work of Maria Lugossy. On the stone is written "A whole eternity keeps on eye of their destiny" - Pilinzky Mourning Poem.

  • Zichy liget

    When in Szekesfehervar a must see Zichy liget (grove) with a very valuable iron bandstand and this memorial monument in honour of vistims of the war 1914-15.


Szekesfehervar Tourist Traps

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    The usual problem in Hungary is how to comunicate with the people on the streets or in the restaurants, because only few of them are able to speak a sort of poor German.
    Maybe this old lady knows the answer.

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Szekesfehervar Off The Beaten Path

  • The Punter lake

    The small Punter lake is situated in the park which is northwest of the old core of the town. It is rowing and boating resort of the town.

  • Statue of constable Varkocs...

    Varkocs Gyorgy, the Captain of the castle who fought against the Turkish - Ottoman Sultan in Buda in 1543, but finally was defeated by the numerical superiority.

  • The Prohaszka Ottokar memorial...

    The Ottokar Prohaszka Commemorative Church, was built in 1929-1930, that recalls the memory of the bishop O. Prohaszka.


Szekesfehervar Favorites

  • How to find the objects.

    I have put links to Google Map in my tips to make it easier to find the objects mentioned, when possible to get the right position. The links are marked in italics. Unfortunately Google Map isn't very precise and too often points to other buildings than the wanted one.

  • The Gate in front of the...

    See the Gate which stands in front of the basilica of St. Stepen closing the front yard and the square.

  • Basilica of St. Stephen

    The Baroque stone statues of St. Stephen, St. Laszlo and St. Imre stands between two huge towers of the basilica.


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