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  • Restaurants
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Szentendre Highlights

  • Pro
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    rexvaughan says…

     Lovely town, easy access from Budapest 

  • Con
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     lots of tourist shops 

  • In a nutshell
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     The culture is not an artistic performance, but something principle regulating the life 

Szentendre Things to Do


    Szentendre's main square isn't that large and is triangular in shape!I found that many streets led to this square. I happened to come down to the square from the church on the hill, then from the square, I followed another street that took me to the Danube river. There were several other streets coming into the square.In the centre of the square,...

  • Keep your eyes open

    In the streets you can see many old signs, and some new made look like old ones. And pretty looking old doors and windows. At least I found them so beautyful!

  • Christmas museum and shop

    Karácsony Múzeum-Szalon is the name at the door.I love christmas, and it was allready November, so what a great time to visit this place!It was for me like a candy shop for chilren. Most of decorations were little too glittering for my taste, but it was fun to watch them anyway. I did buy some wooden ones.

  • Blagovestenska Church

    This Orthodox church was built in the 18th century.Inside is a marvellous and complex iconostasis, created by Mihaly Zsivkovics. There are also some rather faded and damaged wall-paintings still recognisable. Over the entrance is a painting on wood of St Helene and St Constantine.Whilst I visited a tape of accapella religious singing was being...

  • Catedral Beogradska Serbian Ortodox...

    After visiting the Serbian Ecclesiastical Museum we waited for someone from the museum to unlock the cathedral for us. Belgrad-Serbian Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1756. Some may ask why they have an orthodox cathedral in a town full of catholics? It’s because before the 20th century Serbs were the majority here.Painted in red color with an...

  • Serbian Church Museum

    I wanted to visit the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral anyway but the ticket includes the entrance to the Serbian Ecclesiastical Museum (Szerb egyhazi museum) that is housed next door on one of the building that were used by the episcope in the past.It’s a small museum and its collection covers orthodox icons, textiles and some other religious items,...


Szentendre Hotels

Szentendre Restaurants

  • Only tried the langos..

    .. but what a langos!! They were not a bit too greasy, but still original enough. Like the ones we had at last visit at 2006. In some places these look like pizza today, but we want them to be simple like the ones we had had at first visit. There was lots of other food also, but don´t remember what it was.The place looked little bit too fancy to...

  • Dorothea bistro café

    This was a lovely spot. We had just returned from daytrip to Visegrad and were desperate for a beer. This cute place with just 4-5 tables outside under the tree seemed great. We ordered a beer (500huf for pint of Heineken) and a cold coffee(490huf but wasn’t good at all).It was very relaxing sitting there and watching the people passing by the...

  • Art café

    Later in the evening we just needed a last coffee, the sun was already set and most places had placed small candles outside at the tables. We just stopped at this café, the service was very slow but the girl apologized with a big smile. It was so dark that I didn’t really take any good pic of the place itself (you can see it on pic 1) but just some...

  • Lola Cukraszda

    We had just arrived at Szentendre and started to walk up the main pedestrian street. We stoped at this tiny café just to drink something before we start sighseeing. The sign on the door inform us that it dates from 1954. The temperature was really high that day (38’C!), so we just stood at one of the outdoor tables although there weren’t people...

  • lousy cake, coffee same owners as...

    The place looks nice when you enter, I orderd a simple iced coffee because i wanted something cool and refreshing. It was so hot outside. She brings me 2 drops of hot coffee doused with whipped cream and some poor quality vanilla ice cream with a pirouette on top. It was horrible. They dont speak English very well so I couldnt communicate with her....

  • Horrific food in Szentendre, Hungary

    All the silverware had food stuck on it ! We told the owner and he didnt even apologize. The goulash was served in a bread basket, overly salty with poor quality meat and no noodles, just awful potatoes. It wasn't hot enough and the quality was pure garbage ! The salmon dish with tagliatelle and truffles would have been good if the pasta wasn't...


Szentendre Nightlife

  • Cosy night at Dorothea

    This small but super friendly bar gets my 5 out of 5 points for a warm summer night or even for a chilly winter afternoon.You can have light breakfast, lunch, even dinner, freshly made, with perfect quality drinks, a whole lot of different teas, or even cocktails.Thanks to the owner's musical taste, in the backgound You hear Your favourite tunes...

  • Drinking at the Danube bank

    The nicest place to drink something at night in Szentendre is at the River bank. Here you have a nice boulevard, where the young ones of Szentendre like to hang out. It´s very nice to enjoy your beer here, at one of the many terraces.

  • Szentendre Hotels

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Szentendre Transportation


    Szentendre is a delightful village, one that it easy to visit from Budapest.As it happened, we had our own car, so all we had to do was follow Motorway 11 to Szentendre. NO CAR - NO PROBLEM - PLENTY OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTA TRAIN departs approx. every 10 - 15mins from Batthyány Square in Budapest (M2 red metro line). Your there in approx. 40mins.BUSES...

  • HEV

    Probably the most convenient way to get to Szentendre is Budapest's suburban rail service (HEV). This runs from central Buda, the first stop is Batthyány tér on M2 directly opposite the Parliament. From here you should buy a special ticket, as it's just outside the Budapest zone and so isn't covered by your day tickets, etc. For Szentendre you'll...

  • How to move around

    Szentendre is a small town so you can easily walk around and see everything. There’s a map outside the train station (pic 1) that you can see all the sites and orient yourself although later you will see a Tourist Information anyway. From the train station just walk under the main highway (pic 2) and walk straight for about 5 minutes and you will...


Szentendre Shopping


    Souvenirs shoppers paradise! Well, I think so!Once I entered the old village, I turned a corner and found a street full of quaint shops. Some were actual shops and some opened out onto the footpath. Further investigation took me into small arcades where I found many stalls selling beautifully embroided linen. So sad that I didn't need any! The...

  • "Handmade" glass items

    We saw this glass at their window, and went two times to see it. Finally, just before we left the town, we had to go and buy it. We had only a little money, so we could only buy one version. There was three different. It´s like a schnapps glass, but we don´t use it. It´s just a decoration for us.I´ve lost the name of the artist. Jewellers and...

  • Tea and chocolade

    I bought good tea and some chocolade from opposite side of street from marzipan museum. Can´t find the name, but you can see how it looked like from this photo. tea and chocolade and some other delicates


Szentendre Local Customs

  • History

    Szentendre was founded in the 14th century by Serbian refugees who fleeing from the Turks. Most of the Serbs left during the Habsburg era which made the town loose it's commercial importance and now is just another quiet little town on the Danube. In the early 20th century it began to attract many artists who have suceeded in putting the town back...

  • The tourism influence in the last decade

    If this was once a town that time forgot, it was only a temporary amnesia. The tourist influx of the last decade has created a series of contrasts that open the mind's eye. Stout peasant women in babushkas lick cones of gelato, over the door of a restaurant advertising "O Magyar" (Olde Hungarian) cuisine hangs an American flag, and the driver of...

  • Travelling there at winter

    Absolutelly lonely streets, I met about 5 tourists in tottal, despite wondering around all old city center. Feels like time stucked there, if dont mind parked cars (many trabants eh eh ). It was cold and raining, and some cozy cafes with awesome hot wine saved us. No regrets of going there in bad weather at dead season, this city deffinatly has its...


Szentendre Warnings and Dangers

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    by shirez Written Mar 29, 2005

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    There can be a biiig and long traffic jam on the roads back to Budapest (after long weekends, or summer weekends) because lot of families have weekend houses in this area.

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Szentendre Tourist Traps

  • Aranysarkany Restaurant : The Golden...

    This restaurant is a definite tourist trap with the worst goulash and the filthiest silverware. the prices are too high for the bad quality of food served in this overrated dive. Stay away from this place which douses their poor quality food with tons of salt which will definitely give you a stroke. The goulash wasnt served hot enough, and there...

  • the city

    The entire city is a tourist trap to me... yes, they have beautiful houses, too bad you can't see them because of all the shops in front of it. Make the best of it, it's still worth it.Just go for a few hours, it's not a day trip!

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Szentendre Off The Beaten Path

  • Take a hike in the Pilis hills

    This was a foggy day in Autumn on a 30 km hike with my then wife and daughter on her back aged 1. You should be quite fit for the hike in Pilisszentlaszlo.

  • Serbian Orthodox Museum

    As testimony to the influx of Slavic groups in the 17th and 18th C there is a small but lovely Serbian Orthodox Museum. Quite frankly I cannot give you the exact location as we stumbled upon it while wandering the narrow back streets of Szentendre. Your visit should include such wandering if for no other reason than to escape the hordes of tourist...

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Szentendre Favorites

  • Where is the station?

    The station is located quite a distance from the "main" part of town, or is that the old part of town?

  • Discover what is around the corner

    One of the best things to do here is to wander around and discover what is waiting around the next corner. Some little streets were quite steep.

  • Tourists everywhere

    Being a local here, must drive you mad. The place is flooded with tourists especially over weekends. So if you visit, be careful that you do not bump into another tourist causing them harm.


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