Hungary Off The Beaten Path

  • Children's Choir
    Children's Choir
    by MarinaV78
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    Visegrad ferry
    by balhannah
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    Across the River Danube
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Hungary Off The Beaten Path

  • Molnár János

    Budapest Off The Beaten Path

    There are three publicly accessible caves belonging to the largest cave system in Hungary. They are all situated in Budapest's 2nd district, called Rózsadomb, which is located in the north-western part of the city (on the Buda side). They can be reached by public bus line no. 65. The "main" one is called Szemlö-hegyi-barlang ("Freckle hill cave")....

  • Beautiful Balaton

    Lake Balaton is about an hour from Budapest by car. You may also take a train. A series of tiny villages surround the Lake and it is a popular summer getaway. You can rent rooms, houses and hotels. Stay for a weekend or a week. The lake is pristine, no motorized boats allowed. A charming and relaxing place to spend some time! There is a car ferry...

  • Danube bend II.

    You can stop lot of friendly place. Most people by kayak sleep in tent on bank of river. Some place you can see herd too.

  • Szentendre

    Our boat trip start from Budapest bank of Roman toward Danube bend. The first town is Szentendre what we saw.

  • Budapest - Memento Park

    After the collapse of the former regime, all but one symbols of the Soviet era were removed from the city and placed in the Memento Park. Located a few Km southwest of the city, it's a collection of impressive, large statues and sculptures embedding the typical messages of greatness and pride that any dictatorship must convey. The statue park...

  • The Buda Labyrinth

    Located at Uri utca 9 in Buda, a door leads down to a unique aspect of Medieval life in Buda. This is the entrance to a 9-mile maze of tunnels carved into the rock upon which Buda sits. Originally used in Medieval times, this UNESCO World Heritage site is now, for the most part, off limits to the general public. However, a sign at the entrance says...

  • Hungarian Puszta

    This could be "off the beaten path" or tourist trap, but we thought it was a fun tourist trap. It has some history and it's fun to watch the riders so it was worth a side trip out of Budapest. However, there were a lot of people there and it's geared toward tourists. It was part of a package deal so I'm not sure how to book it, but you could find...

  • Ethnographic private museum of Laki...

    The garden is a lustful band of bushes with mediterranean character, myrtle bush, pomegranate bush, eighteen kinds pine, many thuja, cedars. There are nine rooms in the house, in the garden and in these rooms 3000 folk-art objects have been placed (there is only in the bathroom nothing). Yet the telephone is folk: a salt cellar from Transylvania,...

  • Sziget Festival in heart of Budapest

    It started in 90s and became known among all hungarians as Diáksziget (Student Island). I am talking about the massive musical event in the heart of Budapest, the Sziget Festival organised on the Óbudai Island on the river Danube. It runs for a week every year in august and lot's of bands and artists play here from all around the world....

  • The Modern Art Museum in Pecs

    The Modern Art Museum in Pecs is a rather small gallery that might interest those who are fascinating by Hungarian art created in the lastone hundred and fifty years. There are few if any recognizable names on display unless you are schooled in Hungarian art but some of the works on display were quite good. I was impressed by the sculpture gallery...

  • Fuzesabony

    If you take the slow train from Budapest to Eger it's likely you'll have to wait a while in Fuzesabony to change train. We had a 40 minute wiat so we used the time to walk around the town and to have a coffee. There's not too much to see in Fuzesabony but I quite liked exploring somewhere without a map and without knowing anything about the place.

  • Eger Hot Springs

    Just outside of the woderful town of Eger is the cities hotsprings. It is a great place to go and relax, either in the concrete pools or you can go closer to the water outlet and lay in the mud. The water does get unpleasanty hot quite quickly the closer you get to source. There is a small but decent snack bar on sight with drinks and food.

  • Wine Tasting In Etjek

    Etjek is about an hour by car from Budapest. We went in June and only 2 wine cellars were open, so it would be best to go during the spring festival. Check out the website.We had lunch at Etyek Vendégfogadó and were very happy with the service and the food. This is also a panzio, if you were were thinking about staying overnight...

  • Wine

    If you want to sample some Hungarian wine, you should try going to the Tokaj region of Hungary, famous for its production of sweet white wine known as "Wine of Kings, Kings of wines". If you're more of a red wine person, go to Eger which is famous for Egri Bikaver, or Bulls Blood.

  • The Hungarian Sea

    Lake Balaton, often refered to as the Hungarian Sea is the largest lake in Hungary and Central Europe. During the Summer it is a great place to go. The water is warm and you can walk out pretty far and still touch the bottom.There are quite a few train stops there, Siofok is the largest town on the Southern Shore. Keszthely is the largest town on...

  • Hortobagy National Park...

    Hortobagy is a saliferous , grassy desert of 115 km2. The famous romantic, wind-swept plain of the Hortobagy ranges form the Tisza river to the edge of the Hajdusag region, where via the smaller region called Hajdahat it borders Debrecen. The landscape was primarily shaped by the waters, mainly by the huge floods of the river Tisza. The memories of...

  • Fortress on a rock

    If you like castles then you would appreciate sumeg fortress. It is found west of the southern most point of Balaton lake and is the only fortress not conquered by the Ottomans. It is remarkable and if you travel to Hungary it is worth the trip to see. I understand that they have activities there so try to time your trip so to participate.

  • Hortobagy National Park

    Whenever Hungary is mentioned somewhere throughout the world, it is sure that the Puszta and the Hortobagy is also referred to. Hortobagy's name was made famous by descriptions of scientists, travellers, artists and tourists, however it is more and more often mentioned as the first national park of Hungary. Its valuable landscape, rich fauna and...

  • Hungarian World Heritage Sites

    World Heritage ListHungaryBudapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrassy Avenue (1987, 2002) Old Village of Holloko and its Surroundings (1987) Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst (1995, 2000) * Millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma and its Natural Environment (1996) Hortobagy National Park - the Puszta...

  • The Mosque Church in Pecs

    The Mosque Church dominates the town square in central Pecs. The church was, well originally a church, but then the Turks came in the 16th century and demolished the original and built a mosque onto. The stones of the first church were used to build the mosque. When the Christians reclaimed the ground they pulled down the minaret which is rather...

  • Streets of Esztergom

    The buildings and churches of Esztergom were often painted in vibrant colors, and it was a pleasure to just walk around the quiet town aimlessly.In the backdrop are the hills surrounding the town, with small plots of farmland similar to those found along most of the route between Budapest and the northern border here. The farm plots are...

  • A bend in the Danube

    A wonderful view overlooking Ezstergom, Hungary on a chilly March morning. The Danube River winds its way through the background with Slovakia on the far bank.

  • Estergomi Bazilika

    The Estergomi Bazilica is impossible to miss, its imposing bulk sitting high on a town hilltop.In fact, this was our sole clue as to which direction to point our shoes in when we left the tiny train station (I wish I had a picture of the platform now, but alas, this was from our pre-digital travels). The train station is a brisk hour march from the...

  • Blagovestenska Church in Szentendre

    The Blagovestenska Church in Szentendre's central square is probably the most visited of that towns many churches. It was built in the High Baroque style in 1754. This gives the church a western look not unlike any other that you might find in the region around Budapest but one you walk inside it is like you entered Greece. This is because of all...

  • Szeged

    It's not really off the beaten Path, but not too many travellers go to Szeged. Any why? It s a nice green city, with nice parks and it makes a good stopover for those who are on the way from Budapest to Romania.

  • Flea Market (part 2)

    Here is another picture of a line of phonographs (very expensive by the way) that give you the impression of entering into a world were instruments were alive.People selling this items were very proud of having them. I wonder where did they get them from ?....

  • A real flea market !!!

    A dutch friend at the youth hostel told me that he heard about a flea market not so far from Budapest.With our precary hungarian we asked the name to the people at the hotel and then we took some buses to get there. The path was a little bit complicated, and I really don't remember the name of this small town close to Budapest (I'll look for it, I...


    One of the nicest days we had was spent strolling through the wine regions of Eger. The sun was shining and it was lovely to walk the streets looking at the houses, the people and the scenery. It's always worth stepping aside, forgetting the map and averting the eyes away from the tourist signposts to soak up the atmosphere.

  • A civic town

    Sarospatak (close to the NW border of Hungary) has the feeling of real civic town - told me my boyfriend when he got back to Budapest from an art festival. One can feel the real self-government of the population, and that they care about their living space- he added. Sarospatak is - partly - famous for its collage: a lot of wellknown hungarian poet...

  • Tourist never - or very rarely...

    Tourist never - or very rarely - go to the ugly places in Budapest, or in Hungary. Of course, I understand them, why would they want to see something nasty?! But the fact is, that they also belong to the country, to the country's past. I mean the socialist cities - which were built in the communist era purely beacuse of industrial goals. I also...

  • Esterházy kastély -- Fertöd

    Modeled after Versaille, this country castle is a wonderful place to visit. Hayden composed there and a museum hold many original works. You have to catch an autobus from Sopron. WARNING say autobus as bus is the Hungarian word for f**k. Fertöd was funny because when we got off the autobus and asked for directions, no one seemed to know what we...

  • People

    I think many travelers would agree that visiting a new country the nature or buildings are not always the most important.People is what makes the country alive:)Hungarians are very warm & friendly.(though i got such impression). (especialy men;) they show so much attention! (unfortunately lithuanians are quite different in this aspect :-/ ).

  • Explore the wine cellars!

    Like this one in Eger, in the Szépasszony Valley. And remeber: not the most expensive ones are the best ones! This wine cellar looked like a garage from the outside. But the wines!!!! Mmmmm...

  • The Margareth island

    This island is located in the middle of the Danube. It´s a green paradise where the locals often come to relax after work. It has a couple of restaurants, a concert hall, outdoor swimmingpool and much more.

  • The Beginning

    In the year 1000, the Magyar prince Stephen was crowned Christian King Stephen I, with a crown sent from Rome by the pope, and hungary, the kingdom and the nation, was officially born.

  • Budapest

    Hungary's capital straddles a gentle curve in the Danube. The city is well laid-out, rarely confusing, and ideal for walking. The walled Castle District is the premier destination and contains some of Budapest's most important monuments and museums. It consists of two district parts: the Old Town and the Royal Palace. Decorative churches and the...

  • Pecs

    The symbol of the city is the Mosque Church, the largest building from the Turkish accupation still sanding in Hungary.Pecs synagogue another of Pecs extraordinary monuments. Amount the city's best museums are the Victor Vasarely Museum and the Zsolnay Porcelain Exhibit..

  • Pecs- the town of the artists

    Pecs is the most interesting cities in Hungary.Superb museums and some of the finest Turkish monuments is the country. It is also renowned for its music, opera and ballet, and has some of Hungary's best leatherwork.

  • The home of Bull's Blood wine

    Everyone loves Eger, beautifully preservedBaroque architecture, the home of the celebrated Bull's Blood wine.The best overview of the town is from the 13-century Eger Castle, Eger Cathedral and a40 metre high Minaret.

  • Finding our Street

    This street in Budapest is named for our family. We enjoyed spending time there and took many photos. My photos from this trip are in a square format, so you have to click to enlarge to see the whole image. Hungarian Lesson: ut -- street; utca -- little street.

  • Hortobagy NP -- A Safari in Hungarian...

    I went there.. a whole piece of grassland with some occasional animals... (too bad I haven't go deep enough into it though) I heard that during the summer, more animals can be spotted, but too bad I was in October so I didn't really see much.

  • We make another trip to Sümeg...

    We make another trip to Sümeg to see the medivial Games there.It's really interesting if you have a sunny day.This day it rains a lot...Here are some of the better photos from these rainy day!

  • Beautiful Lake Balaton,...

    Beautiful Lake Balaton, Central Europe's largest freshwater lake. Number one vacation resort and a major wine-producing region, Badacsony.

  • If you have not miss...

    If you have not miss the area around the city of EGER (150 km east of Budapest).Eger (photo) is a pretty town with interesting old town and castle. Here you feel more in Hungary than in very touristic places such Buda and Balaton. Downtown there is thermal bathing. West of Eger you should go to the Matra Mountains, which is the highest...

  • If you wander out of the...

    If you wander out of the centre of Budapest or even take a stroll out from the old town, you may stumble across some wonderful Hungarian streets. Then you can visit non touristic shops and restuarants or (as is my preference) cheap drinking venues with cheap Hungarain beer.


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