Hungary Local Customs

  • Canola fields
    Canola fields
    by balhannah
  • Farm houses
    Farm houses
    by balhannah
  • Zoltan Kodaly - Hungarian composer
    Zoltan Kodaly - Hungarian composer
    by balhannah

Hungary Local Customs

  • Omega

    One of the most successful rock bands in Europe, Omega pretty much started the hard rock movement in Eastern Europe, styling themselves after bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, and David Bowie. Their styles include, psychedelic, progressive, space, and hard rock. They gained fame throughout Europe, with their 1969 song...

  • Anniversary of 1956 Hungarian Revolution

    23rd October is a public holiday in Hungary due to the failed 1956 Hungarian Revolution. It is generally quite quiet in the cities as most Hungarians stay at home. All shops in large shopping centers such as the Westend City Center in Budapest close except for a few eateries and entertainment outlets like casinos, video game arcades and cinemas....

  • Hungarian name days (névnapok)

    Originating from the Christian Church tradition of naming new born children after Saints, The Hungarian Name Day is celebrated more than Birthdays. You wish people Happy Name day in Hungary; boldog névnapot kívánok (neked)! I wish you a happy name-day! Ladies are generally given flowers not cakes. Men usually get alcholic drinks. Children receive...

  • The "hedgie"

    My kids who grew up in the States were surprised to see an uncommon animal in the garden.We weren't surprised. We missed these cuties in America. In Buda mountains hedgehog is almost a domestic animal!Warning: they are common and aren't afraid of people. But do not touch them - a hedgehog in wild usually has some parasites. And besides... it can be...

  • August 20th - Hungary's National Day

    August 20th is Hungary's National Day. A lot is going on through the country but Budapest is probably the place to be to enjoy the celebrations.An air show takes place above downtown and a good spot to see the evolutions pattern is the hill in Buda, on the right bank of the Danube.Thousands of joyful people fill the streets, eager to witness the...

  • Food

    Hungarian excellent cuisine is not as varied as one could expect and, due to historical reasons, it's spicier but not too different from what can be found in parts of Austria and Germany. Pastry and dessert are then quite noticeable, such as the "palacsinta" (technically a pancake) and a number of cakes. The palacsinta can also be served as a main...

  • What is a town in Hungary?

    In Hungary, a village can gain the status of "város" (town), if it meets a set of diverse conditions for quality of life and development of certain public services and utilities (e.g. having a local secondary school or installing full-area sewage collection pipe network). Every year the Minister of Internal Affairs selects candidates from a...

  • Egg painting in Hungary at Eastertime

    There are many different painting method alive. The simplest way is to cook the egg envelopped into a dented leaf, in painting water. The covered part of the egg remains white and will show the pattern of the leaf.Painting liquid can be made from onion skin, wild pear, green walnut or other vegetables yielding different natural colours.Sometimes...

  • Sprinkling at Easter

    SprinklingThe old tradition is shown on the first two pictures. These photos here show folk costumes that people wear just for special occasions today. Today women wear casual dresses for sprinkling, not folk costumes. Also, men sprinkle with cologne, not with water. A couple of decades ago men poured water on women in rural areas and women changed...

  • Easter Folk customs in Hungary

    There are a lot of interesting folk customs still alive all over Hungary. Many of them are connected with religious holidays, while others have older origins, from early, sometimes from prehistoric years. The two, most known customs of Easter are the "sprinkling" and the egg-painting. Both are very common in both urban and rural areas, among people...

  • Hungarian Customs

    These pages are about Hungarian customs, food, folkcostumes and other interesting facts . Hungary is a country with a 1000 year-old culture and traditions that survived centuries. This nation is not related to any of its neighbors, the closest relative is the Finnish nation. They change the first and last names like Chinese people, they have a...

  • Basic Hungarian Phrases


  • Greetings

    In many cases when you meet a Hungarian, you kiss first on the left then the right cheek, and in most cases, men will do this between other men when meeting someone new or saying hello to an old friend, although this is not as common with younger the younger generation

  • Wedding near Szerencz

    Traditional Hungarian weddings take place under a white tent. After the vows are exchanged, the bride and groom are accompanied on their wedding procession by their guests. In small Hungarian villages, the procession circles nearly the entire town, with all the neighbors standing outside their houses to have a look at the happy couple. We were so...

  • Wines

    In Polish we have a proverb "There is no wine over the Hungarian one" (Nie masz wina nad Wegrzyna). And they actually are very good.The most famous are that from cities of Tokaj (tikaji) and Eger (egri bikaver). These from the Balaton region also have a good opinion (Badacsony, Balatonfured) . Sometimes buying a bottle of wine in the department...

  • Cuisine

    In Poland we suppose that more typical national dishes is Hungary are: halaszle - fish soup; goulash - mix of meats; lecso - mix of wegetables, mostly red peppers and tomatoes, some sausages or meat. Very popular are the salami and the langos cakes with cream and garlic sauce. Everywhere you can buy garlandes made of paprikas (they eat paprika...

  • Langos

    Lángos (read: Langosh) is a traditional Hungarian crumpet, eaten as a popular snack. You can buy it in snack-bars, gastronomic points on the streets and pavements etc. The paste is fried on the oil, sometimes you can see how it is made (what I recommend you to be sure that both - the oil and then the crumpet - are fresh). It is sold alone, or...

  • Hungarians are backwards :-)

    just kidding :-)but they write their names in 'reversed' order, ie family name first, given name second.can be confusing, especially when they have typical hungarian names and you dont know if this is now a first name or what???example: Szabo Lajos, guess which is what :-) Szabo means Tailor and is a common family name, Lajos is the Hungarian...

  • Faux Pas Number 1 – clinking beer...

    I had been aware that Hungarian friends were seriously averse to clinking glasses when having a friendly jar or two of an evening. The reasons for this escaped me until my recent visit. One evening we were all having a laugh and an end of day drink in the bar in the photo. Once everyone was settled I raised my glass and was met with a look of...

  • School graduation ceremony - a community...

    Coming from a society where leaving school is celebrated with all the pomp and ceremony of a fireworks on a stormy night, I’ve always been a bit intrigued by countries that integrate school graduation ceremonies, and thought it only happened really in North America. Not so. Hungary does it in a most wonderful style.On my first day, while walking...

  • Goulash

    Hungary is famous for it's haute cuisine. Variety of food is served in different ways. One of the most delicious dishes is goulash. As best it is made outside in a big pot, served with palinka and red wine.

  • Local dialing

    When you are dialing a phone number that is different from yours, you need to dial 06 followed by the area code and then the number.You are also able to tell the mobile/cell phone numbers from other area codes: 20, 30, and 70.The best thing to do if you want to use your cel phone in Hungary, is to buy a local SIm chip. Unlike in the US, al incoming...

  • The horse - team

    When exploring the countryside of Hungary, in the rural agricultural villages, you can meet such a horse-team serving for the transportation of the goods. Young and friendly Gypsy fellow allowed me to take the picture of this lovely horse couple, in the outskirts of the town of Kesthely.

  • Chin chin?

    When I was in France, there was a Hungarian girl in our group.She one told us that Hungarians never click glasses with beer when they are drinking.Only glasses with wine.It dates back to the Habsburg's epoch and it represents an example of the opposit to the German tradition of drinking beer. That time Hungarians said "we stop clicking ber glasses...

  • tip on a tip ;)

    what stroke me particularily was that, contrary to what we have in Poland, in Hungary you HAVE TO give tips in restaurants, bars etc.For them it's something very natural, and at the beginning of my stay I was really confused by that unfriendly look of the waiters any time I payed... heh, luckily one of my Hungarian friends explained me what was...

  • October 23, National Holiday

    This part of my page is dedicatedto one of the most shameful acts of my ex-homecountry USSR. The communist system that it iposed to the Central & Eastern Europe proved to be against people, not "for" them. And it produced a resistance in those countries. One of the strongest was in Hungary.The uprisal of 1956 was short and violent. And it was...


    Always pay a tip, waiting staff do a fine job dealing with impatient and language-ignorant foreigners. The guide book suggested 10% at the least, unsure of the actual going rate.Try and learn and speak at least some of the local language - we had so many more smiles when we attempted the language compared to when we went straight into English. In...

  • Local medecine

    I forgot how many plants there are in this liquor but this supposed to cure almost everything and most notably the hangover ;-)Quite bitter, this really taste like a medecine but a good one...

  • Traditional houses

    Not much of the old traditional houses have left in Hungary today. This one, which is situated in a small village on the road from Nagykanisza to Keszthely, is turned into museum. As you can noticed it, the rooftops were covered with litter, what was the tradinional way of construction.In case of your interest, I suggest you to visit the villages...

  • The Post Box

    To send your postcards from Hungary use this kind of post box you'll find on many locations in a bigger towns like Budapest, Pecs etc.,I like this traditional red-coloured post-boxes rather than empty modern one.

  • The Opera House - Budapest

    When visiting Budapest a must see the Opera House which was open in 1864 and designed by Miklos Ybl, the most famous Hungarian architect. It has been the centre of Hungarian musical life since 1864. You must see its fresco-decorated interior, its auditorium seating 1.200 spectators and its technical stage.The Hydraulic stage machinery installed...

  • comments on tips...

    Just a little comment on previous tips.The not-touching-beerglass custom is not a custom any more. In 1849 when the Habsburgs celebrated their victory over Hungarian freedom-fighters, they drank beer and touched their glass before drinking. The Hungarians then swore they will not touch glasses when drinking beer for 150 years as a protest against...

  • A Word about Postcards.

    Here is a fun tip. I love getting postcards, and I mailed 20-30 each day. But what to write. Postcards should be witty and brief. I got the local paper (in Hungarian) and copied out the headlines!! This caused our host no end of amusement! He asked what I was doing, and when I explained it, he roared with laughter. He started translating the...

  • If you have the chance and...

    If you have the chance and your not against very touristic things, you should attend to a puszta-show. Even although it's extremely touristic, it's just nice to see what amazing things the Magyar-horsemen can do with their loyal fourfeeter. The shows are amuzing and historically seen intresting, because anyway the Hungarians were (and are?) famous...

  • Don't forget that the...

    Don't forget that the Hungarians kiss girls on both cheeks upon greeting. I was taken quite aback when a guy who I had just been introduced to came lunging towards my face! They laughed and told me that it was Hungarian custom...

  • Hungarian language is a quite...

    Hungarian language is a quite interesting one as it is not related to most of the European languages. Also this is the reason why is difficult to learn it!Hungarian habits are just like usual European habits.

  • Not as many people speak...

    Not as many people speak English as you might expect (or at least as I had expected). Be sure to learn some basic Hungarian phrases, including numbers.

  • I didn't learn much about...

    I didn't learn much about culture there, because I grew up in a very Hungrian family. All I should say is that if you make an attempt to learn a few words, everyone will be very friendly and will help you out.The culture is one that highly respects elders, so you should keep in mind trying to learn a few phrases of polite nature... not only the...

  • If you intend to do business...

    If you intend to do business in Hungary, you have to show you are willing to work together with them and that your intentions are not solely driven by the wish to make money. Your co-operativeness is essential to gain friends and becoming friends is what it takes to get something done. Hungarians approach foreigners with some suspicion and keep...

  • Is good if you go to the...

    Is good if you go to the markets and watchin people,outherwise you can find lots of ineresting things to buy,sell or get souveniers:Perhaps the best place to haggle for folk costumes and Communist relics is Ecseri Piac market, X. Nagykorösi út 156, open Monday to Saturday 0700-1400. The chic Váci utca in Pest and its surrounding avenues tempt the...

  • Még egy kis folklór: mohácsi...

    Még egy kis folklór: mohácsi busók.folklor of Mohács: 'busójárás'.

  • Easter Holidays in red.KliX...

    Easter Holidays in red.KliX to image, please!

  • The places where you have...

    The places where you have absolutely to go,if you want to see something wich is really Hungarian are the thermal baths and the cafés,traditional places where people meet togheter.In Budapest there are many thermal baths,i think 11 or 12,but for me the most beautiful are the Szechény Furdo (baths) in the citizen park,next to the zoo,but you can even...

  • Music is the most direct way...

    Music is the most direct way to understand Hungarian soul and culture.The Hungarian language in fact is very difficult to learn and understand for a foreigner,so the most immediate mean of communication is music.Hungarians are very passionate of it,everyone knows some traditional songs,many people knows how to play an instrument and you can listen...

  • People are strange in...

    People are strange in Budapest.They don't smile very often,ant they walk with thair head hunged -at least that's what I've seen.The bad news is that they don't speak English and Hungarian is NOT a language you can understand,belive me!(unles,of course,if you're not from Finland or Turkey...)But,if you ask something,they'll try to help you-with...


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