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  • Visegrad
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  • citadel of Visegrad
    citadel of Visegrad
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  • Royal Palace of Visegrad
    Royal Palace of Visegrad
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Visegrad Things to Do

  • Fellegvar

    Fellegvar is the upper castle in Visegrad located on the top of the hill that overlooks the town 350 meters above the river level. The citadel (also called the Cloud Castle) was built during the 13th century by king Bela IV and renovated several times later although after the destruction by the ottoman turks in 16th century it never used again....

  • wax exhibition in the castle

    If you go up to Felegvar you can just visit the castle and enjoy the view for 1400Ft or pay 300Ft and get access to a special exhibition. As the difference was small (less than 2 euro) we gave it a try but it is just a rip off. In 2 rooms they have some figures made of wax, one room shoes the feast of King and the other a ball room with figures...

  • King Matthias Museum

    Matyas Kiraly muzeum Visegrad is housed on the lower castle which is located a few meters away from the port on the main road. Most of the visitors come to Visegrad for the upper castle because of the view but it’s a pity not to visit this one too.The first fortification structures were built after the Mongol invasion in 1250 by Bela IV. The palace...

  • Visegrad castle

    Castle stays on the high forested hill. We made trip up to te hill with bus, bus stopped really close to the castle.Visegrad castle is both reconstructed and not. In reconstructed buildings museum of medieval torments is housed. Mostly all fortifications was built in XIII century, later rebuilt too more times.Medieval, brick castle seemed to be...

  • Really nice panoramas!

    I really recomend you to see panoramas from visegrad hill and the castle. Danube and mountains look pretty. Nice contrast of big mountains, river, small houses, Hungarian flag near castle and very special atmosphere.

  • Museum in castle

    It is nice - castle is not empty inside - it houses small shop and museum.Museum shows the history of items to torment people and to kill people, who was guilty doing such thing in medeival times like diabolism, sorcery, plunders and more.Museum is based on wax figures - lot of exhibition is made from wax.One of wax works is the feast of three...

  • Fun Extreme Canopy course

    Its amazing! The starting point of the canopy course is at Nagyvillám Hunters where tickets can be purchased. Depending on the weather, protective clothing is put on (mountaineering belt and helmet). From here, participants walk in groups of 6-7, the 250 meters to pillar 1. Each group is accompanied by 2 escorts. Climbing unto the platform on the...

  • Danube bend tour, visegrad

    I booked all my tours on this site...Booked tour in order to get the 10-20% discount...The first tour stop is Esztergom, on the Danube. It is the centre of the Hungarian Roman Catholic church. The city is of historical significance; St. Stephen, the first Hungarian king, was born here, he was crowned in this town in 1001. The Esztergom cathedral,...

  • The little town of visegrad

    The town of Visegrad is situated in a picturesque and strategic location north of Budapest at the bend of the Danube River. It was used by the Romans as a military fortress in the 4th century and became a Slavic settlement in the 9th century when they named it Visegrad, the Slavic word for "high castle."


Visegrad Hotels

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  • Silvanus Hotel

    Fekete Hill, Visegrad, H-2025, Hungary

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Thermal Hotel Visegrad

    Lepence-volgy hrsz.1213, Visegrad 2025, Hungary

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Royal Club Hotel

    Fo Utca 92, Visegrad, 2025, Hungary

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Visegrad Restaurants

  • Pizzeria

    A mafia themed restaurant serving up surprisingly decent pizza with pleasant street side dining on the quiet "main street". The service is fast and friendly, and the decor is definitely interesting, although I couldn't work out whether they were going for a mafia or prison look at times. They even offered free bread and water (prisoner's food) on...

  • Beautiful view to the Danube-Bend, the...

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit. We did, and it was great! now we know why, because this is the only one restaurant in the Danube-bend where the owner is a Executive "Star" Chef! Good news, it is not expensive. Hunter' s soup with tarragonVenison a la Fõvadász ArtSomló sponge cakeIrsai Oliver white wine

  • Pizzaria

    We arrived to Visegrad around lunchtime, and we wandered around a little to find a place to eat before heading for the castle. There aren’t that many restaurants in Visegrad, so we glad that we found this one. We ordered two big pizzas, as they list how big they are in cm in the menu. But we didn’t realize that the pizzas were deep-pan-pizzas, so...


Visegrad Transportation

  • how to move around

    We came by bus from Szentendre and stopped in front of the ferry station. Visegrad is a small town so you can easily walk around. The museum was just 3’ walk from the bus stop.The problem is that the famous castle that everyone visits for the great view is up on a hill. There is a road that goes up which is great if you have a car but NOT if you...

  • how to go there

    By busBuses depart from Arpad Bridge in Budapest. It takes about 90’.We took the bus 880 from Szentendre and we reached Visegrad in 35’. Single ticket from Szentendre costs 465Ft, so I guess about 850Ft from Budapest. This bus connects the 3 cities of Danube Bent (Szentendre, Visegrad and Esztergom so you may try to see more than one).By...

  • Bus

    Visegrad is on the Volanbusz route from Budapest to Eztergom. Budapest is about an 1.5 hours away, and Esztergom is about 30 minutes further along the river. The buses are modern, comfortable, air-conditioned, and good value for money. A single trip to or from Budapest will cost you about 800 forints (about 3.5 euros).The bus stops are easy to...


Visegrad Shopping

  • what to buy

    Nothing special to buy in Visegrad but next to castle entrance there are numerous small souvenir stores selling the usual items like magnets, tshirts, cups in medieval like shapes etc There are also some jewelry stores but also some with local products, liquers and other drinks.

  • Little market near castle on hill

    This market gives you opportunity to buy some gifts, from visegrad and Hungary. There are many national thing in sale there like pencils with national ornaments, clothes, postcards and more goods.About postcards: I am happy I have bought the postcards with Visegrad in this place, because I havent found it in Budapest. One more thing - postards are...

  • Visegrad Hotels

    3 Hotels in Visegrad

Visegrad What to Pack

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    by Raimix Written Mar 24, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear:
    Have good shoes climbing to hill and in the castle. As you know, castle is not so much renovated, lot of small pits.

    Photo Equipment:
    Camera should take a panorama views and dont turn it too much to sun.

    You can see a part of Visegrad castle ruins in photo, and of course, me! :)

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Visegrad Favorites

  • Magical athmosphere

    As I said before, I havent seen much mountains in my live. The most interesting thing was panorama. I just can imagine, how much area had seen medieval soldiers from this castle and how they like Visegrad overally. There is so remains of lower castle too and the medieval gates then coming to Visegrad's entrance.As I heard, this small city (or...

  • Feeling safe

    We lived with relatives but when they were not there we walked the streets at all hours and not once were we threatened or accosted. There were even times when we did not have our passport and didn't worry. People were very friendlyand kind. Living with cousins.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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